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Family Notices

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ABBOTT -April 6th, at her residence, Paddington, Mrs. W. A. Abbott, of a son. ANENDELL-March 6th, at her residence, Ten Mile Creek,

Billy Bong, the wife of Mr. William Anendell, of a son.

BAASS- January 24th, at Hamburg, the wife of Mr. A. H. J.

Baass, manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Braidwood, of a son. BALL , April 11th, at her residence, Crown-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. William Ball, of a daughter. BATH-April 5th, at her residence, Charlotte-place, Mrs. Charles Bath, of a son.

BAYLIS–March 22nd, at Wagga Wagga, Mrs. Baylis, of a son.

BEDDEK –20th March, at Claremont Cottage, Rockhampton,

colony of Queensland, Mrs. F. N. Beddek, of a son.   BLACKSTONE–March 24th, at her residence, Newtown Inn, Mrs. Joseph Blackstone, of a daughter.

BLOOMFIELD–April 3rd, at Coolamatong, Manaroo. Mrs. Arthur Bloomfield, of a son. BLOOMFIELD–April 8th, at No. 5, Dixon-street, the wife of

C. W. Bloomfield, of a daughter. BOYLE–March 11th, at North Brisbane, the wife of Henry Boyle, Esq., of a son.

BRERETON–On Thursday, the 7th March, at the residence of

her mother, Wellington Inn, Armidale, the wife of Mr. William Gordon Brereton, of a son.

BROWN—March 16th, at Parramatta, the wife of Walter Brown, M.D., of a son. BUCHANAN–March 18th, at her residence, Liverpool-street, the wife of Mr. John Buchanan, of a son. BUTLE–March 24th, at Darlinghurst, the wife of Edward Butler, Esq., of a son. BEGG–April 14th, at 299, George-street, the wife of John Taylor Begg, tobacconist, of a son. BINGLE–April 12th, at Cliftonville, Newcastle, Mrs. J. Rayden Bingle, of a son.

BROOKS–April 11th, at Broomby-terrace, Upper Forbes-street,

Darlinghurst, Mrs. James Brooks, of a son.

BUSBY–April, 11th, at Orange, Mrs. John Busby, of a daughter. CASWELL–April 14th, at her residence, Mynora Cottage, Moruya

River, the wife of William Stewart Caswell, Esq., P.M., of a son. CHISHOLM–April 12th, at Camden Park, Mrs. James R. Chis-  

holm, of a daughter.      

CHANDLER–March 26th, at her residence, No. 1, off Samuel

street, Mrs. William Chandler, of a son.

CHAPMAN–March 16th, at the Macleay River, Mrs. F. W. Chapman, of a son.

COLLINS–March 25th, at her residence, 6, Jenkin-street, Mrs.

William Collins, of a daughter.   CONWAY—March 23rd, at her residence, Margaret-place, the    

wife of Andrew Francis Conway, of a daughter.     CORDEAUX-March 24th, at Bendooley, Berrima, the wife of

W. J. Cordeaux, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.

COSS-April 2nd, at Gipps-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. Coss, of a daughter. COUPLAND.---On March 26th, at her residence, Redfern-street,  

Mrs. William Coupland, of a son.   DOWLING-March 19th, at Canningalla, Upper Williams River,

the wife of Mr. Vincent Francis Dowling, of a son.

DU MOULIN-March 24th, at her residence, Bourke-street, Surry

Hills, Mrs. P. N. du Moulin, of a son. DUNNICLIFF-March 19th, at her residence, Pyrmont, the wife

of Alfred A. Dunnicliff, of a daughter.

DYSON-March 21st, at Vine-street, Sheppard's Paddock, Mrs.

Edward D. Dyson, of a son, stillborn.  

EBSWORTH-March 24th, at her residence, Engehurst, Glen-

more Road, Mrs. O. B. Ebsworth, of a son.

FERGUSON-March 23rd, at her residence, Church-hill, Mrs.

G. Ferguson, of a son.

FLAVELLE - March 24th, at 53, Lower Fort-street, the wife of

Mr. J. Flavelle, of a daughter.

FRIEND-April 8th, at her residence, Upper Forbes-street, Dar-

linghurst, Mrs. Walter Friend, or a daughter.

