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Family Notices

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ALLAN -July 12th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street South,

Mrs. Maxwell Rennie Allan, of a son.  

ASPINWALL - June 30th, at Waterview Bay, Balmain, the wife

of Thomas Aspinwall, Esq., of a daughter.

BAGOT-July 8th, at Ben Lomond, New England, N.S.W., the

wife of Christopher T. Bagot, Esq., of a son, still-born.

BARNARD-July 5th, at her residence, Upper Paddington, Mrs,

J. V. Barnard, of a daughter.

BARTLETT-July 4th, at her residence, 526, George-street,

Mrs. James Bartlett, of a daughter.

BATTY -June 12th, at her residence, Oak Cottage, White

Bay, Balmain, Mrs. Thomas Batty, of a daughter.

BENNETT-June 10th, at her residence, Forbes-street, Wool-

loomooloo, Mrs. T. Bennett, of a daughter.

BLACK-June 18th, at Petersham, Mrs, Henry L. Black, of

twin daughters.

BROWNE-July 18th, at Mary Villa, Newtown, Mrs. Charles  

Browne, of a son.  

BROWN-June 29th, at Coulston, Upper Paterson, the wife of

John Dowling Brown, Esq., of a son.

BROUGHTON - June 20th, at Gocup, Tumut, the wife of

J. A. Broughton, Esq., J.P., of a son.

BRYANT-July 8th, at her residence, Newtown, Mrs. J. A.

Bryant, of a daughter.

BUSBY-June 29th, at Cassillis, the wife of Alexander Busby,

Esq., of a daughter.

CASTON-May 27th, at Balmain, Mrs. Nathaniel Caston, of a


CLEGG - June 19th, at her residence, Bourke-street, the relict

of the late Mr. Joseph Clegg, of a daughter.

COLLINS-July 10th, at Parramatta, Mrs, John Collins, of a


COOPER- June 17th, at Alpha Cottage, Balmain, the wife of Captain Thomas Cooper, of a son and daughter.  

CRACKNELL-June 15th, at her residence, Ipswich, Queens-

land, Mrs. W. J. Cracknell, of a daughter.

CREAGH - May 21st, at Mare, Loyalty Islands, Mrs. Creagh, of

a son.

CROFT -May 31st, at her residence, 71, William-street East,

Sydney, New South Wales, Mrs. T. J. Croft, of a daughter.

Kentish Mercury, please copy.    

CROFT -June 22nd, at Camden, Mrs. Samuel Croft, of a son.

CURTIS -July 13th, at the Post Office Stores, Liverpool, Mrs.

G. H. Curtis, of a son.

CUTHBERTSON -June 21st, at her residence, Upper Fort-street,

the wife of James Baxter Cuthbertson, of a son, stillborn.

DEMPSEY-July 16th, at her residence, Pitt-street South, Mrs.

H. G. Dempsey, of a daughter.

DEUCHAR-June 17th, at Glengallan, Darling Downs, the wife

of John Deuchar, Esq., of a son.

DOUGHERTY-May 18th, at her residence, Dun Dun, near

Louisa Creek, Mrs Edward Dougherty, of a son.

DREWETT-July 10th, at her residence, Seaview-terrace, Dar- linghurst, Mrs, J. W, Drewett, of a daughter.  

DRUITT-June 24th, at the parsonage, Christ Church, Cooma,  

Maneroo, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Druitt, of a daughter.

DURFAM-July 14th, at her residence, Stamford Cottage, Point

Piper Road, Mrs. Charles Durham, of a son,

DYER -July 2nd, at her residence, No. 90, Victoria-street, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. Joseph Dyer, of a son.

EMANUEL -June 20th, at her residence, Tumut, Mrs. S.

Emanuel, jun., of a son.  

FAIRFAX -June 26th, 1861, at her residence, North-terrace, Mac-

quarie-street, Mrs. James R. Fairfax, of a son.

FINNIMORE- July 1st, at her residence, 452, George-street,

Mrs. J. T. Finnimore, of a daughter, still-born.

FLETCHER-June 29th, at St. Philip's School-house, 108, Harring-

ton-street, Mrs. Fletcher, of a daughter.

FLOWER-June 9th, at Leura, Port Fairy, Victoria, Mrs. Horace

Flower, of a son.

FORBES- June 24th, at her residence, Dowling-strece, Darling-  

hurst, Mrs. David Forbes, of a daughter.

FUSEDALE-July 16th, at 257, Pitt-street, Mrs. H. Fusedale, of  

a son.

