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    Some sections very blurred, difficult to transcribe
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    GILES, Emily Florence (1860-1935), daughter of Franceis GILES, draper, and Frances Mary SOOLE; married 1885 Harold Clarke THOMPSON.

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Family Notices

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AGABEG—April 15th, at her residence, No. 10, Sudder-street, Calcutta, the wife of A. L. Agabeg, Esq., of a son.  

ALLPASS—July 1st, at the District Model National School,

Mudgee, the wife of Mr. J. W. Allpass, of a son.

ANDREW—June 23th, at North-terracee, Macquarie-street, the

wife of Thomas Andrew, Esq., of a son.  

ARNHEIM—July 1st, at Hillside, Goulburn, Mrs. Arnheim, of a


ARMSTRONG—July 11th, at Mount Ousely, Illawarra, Mrs. D. W. Armstrong, of a daughter.

BERGIN—July 3rd, at Ashfield, the wife of Mr. L. Bergin, of a


BLACKMAN—June 30th, at Farmborough, Mount Kembla,

Illawarra, the wife of Mr. John Blackman, of twins, both girls. BRAY—July 9th, at Concord, Mrs. Thomas Bray, of a son.

BROCKLEBANK—July 9th, at her residence, George-street

North, the wife of Mr. W. Brocklebank, of a son.

BARBER—June 12th, at Morpoth, Mrs. Louie Barber, of a


BARTON—June 19th, at her residence, Pitt-street, Redfern, Mrs.

Samuel Barton, of a son, still-born.

BUCK—June 30th, at her residence, Margaret-street, the wife of

Thomas Buck, of a daughter.

BOWMAN—May 20th, at Mount Brisbane, Queensland, the wife

of W. M. Bowman, Esq., of a son.

BRADLY—July 9th, Mrs. James Octavius Bradly, of Strawberry

Hills, of a son, still born.

CASWELL—June 19th, at Cannindah, Burnett River, the wlfe

of Henry D. Caswell, Esq., of a daughter.

COUSENS—July 8th, at Stanmore, near Newtown, Mrs. Richard

Cousens, of a daughter.

CAMERON—July 7th, at her residence, Ariel Cottage, George-

street, Redfern, Mrs. Alexander Cameron, of a daughter.

CORNER—July 13th, at Gladesville, Parramatta River, Mrs. E.

C. Corner, of a daughter.

COONEY—June 24th, at St. Leonard's, North Shore the wife of

Captain Cooney, of a son.

COMAN—June 19th, at her residence, the Napoleon Inn, Ken-

sington-street, Mrs. William Coman, of a daughter.

CROWLEY—June 25th, Mrs. John Crowly, Parramatta-street,

of a daughter.

COUSINS—June 30th, the wife of Mr. Charles Cousins, of a son. CANNING—July 1st, at 18, Church-hill, Mrs. Alfred Canning,

of a son.

COGHLAN—June 20th, at Tamworth, the wife of Mr. P. J.

Coghlan, of a daughter.

CLARKE—July 2nd, at her residence, Camden, the wife of the

Rev. William Clarke, of a son.

DYE—June 26th, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. Tilmouth F.

Dye, of a daughter.

DUNSTAN—June 25th, at her residence, Pitt Town, Mrs. James

Dunstan, of a daughter.

DREW—June 9th at Brisbane Water, the wife of Mr. William

Drew, R.N., of a son.

DRYNAN—June 20th, at her resldence, 86, Lower George-street,

Mrs. James Drynan, of a daughter.

DOUGLAS—June 17th, at her residence, Botany-street, Surry

Hills, Mrs. Sidney Douglas, of a son.

DOUGLAS—June 18th, at her residence, Bay View House, Levison-

street, North Melbourne, Mrs W. A. Douglas, of a daughter.

EDWARDS—June 16th, at Elizabeth-street, Strawberry Hills,

Mrs. F. L. Edwards, of a daughter.

EWING—June 21st, at the Parsonage, Wollongong, the wife of

the Rev. T. C. Ewing, of a daughter.

ETHERIDGE—June 9th, at Stanley-street, the wife of G.

O. Etheridge, of a daughter.

FORBES—April 30th, at Camden Park Road, Camden Road

Villas, London, Mrs. C. C. Forbes, of a son.

FULTON—May 8th, at the Forbury, Otago, New Zealand, Mrs.