GRANT -April 12th, at her residence, 102, Forbes-street, Mrs.

F. Grant, of a daughter.

GARDINER-March 15th, at the Holmes, Wellington, the wife

of J. A. Gardiner, Esq., of a son.

GRANT -April 6th, at her residence, South Head Road, the

wife of Alexander Grant, of a son.

HATTON-April 1st, at her residence, Bayview Cottage,

Burwood, Mrs. C. W. C. Hutton, of a daughter.

HAVILAND-March 18th, at Surry Hills, Mrs. Haviland, of a son. HORNE—March 28th, at 126, Wiiliam-street, Woolloomooloo, the

wife of William Horne, Esq., Lachlan River, of a daughter.

JAMES-April 10th, at Hills-terrace, Riley-street, Mrs. James,  

of a son, still-born.  

JOHNSTON-April 11th, at 121, Liverpool-street, Hyde Park,

the wife of John Spink Johnston, Esq., Bogan, of a daughter.

KENNEDY-April 13th, at Liverpool, the wife of James Ken-

nedy, Esq., of a daughter.

LAIDLEY-March 25th, at Hill-side, Edgecliffe Road, Mrs. William Laidley, of a son.

LAMROCK-April 4th, at Willow Bower, North Richmond, Mrs.

John Lamrock, of a son.

LAWLESS—16th March, at Boonbyjan, Burnett District, Queens-

land, the wife of Paul Lawless, Esq., of a son.

LLOYD-March 23rd, at her residence, Napoleon-street, Mrs.

Thomas Lloyd, of a daughter.  

LLOYD-April 7th, at her residence, 54, Riley-street, Mrs.  

D. L. Lloyd, of a daughter.

LONGFIELD-April 8th, at Maryville, the residence of E. P.

Lavcock, Esq., Mrs. John Longfield, of a daughter.

MAHER—April 10th, at her residence, Woodsdown Park, Five

Dock, the wife of T. Maher, of a daughter.

MANNING-April 7th, Mrs. Thomas Manning, of a daughter.     MANTON-April 2nd, Mrs. C. H. Manton, of a son.

MARTIN-March 24th, at Camden, Mrs. J. B. Martin, of a son. MATTHEWS—5th April, at her residence, Penrith, the wife of

Mr. W. D. Matthews, of a son.        

MILLER—March 28th, at Parramatta, Mrs. P. Miller, of a son.

MOORE-April 2nd at her residence, Rutland-street, Cleveland

Paddock, Mrs. J. R. Moore, of a son.

MORAY-March 19th, at Stanmore, Mrs. James Moray, of a  


MORGAN-March 21st, at 293, Palmer-street, the wife of Mr. J.

F. MORGAN, of a son.

MOSES-March 22nd, at her residence, 3, Bridge-street, Mrs. E.

Moses, of a daughter.

MACLEOD-April 10th, at her residence, Crown-street, the wife

of Colin Macleod, Esq., of a daughter.

MACQUEEN-April 13th, at her residence, No. 90, Palmer-street,

Woolloomooloo, Mrs. Farquhar Alexander Macqueen, of a daughter.    

NICHOLSON-April 7th, at Newbery, Sutton Forest, the wife  

of Charles Lindsay Nicholson, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.

NASH -March 21st, Mrs. T. A. Nash, of a son.

OVERELL-April 8th, at Raglan Villa, North Shore, Mrs. Thomas

Overell, of a daughter.

PURCELL-April 12th, at Randwick, the wife of Mr. Patrick  

Purcell, of a son.       RAMSAY-March 29th, at Balmain, Mrs. E. Ramsay, of a son.

RAY-January 25th, at Egremont House, Delamere-terrace,

Harrow Road, London, Mrs. Brisco Ray, of a son.      

RICHARDSON -March 28th, at the Parsonage, St, Mark's,

Alexandria, the wife of the Rev. G. W. Richardson, of twin. daughters.        

ROBBERDS -March 20th, at her residence, Hellesdon Cottage,

Newtown Road, Mrs. J. Ernest Robberds, of a son.      

ROBINSON-27th March, at Sydney, Mrs. N. J. Robinson, of

Morpeth, of a son.

