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Bookseller und Stationer, in returning thanks to his friends and tlio public generally for tho vory liboral patronago .ihoy have conferred upon him for thoso last threo years, respectfully informs them that ho lina removed to ,>94, George-street, a few doors south of Bathurst-streot, xvhero ho trusts, by civility, attention, und strictly moderato charges, to merit a coiitinuiinco of fho favour» of n dis- cerning public. The stock on lmnd will bo found to ineludo «orno of the choicest works in tho English lnn¡ruogo, con- siderable caro being devoted to tho selection of it.

E. F. F. rcgrots that, by the tho loss of 5 cufcs of Booka, 4o., by tho disastrous firo on board ¡tho Sox-ercign of the Seas, ho is unnblo to fulfil iniuiy orders ho lins rceoix-od ; but he trusts to bo ablo to supply tho xvant in the courso of a foxv months, as ho expects fresh shipments from Londoa and Dublin. _

TVfEW BOOKS and NEW EDITIONS, just received, J^l ex Lochiel.

Autobiography nnd Services of Sir Janies M'Grigor, Bart.,

Jato Director-General of tho Army, Medical Depart- ment, 14s, or per post 18s

Rownios' (John) Treatise on tho Stoam-Engino, in ita

various applications to mines, mills, steam navigation,' railxvays, and agriculture, and practical instructions for the manufacturo and management of ovory spocies of engine in actual use, fifth edition, illustrated by thirty coven plutos and fix-o hundred and forty-sis woodcuts,

. 60s

Clater*8 Every Man his own Cattle Doctor, now odition, re-

vised by, Edward Mayhoxv, 6fl, or per post Gs 8d

- Every Man his own Farrier, now edition, revised by

Edward Mayhoxv, 5s, or per post Gi 8d

Cornhill Magazine, vol. 3, January to June, 1801, 8s Cd, or

per post 10s Gd

Englishwoman's Domestic Maga/.ino, an illustratodjournal,

combining practical inloriniition, instruction, and amusement, vol. 2, now series, xvith separate pattorns oi necdlowork, Gs 6d, or per post 7a 8d

Family Friend, Midsummer volutno, 1801, 3s, or per post


Family Herald, vol. l8, I860 to 1801, 9s 6d

Herschcl's (Sir John F. W.) Moteorology, 6s, or per poat


---Physical Geography. 8s 6d,

or por post 9s 7d

Hints on Horsemanship to a. Nephow and Niece, or Com-

mon Sense and Common Errors in Common Hiding, bj- Colonel Goorgo Greenwood, 7s, or per post 7s Gd

Lectures on Colonisation and Colonies; delivered beforo

the University of Oxford, by Herman Merivale, 20s., or por post, 2is 8d

Wacbrair's (Rev. R. M.), Tho Africans nt Homo, 8s Gd, or

per post, 9s 4d

Magnet Stories, for Summer Days and 'Winter Nights,

vol 2, 3s, or per post 3s 6d

Ourselves, Our Food, and Our Physic, by Bonjamin

Ridge M.D., 6s, or per post, fis 4d

Pago's (David) Post and Present Life of tho Globe, 7s, or

per post 7s 8d

Prison Books nnd thoir Authors, by John Alfred Langford,

8s Gd, or per post 9s 7d

Punch, reissue, vol. 4; January to Juno, 1843, Gs, or per

post 7s 3d

Queensland, Australia, by Dr. J, D. Lang, xvith map, 14a,

or per post 1 6b

Tho Boat, and How to Manage it; a troatiso on tho

monngement of, rowing, and sailing boats, by Salada, 3s, or per post 3s 3d

Tho Cricket Bat, and Hoxv to Use it; a troatiso on tho gamo

of Cricket, by an Old Cricketer, 3s, or per post 3s 3d

Tho Dog, nnd How to Break him, xvith his Disoasos, and

methods of Cure, by John B. Johnson, 3s, or per post

3s 3d

'The Gun, and Hoxv to Uso it, by John B. Johnson, 3s, or

per post 3s 3d

Tho Horeo and how to Rido him, a Troatiso on tho Art of

Hiding and Leaping, by John. Butler, 3s, or per post

3s 3d


3s each, or per post 3s 7d.

Tho Adx'cnturcs of Verdant Green, illustrated

2s Gd each, or per post 3s.

The Man of Fortune, by Albany Fonblanquo ; Sylvan ;

Holt's Daughter, br Holme Lee ; Twico Rouud tho Clock, by G. A. Sola.

2s each, or nor post 2s Gd,

Ovingdcan Grange, by W. Harrison Ainsxvorth ; Martyrs

to Circumstance, by tho Hon. Mrs. Yelverton ; Hoir nt-Law, by " Waters " ; Tho Irish Police Officer, by Robert Curtis ; Prairie Flower, by Gubtavo Aimard ; Jock Adams, by Captain Chomior ; Tho Experiences of a French Detective, by " Waters."

Is each, or per post Is Gd,

Common Objects of the Microscopo, by tho Rev. J. C.


BANDS and KENNY, booksellers and staiionors, 392, Georgo-street.



ÍBibles, fncsimilo, largo edition, 8vo, morocco -12mo, references, and clasps, morocco

? ISmo, xvith AYatts' Hymns, morocco, xvith clasps

- - xvith Common Prayer, in volvct, rims, clasps, and

morocco caso

»Church Services, xvith references on tho plan ef tho Poly-

glot Bible, with N. V. Psalms, 8vo¡ morocco

. -foolscap 8vo, largo print, morocco, with


? i -i ditto, 12mo, morocco, xvith clasps

? 24mo, 2 vols., Morning nnd Evening, large print, vory portable, morocco flexible covers

18mo, morocco, flexible covers

and Common Prayers, in largo and small prints, various sizes, bound morocco plain, extra, xvith rimB and clasps, and in cases

"W. R. PIDDINGTON, importer of books and sta- tionery, George-street.


finally CLOSED early in DECEMBER.

The cheap solo -of standard literature will only continue two months longer.

Catalogues of Blackie and Son's publications can bo had gratis, at the Glasgow Book Warehouse.

BOOKS on SALE, at English prices, or 10 por cont. tinder when two pounds' worth aro taken.

Glasgow Book Warohouso, 240, EUzabeth-strcot, corner of Bathurst-stTeet. R. MACKAY._

A COMPLETE LIBRARY for £4 10s.! in 7 largo

x-ols. cloth, or bound in half-morocco for £0, being less than two-thirds tho English price ! !

