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Family Notices

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ABRAHAMS—September 27th, at her residence, 203, York-

street, Mrs. Joseph Abrahams, of a daughter.

ADAM—September 28th, at her residence, Macquarie-street,

Windsor, the wife of the Rev. M. Adam, of a son.

ADAMS—October 17th, at her residence, Edgecliffe Road, Upper

Paddington, the wife of W. Adams, of a daughter.

ADNAM—September 19th, at her residence, Annandale Cottage,

Petersham, Mrs. J. D. Adnam, of a son.

ALEXANDER—October 8th, at Balmain, Mrs. C. S. Alexander,

of a daughter.         ALGER—July 10th, 1861, at 16, Oakley-square, London, N.W.,

the wife of John Alger, Esq., of Sydney, of a daughter.

ANTILL—September 25th, at Jarvisfield, Picton, Mrs. Edward S.  

Antill, of a daughter.

ANTILL—October 13th, at Jarvisfield, Mrs. John M. Antill, of

a daughter.

ARMSTRONG—October 3rd, at her residence, Market and Cla-

rence streets, Mrs. John Armstrong, of a daughter.

BELL—September 17th, at Glenroy, Maneroo, Mrs. C. W. Bell,

of a son.

BLACKWOOD—September 24th, at her residence, 75, Botany-

street, Surry Hills, the wife of O. W. Blackwood, of twin sons.

BRADY—October 10th, at the residence of her sister, Mrs. S. B.

Carpenter, Bourke and Cleveland streets, Surry Hills, the wife of Joseph Brady, Esq., C.E., of Taradale. Victoria, of a son.

BROS—October 1st, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. John Bros,  

of a daughter.

BROWN—September 19th, at her residence, Glebe Point Road,

the wife of Mr. Edward Brown, of a daughter.

BUGLE—October 11th, at her residence, Cumberland Lodge,

Cumberland-place, the wife of Mr. William Lee Bugle, of a


CARTER—October 3rd, at Crown-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. C.

Carter, of a daughter.

CHAPMAN—October 10th, at Derrinetta Cottage, Frederickton,

Macleay River, Mrs. George J. Chapman, of a daughter.

COLES—October 14th, at Mr. Stewart's, Port View House, Pad-

dington, the wife of Henry Pearson Coles, of a daughter.

COOK—October 12th, the wife of Mr. Alfred Cook, architect,  

Randwick, of a son.

CORNISH—October 1st, at Stonleigh House, Darlinghurst, Mrs.

E. B. Cornish, of a son.

CURTIS—September 17th, at her residence, Brandry, near

Ulladulla, Mrs. James Curtis, of a daughter.

DALE—October 2nd, at the residence of Samuel Barber, Esq.,

George-street, Parramatta, Mrs. John Dale, of a daughter.

DENNISON—September 23rd, at her residence, Botany-street,

Mrs. William W. Dennison, of a daughter.

DOUST—October 12th, at her residence, Church-street,

Parramatta, Mrs. George Doust, of a daughter.

DRAKE—October 13th, at her residence, No. 6, Upper Fort-street,  

Mrs. T. H. Drake, of a daughter.

EASON—October 1st, at Gegullalong, near Burrowa, Mrs. Eason,

of a son.

EVANS—October 8th, at Campbelltown, Mrs. G. R. Evans, of a


EWEN—September 29th, at her residence, Raymond Terrace,

Mrs. George V. Ewen, of a son.

EWEN—October 13th, at 41, Burton-street, Woolloomooloo, the

wife of R. Rupert Ewen, Esq., of a son.

FALK—October 3rd, at the residence of Mrs. Yates, Downshire-

place, Paddington, the wife of John Falk, Esq., Batavia, of a


FARRELL—September 25th, at her residence, Market-street, the

wife of Mr. W. S. Farrell, of a daughter.

FOTHERINGHAM—September 28th, at her residence, 302,

Victoria-street, Darlinghurst, Mrs. J. D. Fotheringham, of a


GANNON—September 16th, at her residence, Bourke-street,

Goulburn, Mrs. J. T. Gannon, of a daughter.