GELL---July 2nd, at her residence, 230, Riley-street, Surry Hills,

the wife of Mr. John Gell, of a daughter.

GETTY---May 26th, at Morpeth, the wife of Mr. William Getty,

of a son.

GIBSON-July 16th, at her residence, No, 2, Royal-terrace, the  

wife of Mr. Percy Gibson, of a daughter.

GILL---March 10th, 1861,l at Mangaia, South Pacific, the wide of

the Rev. W. Wyatt Gill, B.A., of a son.    

GOULSTONE--July 1st, at No 6, Belgrave-terrace, Darlinghurst,

the wife of Mr. Henry Goulstone, of a son.

HART---June 26th, at Thorndon, Wellington, N. Z., the wife of

George Hart, Esq., J.P., of a son.        

HAYNES--June 10th, at 68, Market-street East, Mrs. E.  Haynes, of a son.

HENDERSON-July 5th, at Sydney, New South Wales, Mrs.

James Henderson, of a son.    

HILLIER---July 8th, at her residence, No 21, Parramatta-street,

Mrs. John Hillier, of a son.  

HOPKINS---July 1st, at her residence, Campbell-street, Sydney,  

Mrs. Thomas Hopkins, of a daughter.   HOPPER -July 7th, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. H. W. Hopper, of a son.

HYNDES-June 20th, at her mother's residence, South Sydney,

Mrs. Robert Hyndes, of High-street, West Maitland, of a daughter. IRBY-Junec 17th, at Bolivia, New England, Mrs. Irby, of a son. JENKINS-June 25th, at Holyrood House, Chippendale, the  

wife of W. J. Jenkins, Esq., of a daughter. JOHNSON-June 18th, at the Protestant Orphan School, Parra-      

matta, the wife of Mr. Charles Johnson, of a daughter.

JOBSON -July 4th, at her residence, Goulburn and Castlereagh

streets, Sydney, the wife of Charles Jobson, of a son.        

KAELHER-June 24th, at her residence, No. 4, Randle's    

terrace, Newtown, Mrs. Francis Kaehler, of a daughter.  

KATER-June 19th at Calcula, the wife of Henry H. Kater,

Esq., of a daughter.    

KEEP -June 23rd, at Balmain, Mrs. J. Keep, of a daughter.

LANE-June 18th, at Clifton Grove, Orange, Mrs. John T. Lane,

of twin daughters still-born.    

LANE- June 17th, at her residence, Cockatoo Island, the wife of

Mr. John F. Lane, of a son.

LEVEY-luly 13th, at her residence, No. 1, Wynyard-square,      

Mrs. Montague Levey, of a daughter.    

LEWIS-July 12th, Mrs. C. Lewis, of Phillip street, of a  


LlVINGSTONE-June 2nd, at 191, Riley-street, Mrs. Livingstone,

of a daughter.      

LOTZE-June 24th, at St Leonard's, North Shore, Mrs. Lotze,of a son.

MARTIN-June 12th, at 89, George-street North, Mrs. W.  

Martin, of a son.

M'EWEN-May 23rd, at Highwood, Middlesex, the wife of D.

P. M'Ewen, Esq., of a son.  

M'KELLAR -June 28th, at her residence, 2, Francis street, Hyde

Park, Mrs. R. McKellar, of a son.    

MILLAR-July 4th, at Springhill, Brisbane, Queensland, Mrs.

James Millar, of a son.

M'LEAN-July 7th, at Campbelltown, Mrs. James M'Lean, of a son.

M'MENEMY-June 16th, at her residence, 31, South Head  

Road, Mrs. James M'Menemy, of a son.  

M'RAE-June 12th at Curbin, Castlereagh River, Mrs. Duncan

M'Rae, of a son.  

MADINA-June 22nd at her residence, No 12, Union-street, the  

wife of Mr. Raphel Madina, of a daughter.

MARLAY-June 24th, at her residence, Putta Bucca, Mrs. E.

Marlay, of a daughter.

MARSHALL- June 21st, at her residence, Greek-street, Glebe,      

the wife of Mr.John Marshall, of a son.  

MAY-June 28th, at her residence, Parramatta-street, Sydney,  

Mrs. James W. May, of a son.

NOBLE-July 17th, at her residence, 515, Brickfield-hill, Mrs.  

J. Noble, of a son.

MORRIS-July 5th, at her residence, Lee Mount Cottage, Wa-

verley, the wife of Charles Morris, of a daughter.

MORRIS-July 3rd, the wife of Mr. J. H. Morris, jun., of a  


NEALE- June 16th, at her private residence, Berkley-place,  

Penrith, Mrs. G. F. Neale, of a son.

