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Family Notices

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Births, Marriages, and Deaths


APJOHN.—On the 28th December, at her residence,  

Bowen-terrace, Mrs. W. Apjohn, of a son.    

BARKER.—On the 12th January, at Abbey Cottage,   Wharf-street, Mrs. John Barker, of a son.  

BARKER.—On the 17th January, at Tamrookum, Logan    

River, Mrs. William Barker, of a son.   

BENJAMIN.—On the 3rd January, at 4 Hodgson's-terrace,    

George-street, the wife of M. D. Benjamin Esq., of a     daughter.

BROWN.—On the 8th January, at Darrama, Mrs. James  

L. Brown, of a son.

CLARK.—On the 30th December, at Petrie-terrace, Mrs.    

James Clark, of a daughter.

CONNAH.—On the 9th January, at South Brisbane, the    

wife of T. W. Connah, of a son.

DAVIDSON.—On the 12th January, at her residence, Wick-

ham-terrace, Mrs. A. Davidson, of a daughter.    

D'ARCY.—On 29th December, at Riverview House, South

Brisbane, the wife of Norman D'Arcy, Homemead, of     a daughter.

DEIGHTON.—On the 18th December, at her residence,   Wahcumba, South Brisbane, Mrs. Edward Deighton,

of a son.

DIGBY.—On the 20th January,the wife of W. F. Digby,

of a son.

DURRANT.—On the 23rd December, at her sister's    

residence, Brompton Cottage, Milton, the wife of W.   R. E. Durrant, of a son.

FORREST.—On the 18th January, the wife of Edward B.    

Forrest, of a son.

GOSLING.—On the 21st January, at Kangaroo Point,

Mrs. John R. Gosling, of a son.

IREDALE.—On the 4th January, at Caroline Cottage,    

Crown-street, Surrey Hills, Sydney, the wife of Mr.   B. Iredale, of a son, who only lived a short time.

JONES.—On the 8th January, at Bunya Bunya Cottage,   Wickham-terrace, Mrs. T. Jones, of a daughter.    

KENNEDY.—On the 21st December, at Bodumba Station,    

Darling Downs, Mrs. J. Kennedy, of a son.  

LEIGH.—On the 12th of January, at Oxley Creek, near

Brisbane, the wife of Mr. A. Leigh, of a daughter.

PHILLIPS.—On the 29th December, at her residence,  

Maryland-street, Stanthorpe, Mrs. Lewis Phillips, of a   daughter.

SCOTT.—On the 1st of January, at Clayton Cottage,

Milton, Mrs. J. Hamilton Scott, of a daughter.  

SHIELS.—On the 6th December, at Clearview, Mackay,  

the wife of Alexander Shiels, Esq., of a daughter.  

SLAUGHTER.—On the 21st January, at New Farm-  

road, the wife of H.G. Slaughter, of a daughter.

SPILSBURY.—On the 12th January, at her residence,    

Spring Hill, Mrs. T. Spilsbury, of a son.

STREET.—On the 27th December, at William-street, Mrs.      

A. Street, of a daughter.  

SWANWICK.—On the 5th January, at Eagle Farm, the    

wife of F.T. Swanwick, of a daughter.  

WALKER.—On the 12th January, at the Bank of New      

South Wales, Toowoomba, the wife of J. T. Walker, of a son.

WALLEN.—On the 10th January, the wife of Charles E.      

Wallen, of a son.

WASSELL. —On the 11th January, at Moreton Bay, the

wife of J. W. Wassell of a son.  

WAYTE.—On the 28th December, at West End, South  

Brisbane, Mrs. John Wayte, of a daughter.  


BATTEN—GOODRIDGE.—On the 20th January, by the Rev.  

Joseph Buckle, Primitive Methodist, Adelaide-street,   John Batten, formerly of Hale, Hampshire to Ellen Goodridge, ex Royal Dane, and recently of Downton, Wilts, England.

BLACKWALL—ALLAY.—On the 4th January, at the      

Blackall Copper Mines, by the Rev. F. Proudfoot,   Mr. Richard Blackwall, of St. Just, Cornwall to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. W. S. Allay, of Gosport, Hampshire, England.

BLYTH —PATEN.—On the 13th January, at South Bris-

bane by the Rev. Alexander Hay, Alexander Blyth, Yengarie, to Isabella, daughter of George S. Paten, Esq., builder, Sydney.

CLARKE—DONALDSON.—On the 8th January, by the Rev.  

Father O'Reilly, assisted by the Rev. M. Horan,     Joseph Augustine, son of John Clarke, Esq., late of Deal, Kent, to Maria Agnes, daughter of Thomas W. Donaldson Esq., South Brisbane.  

CLUGSTON—MOTT.—On the 31st December at St. Ste-    

phen's, Brisbane by the Rev. John O'Rielly, Alexander,         third son of William Clugston, Esq., Churchhill Sea- patrick, Banbridge, County Down, Ireland to Ellen,     second daughter of Edmund Mott Esq., Kedron  

Brook, Brisbane.  

DAVIDSON—NOBLE.—On the 31st December, at Stan-  

thorpe, by the Rev. John McAra, John Davidson        chemist, Stanthorpe, to Elizabeth Alice, eldest daughter of William Alfred Noble, bookseller and     stationer, Stanthorpe.

FROST—CONSIDINE.—On the 3rd January, at St. Francis  

Xavies' Church, Wollongong by the Rev. Dean     Flanagan, Patrick, second son of William Frost Esq. ,       

of Wollongong, New South Wales, to Julia, second   daughter of Mr. John Considine, Spring Hill, Bris-


GIBSON—KENNEDY.—On the 26th December, at the  

residence of the bride's father, William, second son of       William Gibson, sugar planter, Doughboy to Cathe-   rine, second daughter of James Kennedy, grocer,   George-street, Brisbane.  