GANNON—September 25th, at her residence, Cook's River, Mrs.

Robert Gannon, of a daughter.

GEEHAN—October 7th, at Cumberland Reach, Wilberforce, Still Well Farm, the wife of Mr. James Geehan, of a daughter.

GIBSON—October 2nd, at her residence, Brougham-street, Wool-

loomooloo, the widow of the late John Dixon Gibson, of a


GILCHRIST—October 14th, at Wynyard-street, Mrs. J. Oswald

Gilchrist, of a son.

GODDARD—October 7th, at her residence, Carisbrook Cottage,

Upper Paddington, Mrs. C. S. Goddard, of a daughter.

GOODEY—September 28th, at her residence, Chippendale, Mrs.

T. B. Goodey, of a daughter.

GORE—October 7th, at Endrim, Parramatta, the wife of the

Rev. William F. Gore, of a son.

GREEN—September 11th, at her residence, Uar, Lachlan River

Mrs. John Green, of a son.

GRENVILLE—October 1st, at her residence, Burlington

Arcade, the wife of Henry Grenville, of a son.

GRIBBEN—September 18th, at her residence, No. 23, Union-

street, Mrs. John Gribben, of a son.  

GRIFFITHS—At her residence, Bourke-street, Surry Hills, the

wife of Mr. J. H. Griffiths, of a daughter.

HALLORAN—September 17th, at her residence, Warwick, the

wife of A. E. Halloran, Esq., Police Magistrate, of a daughter.

HARRISON—October 5th, at Paddington, the wife of Mr. G. D.

Harrison, of a daughter.

HASSALL—September 30th, at Castlesteads, the residence of  

her parents, Mrs. J. M. Hassall, of a son.

HELY—September 16th, at St. Leonards, the wife of Hevenden

Hely, Esq., of a daughter.

BINCHEY—October 13th, at Woolloomooloo, the wife of Mr.

James Hinchey, of a daughter.

HOME—September 29th, at Littlebourne, near Bathurst, Mrs.

Home, of a daughter.

JENKINS-October 13th, at the residence of her parents, 243,

Sussex-street, the wife of Mr. George Jenkins, of a daughter.

JONES—September 20th, at Nundle, the wife of George Jones,

of a daughter.

JONES—September 30th, at her residence, Upper Paddington,

Mrs. Timothy Jones, of a son.

JONES—Octobor 1st, at Paddington, the wife of Mr. William

Jones, of a son.

JONES—October 14th, at her residence, Church-hill, Wollon-

gong, Mrs. E. A. Jones, of a son.

JOSEPH—October 2nd, at her residence, King-street, Mrs.

Alfred Joseph, of a son.

JOSEPHSON—September 30th, at the Royal Hotel, Mrs. J. F.

Josephson, of a daughter.

LANE—September 17th, at Rose Hill, near Orange, the wife of

J. B. Lane, Esq., J.P., of a son.

LEWIS—October 2nd, at Balmain, the wife of W. J. Lewis, of a

daughter, which only survived three days.  

LLOYD—September 27th, at her residence, Kiribilly Point, St.

Leonard's, Mrs. George A. Lloyd, of a son.

LOOKE—October 6th, at her residence, Looke-street, Balmain,

the wife of Mr. William Looke, of a daughter.

MACDONALD—September 12th, at Boomanoomana, Murray

River, New South Wales, the wife of R. S. G. Macdonald, of a


MANT—October 11th, at Armidale, New England, the wife of F.  

D. Mant, Esq., C.C.L., of twin sons.

MANTON—September 19th, Mrs. F. J. Manton, of a daughter.

M'CABE—October 11th, at Russell Vale, Illawarra, the wife of

P.M'Cabe, Esq., of a son.

M'LAURIN—September 29th, at her residence, Albion Hotel,

corner of George and Bridge streets, Sydney, the wife of Hugh G. M'Laurin, of a daughter. Glasgow papers please copy.

MOORE—October 1st, at her residence, Potts' Point, Mrs.

Alexander Moore, of a son.