Francis Fulton, of a son.

FOSTER—June 28th, at her residence, Oak Lodge, Glebe, the

wife of W. J. Foster, Esq., barrister-at-law, of a son.

FERRIS—June 17th, at the residence of her father-in-law, the

wife of Mr. Thomas Ferris, Inspector of Water Police, Camp

Cove, South Head, of a son.

FENWICK—July 12th, at her residence, East Maitland, Mrs.

Robert Fenwick, of a son.

GIFFARD—June 19th, at her residence, Lower Fort-street, Mrs.

N. Giffard, of a daughter.

GILES—July 15th, at Sherbourne Cottage, Edgecliffe Road, the

wife of Mr. Francis Giles, of a daughter.

GRIMES—July 14th, at her residence, Argyle-street, the wife of

George Underwood Grimes, of a son.  

HARPHAM—July 6th, Mrs. T. Harpham, 91, South Head Road,

of a daughter.

HILL—July 5th, at her residence, Surry Hills, Mrs. George

Hill, of a daughter.

HILL—July 10th, at Sophienburg, near Liverpool, the residence

of her father, J. H. Atkinson, Esq., M.P., the wife of Captain

R. B. Hill, of a son.

HUMPHRIES—July 7th, at Marion Cottage, 39, Prince-street,

Sydney, the wife of John Humphries, Esq., of Borah, Gulligal,

of a son.

HUMPHRIES—July 10th, at 62, Harrington-street, the wife of

Mr. Francis Humphries, of a son.

HILL—June 19th, at her residence, William-street, Woolloo-

mooloo, Mrs. John Hill, jnr., of a daughter.

HARPUR—June 24th, at Keady Lodge, Randwick, Mrs. Josiah

Harpur, of a daughter.

HOCKINGS—June 14th, at Stanley Quay, South Brisbane,

Queensland, Mrs. Henry Hockings, of a son.

HOFFMANN—July 13th, at her residence, 14, Bridge-street, the

wife of Mr. P. Hoffmann, of a son.

HUFFER—July 15th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street, Mrs.

John Huffer, of a daughter.

LEVI—July 7th, at 237, Pitt-street, Mrs. David Levi, of a son.

LARTER—June 16th, at her residence, Constitution House, 80,

South Head Road, Mrs. Francis Larter, of a son.

LLEWELLIN—June 8th, at Balmain, Mrs. Llewellin, of a


LLOYD—July 1st, at Llangollen, the wife of E. H. Lloyd, Esq.,

of a daughter.

LAMB—June 18th, at Rose Bay Lodge, the wife of Walter

Lamb, Esq., of a son.  

LEWIS—June 21st, at her residence, Albion Hotel, Balmain,

the wife of Mrs. William Joseph Lewis, of a son.

LEGGATT—May 14th, at Dunedin, New Zealand, the wife of Mr.

W. L. Leggatt, of a son.

MACPHERSON—July 6th, at West India House, Parramatta,

Mrs. Macpherson, of a daughter.

MANT—June 30th, at her father's residence, Glebe Point, the    

wife of F. D. Mant, Esq., of a daughter.

MARKS—May 5th, at her residence, 44, Bedford-square, London,

Mrs. Jacob Marks, of a daughter.

MEYMOTT—July 6th, at Paddington, Mrs. Charles Meymott,

of a son.

MITCHELL—June 17th, at Balmain, Mrs. J. S. Mitchell, of a


MUSGROVE—July 2nd, at the residence of her brother-in-

law, Golden Age Hotel, Riley-street, Mrs. R. H. Musgrove, of a


MELLIN—July 2nd, at her residence, Goulburn, Mrs. L. T.  

Mellin, of a daughter.  

McDOUGALL—July 2nd, at Horsley, the wife of Malcolm S. McDougall, Esq., of Ermington, Clarence River, of a son.

MANT—June 30th, at her father's residence, Glebe Point, the  

wife of F. D. Mant, Esq., of a daughter.  

McDOUGALL—June 9th, at Camira, Clarence River, Mrs. Bruce

McDougall, of a son.

MACANSH—June 6th, at Kinross, Mrs. J. D. Macansh, of a son.   McGIBBON—July 7th, at the Manse, Palmer-street, the wife of

the Rev. John McGibbon, of a daughter.

MOCATTA—July 15th, at her residence, Campbelltown, Mrs.