NICHOLS-July 1st, at Pine Cottage, Balmain Road, Petersham,

Mrs. C. H. Nichols, of a son.

NORTON-June 22nd, at Elswick, Mrs. W. Norton, of a


O'CONNELL-June 25th at Jessie-terrace, Upper William-street,       Woolloomooloo, Mrs. Charles O'Connell, of a daughter.    

OLIVFR-July 15th, at 6, Bay-street, Woolloomooloo, the wife of  

Mr. A. T. Jewel Oliver, of a son.    

PATTERSON-July 6th, at Concord, Mrs. Edmund Patterson,

of a son.

SHADFORTH-July 8th, at Ravenswood, Mulgoa, the wife of

Herbert S. Shadforth, Esq., of a son.    

SIBTHORPE-June 30th, at Molong, the wife of Mr. L. H. Sib-

thorpe, of a son.

SIM-July 2nd, at Ashby Cottage, Darlinghurst, Mrs. Alexander

Sim, of a son.

SMITH-July 5th, at her residence, Campbell-street, Surry  

Hills, Mrs. Joseph Smith, of a son.

SMITH-July 15th, at Bedford House, Wynyard-square, the wife  

of Henry G. Smith, Esq., Fairlight, Manly, of a son.  

SPENCER- June 22nd, at her residence, 279, Palmer-street,  

the wife of the late Mr. John S. Spencer, of a daughter.   STEWART- June 29th, at Port View House, Paddington, the    

wife of Mr. Kenneth Stewart, of a daughter.

TINDAL-June 26th, at Ramornie, Mrs. Charles Tindal, of a


VICKERY -June 18th, at her residence, Salem Cottage, Waverley,

Mrs. James Vickery, of a daughter.  

VINDIN-June 29th, at West Maitland, Mrs. George Vindin, of    

a son.

WALCOT -July 2nd, at the residence of her mother, Premier  

terrace, William-street, Mrs. Thomas B. Walcot, of a son.    

WELLS-July 13th, at her residence, Glebe Point Road, Mrs.

John Wells, of a son, still-born.  

WENZEL-June 21st, at her residence, 174, Cumberland street,

the wife of Mr John Wenzel, of a daughter.  

WILDMAN-July 14th at her residence, William street, Padding-

ton, Mrs. Edwin Wildman, of a daughter.

WILSON-June 21st, at her residence, 624, Wilshire place, Mrs.

John Wilson, of a son.  

WYETH-June 27th, at her residence, Newtown, Mrs. William

Wyeth, of a son.

YORKE-July 12th, at Woolloomooloo, the wife of Mr. J. R.  

Yorke, of twin daughters.


ANDREW-TURNBULL-June 20th, by special license, at 105,

Princes-street, by the Rev John Reid, of the Scots' Church, Church-hill, Archibald Andrew, of Minmi, Newcastle, to Ann   Turnbull, second daughter of Thomas Turnbull, printer,

Edinburgh, Scotland.

ASHENHEIM-TARPLEE-July 2nd, at the Congregational

(Unitarian) Church, Macquarie-street, by the Rev. George   Stanley, M.A., Charles Ashenheim, Esq., M.D., of Maneroo,           the youngest and only surviving son of the late Jacob Ashen- heim, Esq., of Edinhurgh, to Clara, fourth daughter of Mr. J.    

Tarplee, of this city.

BLANCHARD-MILLS-June 20th, by special license, at 105,

Prince-street, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Scots Church, Church-hill, Francis Blanchard, to Emma Mills, third daughter   of Edward Mills, London, England.

BOON-M'MULLEN-June 2/th, by special license, by the

Rev. J. L. M'Skimming, James Boon, eldest son of the late   James Boon, of Shropshire, England, to Jane, second daughter of Michael M'Mullen, of County Tyrone, Ireland.    

CASEMENT-JOHNSON-June 22nd, by special license, by the

Rev. James Fullerton, Mr. J. Casement, to Mrs. Ann Johnson, of Glebe Point, Sydney.

CHRISTY-STOAKES-July 12th, at the residence of the bride's

uncle, Bourke-street, by the Rev. W. H. Hassel, Mr. Milfred Christy, of Bathurst, to Frances Helen Stoakes, of Sydney, and relative of the late Joseph Charles Stoakes,  

drowned at Sydney Heads.

COLEMAN-CHARD-July 4th, at St. Peter's Church, Cook's  

River Road, by the Rev. A.H. Bull, Mr. William W. Coleman,   of Windsor, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Chard,  

farmer, Kingsgrove.