MORRIS—September 24th, at her residence, 165, Pitt-street

North, Mrs. John Morris, of a son, both doing well.

MULLEN—October 3rd, at her residence, Gayndah Cottage,

Paddington, Mrs. George Mullen, of a daughter.

MUNRO—September 26th, at her residence, Glebe Point Road,

the wife of William Munro, of a son.

OATLEY—October 11th, at Sandyknowe, Woollahra, Mrs.

Frederick Oatley, of a son.

PALMER—September 25th, at Blair Cottage, Rockhampton,

Queensland, Mrs. John Palmer, of a son.

PEARCE—September 19th, at Liverpool, Mrs. W. H. Pearce,

of a daughter.

PEARSON—September 19th, at her residence, Burwood, the wife

of Mr. James Augustus Pearson, storekeeper, of a son.

PERRY—September 24th, at Austenham, the wife of Frederick

Willam Perry, Esq., of a son.

PHILIPS—September 19th, Mrs. V. Philips, 101, Prince-street,

of a son.

PHILLIPS—September 28th, at Hunter's Hill, Mrs. Gerard

Phillips, of a daughter.

PITTARD—October 2nd, at the Australian Museum, the widow of the late Simon Rood Pittard, Esq., of a son.

PRATT—At her residence, 81, Duke-street, Woolloomooloo, the

wife of Mr. William Pratt, of a son, stillborn. New Zealand

papers please copy.

POPE—August 24th, at her residence, Highbury Park, London,

Mrs. John Pope, of Sydney, of a daughter.

RICHARDSON—September 19th, at her residence, 717, George street South, the wife of William Richardson, of a son.

ROSS—September 30th, at 194, George-street North, Mrs. Adam

Ross, of a daughter.

SANDS—October 8th, at Cambrian Vale, near Goulburn, Mrs.

William Sands, of a daughter.    

SMITH—September 19th, at her residence, Wee Waa, Mrs. C. E.

Smith, of a son.

SOUTHWELL—September 24th, at her residence, Upper Pad-

dington, the wife of Mr. J. Southwell, of a son.

TEYS-—eptember 19th, at Boonangar, Stephen River, the wife

of J. Teys, Esq., of a son-both doing well.    

VEITCH—October 16th, at her residence, 85, Clarence street, Mrs    

R. J. Veitch, of a son.        

WALKER—September 18th, 1861, the wife of Mr. Thomas

Walker, Yaralla, Concord of a daughter.  

WALSH—August 29th, at Yarra Bandini, Macleay River, Mrs.  

William Walsh, of a daughter.  

WEBB—September 20th, at her residence, City Hotel, George

street, the wife of Mr. George Waring Webb, of a daughter. Carrickfergus papers please copy.           WESTON—September 22nd, at Horsley, the wife of Edward H. Weston, Esq., of a son.

WHITE—At her residence, Prince street, Grafton, Clarence  

River, Mrs. W. S. White, of a daughter.

WOODS—September 25th, at her residence, Prince-street, the    

wife of Captain William Woods, of a son.


ADAMS—ROBINSON—September 19th, at Peter's Church,

Cook's River, by the Rev. A. H. Bull, M.A., James S. Adams,     Esq., only son of Dr. Adams, of Balla Balla, Victoria, to Evelyn, Esther, youngest daughter of G. L. Robinson, Esq., late of  


ADAMS—ALLEN—October 3rd, by special licence, at St Philip's

Church, by the Very Rev. the Dean of Sydney, Alexander, second son of Mr. Thomas Adams, Kent -treet, to Maria, eldest daughter of Mr. Henry Allen, George-street.

ASHLIN—ARMSTRONG-—ctober 10th, by special license, at St.

James' Church, Rylstone, by the Rev. James Gunther, Spencer Ashlin, Esq., of Wimbledon Cottage, Burwood, to Eliza Isabella, youngest daughter of the late W. W. Armstrong, Esq. AUSTIN—RADLEY—September 20th, at St. Paul's Church,  

Chippendale, Mr. William Austin, storekeeper, Redfern, to Mrs. Caroline Radley, of Redfern.