George Mocatta, of a son.

MEYNINK—June 11th, at Louisa Creek, the wife of G. J.   Meynink, Esq., surgeon, of a son.  

NOBLE—June 19th, at her residence, Mount Erin, Mrs. J.  

Noble, of a daughter.

OAKES—June 11th, at her residence, Parramatta, Mrs. Francis

Oakes, of a daughter.

PALMER—July 4th, at her residence, 20, Goulburn-street, Mrs.

S. Palmer, of a daughter.

PEARSON—July 8th, at Gladesville, Parramatta River, Mrs. R. M. Pearson, of a daughter.

PEARSON—July 12th, at her residence, 270, Pitt-street, the wife

of Mr. Thomas Pearson, of the firm of T. and F. Pearson, of a


PRICE—May 31st, at her residenoe, 342, George-street, Mrs. William Price, of a daughter.  

POTTS—June 19th, at Kilsey Cottage, Darlinghurst, Mrs. William

E. Potts, of a son.

POOLMAN—June 24th, at Brisbane Cottage, Newtown Road,

Mrs. Samuel Poolman, of a daughter.

PHILLOT—July 6th, at her residence, Parramatta, Mrs. E. P.

Phillot, of a son.

POPE—July 15th, at Ryde, Mrs. George Miller Pope, of a son.

RADFORD—June 7th, at Rockhampton, Mrs. Radford, of

Princhester, Fitzroy River, of a daughter.

ROBERTSON—June 28th, at her residence, "Wallalong", Paterson

River, the wife of James J. Robertson, Esq., of a son.

ROLLESTON—July 4th, at Darling Point, Mrs. Rolleston, of a


ROBERTS—July 3rd, at the Parsonage, Parramatta, Mrs.

Richard H. Roberts, of a daughter.

STALWOOD—July 3rd, at her residence, Castlereagh-street,

Mrs. Stalwood, of a daughter,

SALMON—July 11th, at Wynyard-street, Mrs. Alexander Salmon,

of a son.

SHUTE—July 7th, Mrs. Henry Shute, of a son.

SILKMAN—July 12th, at her residence, Goulburn, the wife of

R. Silkman, of a daughter.

SIMPSON—July 15th, at her residence, City Wine Vaults, George-

street, the wife of James Simpson, of a daughter.

SLADE—June 19th, at Newtown, Mrs. Emanuel Slade, of a son. SWYNY—June 7th, at her residence, Market-street, Mrs. G.

Swyny, of a son.

SPENCE—June 28th, at her residence, 700, George-street, the

wife of Mr. T. G. Spence, of a son.

TOOTH—At Glanworth, Darling Point, Mrs. W. B, Tooth, of a


THOMAS—June 21st, at Ann-street, Balmain, the wife of Mr.

Henry Thomas, of a daughter.

THORNE—June 27th, at her residence, Bourke-street, Mrs.  

Robert Thorne, of a son.  

TAILBY—June 23rd, at the residence of her son-in-law, Ariel

Cottage, George-street, Redfern, Mrs. George Tailby, of a


THOMAS—July 13th, at 350, Upper Liverpool-street, Darling-

hurst, the wife of Alfred Cayley Thomas, Esq., of a son.

VALLACK—July 11th, at her residence, 3, College-buildings, Jamison-street, the wife af R. G. Vallack, of a son.  

WALKER—July 6th, at the residence of her mother, Woolloo- mooloo, Mrs. Edwin Walker, of Newcastle, of a son.

WATT—June 30th, at her residence, Elizabeth-street, Surry

Hills, the wife of Alexander Watt, builder, of a son.

WOODWARD—July 7th, at her residence, Bourke-street, Surry Hills, the wife of Mr. W. R. Woodward, of a son.

WATSON—June 2nd, at her father's residence, Castlemaine,

Victoria, wife of R. Watson, plumber, Riley-street, of a son.

WESTMACOTT—April 14th, at 29, Hertford-street, May Fair,

London, the wife of Augustus F. Westmacott, Esq., M.A., of a daughter.

WEBB—June 19th, at 6, Victoria-terrace, Miller's Point, Mrs.

H. R. Webb, of a son.

YARNTON—July 18th, at Darling Road, Balmain, the wife of

G. S. Yarnton, Esq., of a daughter.


AHRONSON—MOSS—July 4th, at the residence of the bride's

father, by the Rev. A Levy, Mr. Hermann Ahronson, of Cundle- town, Manning River, fourth son of Mr. Moses Ahronson, of Hamburg, Germany, to Rachael, eldest daughter of Mr. Lewis Moss, of Hunter-street, Sydney.

ALEXANDER—DUNN—June 14th, at 57, Parramatta-street,

Sydney, by the Rev. W. Slatyer, W. H. Alexander, of Nelligen, to Emily Gordon, feorth daughter of the late Lewis Dunn, of London. ARNEY—LANG—March 22nd, at Paddington, Charles Augus-

tus Arney, Colonel, unattached, to Matilda Anne, only child of the late Major Lang, of H.M. 13th Light Dragoons.

ASHTON—HALL—Apill 12th, at St. Barnabas, Kensington,

London, by the Rev. Dr. Hessey, assisted by the Rev. J. V. Smyth, M.A., Thomas J. Ashton, Esq., of Cavandish-square, to Elizabeth Beverley, eldest daughter of Thomas Beverley Hall, Esq., of Walmer House, Addison Road, Kensington, and

Sydney, N.S.W.    

AUSTIN—PRITCHARD—June 12th, at St. Mary's, by the Rev.

Father Ford, Mr. Patrick Austin, second eldest son of the late Mr. John Austin, Camperdown, to Miss Caroline Emma Pritchard, eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Pritchard,

watch maker.

BARNES—MARSHALL—July 9th, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, John

F. Barnes, of Sydney, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Marshall, late of Adelaide.

BUTTERS—WEST—June 27th, by special license, at St.

Andrew's Church, by the Rev. Mr. Dugall, Mr. Duncan   Butters, of Scotland, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. Willam West, of Union-street, Sydney.

BECKE—MARSH—June 27th, at Woodlawn, Clarence River, by  

the Rev. A. E. Selwyn, William Henry Hughes, youngest son of the late Cecil Becke, of London, solicitior, to Adelaide Marianne, only daughter of Captain Francis Marsh, J. P., late

of H.M. 80th Regiment.

BEGG—KIMMINS—July 3rd, by special license, at St. James'      

Church, by the Rev. Canon Allwood, John Taylor Begg, of George-street, Sydney, youngest son of Mr. George Begg, late of Mussellburgh, N.B., to Rosella Louisa, third daughter of Mr. John Kimmins, Queen's Road, London.

CALVER—WOOLDRIDGE—June 26th, at St. James' Church,

Sydney, by special license, by the Rev. Robert Allwood, Mr. Robert Calver, late of Suffolk, England, to Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. George Wooldridge, of Pyrmont, Sydney.

CLARK—LEA—June 28th, at St. John's, Bishopthorpe, Glebe,

by the Rev. Thomas Smith, assisted by the Rev. R. Taylor, Mr. John Clark, of Waltham Abbey, Essex, England, to Anna Matin, fourth daughter of the late W. A. B. Lea, Esq., of George-street, Sydney.

CAMPBELL—BREILLAT—June, 30th, at St. Peter's Church

Cook's River, by the Rev. A. H. Bull, Walter Campbell, Esq., H.M. Indian Army, to Emma, fifth daughter of T. C. Breillat, Esq., of Thurnby, Newtown.  

COBCROFT—BENSON—June 19th, at the residence of the bride's

mother, Richmond, by the Rev. James Cameron, Mr. David Cobcroft, of Windsor, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late William Murray Benson, Esq.

CLARKE—TOOGOOD—June 21st, by special license, by the

Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Mr. Andrew Clarke, to Miss Mary Ann Toogood, of Sydney.  

CORNWELL—ASHBURY—June 7th, by special license, at St.

Peter's Church, Richmond, by the Rev. J. Elder, Miss Jane, third daughter of Abrabam Cornwell, Esq., to Mr. John K. Ashbury, third son of John Rolleston Ashbury, Esq., of H. M. Customs, Liverpool, England.

CLEGG—BUCHAN—July 7th, at St. Mary's, Balmain, by the

Rev. William Stack, Joseph, youngest son of Mr. James Clegg, to Ellen, third daughter of Mr. William Buchan, late of


DAY—LOCKWOOD—July 10th, at St. Philip's Church, by the

Very Rev. the Dean of Sydney, Thomas, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Day, of Rose Cottage, