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THE ofhoiol declaration of the poll in the Eaat, West, Valley, and Kangaroo Point Wards took place in the Chamber of Comraereo, Tonn Tlall, yesterday, at noon Although only a foi mai piocceding, it attracted considciable attention, and tho loom was tolerably woll filled

The MVYOB, in opening tho proceedings, said they had met that duy, in accordance with tho 29th clause of the Municipalities Act to declare tho icsult of the poll in the different wards in which tho election of nldcunen had been con tested

Mr ALEVAMJFR WATSOV raised an objection to the proceedings, on tho alleged giound that the provisions of the Municip ihtics Act had not ljeon complied with

lho MAYOR then proceeded to founally de claro that Mr F Mm ray had boen duly elected for the Fast Ward, Mr Reuben Ohvei foi the West Ward, Mr J D Heal foi Fortitude Valloy Ward, and Mi E J Baines foi Kangaroo

Point Ward

Also, that Messrs John Crowther und John Hull had been duly elected as auditors for the municipality foi the ensuing yeal

'fho MAYOR said ho must congratulate the ratepayers on tho unusual mteroBt which had been taken in the municipal elections this yeal He hoped it was tho certain foro runner of bettei times, and that the time would neve> again como when tho Government would have to appoint nominee aldermen Ho (the Mayor) looked upon it ut the time, and still thought that it was disgiaccftil to the metro pohtan city for the Government to havo to stop in and nominate aldermen He thought from tho interest taken in tho proceedings the pre vious day that no such thing would happon ugmn in Busbano

Mr ATFXANDEE WATSON -OSO to inform the meeting that a written protest had been signed by himself and a number of ratepayers and sent in, but Uis Woislnp had taken no uotico of it

lho M VYOR said tho written protest alluded to by Mr Watson made good tho old proverb, " Save mo from mv friends " He (the Ma\or) did not want to alludo to it, but must now do so Scveiul names appeared on that paper which were not on tho rate book at all Four

porsons had signed the document who had no votes, and two of tho othors were tho names of poreona who had voted for auditors although they signed that protest against the election of

auditors Ho could not seo how Mr Watson and his friends reconciled then conduct with reason or common sense Ho had declared the

election vnhd, and did not intend to niko any

further action ni tho matter If Mi Watson

thought well to do so ho could

Mi WATSON contended that it only required tho names of Ave ratepayers and ho had nino good names to his protest Ho also said that a person could protest against tho validity of nn election although he might havo voted

Mr HEAL, the nowly eleotcd alderman for the Vallee, said he thought it was his duty to thank tho latopnyois for the honorable position tlioy had placod him in He hoped that the conflaonco thoy had placed m lum would noyer he misplaced, but that he should to able to meet their highett expectations Ho trusted the aldermen would woik togethei in harmony foi tho good of tho citv, and that ho should be able to work with his follow uldcrmen in nil matters of interest, und that if they disagreed it would bo upon some important principle

Mr R OIIVFB said ho too must rotmn his

grateful thanks to tho ratepayers who had ro tinned linn by so lirgo ii mujorny ovei so for

midablo an opponent Ho hoped while ho was in the Council ho should nover do nnj thing to forfeit thnt confidence which had bceu placed m


Mr MUUUAY said his thanks weie duo to the citizens of tho East Ward for giving lum such n large mo|onty He could not but feel grutihed with the result His conduct during the time ho hud boen m office appeared to have given satisfaction, nud he should cmlcuioi to do his duty faithfully to tho ward in tho future

He win glad to see tho contest of tho pi o\ tous day as it appeared to him to be a rovmil of tho interest the rute payers ought to take m municipal affairs If he had the honor of coming again before the rate payors of tho Fust Waul, ho hoped his conduct would desene tho support thoy gavo him tho previous day

Hie MAIOR then declared tho meeting duly


Mr WATSON proposed a vote of thanks io tho Mayor Ho said personally he had gi eat respect foi lum, but politic illy tiny wero at daggers

di aw n

Mr MARkWKLL seconled tin motion He enid he behe\ ed His Woi »hip had euri ted out the elections m ti fuir und honoiuble manner

He was perfectly satisfied with the cliction for 1 ast Ward the previous day Ho yvas thaul ful to those ratepayers yvho yoted for lum anil cvon to those who voted the other war, a« thev had thereby sived lum a coisithrable amount of

troiiblo and loss of tinu

flu voti was earned bv icilamation

Hie M\Y0i! m loturnmg thanks sail he could not but foti gratified at the handsome mtiniur ni which the yote had been pioposed and i in ned He almost thought tho y oto yvas uncalled foi ns by aotmg us Roturmn^ Olhcer he had only ptrfotmetl a public duty which deyolicdupon lum b\ virtuoof his oflleo How i vcr it yvm gratify nig to know that ho had per foimed this dutj to tho satisfaction of enry

bodj contented ITehopid ho should always net conscientiously m any public duty hi had to pet form Ptrlups thoio had boen occasions in which ho had had lo dilfu with tho people with whom ho enuc in contact but ho could honestly say that dunns tilt two year» ho had held tho ofllto of Mayor, ho had muí done unything in any yyay whioh ulltcted discredit on the otlice Ho hoped tho ratepayers would bo ablo to say tho sumo of lus suiccssor

lho procec linga then termniattd