COLLETT-M'DOUGALL-June 30th, at Singleton, by the Rev.  

James White, Charles Benjamin, the eldest son of Benjamin Collett, late of Grafton Manor, Worcestershire, Esq., to Emily   Maria, third daughter of the late James Taylor M'Dougall, of  

Dunolly, near Singleton.

CONNOR-MINES-June 21st, at Redfern, by special license, by  

the Rev. S. Rabone, President of the Wesleyan Methodist Con-     ference, Bennett, fourth son of Mr. John Connor, of Redfern, to Emma, third daughter of Mr. John Mines, of Downley, Buckinghamshire, England.

CRANNA-SMYTH-July 11th, at Forbes-street, Woolloomooloo,  

by the Rev. Jumes Voller, James Cranna, to Jeannette, youngest daughter of George Smyth, Elizabeth-street.  

CRAWFORD-WILLIAMS- July 9th, at Dural, by the Rev.

Robert Taylor, Mr. Samuel Crawford, son of the late Mr. William Crawford, Sydney, to Harriet, youngest daughter of       Mr. Thomas Williams, Castle Hills.

DARE-TINDALE- June 27th, at Penrith, by the Rev. E. Smith,  

Mr. Henry Dare, Mudgee, second son of A. Dare, Esq., Parramatta, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Wm. Tindale,        

Esq., Hornsey Wood, Penrith.        

DIXON-MUSGRAVE-July 7th, at Trinity Church, by the Rev.    

E. Rogers, Mr. Henry Dixon, of William-street, to Agnes,  

second daughter of Mr. Joseph Musgrave, of Windmill-street,  


FERRIER-MOORE- July 10th, by special license, by the Rev.  

James Voller, William Wallace, third son of Mr. Alexander

Ferrier, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. Hezekiah Moore, both

of Sydney.

FOGARTY-KEOGH-June 27th, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by

special license, by Rev. M. A. Cornish, Mr. Launcelot C. Fogarty, of Geoge-street, Sydney, to Margaret Mary, second daughter of Mr. James Keogh, both of Tipperary, Ireland.

GAUDIEN-HYLAND-June 26th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Edward O'Brien, Mr. Peter   Gaudien, of Clarence street, Sydney, to Margaret, youngest

daughter of the late Mr. John Hyland, of Clarence-street,  


HAYES-GREENWOOD- June 8th, by special license, in Saint  

Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, by the Rev. Father Stephen Leonard, O. C., Michael Charles, eldest son of Mortimer Hayes, joiner,     Ennis, county Clare, Ireland, and nephew of C. M. Magan, Esq., Dublin, to Mary Harriet Agnes, second daughter of Mr. George Greenwood, surveyor, Bichester, Oxfordshire, England. IRONSlDE-BIRD-July 2nd, at St Michael's Church, Surry

Hills, by the Rev. Hulton Smythe King, Mr F. J. Ironside (eldest son of James Ironside, Esq., money broker of this city), to Miss Martha Amelia Bird, eldest daughter of Mr.

Richard Bird, of Surry Hills, formerly of Buckinghamshire,


JAY-TANCRED- June 11th, at Parramatta, by the Deputy

Registrar, Daniel Jay, of Castle-hill, to Elizabeth Elenor   Tancred, only daughter of the late Mr. John A. Tancred, and grand-daughter of the late Mr. Jehu Unsworth, formerly  

of the commissiariat department.  

LENEHAN-HUMPHRIES-June 27th, by special license, at St.  

Mary's, by Rev. Father Sheridan, Mr. James Lenehan to Miss    

Elizabeth Humphries, second daughter of Michael Humphries,

of Watson's Bay.

M'KINNON-FERGUSON-June 25th, at St. George's Church,  

by the Rev. G. W. Adams, Archibald, youngest son of the late Mr. E. M'Kinnon, of the Lime Kilns, Bathurst to Mary,  

fourtn dauthter of the late Mr. D. Ferguson, of Warrie, near  


M'HUGH-O'DONNELL- June 24th, at St Mary's Cathedral

Edward M'Hugh, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. Neil O'Donnell,    

both of county Tyrone, Ireland.    

M'NAB-SHORT-June 11th, by special license, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, by the Rev. A. J. Ford, John, eldest son of Mr. John M'Nab, George street, to Frances Agnes, youngest daughter of Mr. F. J. Short, Lower Fort-street.  