The Popular Encyclopedia, or Conversations Lexicon, a

general dictionary of arts, sciences, literature, bio- graphy, history, ethics, and political economy, with dissertations on the progress of science, literature, nnd the fino arts, by Thomas Tomson, M.D., F.R.S., &o. ; Sir Daniel K. Sandford, D.C.L.; and Allan Cun-


Illustrated by many hundred plates and diagrams,

Glasgow Book Warehotifo, comer of Bathurst and Eli- zabeth streets. R MACKAY, importor.


two-thirds the English price, is tho greatest bargain in literature over put belore the public of this colony.

A few copieB only remain for salo.

Glasgow Book Warchouso, cornor of Bathurst and Eli- zabeth sheets.- R. MACKAY.


authentic portraits, in i vols, cloth, offorcd for 25a., ?or by post 33s.

Tho Portiait Gallery of Scotland, being a series of on .Çravings of eminent Scotsmen, with biographical skotchos, in 1 vol., half-calf, extia, 21b., or by pott 23s.

Glasgow- Book Warehouse, comer of Bathurst and Elizabeth streets. R. MACKAY, importer.


Military, and Ecclesiastical, from the landing of Julius Cresar to the year 1847,13 x-ols., ologantly bound in «loth, ril'ered for 21s., or post free 27fl. Gd.

Glasgow Book Warehouse, cornor of Bathurst and Eli/.a Jbetli sticets. R. MACKAY, importer.


TALY, Classical, Historical, and Picturesque, illus _». trotea in a series ot x-iews, from drawings by StanGold, S.A., Roberts, R.A., Harding, Prout, Loitch, Brockedon, 'Barnard, &c, &c, xvith descriptions of tho Bcenes; pro . ceded by an essay, developing the recont history and present condition of Italy and tho Italians, by Gamillo Mapei, D.D., 1 vol, morocco antique, £4 4s.

Glasgow Book Warehouse, corner of Bathurst and Eliza- beth Ftreots. R. MACKAY, importor.

CYCLOPJEDIA OF DOMESTIC MEDICINE and SURGERY, boing on alphabetical account of the various diseases incident to the human frame, with .directions for their treatment, and for performing the moro simple, operations of eurgcry, xvith instructions for pro . paring nnd administering medicines, &c, &o., by Thomas Anoroxv, M.D., illustrated with ongravingB on wood and steel, 1 x«l., cloth. 18s., post tree 20s.

Glasgow Book Warchouso. comer of Bathurst and Eliza- beth streets. R. MACKAY, importer.


BOARD OF EDUCATION.-Tho first Book of lessons, mounted on calico, xvith oyolot-holo, for tho con Tcnionco of stretching thom upon tho lesson board ; in sots of 36 Bheets, 10s. Gd. per set. School books, stationery, and drawing materials. S. GOOLD, 178, cornor of Pitt and

King streets.


Airy, fairy, Lillian. Music by Miss Lindsay, 2s Gd

.thargo of tho Light Brigade, tho Music by Blockley,

2s Gd

"Como into the garden, Maud. Music by Mr. W. Balfe, 3s Ring out, wild bells. Musio by Blockley, 2s 6d

-SoDgs from " Idylls of tho King," music by G. A. Mac

forrcn, each 2a Gd

Fortuno and her wheol

Trust mo not at all, or all in all Song of lox-o and death Late, so late

Songs of "The Princess," musio by John Blookley, each

Break, break, break

Last Appeal (" Ask mo no moro" ) Messenger Swallow, tho Tears, idlo tears

Tho splendour falls

Warrior*B Return, tho

J. R. CLARKE'S Music Ropository, 356, Georgo

WKING, Pianoforto Maker and Importer. Pianos

. tuned, repaired, and regulated, 71, Markot-stwot.


. by tho most Eminent Composers- .

A Psalm of Life, music by Miss Lindsay, Slophon Glover,

and Frank Römer, each 2s 6d

Annie Tharaw, music by M. W. Balfe, 2s Gd

Arrow and the Song (The), music by M. W. Balle, 2s Gd

music by Dolores, 2s Gd , Bridge (The), music by Miss Lindsay, 2s C4

_____- musio by Dolores, 2s 6d ^

Children (" Come to me," «Sec ), music by Fran< Romer,

2s 6d . . _. , /^,

_music by Stephen Glos'er,

2s Gd

Curfow (The), musio hy E. SilaB, 2s

Daybreak," music by M, W. Balfo, 2s 6d

EscniDg Star (The), music by Angelina, 2s 6d

Excelsior, musio by Miss Lindsay, Stephen Glover,

Barker, "Weiss, and Blookloy, oaoh 2s 6d

Footsteps of Angels, muBio hy J. W. Hobbs, Carl Mana

Von Wober, und John Blockloy, each 2s 6d

Good Night, Beloved, music by M. W. Balfo, 2s 6d

music by Dolores, 2s' 6d

Green Trees Whispered Low and Mild, musio by M. W,

Balfe, 2s Gd . -." ,.

-musio by Blockloy, 2s Gd _ Old Clock on tho Stairs (Tho), music hy W. H. Wouw,

2s Gd s _. .

Rainy Day (The), music by Blockloy, Balfo, and Weiss,

each 2s Gd

Reaper and tho Flowers (The), music by M. W. Balfe,

Hobbs, Blockloy, and Dolores, each 2s 6d

Silent Land (Tho), music by Barker and Blockley, each

2s Gd .

Stars of tho Summer Night, music hy Dolores, Blookloy,

and Miss Lindsay, each 2s Gd

This is the Place, Stand Still my Steed, music hy Blookloy

and Balfe, each 2s 6d

Tsvo Angols (Tho), music by Frank Romor, 2s Gd

Tsvo Locks of Hair (Tho), music by Balfo and Blookloy,

each 2s Gd

Village Blacksmith (The), musio by Blookloy, 2s 6d Visions of Childhood, music by Romambert, 2s 6d.

J. R. CLARKE, 350, Georgo-strenr. ?

c\f\-t CASTLEREAGH-STHEET,-Mr. BANKS, ¿¿UX- Tuner and Repairer, &c. Twenty yoars' practical experience in London._

Ol'KINSON'S celebrated first-class PIANO

FORTES, in elegant rosewood and walnut cases.


H H li


unquestionably the finest bichorda imported.

PIANOFORTES.-Mr. BANKS, Pianoforto Importer,

Repairer, and Tuner, &c, 201, Casttoreagh-stroet.

IANOFORTE, hy Broadwood and Sons, in good ordor,

liasing been but little used, with loathor cover and stool, to bo sold cheap. Apply to W. KING, Mnrkot-st.