BAKER—HARMER—October 9th, by the Rev. Alfred H.

Stephen, at St. Paul's, Redfern, Benjamin, only son of Mr. Ben-   jamin Baker, of Hartley, to Charlotte, third daughter of the late Mr. William Harmer, of Chippendale, late of Sussex.

BLIX—WEST—September 24th, at the residence of the bride's  

father, by the Rev. W. Cuthbertson, B.A., Carl George Frithiof,     eldest son of Captain George Blix, of Westmanland Grenadiers, Sweden, to Louisa Olivia, daughter of the Rev. John West,


BOAG—FULLER—September 19th, at Trinity Church, Berrima    

Mr. Alexander Boag, to Miss Sarah Ann Fuller, youngest daughter of John Fuller, Esq., Lower Natti.

BOLLARD—CONNELLAN—September 23rd, at Appin, by the    

Rev. John Maher, Thomas Bollard, eldest son of the late John Bollard, of Picton, to Annie, second daughter of the late

Michael Connellan.

BONAR—ANSTRUTHER—August 15th, at St. Peter's Church,  

Paddington, Englund, by the Rev. Harvey Brooks, incumbent, Andrew Bonar, Esq., Hamilton House, Leamington (late of Sydney), to Louisa, widow of Lieutenant Colonel Robert   Anstruther, of Third Part, county Fife, and youngest daughter   of the late Major General Sir Howard Elphinstone, Bart, C.B.,     Royal Engineers.

BOWER—RUSSELL—August 13th, at Trinity Church, Dover,  

by the Rev. Bowyer Bower, uncle to the bridegroom, Bowyer   Bower, eldest son of T. B. Bower, Esq., of Lucerne House, Blandlord, Dorset, to Bessie Alice, eldest daughter of Captain Russell, of Ravensworth, Australia.

CARTER—YONGE—June 15th, at Armitage Church, by the  

Rev. Francis Wilson, rector, assisted by the bride's brother,     the Rev. A. G. Yonge, William Carter, Esq., late of Gooran-   gola, Hunter River, Australia, to Marianne, eldest daughter of the late Weston Yonge, Esq., of Chames Hall, Staffordshire.

CAITLING—WHALLY—September 18th, by special license,

at St. John's Church, Glebe, Harry Caltling to Miss Sarah Jane Whaley, only daughter of Catherine Whaley, Cabramatta, near   Liverpool.

CHALLIS—ALLEN— August 30th, by special license, at 18,

Stanley-street, Woolloomooloo, by the Rev. Mr. Cuthbertson,     Mr. James Challis, of Palmer-street, Sydney, to Miss Mary Frances, youngest daughter of Mr. Samuel Allen, No 9, Wynd- ham Road, Camberwell, Surrey, England.

CLARK—LEE—September 21st, by special license, at Quean-

beyan, by the Rev. Alexander Pennycuick, of Braidwood, Mr. Edmund Clark, of Queanbeyan, to Jane Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Lee, of Balmain.

DENGATE—TICKNER—September 28th, by special license, at  

Holy Trinity Church, Sydney, by the Rev. E. Rogers, Frederick James, eldest son of Mr. Edwin Dengate, Calmesley Hills, late of Whittersham, Kent, England, to Eliza Florist, only daughter   of Mr. John Tickner, Camden, late of Guldeford, Sussex,


DOWLE—BARDEN.—September 28th, by special licence, at  

Holy Trinity Church, Sydney, by the Rev. E. Rogers, William, second son of Mr. William Dowle, Camden, late of Lydd, Kent, England, to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Charles Barden, and granddaughter of Mr. George Barden, of Winchelsea, Sussex, England.  

DOWLING—THRIFT—September 18th, by special license, at    

St. James's Church, by the Rev. R. Allwood, Mr. George   Dowling of Riley-street, Surry Hills, to Miss Elizabeth Thrift, of Bishopthorpe, Glebe.

DYMOCK—MENZIES—October 9th, at Minnamurra, Illawarra,

by the Rev. John Kinross, John Waugh Dymock, Burnside, second son of the late John Dymock, Esq., W.S., Edinburgh,      

to Mary Alexandrina Campbell, second daughter of the late Robert Menzies, Esq., J.P., of Minnamurra.  