LONGHEED—JOY.—On the 13th January, at St. John's  

Church, by the Rev. J. Sutton, William Longheed, of           Taabingaa, to Kate Joy, of Brisbane.      

MARTIN—BARTON.—On the 18th December at St. Ann's

Church, Ryde, by the Rev. Charles Archdall, assisted   by the Rev. J. Southby, Henry Shuprick Martin,       of Brisbane, Queensland, to Lucy Georgina, youngest daughter of the late Robert Johnstone Barton, of Boree.

O'NEILL—HICKEY.—On the 8th Janary, at St Stephen's

Church, by the Rev. Father O'Rielly, assisted by the     Rev. Matthew Horan, Cornelius O'Neill of Gympie,   to Mary, daughter of Mr. John Hickey, of Fortitude   Valley, Brisbane.    

ORTON—CHAMBERS.—On the 4th January, by the Rev.    

J. Matthews, Valley Church, Mr. Henry Orton to   Miss Bridget Chambers, both of this parish.    

PRIOR—BARTON.—On the 18th December at St Ann's    

Church, Ryde, by the Rev. Charles Archdall, assisted   by the Rev J. G. Southby the Hon. Thomas L.

Murray Prior, M. L. C., of Maroon, Queensland to   Nora Clarina, third daughter of the late Robert John-  

stone Barton, of Boree .

SPENCER—SMITH.—On the 2nd January, at Rockhamp-    

ton, by the Rev. C Wiles, William John Spencer, late   of Leicester, England, to Clarissa Edith, daughter of         the late W. E. Smith, of Bathurst, New South Wales.

STRAIN—HENRY.—On the 24th December, at the resi-    

dence of the bride's father, by the Rev. J. W. Henry,     Mr. Thomas Strain, of Moggill, to Emma, second daughter of Mr. Robert Henry, of Oxley

TOMKINS—COATES.—On the 12th December, at All Saints'      

Church, Wickham-terrace, by the Rev. T Jones M. A.,         George William, eldest son of the late Captain E. Y.         Tomkins, of Herefordshire, to Mary Jane, only   daughter of Kipling Coates Esq., of Brisbane, late of       Darlington, Durham, England.      

TONG—FLETCHER.—On the 1st January, Tommy Ah        

Tong, to Sarah Fletcher, both of Fortitude Valley . 

URBIN - ARKINSTALL—On the 13th December, at  

Caboolture, by the Rev. F. Richmond, Mr. W. Urbin,   to Mary Anne, second daughter of Mr. Henry Arkin- stall, builder, Brisbane.

WHITE—McGREGOR.—On the 14th September 1872, by    

the Rev. P. P. Agnew, Mr.V. White to Miss McGre-      



ALLAN.—On the 13th December, near Tooloombilla,  

caused by an accident, Hugh Allan, aged 62 years.  

BOARD.—On the 9th January, at Eagle-terrace, North      

Quay, of congestion of the brain, Stuart Leslie, son of T. A. Board aged 19 months.

BURROWES.—On the 6th January, at East Stratton,

Lillian Frances, daughter of Robert Hawes and   Margaret Jane Burrowes, aged 5 months and 13 days.

COATES.—At his residence Adelaide-street, Brisbane,        

Kipling Coates, late of Darlington, England, aged 47     years [North of England papers please copy ]    

HEAL.—On the 26th December, at the Prince Consort  

Hotel, Fortitude Valley, Ernest Edward, infant son of J. D. Heal, aged 5 weeks and 5 days.

JORDAN.—On the 9th January, Caroline, infant daughter    

of J. R. Jordan, aged 5 months.    

LAWRENCE.—On the 26th December, at her residence,

Brunswick-street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Edith, the be-   loved wife of Dr. Lawrence, and second daughter of Captain Wettenhall, R. N.

LINCOLN.—On the 24th December, at the residence of  

Mr. George Smith, Brooklands, Logan, Daniel Lincoln, aged 45 years.

MALLON.—At Townsville, William Mallon, native of  

Crumlin, county of Antrim, Ireland, aged 37 years.

MacLEAN.—On the 6th January, at Myrtle Grove Plan-  

tation, Maryborough, John Taylor, infant son of   William MacLean, aged 10 months.  

MacKEAN.—On the 6th January, at Myrtle Grove Plan-    

tation, Maryborough, John Taylor ,infant son of William MacKean, aged 10 months.  

McINTYRE.—On the 3rd January, at Falconer, New  

South Wales, Mr William McIntyre, aged 39 years, after a lingering illness borne with the greatest patience and resignation, leaving 5 orphans.

MOFFATT.—On the 21st January,at Stanley-street, South        

Brisbane, William, infant son of Mr. W.G. Moffatt.    

PAUL.—On the 12th January, at Cleveland House, Bris-     bane, Harold Durham, infant son of George W. Paul, Esq., aged 4 months and 14 days.  

RAWNSLEY.—On the 16th January, at his residence,  

Witton Manor, near Brisbane ,Henry Charles Rawnsley, Esq., eldest son of Major-General R. B.     Rawnsley, R.A., aged 55yrs.

SHIELS.—On the 24th December, at Clearview, Mackay,   Marion, infant daughter of Alexander Shiels, Esq.

SHIELS.—On the 30th December at Clearview, Mackay,  

Catherine Petrie, wife of Alexander Shiels, Esq., Mayor of Mackay, in the 29th year of her age.

TOMBS.—On the 10th January, at the residence of her  

son, Skinner-street, Spring Hill, Ann Tombs, in the   66th year of her age.

WILLIAMS.—On the 12th January, at Gregory-terrace,  

Fanny Lloyd Williams, daughter of T. L. Williams,  

aged 2 years.