KO AD WOOD and SONS' first-class PIANO

FORTES ; also, by othor makers, with all their latest improvements, at moderate prices. W. KING, 71, Market-street. _ CHARLES CADBY'S PATENT PIANO».- '

W. J. JOHNSON and CO. heg to drasv especial attention to tho above celobratod maker's PIANOS (so univorsally known for standing xvol in tune), of which they hns'o n very largo and varied stock in overy variety of wood

and design.

CADBY'S FATENT IRON TRUSS, attached to his pianos, is particularly recommendod, as it forms a perfect resistance to tho pull of tho strings, and therebs' preventing tho sounding-board from bending. These, and* many othor injurious consequences, by this oxcollont invention are ontiroly obviated.

CHARLES CADBY'S BOUDOIR PIANOS aro woll suited for transmittanco into tho country, and for small residences. They are brilliant in tono, elegant in appear- ance, lind very moderato in prico.

COLLARD and COLLARD'S, BROADWOOD'S, and KIRKMAN'S Pianos always on hand.

HARMONIUMS, in great variety, London, made by Cadby and Evans ; twenty instruments always on view, from ono to twenty stops.

Second-hand pianos, grand, cottages, and, squares, from

£10 to £30.

PIANOFORTES REPAIRED on the premisos by London workmen, and ruado equal to nosv though twonty years old.

PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS lent on hire, from 12s. a month, with option of purchaso.

W. J. J. and Co. invito attention to thoir Btock of munie, tho largest in tho colonies, consisting of 30,000 pieces, by the best composers and first London publishers, including all elementary and standard works, and fashionablo drasving and ball room music of tho day, withaddiüona by overy mail. Catalogues free.

W. J. JOHNSON and CO., Pianoforte, Harmonium, and Musio Saloon, 233, Pitt-street,

USICAL REPOSITORY, 233, Pitt-street, near tho

Theatre.-W. J. JOHNSON ant* CO. beg to offer

to the lovers of music



20 songs by MENDELSSOHN, 2a ; 12'songg by BALFE, 2s; 14 songs by VERDI, 2s; 60.songs by CHRISTY MINSTRELS, 20 for 2s; 50 waltzes, 2»; 12 sots quadrilles, 2s ; 50 polkas and galops, 2s ; 25-gems from VERDI, 2s ; 9 pianoforte pieces fey ASHER, 2s ; 10 nocturnes and mazurkas by OORIA, 2s ; 12 pianoforto pieces, 2s ; 15 songs by BEETHOVEN, 2»; 12 songs 1- HATTON and LINDLEY, 2s ; 20 popular ballads, 2s ; 16 songs by KUCKEN, 2s; 12 German duetts, 2s; Midsummer Night's Dream, 2s; 12 songs by SCHUBERT, 2s ; 12 fantasias by OSBORN and BRINDLEY RICHARDS, 2s ; 12 songs by DONIZETTI, 2s; danoo musio for Christ- mas, 2s ; 16 songs by HANDEL, 2s.; 6 overtures, 2s ; 6 four-part songs, 2s ; 20 Buckley's- Serenaders' songs, 2s ; l8 gentlemen s songs, 2s; 16 ladies' songs, 2a; 5 seta danoo music, as ducts, 2s ; 10 song» from Sonnambula, 2s ; 6 four-part songs, 2a ; songs svithout words, MENDELS- SOHN, 2s; 10 German/songs, 2»; 24 varsovianas, schot- tisches, and rcdowas, 2s ; 20 French romances, 2s ; 10 standard glees, 2s.

ARMONIUMS, by Alexandre and Dobain, in roso

wood and walnut cases, cither with or without per- cussion action, tho additional knee-swell, &c, at reduced prices.

NEW and POPULAR MUSIC, consisting of favourite operatic solectíons and piano solos, by Boyer, Burgmuller, Oesten, Rinibault, Rummel, Calcott, Thalberg, Fas'arger, Ascher, Talexy, Pnidont, P. do Vob, Charlos Vos, and numerous ominent composers.

A largo stock of PIANO DUETS, by Mendelssohn, Watts, Traeger, Vilback, Bertini, Boyer, Czorny, Cramer,

and others.

MUSIC, for piano and violin, vocal and dance music, in great variety.

BOOSEY'S MUSICAL CABINET, operas, completo, instruction books ; also, a selection of Harmonium and

other instrumental music.

ROMAN VIOLIN, violoncello, guitar, and harp strings of the first quality. Tho ocrobillo silk, E, violin is particu- larly recommonded.


and other well-known makers.

W. H. PALING, Piano Warehouse, 83, Wynyard


IANOFORTES, by Broadwood, Collard, Cadby, Stod

dart, Allison, Murphy, Brinsmead, Frood, D'Al niaine, etc., in rosewood, walnut, and mahogany, on tho most equitable terms. HURFORD and CO., Castlo


IANOFORTES Lont on Hire, taken in exchange,

tuned, repaired, packed, and removed. HURFORD

end CO._ _.

IANOFORTES-A fow (rood second-hand PIANOS

for SALE, at low prices. HURFORD and CO., pianoforto makers.

NEW Music-Just published, La Gitana. Schottisoho,

by W. J. Macdougall. ANDERSON'S; Musio Hall,

3G0, George-street.

S.DNEY MUSIC HALL.-Pianofortes by Broad

wood, Collard, Kirkman, &c, a choteo variety to select from, at reduced prices.

Harmoniums hy Aloxandro and Evans, from. I to 17 stops,

suitablo for drawing-room or church purposes

New Musio, ex mail-songs, duets, pianoforte arrangements,

and dance music, by all tho onunont composors, includ- ing tho "Lurlino Quadrilles," witzes and polkas by D'Albert, and an extensive stock of comic soaga illus-


J. R. ANDERSON, 360, George-street, nearly opposite



USIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. -PIANOFORTES by Broadwood, Collard, Murphy, Cadby, Frood, Chappoll, and Auchor, for sale, biro, or by easy modo of ñnrehaso. Harmoniums by Aloxandro and Es-ans, from 8 to 75 guineas, in rosesvood, mahogany, and oak. Military Instruments, of tho best quality, from Boosey and Sons, London. Music-the largoat collection in tho colyny-in English and Foreign operas, songs, nieces, and danco music. Boosoy's Cabiaot andChaopoU's Magazine, tho latest numbors by the last mail. Sils:er In- struments for presentation. Band parts for military and string instruments. MOSS, Hunter-street.

ECK'S MUSIC REPOSirORY, 387, Georgo-stroot.