SAUNDERS—April 2nd, at her residence, the Lord Nelson Hotel,

Argyle-street, Mrs. Charles Saunders, of a son.       SALE-April 7th, at her residence, Auburn-street, Goulburn,    

Mrs. J. T. Sale, of a son.

SOLOMON-April 17th, at her residence, 155, Elizabeth-street,

Hyde Park, Sydney, the wfre of John Solomon, Esq., of a son.

SIMES-March 28th, at Chippendale, the wife of Mr. E. Simes,

of a son.    

SMITH-March 23rd, at Land View, Cottage, Cleveland-street,    

Surry Hills, Mrs. George Smith, of a son.    

TAYLER -March 28, at her residence, 144, Cumberland-street,

the wife or Mr. A. G. Tayler, of a son.

TIDSWELL-April 1st, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. Henry  

E. Tidswell, of a son.      

TUCKEY-March 26th, at her residence, North Shore, the wife

of Mr. Christopher Tuckey, of a daughter.  

WADE-March 9th, at her residence, Scott-street, Newcastle,

Mrs. Sam Wade, junior, of a daughter.     WALKER-March 25th, at her residence, Glebe Cottage,

Mudgee, Mrs. George Walker, of a daughter.

WEINGARTH-March 18th, at York-street, the wife of Henry

Weingarth, of a son.


ASH-KIRCALDY-April 2nd, at Newcastle, by the Rev. James

Nimmo, Frederic Ash, to Elspeth, fourth daughter of Robert


BASHALL-KELLIE-April 4th at St. James' Church, by the

Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Sydney, assisted by the Rev. Canon Allwood, Humphrey Miller Bashall, Esq., M.A., youngest son of William Bashall, Esq., of Farrington Lodge, Preston, England, to Eweretta, second daughter of Alexander Donaldson Kellie, Esq., Potts' Point, Sydney.

BOWDEN-FOUNTAIN-1st April, at the Wesleyan Chapel,

Surry Hills, by the Rev. Samuel Ironside, George, the youngest son of William Bowden, of the county Kent, England, to Miss

Maria, the eldest daughter of Mr. T. H. Fountain, Raymond

Terrace, Hunter River.

CAMPBELL-BOWERMAN-April 2nd, at All Saints' Church,

Parramatta, by the Rev. William Gore, A. P. Campbell, Esq., second son of the late Captain D. Campbell, formerly of the Old 94th Regiment (Scotch Brigade), to Harriet Cherrie, youngest daughter of the late Henry Boucher Bowerman, Esq.

CASSIDY-SHEARING-April 1st, by special license, at St. Mat-

thew's Catholic Church, Windsor, by the Rev. Dr. Hallinan, John James, second son of the late Mr. James Cassidy, to Mary

Anne, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Shearing, Peninsula,


CHRISTOPHER-BRADY-April 5th, at Newcastle, by license,

by the Rev. William Hill, Joshua, son of Mr. James Christo- pher, of Pembroke, Wales, to Eliza, daughter of Mr. Patrick Brady, of Liverpool, England.

CLIFTON-CROSS-March 27th, by the Rev. J. Oram, the Rev.

John Clifton, Wesleyan Missionary, to Lucy Annie, youngest daughter of the late Rev. William Cross, Missionary to the Fiji


CARRlCK-HURST -April 4th, at 227, Palmer-street, by the

Rev. John McGibbon, Mr. Thomas James Carrick, second son of Mr. W. H. Carrick, tailor, to Miss Selina Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Josiah Hurst, or Hobart Town, and step-daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Roland Carrick, of Wool-


CHARTES-BISHOP-April 17th, by special license, at Christ

Church, by the Rev. Robert H. Mayne, Peter Charters?, draper, of George-street South, to Ada, youngest daughter of the late

George Bishop, of London.

DREWWELL - KING-April 12th, by special license, by the

Rev. John Reid, Robert Drewwell, late or Hendon, Middlesex, England, to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of John King, of Sydney. DAVIES - PRICE-25th March, at St. Michael's, by the Rev.

H. S. King, Mr. John Davies, of Kiandra House, George-street, to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Mr. William Price, of Stroudwater, Gloucestershire, and widow of the late Frederic  

Messiter, B.A., late of Balmain.

DEVITT-WOLLOGHAN---April 9th, by special license, at St.

Mary's Cathedral, Maria Devitt, eldest daughter of Mr. James Devitt, Botany, to William Wolloghan, of this city. Both natives of the county Wicklow, Ireland.

DUNN-TAYLOR---January 23rd, 1861, at Malta, George Dunn

commander of the P. and O. s. s. Colombo, to Helen G. Taylor o Bathurst, New South Wales.

EDESON-GOOCH-December 27th, 1860, by special license, at   St. Matthew's Church, Oakley-square, St. Pancras, London, by the Rev. Mr. Phillips, Robert John Edeson, professor of music to Jane Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. W. B. Gooch, at Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales.  

EDWARDS -STOREY---March 9th, at St. James' Church, by the

Rev. G. H. Moreton, Benedict, eldest son of Benedict Edwards, Esq., of Budleigh, Sallerton, Devon, to Mary Scott, youngest

daughter of the late James Barrow Storey, Esq., formerly of Blandford, Dorset. EVANS-WEARIN-April 13th, by special license, at St. Andrew's

Scots Church, by the Rev. Mr. Dougal, Leonard, second son of Mr. Chas. Evans, of Covent Garden, London, to Mary-Anne, second daughter of the late Mr. John Wearin, of Sydney.

FREEMAN-BALDWIN - April 2nd, at St. Matthew's church, Windsor, by the Rev. H. T. Stiles, M.A., George, eldest son of Mr. George Freeman, of Windsor, to Izetta, eldest daughter of Harvest Baldwin, Esq., of the same place.       FITZPATRICK-HUMES---April 2nd, by special license, at

Christ Church, by the Rev. Robert M. Moyre, Thomas Fitz- patrick, of Sydney, to Jane Humes, of Sydney.    

FRASER-LANGFORD - March 19th, by special license, at St. Matthew's Church, Windsor, by the Rev. H. T. Styles, D. D.

Mr. Andrew Fraser, of Clarendon, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. John Langford, Windsor.    

GIBBONS—SHAW—March 25th, by special license, at St. Luke's

Church, Liverpool, by the Rev. T. C. Priddle, John Gibbons, Esq., of Liverpool, to Sarah Elizabeth, second eldest daughter

of Israel Shaw, Esq., of Twofold Bay.  

GILBERT - RITCHIE--- March 26th, at the residence of the

bride, Balmain, Mr. Harry Gilbert, of the Isle of Wight, to

Miss Margaret Ritchie, eldest daughter of Mr. C. Ritchie, of Dundee.

GELL-HASELDEN -April 11th, at the new Church of St. Michael and St. John, Bathurst, Edward Gell, Esq., architect, to Elizabeth, daughter of John Haselden, Esq.

HARWOOD—OATES— April 15th, by the Rev. Samuel       Humphries, of the Ebenezer Chapel, Alice Harwood, daughter  

of John Barker Harwood, of England, to Edwin Oates, nephew of William Oates, of Truro, Cornwall.

HARRIS-CROPLEY--- 30th March, by special license, at the

residence of the Rev. John Reid, 105, Princes-street, Edward Harris, of Sydney, to Alice Cropley, daughter of Robert Crop- ley, of Wicken, Cambridgeshire, England.  

HIGSTINN-CARTER---March 23rd, at 50, Cumberland-street,

by special license, by the Rev. Robert Hartley, William Higstinn, of Chelsea, London, to Catherine Maria, eldest daughter of the late Captain Carter, of Sydney.

JACKSON-MAY-April 1st, by special license, Sydney, by the

Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Mr. J. W. Jackson, to Janette Victoria, fourth daughter of J. May, Esq., of Parramatta.

KINNEAR-MACGREGOR ---April 1st, by the Rev. Edward

Holland, minister of the Scots' Church, Port Macquarie, at Christmns Creek, Macleay River, Mr. Hugh Bell Kinnear, a native of Scotland, to Miss Ellen Jessie Macgregor, a native of Australia.      

LUSSENHOFF-PENFOUND---March 2nd, at Newtown, by the Rev. Stephen Rabone, F. A. Lussenhoff, to grave, youngest daughter of Mr. James Penfound, of Cornwall, England.

MARKS-VAILE---April 13th, at St. James', Sydney, by Rev. Canon Allwood, B.A,. Mr. E. D. Marks, M.R.C.P., to Fanny Maria, eldest daughter of Joseph Vaile, Esq., Poultry, London.

M'CUTCHEON—MILLER—March 23rd, by special license, at

Trinity Church, by the Rev. Edward Rogers, Mr. Charles M'Cutcheon, of the Lord Worsley, steamship, to Miss Eliza Miller, of Hope Cottage, Upper Fort-street, Sydney.

MILLER-ROBERTS---April 9th, by license, at St. Matthew's  

Church, Windsor, by the Rev. H. T. Styles. James, eldest son of Mr. James Miller, to Kezia, second daughter of Mr. Edward

Roberts, both of Windsor.

M'MASTER-DUNLOP-March 13th, Redfern, at Botany-street,

near Sydney, by the Rev. Macintosh Mackay, LL.D., of St. George's Church, Sydney, Mr. Hugh M'Master, to Janet, third   daughter of John Dunlop, Esq., of Burra Burra, Brisbane


MACLEAN-WOORE---April 6th, at St. Ann's, Ryde, by the

Rev. G. E. Turner, Alexander Grant, second son of Captain J. I. Maclean, late 43rd Regiment, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Captain John Woore, H.E.I.C.S.

MANCHEE-BALDWIN-March 30th, at Paddington, by the

Rev. James Deane Brennan, John Charles, eldest son of the late Thomas John Manchee, Esq., of Bristol, England, to Georgina, youngest daughter of the late Wynn Baldwin, Esq.,

Hunter River, New South Wales.

NIXON-MUSTO-April 9th, by special license, at the Con-

gregational Church, Pitt-street, by the Rev. W. Cuthbertson, B.A., William Henry, eldest son of Mr. Henry Nixon, to Fanny Mastres, second daughter of Mrs. F. Musto, both of Sydney.

PARK—BOYDELL—April 10th, at Gresford Church, Paterson,

by the Rev. Hugh Calveley Cloughton, Robert Park, Esq., of Lewinsbrook, to Harriette Mary, eldest daughter of Charles Boydell, Esq., of Camyrallyn, Upper Paterson.

PEARCE-KNAGGS- March 27th, at Newcastle, by special

license, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. James Nimmo, William J. Pearce, Esq., Howlong, Murray River, eldest son of William Thomas Pearce, Esq., Seven Hills, to Elizabeth Charlotte, only daughter of Robert Corbet Knaggs,

Esq., M.R.C.S.L., &c.

PETTIT-CHAPMAN-April 8th, at Trinity Church, by special

license, by the Rev. H. Rodgers, Henry Pettit, master of the steamer Washington, of Sydney, to Jane, fourth daughter of the late James Chapman, Esq., Lower George-street, Sydney.

PLOGHOFT-BARNSLEY-April 1st, at St. John's Church, by

the Rev. William Drake, Augustus Ploghoft, to Maria Barnsley, second daughter of William Barnsley, of Birmingham.

QUINLAN-KEANE--March 19th, by special license, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, by the Rev. A. F. Forde, Michael, eldest son of Mr. Michael Quinlan, of Paddington, to Kate, third daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Keane, of Sydney.

RAMSAY-DE MESTRE - March 14th, at the residence of J. H. Williams, Esq., Fort-street, Sydney, under special license, by the Rev. John Reid, David, eldest son of the late David Ramsay, Esq., M.D., of Dobroyd, to Kate Dorothy, fifth daughter of the late Prosper de Mestre, Esq., of Terrara,


SOMERVILLE-BENNETT-April 4th, at the Wesleyan Chapel,

York-street, by the Rev. Stephen Rabone (President of the Australasian Methodist Conference), the Rev. James Somerville, Wesleyan minister, to Eliza Young, eldest daughter of Dr. John B. Bennett, Registrar-General of New Zealand.

SMITH-GAZE-April 6th, by s`pecial license, at St. James's

Church, by the Rev. R. Allwood, Mr. A. Smith to Jane, youngest daughter of the late Charles Gaze.

SPIER-FERGUSON.--April 13th, by special license, at St. An-

drew's Scots Church, by the Rev. John Dougall, Charles Hill Spier, second son of Mr. John Hill Spier, of Sydney, to Jane Elizabeth Ferguson, second daughter of Mr. M. D. Ferguson, of


THOMPSON-SHAW.--April 2nd, by special license, at St.