MANDELSON-COHEN-June 26th, at the residence of the

bride's father, by the Rev. S. Phillips, Levy, second son of   Nathan Mandelson, Esq., late of Goulburn, to Sarah, eldest   daughter of Mr. Samuel Cohen, 15, O'Connell-street, Sydney.    

MEYER-MACDERMOTT-June27th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, by the Rev. Austin Sheehy, and afterwards   at St. James', by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Otto Meyer, of Hamburg, to Kate Mary Macdermott, of Richmond-terrace.

MIERS- GRAHAM-June 8th, by special license, at Morpeth,

N.S.W., Mr. Thomas Miers, of West Maitland, to Annie Maria,       second daughter of Mr. Thomas Graham, Hinton.

MORISON-BROWN - July 15th, by special license, at the York street Wesleyan Centenary Church, by the Rev. G. Hurst, Mr.    

James Morison, of Pyrmont, to Finnetter, eldest daughter of Mr.  

Thomas Brown, of Pyrmont.

NEWLING - BYRNES - July 9th, at the House of Mr.

William Byrnes, Parramatta, by Rev. R. Hartley, Abraham     Newling to Catharine Byrnes, both of PARRAMATTA.

NOYES-ROWOHL-July 9th, at 74, Palmer-street, Woolloo-  

mooloo, by the Rev. J. M'Gibbon, E. P. Noyes, commander of the ship S. H. Talbot, to Emma, second daughter of the late F. Rowohl, Esq., of Hamburgh.  

ONUS-HUNT June 27th, at Richmond, by special license, by

the Rev. J. Elder, Joseph, only son of Mr. Joseph Onus, to   Georgiana, youngest daughter of the late Mr. Hunt, of Sydney.   PENDLETON-HANNELL- On the 10th July, by special

license, by the Rev. W. Hill, at the residence of the bride's father, Newcastle, William Smith Pendleton, commander of the barque William Watson, only son of John Brown Pendleton,   Esq., of New York, to Jessie Haephzibih, eldest daughter   of Mr. Jesse Hannell, of the Lighhtouse, Newcastle, and niece

of the Mayor of Newcastle.  

PALMER-YOUNG- June 18th, at the residence of the bride's  

mother, Cleveland-street, Redfern, by the Rev. J. L. M'Skimming, Frederick B. Palmer, to Elizabeth, only surviving daughter of the late Andrew Young, builder, formerly of Melrose, Scotland.          

PARNELL-CLIFT-July 4th, at East Maitland, by the Rev. A.

J. Greaves, Charles, fourth son of the late Mr. Thomas Parnell,     of Osterly, Hunter, to Sarah Eliza, youngest daughter of Mr.

Samuel Clift, East Maitland.  

PERRY-WALKER-June 27th, at St. Peter's Church, Melbourne,

by the Lord Bishop of Melbourne, the Rev. Charles Stuart Perry, Belfast, late student ol Moore College, to Esther, eldest daughter of Captain Joseph Walker, her Majesty's Bombay Artillery, and late of Hampstead, Middlesex.

ROWE-MARSHALL-July 3rd, by special license, at 105,

Prince-street, by the Rev. John Reid, of the Scots' Church, Church-hill, Richard, the fourth son ol John Rowe, of Penzance, Cornwall, England, to Margaret, the second daughter of the late John Marshall, of Surry Hills, many years builder in this city.

ROXBURGH—SPAIN—July 17th, at St. Jude's Church, Coogee,

by the Rev. Stanley Mitchell, John Pirie Roxburgh, Esq., of Double Bay, to Antilla, third daughter of William Spain, Esq.,  

of Palmerston, Nelson Bay.

SCOTT- FRASER-June 6th, at Surveyor's Creek, Walcha, New

England, by the Rev. Thomas Johnstone, John Scott, Esq., Aberbaldie, to Helen, third daughter of the late William Fraser, Esq., Tibber more, Perthshire, Scotland.

SCOTT-MARSHALL-June 14th, by the Rev. James Brennan,

J. Houghton Scott, Esq., of Kiamba, to Helen, relict of the   late George Marshall.    

SULIVAN-DUNPHY-June 18th, by special license, at St.