All kinds of musical goods may be had at this esta- blishment at reduced prices, to suit the times. A splondid old Violin by Perry, of Dublin. *,« Superior Comot by Paco and Sons, London. l__- Pianofortes tuned and regulated at modorato charges.


reagh-strcet. The second term will commonco from

October 1st.

Hornes, Drays, Spring Cart, Harness.

Kiefers lnsolvont Estate

¿_£. ILBERT and CO. have received instruc \*.,,tlons fro"i John Morris, Esq., official assignée, to sell hy auction, at thoir Newmarket Horse Repository fopposito School of Arts), Pitt-street, on MONDAY, 7th October, nt 11 o'clock, ' '

1 groy horfce, heavy draught

1 ditto, ditto

1 bay horse, ditto

1 brossu ditto, ditto

With largo dray, springcart, and 4 get« fcam» sa,

Clearing-out Sale of tho Week.

C. ADRAIN xvill sell by. auction at his

. Mhrt, THIS DAY. at 2 o'clock,

A nunntitv of «Iver and gold watches, jowellory, boots

-and shoes, guns, Colt's revolverá, furniture, clothing,

and sundries.

Tormi, cash. ___^_______ Kingston Batato.

A Cottago.

MR, H. VAUGHAN has received instruc-

tions to sell bv public auction, on MONDAY, ' 7th instant, at half-past 12 o'clock, on tho Ground,

A substantial xveathorboardod cottage, 30foer frontage to

* Wcllington-stroet by a depth of 82 foet G inches, with

a lane at the back.

Title, clear._ Horses and Carts, at 11 o'clock.

ME. S. WOOLLER xvill sell hy auction, at

his Horse Repository, Pitt-street, THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, by order of a gentleman,

A bay horse, dogcart, and set of silver-mounted1 harness,


4 heavy cart horses, in good condition, 4 to 6 yea«

2 excellent superior gig horses, 5 years old ; subjoot to


6 good saddle homes, with saddles and bridles 2 town cobs, broken in to saddle and harness 20 other horses of various descriptions

Sooioblos, dogoart», spring carts, drays, American

buggies, wagons, harness, Baddies, &c._^^ ORi-E BAZAAR, Pitt and Castlereagh

streets, Sydney.

Established 184-7.

BURT and CO., hold a regular sale by auction «very day at 11 o'clock.

Horses intended for Bolo should arrive at the Bazaar ac-

companied by instructions, one day previous, in ordoi to bo proporly dressed, tried, and shoxvn.

Tho usual caih advances on invoices of saddlery, gigs carriages, and other vehicles intended for unrcsorved sale for which there is ample room undor covor,

The prixTite livery «tablea adjoin tho Castleroagh-stroet

entrance, and aro wholly distinct from tho solo stables.

Saddle and Harness Horso.

BURT and CO. are instructed to sell by

auction, at their Bazaar, on MOÎIPAY, at 11 A well bred bay golding, about 15J hands; strongly

recommended for both saddle and hat-nose._

Celebrated Prize Pigs.

BURT and CO. are instructed by Messrs.

Smith and Chafe, Parramatta, to sell by auction, at their Bazaar, Pitt and Castlereagh streets, on "WEDNESDAY next, tho 9tb instant, at 11 o'clock,

The General, a celebrated prizo boar (whito), bred hy

I. K. Clcox-c, Esq. ; siro an imported prizo pig.

Tho General has taken threo prizes at Liverpool and Parramatta Agricultural Shows, as tho bc°t boar Bhown, and is considered tho finest boorin tho colony. Also,

A black eoxv, xvinner of 1st prizo at tho last agricultural

shoxv at Parramatta

lijg* To bo seen after Friday.

Chinese Sheep.

BURT and CO. are instructed to sell hy

auction, at their Bazaar, on "WEDNESDAY, tho 23rd instant, at 11 o'clock,

2 Chinese sheep (ram and owo), both young, and recently


f*5T Persons conversant willi the managemont of thoso sheep believe thom to bo tho mostprofitablo animal (to tho flockoxvner) jet introduced to Australia. Their habits of endurance to hardship and wonderful fecundity guarantco tho purchaser a largo flock in a short-period.

Thoroughbred Stallion.

BURT and CO. are instructed to sell by

auction, at their Bazaar, on "WEDNESDAY next, the 9th instant,

ROBIN HOOD, a brown thoroughbred stallion, got by

imported Arab Glaucus; dom, imported English maro Georgiana, by Jerry out of Margarette . hy Actaeon, &c. '

Robin Hood is now on viow. Ho is a particularly fino tempered horso, and also a splendid hack. Ho is parted with only to obtain a chango of blcod.

Pure Negretti Morino Karns.

Just landed, ex Helene, from Hamburgh.

BURT and CO. are instructed hy the

importer, R. Kummerer. Esq., to sell by auotion, at their Bazaar, on WEDNESDAY, tho 23rd instant,-at 12 o'clock,

5 pure Ncgiotti morino rams, just landed from tho


These rams aro fully equal, if not superior, to any yet impertcd ; thoy wore bred in onoof the choicest flocks in all Germany, at Rittergut, Neidergandern, near Goettingen, and the nxorégo dip of tho ahocpua that establishment at last shearing, including weaners, averaged ovor -1J lbs. weight each.

Accompanying these>rams is acartificato from E, Kuniti:, general inspector of tho sheep establishments in Saxony, Prussia, Silesia, &c, certifying that th-se particular rams aro from the original Negretti stud at Noidcrgandoru, and of puro blood and original descent,

Ijg-Now on view.

Martyn's Horse and Carriage Baeaar, 246, Pitt-street« and

235, Castlérearjíi-Btreet.

MR. CHARLES MARTYNholds a regular

8AliE BY AUCTION every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 11 o'clock procisoiy.

All parties sending, horses or other stock, carnages, &c, are requested to forward written instructions previous to solo, stating brands, age, qualiikation, &o., and amount of reservo, otherwise- a solo xvill be effected to tho highest


N.B.-No responsibility whatever incurred by accident in trying or hroatdnc-in horsoa.

SATURDAY'S General Sale.

MR. CHARLES MARTYN will sell hy

auction^ at the Bazaar, THIS DAY,, at 11 o'clock,

The usual variety of saddle and harness horse?

Carriages, gigs, dogcarts, spring carts, drays, trucks,

harness, saddler}-, &o., Sec.

Pure Merino Rams, ox La Hoguo.

From tho celebrated fleck of Thomas Sturgeon, Esq.,

« Grays, Essex.

MR. CHARLES MARTYN has received

instructions from Captain Williams to sell by auction, at the Baaaar, on TUESDAY, 8th.October, at 12 o'clock,

Eleven first-class pure Merino rams, just landed, er

La Hogue, selected from the celebrated flock of Thomas Sturgeon, being directly descended from tho pure flock of his late Majesty George III., xvithout cross or stain, and aro quito equal to the lot sold last year, which fetched as high as 50 guineas (£58 lüs.) for a single ram.

On view at tho Bazaar.

Pure Short-horn Dnrham Bulls.

Just orrix-ed, ex La Hogue.

MR. CHARLES MARTYN has received

instructions from Captain "Williams to sell by auction, at the Bazaar, Pitt and Castlereagh streets, on TUESDAY, 8th October, at 12 o'clock,

Pure short-horn bull " EMMET."

EMMET, roan, bred by the Marquis of Exeter? calvad

May, 1859, by «Camphine (14,225)

Dam (Ant) by f Master Thankful (10,014) g d (Teacher) by J Royal Buck (10,750) g g «I (Preceptress) by Brownloxv (9997)

g g g d (Governess) by Mirado 2nd (2322) g g g g d (Regina) by Woodx-illo (2850)

g g g g g d (Arch Duchess) hy Christmas (3380), B B" S S B S à (Empress) by Atlas (42)

eeeSSSSà (Innocence) by Windsor (698) BkBBSeBBnhy "Windsor (398).

Cami'hine (14,225) by Duke of Cambridge-(,12;r42) Dam (Cambine) by Earl of Dublin (10,178) g d (kissinda) by Janizary (¿175)

g g d (Aliño) by Snowball (8002) - . g g g d (Lilla) by Caliph (17Ï4) g g g g d by Norman (2379)

g g g g g d by Whiteboy (L5S0) eeiîfîtîBdby WyvilU'ibull

BBKBSRSdby bull brad by Mr. Charge.

* Camphine is a grandson of tho Grand Duke- (10,284) sold for 1000 guineas.

t Master Thankful- x»as bred by F. H. Fawkes, Esn" Farnley Hall, Otlov» '

t Royal Buck was bsed by R. Booth, Eso., Warlaby, who nox-er sells his. bulls, but lota thom at from 100 to 300 guineas for tho season.

Royal Buck was by Buckvigham. from. Mr. Booth's famous cow Bracolet, the xvinaor of seventeen first-class prizes ot x-arious shovrs, includùig the Royal Agricultural Soeioly, tho Yorkshâo Society, tho Highland Society, and


Emmet gained first prize at the Essex Agriciútural

Society's show at Romfoid, in Juno, 1861. '

A Bull Calf, by Jason, out of Tho Flea Jason by Prince Arthur (13,497)

Dom. (Jewel 6th) by Comet (11,298) g d (Jewel) by Wiseton (2848)

g g d (Jessamine) by Firby (1040)

6 g g d (Eleanor) by Ivanhoe (1131) g g g g d, hy Regent (544)

t? B B B 8 d» ty Blyth Comot (85).

Intending purchasers aro invited to inspect the above Erior to the day of sale. The bull Emmett is supposed to

e as fino an animal as was over imported, and bia breeding is beyond all doubt. ^^

On SATURDAY, October 5, nt half-past IO o'clock. >

At the Old Bank of Australasia.

By order of the Executors of tho lato Mrs. Stoneman.

Removed from Darhnghuist for tho convenience of Pur-


Useful and Substantial Ilousohold Furniture, Pianoforto,

Colonial-built Dogcart, and Silver Mounted Harness,

and sundries,


have been favoured with instructions from. the Executors in the abovo estate, to sell by auction, at their Rooms, 239, George-street, THIS DAY, Octo- ber 6, nt half-past 10 o'clock,

Large wardrobe and chest of drawers Wastelands and dressing tables

Loo and dining table . Horsehair chairs and couch

Pier glass, carpet and rug ' < _

Rosewood cottago pianoforto, by Lovosquo Edmead»

and'Co., 6J octaves Fenders" and irons

BedBtiads and bedding , Electro plate and glassware _ , Kitchen and culinary utensils

Russ-'s stove, &c., &o. I ,

, Terms, cash.

Intending purchasers are requested to attend punctually at half-past 10._

On SATURDAY, October 5th, at 12 o'clock.

, At the Old Bank of Australasia.

A splendid Collection of nearly 17,000 Shells, from thoEast

and West Indies, Northern Australia, Africa, and Polynesia, callcctcd by an eminent Uonchologist, during a period of 17 years, and comprising many valuable specimens hitherto unknosvn.


A Large Shell Cabinet.


have been favoured with, instructions to sell by auction, at their Rooms, 239, George-street, THIS DAY, October 5th, at 12 o'clock,

Tho above.

_Terms, cash.

THIS DAY, at the Old Bank of Australasia.  

Bull Terriers

Scotch Terriers White Cockatoo Galah Parrot

Imported Spanish Fowls    

Singing Birds, &c.


will sell by auction, at their Rooms, THIS   DAY, at 12 o'clock,

The above.

Parties wishing to read the pedigrees of the bull terriers before sale time, are requested to call very early this morning.

THIS DAY, at the Old Bank of Australasia.

12Dozon Shirts.

Sykes' Hydrometer

Ganging Instruments, &c, Sec.


will sell by auction, at their Rooms, THIS DAY,

The abovo.

Terms, cash.

-i Preliminary Notice.

At tho Old Bank of Australasia, on THURSDAY,

Ootober 10, at 11 o'clock.

To Patrons of tho Fino Arts.

Magnificent Oil Paintings, the- production of some of the

leading Artiste of the Royal Academy.

For Unreserved Sale.


have been favoured with instructions to sell hy auction, at their Rooms, 239, George-street, on THURS- DAY, Octobor 10, at 11 o'clock,

Tho most valuable collection of oil paintings over, offered

to the Australian public.

Icrms, enan.

Tho abovo wero imported with a viow to meet tho daily improving taste on the part of gentlemen of wealth, and will bo on view on Monday.

Full particulars ssill shortly appear, and catalogues will be

issued. ,

To Ironmongers, Upholsterers, and others,

PAYTEN and DAY have received instruc-

tions from the importers to sell by auction, on Russell'» Wharf, Sussex-street, on TUESDAY, 8th in- stant, at 11 o'clock,

4 casca octagon cast steel, \ and J

1 ditto-round ditto mtto, J , 392 bars ditto crown iron, J in. to 1J- in.

108 ditto square ditto ditto, _.«». to li in. 48 ditto ditto ditto ditto, 1? X _

106 ditto ditto ditto ditto, 3 x i to 3 x 1 in.

97 ditto ditto ditto ditto, i x _ 174-ditto ditto ditto ditto, Iii 231 ditto ditto ditto ditto, 1 x |

5 bales white cotton waste, each 5 cwt. 1 ton coloured ditto.

Terms at sale.

Col/a Oil, Rape ditto.

Bushed Blocks.

Ex Sovereign of the Seas, Cruikshank-, from.Liverpool.

Damaged by sea water.

On account of whom it may concern.

To Oilmen, Ironmongers, Shipchandlers, and.others.

MONDAY, 7th October, 1801.

LE. THRELKELD and CO. will sell by

. auction, at the City Mart, on MONDAY,. at Hi

S, Nos. 19 to 21,

3 hogsheads fine pole rapo oil, containing 234« 6-9 gallons

Nos. 7 to 9,

3 hogsheads ditto ditto, 327 gallons.

No. l8,

1 cask containing 7 doran double and single bushed

blacks, with metal sheaves, galvanized,' assorted 4-to

6 inch.

Terms, cash.

French Flutinns, 12 koys, hy Alexandra fils Assorted Toys

Coropo Figures, Glass Shades

Fancy Soap ' ' "Eau de Cologne

Lavender Water

Hair Oil, &c, &o.

MONDAY, 7th October.

To Perfumers, Fancy Dealers, Toymen, &c.

Without reservo.

LE, THRELKELD and CO. will Bell by

. auction, at the City Mart?, on MONDAY, at 11,

Invoices of perfumery and fancy gauds, comprising 1 case French flutinas, 12 keys, Vy Alexandre bia

12 coses assorted toys, each containing about, CO doran

4 cases compo figures, under shades, comprising figures,

assorted-lilies, fruit, red riding' hoods, china figures

1 case fancy soap, containing 60 dozen - 19 dozen eau de cologuo

43 pots champagne, quarts

2 cases, each 4 dozen, pints, ditto

9 ditto lavender water, each 23-do45on 180 dozen hair oil

10 ditto ditto, &c, &c.

Terms ai> sale.


From the celebrated London Mtouiachaurs, Hngjj_3,aad


To Perfumers, Fancy Dealers, Country Storekeepers,

andv others.

Ex Rache}} from London. MONDAY, 7th October,

LE. THRELKELD and. CO. have been

. instructed by the importers to Beilby auction, at tho City Mart, on MONDAY, at 11,

Ex Rachel,

20 cases new and alf cant assorted poammes, from one of the first houses in England, Messrs. Hughes, and Jones, comprising

Violet posvder puflboxes, golden oil, B; W. soap Honey Boap, assorted tablets, bears' greaso Marrow, cold cream, pomades in variety

Assorted perfumes, Wendar and rosemary ditto Toilet vinegar, Rowland's kalydor Hair dye, macassar oil, jockey elua

Guards' bouquet, eau dejbosot, eau portugol Marking ink, spensalia,

PcrfumeB, essences, in endless variety

Kiss-me-quick, bonejaet do l'Empereur and de l'ir_pa*>


Molangrophio recoïd ink, ditto copying ink, quarts a»d'



Tooth brushes, bair ditto, nail ditto, shaving ditto, slothes,

curl, and velvet brushes, combs, &o.

Tho abovo gives but a brief and hurried ouU_û of tins large and well assorted invoice, which, coming, as it docs, from the most esteemed çorfumers in London, landing in first-rate order, and being for positivo, unreserved sale, can be confidently recommended to the attention of the trado, who will doubtless consult their own interest and hasten to stock themselves in anticipaüoa of tho warm season, now fast approaching.

Samples ob morningof sale.

Terms at gata,

. MONDAY, 7ii'0ptober., , - - j ~_

* Staffordshire Hoop Iron, ¡ , Best Crown Brand. . I

Sizes, 1, J, S »cb. - ' 'to Ironmongers, Coopers, and others. ¡

LE. THRELKELD and CO havt» been

. instructed to sell by auction, at the City Mart, on MONDAY", at 11, ¡

With all faults, . "

100 bundles 1 inch hoop iron ¡ 36 ditto J inch ditto

200 ditto I inch ditto. ,

TermB at sole._i ' On account of whom it may concern. 1

Ex Sovereign of the Seas, Cruikahank, from Liverpool. _

Damaged by sea water. _ . MONDAY AFTERNOON, 7th instant,

On Campbell's Wharf.

Aim Moulds, Carron Bushes, Oven Doors Î

Sheet Lead, Shot, Lithargo r Putty, Paint, Anvils

Galvanised Iron Tiles

Hollo wware, &c, &c, Sec.

To Ironmongers and others.

LE. THRELKELD and CO. will sell hy

. auction, on Campbell's 'Wharf, on MONDAY AFTERNOON, 7th instant, at half-past 2,

On account of whom it may concern,

The undermentioned goods, landed (damaged) from the

ship Sovereign of the Seas

< C white,

96 arm moulds, weighing 2 tons 9 cwt. 2 qrs. 27 lbs. 216 carron bushes, weighing 1 ton 9 cwt. 1 qr. 9 lbs.

8 ovens and covers, 12 to l8 inch, weighing 4V owt. 0 qr.

17 lbs.

C in diamond, E over PP, '

14 rolls sheet lead, weighing 3J tons 4 owt. 5 qrs. 6 lbs. j

Nos. 4 to 21,

l8 kegs shot, each 28 lbs., 1 to D, weighing 36 owt. No. 22,

1 keg litharge, 1 owt. - - No. 23,

1 cask putty, containing 12 bladders, each 25 lbs. s ?

Oin diamond, E ovor OP. . Nos. 632-635,

4 cases, each 20 tins-each 28 lbs., paint, weighing 1

ton (white) .

f 661-688, '

8 warranted Wilkinson's anvils, weighing 11 owt. Sqrs.

16 lbs.

672a., 673-703,

12 cases galvanised corrugated tiles, with requisito fittings,

3 ft. 4 x 1ft. 9, 26 gauge. 1044 tiles, weighing 3 tons 1 cwt. 1 qr. 4 lbs. '

8 cases, each 35 sheets, galvanised corrugated iron, 6 x

8 ft., 24 gauge, weighing 2 tons 1 owt, 26 lbs.

8 cases, each 30 sheets, ditto ditto, 7 x 8 ft., 21 gauge,

weighing 2 tons 2 qrs., 21 lbs.

4 cases, each 36 sheets, galvanised plain iron, 6x3 ft.,

26 gauge, weighing 1 ton 1 qr. 2 lbs. No. 734,

81 single air bricks, 3 cwt. l8 lbs. 22 double ditto, 2 cwt. §660,

12 warranted Wilkinson's night vyces, weighing 5 owt.

2 qrs. 3 lbs

12 boxes pins, weighing 1 ton 1 qr. 9 lbs, $712,

4 cwt. red paint, in 14-Ib. kegs, &o.

Terms, cash.

Filth Monthly Solo at tho Liverpool-street Saxv Mills.

WEDNESDAY, 9th October.

Notice to Timber Merchants, Contractors, Builders,

Cabinet Makers, Furniture Dealers, &c.

Unreserved Clearance Sale. Hardwood Beech

Baltic and Pitch Pine

Norway and Oregon ditto Slating Battens

Cedar and Clear Pino Boards Turnery


Doors, Sashes, Casements, &c, Seo.

LE. THRELKELD and CO. have been

. instructed to sell by auction, at the Liverpool street Saw Mills, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 9th instant,at 3 «'clock,

1 inch and 1} inch colonial hardwood, T. and G. 1 inch colonial beech, T. and G,

Baltic flooring boards, T. and G., i, f, and 1 inch

Shelving boards, planed 1 and 2 Bides ¡ T. and G. pitch pine, 1 inch, 1^ inch Ditto Norway ditto, 1£ inch

Ditto Oregon ditto, 1 inoh ' Baltic and slating battens, 3x1

Cedar boards

Clear pine, various - - -_*»-. Turnery of every description Colonial made furnituro

Ditto doors, 6 feet 8x2 feet 8, 6 feet 10 x 2 feet .10,

7 feet x 3 feet

Sashes, 10 x 8, 10 x 12, 10 x 14, 10 x 15,10 x 16

French casements

Sundry lots timber, Sec.

Terms at sale.

Bright China Sugars

Rattan. Clothes Baskets

Bamboo Verandah Chairs) Rattan Chairs Rattans.

£$* The Balance of the Cargo of the Loontine, frota


For Auction Sale, without the slightest reserve.

On TUESDAY, 8th October.

MESSRS. W. DEAN and CO. have re-

ceived instructions from the importers, MeBsrsV Molison and Black, to sell hy auction, at their Warehouse, Pitt and O'connell streets, on TUESDAY, 8th October» at 11 o'clock,

The balance of the cargo of the Leontina, from Cairns as

foRexrs :

20 bamboo verandah chain

60 best quality rattan chairs 30 sota clothe« baskets 4-bundles fans

196 bundles rattans. '

BRIGHT GRAINY SUGARS. . 6H in diamond-950 bags sugar

H-290 ditto dato CC-470 ditto ditto.

Mosers. W. D. and Co. invite particular attention to the abovet the whole of which xvill positively ho sold, the in- structions from the importers being to close the balance of the shipment, without the slightest reserve

Terms, liberal, at solo.

Toa Oil. 331 tins,

For unrcsMved salo by auction,

At Messrs. Montefiore, Graham, and Co.'s Stores,


On MONDAY, 7th October^

MESSRS. W. DEAN and CO.- have re-

ceived instructions to sell by auction, at Messrs. Montefiore, Graham, and Co.'s stores, O'Counoll street, en MONDAY, 7th October, at 11 o'clock,.

Without reserve, 331 tins tecoil.

Terms at salp, Preliminary.

Important to Usrchants, Storekeepers* Drapers, Specu-

lators, and others.

Extensive Cleaong,Sale,of Drapery Slops, Hats, Gloves,

&o,, &c,

WEDNESDAY, Ootober-Sth.

MESSRS. W. DEAN anrLCO.have receiTOd,

instructions from Messin. Saunders and. Cd., to sell by awetion, at their W,arohou»a, Pitt and O'Ccimell streets, cn "WEDNESDAY next, the- 9th instant, at H o'olock,

Positivaly without.the slightest reserve,

The balance oS their sex «¡ral shipments of drapwy, &js., being

307 packages ney; and. seasonable goods

Ex Wave of Life, Raciel, Lochiel, Cissy, Vhaeira, and.


Particulars ci which will appear in a future Issue..

Terms at sale.

Nigrohead Tobacco.

Imperatjfia Sale, at Leigh's Bond, to close a consignment,

of Tiger and Eagle Brands,


Three-quarter Eoxesv

<fg" The Auctioneers desire to call the attention of the

Trade, and Country Storekeepers, to the important news Just to hand from the States, via California, showing that tho position of affaira ia, America is such that all prospect of an early settlement of tho war is at an end, and tobacco may bo expeoted to realise fabulous prices.

MESSRS. W. DEAN and CO. are i.-a

struoted by the imperters to Bell by auction, at Leigh's Bond, Circular Quay (opposite Water "Police Offico), on TUESDAY next, 8thOctoW, at aquarter to 11


28 quarter-tierces, and tluco quartcr-boxea negrobead

tobacco, eagle aad tiger brands.

Sala unreserved, to close tho consignment before depar-

ture, of next waijv

Torras at solo«

-To-Grocers, Tea Dealers, Merchants, fchippersr and others

..... , ' CHOICE TEAS, in


. f ' ; - ' Half-cliests' " -

And Boxes.

For Unresorscd Salo ty Auction, on , ' TUESDAY, 8llr October.

MESSRS. W. DEAN and CO. Üave re-

ceived instructions to gell bv auction, at their Warehouse, Pitt and O'connell streets; on1 TUBSDAY,

8th October, at li o'clock,

A choice parcel of teas, in chests, half-cheäts, and boxes:

1 Terms at sale._^ _ Oilmen's Stores and Groceries.

Tea, Sugars, Rice, Provisions, &o.

Extensive Auction Sale,

TUESDAY, 8th October.,

jM ESSRS. W. DEAN and C&. have re

Lv 9 ceived instructions to sell by aucthm, at their Warehouse, Pitt and Q'Cennell streets, on TtJÈSDAY^.

8th October, at 11 o'clock,

' Several invoices of oilmen's stores and groceries, tessy

BUgar, rice, &c.

Terms at sale.

*** Preliminary Notice.

No. 65¡ Harbour View-terrace, Botany-strset, . ' South Head Road.

Household Furniture and Effects.

MR; ROBERT MURIEL has received in-

structions from Mrs. Mayne to sell by public auotton, at her Residenco as above, on . "WEDNESDAY"'

next, precisely at 11 o'clock,

The whole of the- valuable household furniture and'


' Full particulars of . which will appear ;in-Monday'a .


^^^ Terms, cash._ ' ',_

MONDAY next, 7th October» 1861.


Stoves, &c.

To Shippers, Tinmen, and othersr

JOHN 0-. COHEN has received instructions .

to sell, at the Bank Auction Rooms, om MONDAY next, October 7th, 18G1, at 11 o'clock precisoly

15 packages of tinware, vin .

Morewood and Rogors' patent galvanized iron strapped i

r buckets

Painted toilet cans, teapots, oil feeders 1 Milk dishes, oval baking dishes, basons

Japanned tea canisters, cullenders, camp kettles Ditto slop pails, oblong water cans, oil bottles Portable washing boilers, water pots. Also, An invoico of stoves, comprising

Dining, drawing, and kitchen stoves.

Positively without reserve.

Terms at sale.

Iggf Californian Flour.

Ex Crishna.

To Flour Merchants To Millers

To Speculators

To Bakers, and othors.

JOHN G. COHEN has received instructions

to sell, at'Towns' Wharf, on TUESDAY' AFTERNOON, October 8th, 1861, at 11 o'clock pre- cisely, . ,

On account of xvhom it may concern,

Ex Crishna,

Slightly damaged, 30 tons Californian flour.

Terms, cash._

Gosncll's Perfumery ' Ditto Brushware.

To Perfumers, Dealers in Brushware, and others.*

Just landed, in excellent condition.

JOHN G. COHEN has received instruo

. tiona to sell, at the Bank Auction .Booms, on. . THURSDAY, October 10, 1861, at 11 o'clock precisely,

26 packages of Gosnell's perfumery, brushware, &c,

.viz. :-?

Victoria cherry tooth paste, tooth powder amandine

Face powder, lip salve, Freston salts, bears'- grease,


Pomades, hair oils, macassar oil, fountain perfumes i Instantaneoua hair dye, marking ink) milk of roses

Prince Albert's shaving cream, golden oil, inexhaustiblei.


Parisian water, otto of roses, scented cold cream

Razor strops, bau- frizettes, powder boxes and putta Perfume lamps, highly scented violet hair powder

Brown windsor soap, nursery powder, pon-ide : Cosmétiques, honey soap tablets, brown windsor soap

tablets, musk brown windsor [soap, wallflower windsor soap tablets, honey soap, ladies' toilet soap tablets, gh cerino soap, Jon-stone's patent windsor soap, royal soap tablets, transparent shaving foils,

aana soap balls, portable soap tablets, asaoitofl soaps ,

in soi-rea

Citrate of magnesia (a refreshing beverage)

Knott"s improved feeding bottles, Baden flesh, gloves . Tooth brushes, palate brushes, nail brushes

Shaving brushes, hair pins, clothes and shoe brashes, Sec..

Terms at'salo._

!__}" Really Choice Teas.

Highly Important Auction, Sale of Firat-elasa Teas, by?

order of the Importeray Messrs- Qv-iihs^Faiunng,..

and Co.

, Ex.Psyohe.

308 Packages Choice Congous.


549 Packages of Finest CongoUQ.

Comprising some of the best Nos. of the. aboyo highly/

reported cargoes.

Most Important To Tea Merchants

To Wholesale and Retail Gsocers.

To- Shippers and tbo Trade generally.

Positively 'without the slightest reserve.

JOHN G. COHEN has received instsaçtion*,

from Messrs. Griffiths, Fanning, and Co., to.sell», at the Bank Auction Rooms, on Y£_?N_SDAYk Octobecr 9th, 1861, at 11 o'.olock precisely,

The balance oí shipment of choice congou* ex Psycho«,


W in diamond over H,

115 halirchosts, each 42 lbs., fine breakfast-congou,,,

W in diamond ovor E, 77 half-chests, ditto, ditto ditto.

W in diamond, over WT, i 93 cheats,, each 97 lbs., ditto ditto. I H in diamond,

r {l18- 23 chests, each 98 Ibu., extra finesi Wopak_,cQn"_oi_

L Also,

I The remainder of the shipment of finest; cpag«i,_s, ex.

Norna, viz. :

D in square over W.U.,

§60-'187 chests, each ©lbs., Yong Long.finest«jr^igoB, 51-126 chests, each 88JUs., Qui Scnünesttpngoti

52-1J.0 chests, cach¡87 Iba., YongChjong fljiest con/gott 53=- 93 chests, each.92 lbs., Fok San finest cpnr mu

64- 69 chests, each 89 lbs., Hcea Kye finest hroskfast


4_T The aboxo shipments of congou cannpt bo (aurpiassed ibr quality (the only choice pareáis in this, market;, and

w^ll lie positively sold by the nammor.

H The auctioneer invites the attention of, the. '4rf ide and p others to the above sale, feeing conSd-t tjrn* such a [ valuable opportunity for purchasing of teas of thisi 'character :( should not be bst sight of; agía, according to. tin o advices

' received from China by the test mail, it xvuLbOj 'impossible I to say whon the next cargo w411 arrhcß, thorjípiíiei ¡ntonding

buyers aro particularly requested to attend

Samples ntay be had at tho Rooms of the aufób'ioneor, or at , the offico of Missrs. Grifliihs, Far»ing, asd,Ci#,. -

^_ Tcjrma at aalp.

Meat Salas, Lùno-atreet Wharf.

MONDAY MORLING, ïth. OotobaSk-at 6 o'clock..

THOMAS BàWSqSTwUIî a,ll hy aucf/on.

as above,

The usual quantity of beef, routtao, pork, _s_ _Ttroifl, cash,_

To Butchers» '

PITT and SULLIVAN have received in-

structions from Mr, H. 'J. Adams t _, gell by auction, on NONDAY n_t, tho 7th instant, at jfcj, John. Fullagar's at 12 o'clock, / _195 head of prime fat cattle, in Ids.

PITT and SULLIVAN have received in

Btiuctions from Mr. C. Hughes to. sell by auc- tion, on MONDAY next, 7th instan c» at Mr. John Futíagar's, at 12 o'clock,

170 head of primo fat cattle, in lo ,_^

PITT and SULLIVAN We received in

structiona to sell by auction, on MONDAY next, 7th instant, at Mr John Pv ."»gar's, at 13 o'clock,

150 head of really primo fat b ojiada ¡n i^ £",!_ th_

noted station ot W. Leu, Esq., Tyrone.

Butchers, Butilaors" Butchors.

MR. "W. FULLAGÂ.R has received in ... - *tr-ctio1» from Mr. John Flanagan to sell at his Yards, Western Road, on MONDAY next, the 7th ot Octob-er, at 12 o'clock,

150 head of primo fst caMo, in lota to suit purchasers..

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