Michael's Church, Wollongong, by the Rev. T. C. Ewing, Mr. Thomas Thompson, coach-builder, of Sydney, to Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. Samuel Shaw, Wollongong.     WAKEFIELD-THORPE.--April 8th, by special license, at St. James' Church, by the Rev. Robert Allwood, George Ernest,   eldest son of Mr. G. Wakefield, late of Lenham, Kent, to Ellza- beth Florence, second daughter of Henry Adolphus Thorpe, Esq., Croydon, Surry, England.          

WEBB-STEWART.--February 13th, by special license, at the     residence of the bride, 70, Liverpool-street, Sydney, by the Rev.  

Mr. Milne, George, youngest son of the late Mr. Waring   Nangreave Webb, of Liverpool, England, to Eliza, only daughter of the late Mr. Andrew Crook Stewart, of Carrickfergus,   Ireland, and step-daughter of Mr. John Hamilton, of this city.   WICKHAN-GALVIN.--April 4th, by special license, at St. John's Church, Darlinghurst, Mr. Sydney Wickham, to Miss Jane   Galvin, both of Sydney.  

WIGHT-LAING--December 24th, 1860, at Seaforth House, Burntisland, by the Rev. David Couper, the Rev. George Wight,   of Brisbune, Queensland, to Mary Anne, youngest daughter of  

the late Mr. Andrew Laing, Silverburn.

WOOLNOUGH-COWLISHAW-March 27th, at Chaddesden

Villa, by the Rev. William Hessel, the Rev. George Woolnough, Wesleyan minister, to Maria, the eldest daughter of Thomas Cowlishaw, Esq., Paddington.    


ASHENHEIM-December 28th, 1860, at Edinburgh, Jacob

Ashenheim, Esq., in the 74th year of his age, father of Charles Ashenheim, Esq., M.D., of Maneroo.

BAKER -April 6th, at her residence, Bobbie Burns Hotel, corner

of Sussex and Bathurst streets, Mrs. Mary Ann Baker, aged 43, leaving three children and a large circle of friends to lament

their loss.

BAKER-March 15th, at Newcastle, John Thomas Baker, Esq.,  

aged 41 years.

BARLOW-At midnight of the first Sunday after Easter, at

Bodalla, Helen Ruth Ann, beloved child of Reginald and Helen Barlow, aged two years and six weeks.

BARNSLEY-April 16th, at Sydney, Anne, the beloved wife of Robert Prior, and third daughter of W. Barnsley, late of Bir- mingham, after a short but severe illness, aged 20 years.  

BURNETT-April 8th, at Mr. Thomas Ricter's, Campbelltown,

William Gilbert Burnett, infant son of John and the late Sarah Harnett, of Campbelltown, aged eight weeks.  

CARRON-March 3rd, at her residence, Glebe Road, Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr. William Carron, aged 48 years.  

CHAVASSE -March 28th, at his residence, Glebe Dispensary,

Glebe, John Scott Chavasse, second son of the late William Chavasse, Esq., Verandah Cottage, Walsall, England, in the 39th year of his age.  

COOKE-April 2nd, at his residence, Clarence-street North, Mr. Charles Cooke, aged 31, late in the employ of Messrs. Favenc  

and Gwyne, of this city, after a long and painful illness, leaving

a wife and two children to mourn their loss.

CROFT-March 21st, at his parents' residence, 71, William-street East, Sydney, William Jenkins Croft, son of Thomas and Mary   Ann Croft, aged one year and ten months. (Kentish Mercury,   please copy.)    

COLLIS-April 18th, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, at the residence of his son-in-law,  

Thomas Lusty, 620, George-street, Sydney, Thomas Collis, in  

the 80th year of his age, native of Gloucestershire, England.

DEWAR-April 7th, at the residence of Mr. A. A. Marshall,  

Macquarie-place, of pulmonary consumption, Mr. George Dewar, in the 27th year of his age, formerly of Aberdeen, Scot-  

land. Aberdeen papers please copy.

DISNEY-January 8th, at 66, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square,  

London, Captain Henry Napier Disney, native of Dublin.  

DOAK-March 25th, at the residence of his mother, 82, William

street, Robert, second son of the late Mr. Anthony Doak, aged 26 years. DONALDSON-March 22nd, at her parents' residence, 31, Crown  

street, Woolloomooloo, Margaret, the beloved and only surviv- ing daughter of James and Elizabeth Donaldson, aged seven

months and twenty-one days.

DONALDSON-February 10th, after four weeks' severe illness, at

the residence of his mother, 21, Craven-hill, Hyde-Park, Lon- don, the Rev. John William Donaldson, D.D., late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, aged 49.

DUCHE-April 4th, at his late residence, 95, Clarence-street,

Mr. William Duche, aged 58 years.  

DUMBRELL-March 28th, at his residence, Chelsea-street, Surry

Hills, Stephen Dumbrell, in the 62nd year of his age.

DUNNICLIFF- January 7th, at Nottingham, aged 26 years,

Burnett, eldest son of John Dearman and Harriet Dunnicliif.

EDWARDS-March 18th, William Bennett, youngest son of Mr.

Richard Edwards, chemist of Windsor, aged 14 months.

EVANS-25th of February, at her residence, Surry Hills, Sydney,

Sarah Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. William' Evans. (Cam- bridge Chronicle, please copy.)

FARRELL-April 17th, at her residence, Clyde-street, Miller's

Point, Julia Theresa Farrell, in the 19th year of her age, after a short but severe illness, which she bore with Christian forti- tude.-(Moreton Bay papers please copy.)  

FITZPATRICK-April 13th, at her residence, Buckingham-street, Cleveland Paddocks, Honora Ursula, the beloved wife of Mr.  

Michael Fitzpatrick. Aged 51 years.  

GRAY-April 13th, of consumption, Margaret, the only daughter of Mr. Alexander Gray, Bathurst-street, aged twenty years.

GREEN - At her residence, Wellington Inn, Parramatta-street,

Sydney, Eliza, the beloved wife of Mr. W. R. Green, aged 35 years.    

GOLDSMITH-March 13th, Mr. George Godden Goldsmith, of

concussion of the brain, sustained by a fall from his horse in   George-street, aged 34 years.

HANLEY-March 20th, at her late residence, Gipps-street, Surry

Hills, Mrs. Mary Hanley, native of Tuam, county of Galway, Ireland, aged 40 years.       HARTSHORN-March 30th, at her residence, No. 344, Castle-

reagh-street, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Godfrey Hartshorn, aged 47 years. HAWKINS—March 30th, at Lower George-street, Sarah, the beloved mother of R. Hawkins, late of the Hero of Waterloo,  

after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, in the eightieth year of her age.

HILLAS-April 7th, of congestion of the brain, at the residence of his uncle (Mr. William T. Pearce), King's Langley, Seven Hills, Mr. John M. Hillas, of Barmaby, Argyle, in his thirty-third year.

HODGSON-At the residence of Mr. Shaw, Bishopgate-street

Within, London, aged forty-two years, James William Hodgson,   second son of the late Mr. John Hodgson, Manchester ware- houseman, Laurence-lane, City of London, and youngest brother of Mrs. Wiley, of Park-street, Sydney.   HOLDEN-March 23rd, at 120, Woolloomooloo-strect, William,

second son of J. D. Holden, Esq., of Carlton-hill Villas, Camden Road, North London, aged 32 years.   HORDERN-April 7th, at her residence, 23, Palmer-street, Mrs.

Joseph Hordern, aged 25 years, leaving her husband and four children to deplore her loss.

JODDERELL-January 1861 at his residence, Russell-square, London, Sir Richard P. Jodderell, aged 69 years, father of Mrs. Fawcett, New Zealand, and Mrs. Gordon, of Murrurundi, N.S.W.

KIRKE -January 23rd, at Brighton, aged 46, the Reverend Saint

George Kirke, Rector of Martin, Lincolnshire, fifth son of the late Colonel Kirke, of Markham Hall, Nottinghamshire.

KHULL-April 15th, at Tooronga, Boorandara, Catherine Scott

wife of Edward Khull, Esq., Melbourne.     MARKS-At the residence of her son, No. 37, Alfred-place

Bedford-square, London, Mrs. Sophia Marks, aged 100 years grandmother to Mr. A. Collins, 3??, George-street.   M'DONALD-At his residence, 37, Moorgate-street, London, in

the 72nd year of his age, John M'Donald, Esq., father of the late

J. F. M'Donald, Esq., of this city.

M'DONALD-March 30th, at the residence of her parents, Sarah  

Jane, the wife of David E. M'Donald, aged 24.    

MENZIES -March 20th, at Minnamurra, Illawarra, Margaret,

relict of the late Robert Menzies, Esq., aged 44.      

NEWHAM-March 21st, at her late residence Botany Road,

Redfern, Margaret, the beloved wife of Mr. Henry Newham,       aged 31 years.  

NOBBS-April 1st, at her late residence, 603, Elizabeth street  

South, Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. John Nobbs, late of the

Swan with Two Necks, Park and George streets, in her fortieth


OLDFIELD -At Horsforth, in her 84th year, Mrs. Oldfield, aunt

of the late Assistant Commissary-General Ackroyd, and Mr.   William Ackroyd, of Horsforth, Yorkshire, England.    

PARKER -January 19th, at Lewisham, Kent, Thomas Watson

Parker, Esq., in the 89th year of his age.      

PERK-December 20th, 1860, Samuel Peek, Esq., Kingsbridge,    

Devon, in his 76th year.

PAUL-February 22nd, at 46, Culford-road, De Beauvoir Town,

London, Mrs. Joseph Paul, mother of Mr. W. Sheffield Paul,

of this city.

RAMAGE-March 19th, at 223, Bourke street, Woolloomooloo,  

Andrew, son of Mr. A Ramage, of scarlatina (superseded by con- vulsions) aged 2 years and 9 months.    

ROWLAND—March 31st, at 115, Botany-street, Surry Hills,  

Catherine, the wife of Mr. Robert Rowland.

SCOTT-March 20th, of apoplexy, at the Exchange, William

Scott, Esq., aged 68, of Point Piper Road, late of London, father   of Houghton Scott, G. C., Kiandra.  

SHAW -March 25th, Mary Shaw, at the residence of her mother,

Upper Fort-street, of consumption.  

SIMMONDS -April 10th, at the residence of his parents, Dyno-

ver-terrace, Maurice, fourth son of Isaac and Matilda Simmons, aged 19.

SCARVELL-April 14th, at his residence, Clare House, near  

Windsor, J. L. Scarvell, Esq., J. P., in the 73rd year of his age.    

SMITH-April 15th, at his residence, National School, Smith-

field, Samuel Sidney Smith, aged 34 years, leaving a widow and

three children to mourn their loss.

SMITH-April 5th, at Sandview Cottage, Cleveland-street, Surry

Hills, Herbert John, infant son of George and Annie Smith.

STRUTT--21st March, at Cadargah Queensland, from the bite of

a snake, George Glynes Strutt, aged 25 years.  

STYLES -March 18th, at her residence, Balmain, Mary Ann,

relict of the late Robert Styles, Esq., in the 62nd year of his age.         USSHER -April 2nd, at 293, Elizabeth-street, suddenly of

apoplexy, Samuel James Ussher, fourth son of the late Rev. Dr. Henry Ussher, county Donegal, Ireland, and nephew of the   late Admirai Sir Thomas Ussher, K. C. B., in the 51st year of his


VYSE -January 8th, at the Abbey, Herne Hill, Surry, England,

Thomas Vyse, Esq., aged 81.    

WATSON- April 3rd, at the residence of Mr. James Prescott,

Hunter River Inn, John Watson, in the 27th year of his age.    

WATT—Jaunary 9th, 1861, at the residence of his father, 46,

Grand Road, Edinburgh, Alexander H. Watt, jun., in his 23rd    


WEBSTER -9th April, at the Edinburgh Castle, Pitt-street,

Sydney, Harriet, eldest daughter of Mr. Frederick Webster,   of Goulburn, aged 20 years.  

WILKINSON—April 16th, at her residence, Bourke-street, Surry  

Hills, Ann, the beloved wife of Mr. James Wilkinson, aged 38   years, leaving a husband and four children to mourn their loss. WILLIAMS-March 29, at her residence, Macleay-street, Potts'  

Point, after a lingering illness which she bore with Christian   fortitude, Maria, the beloved wife of Mr. James Williams, for-       merly of Braidwood, aged 37 years.      

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