FLOOD—WATSON—September 18th, at St. James' Church, by  

the Rev. Canon Allwood, Mary Amy, eldest daughter of Eliza- beth Emma and William Henry Watson, engineer, of London,     England, to Thomas, eldest son of James Flood, of Cook's  


GERHARD—FITZPATRICK—September 26th, by special license,

at St. Mary's, by the Rev. Father Lennard, John Edward,   second son of John Richard Gerrard, Esq., of Milk-street,   London, to Julia Frances, eldest daughter of the late Gregory     Fitzpatrick Esq., of Nenagh, Ireland.  

GORE—SUTTOR—September 28th, at Trinity Church, Kelso,  

by the Rev. William Lisle, Thomas Charles, eldest son of the   late Thomas Goodall Gore, Esq., formerly of Sydney, to Maria Jane, third daughter of W. Beverley Suttor, Esq., of Beverley Park, Bathurst.  

GRAHAME—CHISHOLM—October 8th, at the residence of  

George Chisholm, Esq., Stanmore House, Newtown, by the   Rev. Mr. Leishman, William Grahame, Esq., of Dry Plains, Maneroo, to Jane, daughter of Mr. S. Chisholm, Queensferry,


HARDIE—EASTON—September 27th, by special license, by  

the Rev. Adam Thomson, at his house, 223 Albion-street,   Surry Hills, Mr. Thomas Hardie, late of Hawich, Roxburgh-

shire, to Margaret, youngest daughter of Mr. Adam Easton,


HOPE—BENNETT—July 24th, at Christchurch, Bycullah,

Bombay, by the Rev. W. K. Fletcher, M.A., John T. Hope,     Esq., of the Peninsular and Oriental Company, to Eliza Debell Bennett, youngest daughter of George Bennett, Esq.,   M.D., of Sydney, New South Wales.  

JAKINS—WOOD—September 17th, at St James' Church, by the

Rev. Mr. Allwood, Robert Elijah Frisby Jakins, butcher, of   Sydney, to Elizabeth Ann Wood, the fourth daughter of Mr. James John Wood, carpenter, of Redfern.

JARDINE—PHILLIPS—October 2nd, by special license, by the  

Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Charles John Jardine, Esq., a native of     Oxford, to Mary Ann Leaven Phillips, native of Sydney, second daughter of the late William Phillips, Esq., of Balmain   (Goulburn papers, please copy.)  

JENKINS—ADYE—October 1st, at St. Clement's Church, Yass,

by the Rev. Thomas Kemis, Charles Jenkins, Esq., licensed surveyor, Crown Lands Commissioner, Aylong, to Sarah Ellen,   fourth daughter of William Adye, Esq., J.P., North Yass.    

JOHNSON—EARNSHAW—September 14th, at St. Bartholomew's        

Church, Pyrmont, by the Rev. Mr Holsworth, Mr. John Johnson, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William  


MACKIE—WILLIAMSON—September 26th, by the Rev. A. J.

Campbell, at the residence of the bride's brother-in-law, A. J.   Skene, Esq., Geelong, the Rev. George Mockie, to Margaret Lyon Williamson, daughter of the late James Williamson, Esq., solicitor, View Bank, Edinburgh.    

MACNAMARRA—PRENTICE-—eptember 3rd, by special license,

at St. Philip's by the Very Rev. Dean Cowper, William, eldest     son of John Macnamarra, Esq., of Lucan, near Dublin, to   Catherine, relict of the late Mr. Prentice, of Berrima.

MANNIX—DUNPHY—October 1st, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by  

the Rev. Father M'Gerr, John, second son of Lot Mannix, of Burton street, to Anne, eldest daughter of Edward Dunphy, of Kent-street, Sydney.  

MOORE—HAMILTON—September 18th, at All Saints' Church,

Singleton, by the Rev. James Blackwood, B.A., Edward, fifth     son of Mr. William Henry Moore, of Moore's Hill, Ryde, and   of Cooper's Flat, to Sarah Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Isaiah Hamilton, of Glendon Brook.

PATTAN—BROWN—September 21st, by special license, by the

Rev. J. Reid, of the Scots' Church, James Pattan, of Sydney, to Mary Brown, Glenmore Cottage, Cumberland-street, Sydney.   PAINE—MILLER—October 2nd, by special license, at St. Luke's

Church, by the Rev. F. C. D. Priddle, Ellen, youngest daughter of Mr. R. Miller, to Edward Paine, both of Liverpool.

PEPPER—DICKSON—September 26th, at the residence of the  

bride's father, by the Rev. J. B. M'Cure, Mr. S. J. Pepper, of   London, to Louisa, third daughter of Joseph Dickson, Esq.,


POWELL—HOUGH—September 25th, at St. Peter's Church,

Richmond, by the Rev. J. Elder, Arthur, seventh son of Edward Powell, Esq., J.P., to Emma, eldest daughter of Peter Hough,       Esq., both of Richmond.

ROBISON—SAUNDERS—October 18th, at St. Paul's Church,

Narellan, by the Rev. Thomas Hassall, William Smoult Robison, Esq., of Mudgee, to Mary Magdalene, eldest daughter of Joshua Saunders, Esq., of Clifton, Gloucestershire.  

SIMPSON—COBCROFT—October 10th, at St. Peter's Church,

East Maitland, by the Rev. Charles Walsh, George Bowen Simpson, Esq., Barrister at-Law, to Martha Margaret, second   daughter of E. Cobcroft, Esq., East Maitland.

SMITH—GILBERT—October 12th, at St. John's Church,  

Darlinghurst, by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, Alexander W. G. Smith, to Harriet, daughter of the late Henry Gilbert, Esq., of Kent, England.

STEWARD—FISHER—September 26th, by special license, at  

the residence of the bride's uncle, Thomas Hayes, Esq., Waterloo Mills, by the Rev. John Dougall, James, eldest son of Mr. James Steward, Waterloo, to Catherine Eliza, second   daughter of the late Mr. William Fisher, of Sydney.

WOOD—GRAY—October 1st, at Ebenezer Chapel, 166, Riley-

street, by special license, by the Rev. S. Humphrey, William W. Wood, to Sophia Matilda Gray, both of Waverley.    


BALCOMBE—October 13th, at Paddington, Thomas T. Balcombe,

of Napoleon Cottage, aged 51.

BIRKBECK—September 20th, at Crown-street, Surry Hills, John  

Orwell, infant son of S. B. Birkbeck, Esq., of Glenmore, near  


BLAKE—October 8th, at the Queensland Hotel, Erskine-street,

Sydney, of consumption, Albion C. Blake, aged 32 years, native   of State of Maine, United States, English papers please copy.

BOUCHER—October 2nd, Mrs. Lucy Boucher, wife of Thomas

Boucher, and mother of Mrs. Butters, University Hotel, Glebe, after a short but painful illness, in her sixtieth year.  

BRENNAN—September 18th, at Appin, Ellen, the beloved wife of

Patrick Brennan, aged 39 years, leaving a husband and eight   children to lament their loss. She was an affectionate wife, and a tender mother, deservedly respected, and regretted by

all who knew her.

CARMICHAEL—October 10th, at Anges-terrace, Surry Hills,  

of consumption, James Carmichael, aged 23 years, son of the   late John Carmichael, baker, Sydney.

CHARKER—October 11th at Camden, Henry Thomas, second son of Mr. William Charker, aged sixteen months.

COLLETT—October 15, at Singleton, William Rickford, son of W. E. Collett, Esq., aged 10 years.

CRIPPS—October 4th, at the residence of her father, George-

street, Agnes Mary, infant daughter of Thomas and Helen Cripps, aged 7 months 29 days.

DAVIS—October 10th, at Mrs. Carew's, O'Connell-street, Sydney, of bronchitis, Annie, infant daughter of Mr. John Davis, J.P., late of Campbelltown, aged 4 months.  

DAVIS—October 15th, at Braidwood, after a few days' illness, Mr. John Davis, late of Harrington-street. FOWLES—September 25th, Emily Lambrick, the beloved wife

of Mr. J. Fowles, artist, Randwick, after a protracted illness, in the 46th year of her age.

FREER—Of pleuro-pneumonia, at his residence, Major's Creek

Braidwood, New South Wales, in the 36th year of his age, Mr.   William Leacroft Freer, youngest son of Edward Freer, sen., Esq., of Birmingham, England. Birmingham papers please copy.

FULLAGAR—September 20th, at her residence, Western Road,  

near Parramatta, Esther Fullagar, aged 77 years.  

GORDON—September 26th, aged 22 years, Frances Henrietta, eldest daughter of Henry Gordon, Esq., J.P., of Woodbrook, Illawarra.

GRIFFITH—September 27th, at her residence, Crown-street,  

Surry Hills Amy Charlotte, daughter of the late Rev. John Griffith, rector of Dunderrow, county of Cork, Ireland.

GWYNNE—July 14th, 1861, at 1, Chandos-place, Clifton, England,        

in the 78th year of his age, Colonel Gwynne, of Monchty, Cardiganshire, Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of that county. HAMILTON—July 18th at South Barrow, Kent, aged 73 years,

Menzies, relict of the late Hugh Hamilton, Esq., formerly  

of Greenock.

HARRIS—October 16th, at her late residence, St. Leonards,

North Shore, Philadelphia, beloved wife of Matthew Harris, aged 57 years.

HARRIS—October 16th, after a short but painful illness, at her

residence, Chynus Cottage, St. Leonards, North Shore, Phila-   delphia, the beloved wife of Matthew Harris, and mother of the late Charles H. W. Harris, Esq., deeply regretted by her relatives    

and friends.

HITCHCOCK—September 27th, at Balmain, Mrs. Mary Hitch-  

cock, aged 75.

HOBBS—October 5th, at the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts,

Maria Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. John T. Hobbs, aged 35.  

HOSKING—August 2nd, at his residence, Woburn-square, Lon-    

don, after a short illness, William Hosking, Esq, F.S.A.,       architect and civil engineer, for twenty years professor of the arts of construction with civil engineering and architecture at King's College, also many years chief metropolitan commis- sioner, eldest brother of John Hosking, Esq., J P, Carrara,   Rose Bay.

HUTCHINSON—October 13th, at his residence, Little Gipps-

street, Surry Hills, Mr. Richard Hutchison, compositor, aged 50


KEARNEY—September 12th, at Rockhampton, William, fourth

son of the late James Kearney, Esq., of Ballycahan, county   Limerick, Ireland, and first cousin of the Rev. Michael Brenan, Penrith, aged 44.

KENNEDY.—October 14th, at his residence, Hill's-terrace, Riley-

street, Mr John Todd Kennedy, of consumption, aged 33 years, native of Edinburgh. English papers please copy.

KIDD—August 24th, 1861, at Roden Vale, West Dapto, after a

long and painful illness, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. James Kidd, deeply regretted by her bereaved husband and eight   children, and a large circle of friends.

MAY—October 10th, at his father's residence, Robert Badcock

May, infant son of Mr. Robert May, baker, 340, Pitt-street,   Sydney.

M'DONELL—September 22nd, Mary Carne, the beloved wife of  

Mr. W. M'Donell, of Devonshire-street, Surry Hills.    

M'DONNOUGH—October 2nd, at her residence, King and

Clarence streets, Mrs James M'Donnough, in the 28th year of her age, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.    

MERRICK—September 27th, at his late residence, William-

street, of disease of heart, John Merrick, second son of Mr. Samuel Merrick, of Cabry Glebe, county of Sligo, Ireland, aged 27 years.

MERRILL—August 10th, at Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A.,  

Hon. John Merrill, aged 68 years, father of Robert D. Merrill, United States Consul of this city.

M'KENZIE—July 28th, at Craigend House, W. C. Learmonth

M'Kenzie, Esq., J.P., of Craigend, Stirlingshire, Scotland.        

MOREHEAD—Octobor 13th, at Sydney, Helen Buchanan

Morehead, the wife of A. R. A. Morehead, Esq.

NIGHINGALE—October 16th, at her late residence, Victoria-    

terrace, Miller's Point, Sarah Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. William Frederick Nightingale, aged 29 years.  

O'BRIEN—September 29th, 1861, at his residence, Globe-street,

Queen's Wharf, Mr. Cornelius O'Brien, in the 61st year of his     age.

O'NEILL—September 22nd, at Sydney Infirmary, through

injuries received, caused by the falling of a bale of hay, Cornelius O'Neill, aged 29 years, leaving a large circle of relatives and friends to deplore their loss.

PENFOLD—August 18th, at his residence, Lower Tooting,    

Surrey, England, in the 61st year of his age, Mr. William Penfold, father of Mr. E. T. Penfold.

PRITCHARD—September 28th, suddenly (in the full vigour of

life), Jabez Pritchard, son of Edward and Sophia Pritchard, of Camperdown, and brother of William Pritchard, auctioneer, of this city, aged 17.

QUEALY—October 14th, Hannah Maria Quealy, from the effects

of her clothes taking fire on Sunday, the 6th October, after severe pain, aged 10 years and 10 months. May she rest in    


RAMSAY—July 13th, at Viewlands, Perth, N. B., James Ramsay,    

aged 69 years, elder brother of the late David Ramsay, of   Dobroyd, Sydney.

READ—September 14th, at her residence, 202, Victoria Parade,  

Collingwood, East Melbourne, Eliza, wife of R. Read, Esq., deeply regretted by her relatives and friends.

REEDIE—Octobor 9th, at the residence of their parents, Way-

terrace, Pyrmont, John, aged 10 months ; and on the 10th, Mary Lucy, aged 2 years and 11 months, the beloved children

of John and Jane Reedie.

SIMMS—October 5th, very suddenly, at her residence, 38,

Macquarie-street South, Elizabeth Gertrude, the beloved wife     of Mr. Samuel Simms, and daughter of Mr. Patrick Hurley, late of Mount Loose, Liverpool Road, in the 29th year of her age, deeply regretted by a large circle of relatives and


SKINNER—September 14th, at Wellington, New South Wales,

Jane, the beloved wife of Walter B. Skinner, aged 33 years.

SPAIN—September 27th at St. Kilda, Melbourne, Eleanor Maria,

wife of H. W. Spain, Esq., Comptroller of Trade and Customs,     and daughter of the late James Elliott, Esq., aged 22years.  

STEWART—September 29th, accidentally drowned at Port  

Stephens, Mr. James Stewart, aged 21 years, stonemason, a native of Glasgow. The deceased was employed at the Port Stephens lighthouse.

STEWART—October 3rd, at his residence, North Shore, Thomas

Stewart, Esq., aged 72,

TRAVELLER—July 21st (Sunday morning), at Mysore, of

cholera, the Rev. C. Traveller (editor of the Bangalore Herald), aged 68 years 8 months and 12 days, deeply and sincerely re- gretted by his numerous friends.

TRAVERS—September 20th, at Orara Cottage, Clarence River,  

after a short illness, James Lindsay Travers, Esq , aged 43.  

WATKINS—September 24th, at her residence, Horbury-terrace,  

Macquarie street, Mrs. Eliza Watkins, aged 53 years. Hobart Town papers please copy.

WATTS—July 19th, William Edward Denny Watts, of H.M.  

Customs, this port, eldest son of the late William Watts, Esq.,      

solicitor, Dublin, and nephew of Edward Denny Day, Esq., P.M. Maitland, aged 33 years. Dublin papers please copy.    

WEBB—September 30th, at his residence, Pyrmont, Joseph

Webb, aged 52 years, formerly of Huddersfield, England.    

WILLIAMS—October 6th, at the residence of his parents, 82,  

Forbes street, Woolloomooloo, of croup, Henry John Williams,     second son of Henry and Elizabeth Williams, aged three years and ten months , also on the 17th October, of convulsions from   measles, Arthur Williams, third son of the above, aged one year

and eleven months.  

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