Mary's, by the Rev. Father Leonard, John Sulivan, of London, to Sarah, third daughter of Edward Dunphy, of Kent-street, Sydney. TOOTH-MACANSH-May 30th, at Jondaryan, Darling Downs,

by the Rev. Vincent F. Ransome, B.A., Charles Frederick     Louis, eldest son of the late John Tooth, Esq., to Annie, eldest   daughter of the late James Macansh, Esq., M.D , H.E.I.C.S.         WARD-KNOWLES- June 11th, at the residence of J. Taylor,

Esq., Waverley, by the Rev. Stanlev Mitchell, Mr. Thomas T. Ward, of West Maitland, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the late Richard Knowles, Esq., of Mark Firs, Wrotham, Kent.   WAY-M'LELLAN-June 24th, at 105, Prince-street, by special

license, by the Rev. John Reid, John Way, native of Dorset- shire, England, to Colina M'Lellon Cameron, niece to J. and G. Murdock, of Maneroo and Cundell, and only daughter of the late Colin M'Lellan, Glasgow, Scotland.

WERNHAM-ROBB-June 20th, by special license, at St.

Andrew's Scots Church, by the Rev. John Dougall, Mr.     Francis Wernham, Banff, to Margaret Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James Robb, builder, formerly of Stirlingshire,


WILLIAMS-COX-June 5th, by special license, at Christ Church,

South Yarra, Melbourne, by Rev. Wm. Guiness, William Williams, Esq., late of Sydney, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Cox, of Ipswich, Suffolk, England.


ALBERY-June 20th, at Missenden Road, Newtown, Helen

Marian, daughter of Mr. Mark Albery, aged 3 years, and 4 months.          

ALEXANDER-June 16th, found dead, en route from Armidale  

to Macleay River and Sydney, Henry Jacob, aged 25 years 7 months, second son of Mr. Lewis and Flora Alexander, Parra- matta-street, grandson of the late J. Alexander, Esq., Fins- bury Repository, London, grandson of the late Jacob Aarons, Esq., merchant, Kingston, Jamaica, and Tulse Hill, Surrey ;   nephew of the late S. Alexander, saddler, George-street, in this city ; much respected by a large circle of friends and acquain-   tances in New England and Sydney. He was a truly affec- tionate son, his untimely end is deeply deplored by his numerous family and friends.

BARTLETT-July 2nd, at West Maitland, Harold Robert, only

son of A. C. Bartlett, Esq., aged six weeks.

BARTLETT - July 5th, the infant daughter of James and

Matilda Bartlett, 526, George-street, Sydney.

BELL-June 22nd, at R. Lowe's, Esq., Wilbetree, James Thomas  

Bell, aged 47 years.

BELL-June 22nd, at Mudgee, James Thomas Bell, Esq., aged 47


BELL-July 8th, David William, aged 15 months, also July 10th,

Annie Rigg, aged 6 years, of Diptheria, the only children of David Bell, Esq., of Nimitybelle, Monaro.  

BENTLEY-July 18th, of gastric fever, Thomas Heaman,

youngest son of Frederick Bentley, aged three years, formerly  

of Manchester, England.

BOWKER-June 22nd, at Newcastle, Mrs. Bowker, aged seventy  

two years.

BREILLAT-June 4th, at the residence of his brother-in-law,

Mr. Henry Fisher, Argyle and Georgc streets, Mr. Samuel Breillat, in his 61st year.

CAMPBELL-June 30th, at Craignish House, Waverley, of

cynanche trachealis, Christina Flora, aged four and a-half   years, the beloved daughter of B. P. Campbell.

BRIGHTON-May 21st, at Auckland, New Zealand, on board

the barque Frowning Beauty, of Sydney, Robert Brighton, native of Boston, Lincolnshire, in the 42nd year of his age,   respected by all who knew him, (Lincolnshire papers please copy.)  

BRUCE--June 25th, at her residence, Penrith, Mrs. Maria Bruce,  

aged 71 years.

CHARKER-July 1st, at her late residence, Camden, Mary Ann Watson, eldest daughter of Mr. WilLam Charker, of Primrose Hill, Cobbity, Camden, and sister of Mrs. Hugh G. M'Laurin, of William-street, Woolloomooloo, aged 33 years, leaving a dis- consolate husband and three children to lament their loss.

CLINK-June 21st, at his residence, Lower Hawkesbury, near Wiseman's Ferry, after a short but severe ¡llness, Mr. Adam Clink, in the eighty-sixth year of his age.

COSGROVE-July 13th, of consumption, at the residence of his  

brother-in-law, Mr. Patrick Freehill, George-street North, Mr. Patrick Cosgrove, aged 23 years.

CULLEN-July 18th, at the residence of his father, Millers'  

Point, Sydney, John Cullen, eldest son of John Browne, Esq.,   late of Singleton, in the 32nd year of his age.

DE MESTRE- July 11th, at the residence of J. H. Williams,

Esq., Fort-street, Mrs de Mestre, widow of the late Prosper de Mestre, Esq., of Terrara, Shoalhaven.

DRAKE-July 16th, at his residence, No. 9, Jenkins-street, from

injuries accidentally received, Mr. Henry Drake, of the firm of Hely, Drake, and Harper, shipwrights, aged 55 years.  

DURHAM-June 23rd, at the Sydney Infirmary, Mr. William

Durham, aged 32 years. Deeply regretted.

FAIRFAX-June 27th, in her 83rd year, at the residence of her

son, John Fairfax, Ginahgullar, Bellevue-road, Mrs. Elizabeth Fairfax, relict of Mr. William Fairfax, of Warwick, England.

GLASSON—June 5th, at her residence, near Auckland, whither

she had removed for the benefit of her health, Anne, the beloved   wife of John Glasson, of Bookanan, Bathurst. Her end was


GRAHAM-June 5th, at Gunningba Creek, Bogan District,

George Francis, youngest son of Mr. John Graham, aged 21


GRAHAM-June 5th, at Gunningba Creek, Bogan District,

George Francis, youngest son of Mr. John Graham, aged 21


GROOCOCK-April 17th, Mrs. Catharine Groocock, the beloved

mother of Mrs. S. Cook.

GUEST-June 20th, at her residence, Main Road, Ballaarat,

Amelia, the beloved daughter of Mr. W. S. Guest, of Melbourne,  

late of Sydney, aged 28.

HARDY-June 19th, at Adelong, of typhus fever, Martha  

Mary, the beloved daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Hardy,

aged 7 years and 11 months.

HAZLEWOOD-July 3rd, at West Maitland, Joseph, son of the

late Rev. David Hazlewood, aged 12 years.

HOLLINGWORTH-June 4th, at her residence, Crown-street,  

Surry Hills, Mrs. Hollingworth, aged 52 years.  

HOWITT-May 13th, at Warkworth, Northumberland, aged 91

years, the beloved wife of Mr. Adam Howitt, late of Alnwick,   and mother to Mr. Adam Howitt, of this city. Her end was


JACKSON-May 1st, at his residence, Gower-street, Bedford  

square, London, Robert Jackson, Esq., father of Mr. J. B. Jackson, of Gladesville, Parramatta River, in the 69th year of

his age.

JONES-July 14th, of consumption, at his residence, 121,

Liverpool-street, Hyde Park, Mr. Charles Jones, aged twenty

six years.    

KING-At the Edinburgh Castle, Pitt-street, Mrs. Mary Ann

King, late of Berrima, aged 45 years, sister to Mr. James

Merriman, of this city.

LANGFORD-June 27th, at the residence of his nephew, Clyde    

street, Mr. Thomas Langford, aged 60 years.

LAIDLAW-June 17th, at Yass, very deeply regretted, Mr.  

Isaac Haig Laidlaw, aged 38 years.

LLOYD-April 28th, at her residence, Tewkesbury, Gloucester-

shire, Mercy, the beloved wife of Mr. Joseph L. Lloyd, and third daughter of the Rev. Henry Welsford, aged 32.

M'BEAN-November last, at Melbourne, by a stroke of light-

ning, George, fourth son ot the late Colonel M'Bean, Inverleith

Row, Edinburgh.  

M'KENZIE-July 10th, at 33, Little Norton-street, John

M'Kenzie, in his 35th year, native of Ayrshire, Scotland.

M'LAUCKLAN-July 1st, at his residence, Penrith, Mr. John

M'Laucklan, shoemaker, aged 33 years, leaving a wife and three children to lament their bereavement.  

M'MENEMY-June 17th, at 52, South Head Road, the infant

son of Mr. James M'Menemy.

MEREWETHER-May 9th, at Mussoorie, Meerut, Bengal,

Captain Alworth Merewether, H.M.'s Bengal Army.

MILLARD-July 2nd, at Ballaarat, Victoria, of diphtheria,

Robert, second son of Rev. J. G. Millard, Wesleyan minister,

aged four years and eleven months.

MONCUR -July 8th, at the residence of her son-in-law, William

Fullarton, King-street, Mary Moncur, late of Glasgow, aged

52 years.  

MONTEITH-April 29th, after a short illness, Mrs. James Mon-

teith, sister to Mr. D. B. Hughes, of this city.

MONTGOMERY-June 4th, at his residence, Woodview Cottage,

Smith-street, Mr. John Montgomery, late of the County Cavan, Ireland, aged 56 years.

MULLEN-July 10th, at her residence, Oxford-street, Kingston,  

Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas Mullen, painter, and   sister of Mr. Nathaniel Pidgeon, city missionary, of this city, aged 53 years. Wexford papers please copy.

MUMMERY-At her residence, the National-school, Luddenham,

near Penrith, Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr J. B. Mummery  

(late of Newtown), aged 27 years, greatly esteemed by all who

knew her.

NOAKES-June 13th, at Retreat, Alfred Noakes, aged 26 years,

accidentally killed by the fall of a tree. Deceased was much respected, and was for many years in the employ of David

Bell, Esq.

OWEN-April 5th, at Sheffield, Sarah, widow of the late Mr.  

Samuel Owen, Sheffield, and mother of Mr. Samuel Owen, Maitland, aged 80 years.  

PATERSON-May 7th, at Grey Place, Greenock, Scotland, Mr.

Samuel Paterson, late of Sydney.

PATTERSON-June 21st, at her mother's residence, 91  

Elizabeth-street North, Coline Esther, the beloved daughter of Mrs. Jane Patterson, aged 17 years. Much repected and deeply regretted by all who knew her.

PERRY- July 1st, at his father's residence, Kingston, Newtown,  

the beloved son of T. H. Perry, aged six years.

PHILIPS-June 20th, at her late residence, 423, Pitt-street,

Clara, the beloved wife of Mr. B. A. Philips, aged 57 years.       RADFORD-In Canada, Major Radford, aged 78.

REID-June 5th, at her residence, Seaview-street, St. Leonard's,

Agnes, the beloved wife of William Reid, lately from New


SELLAR- June 26th, at her residence, 144, Victoria-street

Barbara, wife of Mr. J. Sellar, builder, late of Aberdeen, Scot-

land, aged 50 years.  

SEYMOUR-July 13th, at his residence, Windsor, Mr. George

Sevmour, butcher, need 67 years. An old and respected colonist. SHELDRICK-July 8th, at her late residence, Woolloomooloo  

strect, the beloved wife of Mr. John Shelldrick, baker, aged 39 years, beloved and respected by all who knew her.    

SIDDONS-April 27th, at Leicester, in the 47th year of his age,

Mr. George Siddons, uncle of Mr. Samuel Cook, of Newtown.

SlLLS-July 2nd, at Newcastle, Edward Sills, aged 3 years and 9

months, and William Sills, aged 18 months, who both died the same night. They were the beloved children of Edward and Rebecca Sills. SMITH-July 2nd, at the residence of her parents, Albion-street,

Surry Hills, of consumption, aged 6 years, Julia, the only and   dearly beloved daughter of John and Marion Frances Smith, niece of the Rev. Barnard Smith, St. Peter's House College Cambridge, also neice to the Rev. James Smith, of Cambridge,England. SMITH-June 24th, of cancer, the beloved wife of Mr. J. T. Smith, of Manly Beach, in the forty-third year of her age.    

SOOLE—July 15th, at his father's residence, 404, George-street, Mr Joseph Soole, in the 28th year of his age.

STEFFANONI-May 11th, at the residence of his sister, Mrs.   Mrs. William Lovelock, London, Mr. Joseph Steffanoni, aged 27.

STEVENSON-June 3rd, at his residence, 255, Elizabeth-street,       Mr. William Stevenson, formerly of Tottenham, London, aged 58 years. STONIER-June 24th, of bronchitis and protracted dentition,

at 8, Wynyard-square, Frederic William, infant son of William     and Mary Stonier, aged 10½ months.

TAPLEY-At his residence, Great Torrington, Devon, England, Thomas Knight Tapley, Esq., M.D., in his 57th year, father   of Mrs. Edward Row, of this city.    

TOTHILL- January 15th, 1861, at San Francisco, California,   Charles Tothill, Esq., late a resident in this colony.  

VERGE-July 9th, at his residence, at the Macleay River, after a

short illness, Mr. John Verge, leaving a wife and a large family  

to lament their loss.  

VICKERY -July 14th, at Salem Cottage, Waverley, Celeste Ruth,

the infant daughter of James and Eliza Vickery, aged twenty- six days.  

WEATHERALL -June 30th, at her residence, Elrington-street,

Braidwood, of consumption, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. James Weatherall, aged 23 years.  

WEBBER - June 18th, in Sydney, after a long illness, Elizabeth,  

relict of the late Mr. Thomas Webber, formerly chief constable   of Queanbeyan, aged 44 years : she has left a large family.

YOUNG-July 11th, at Wollongong, Ann, the beloved wife of George Young and mother of Mrs. G. Swyny, of Market-street,  

Sydney. Aged 65.

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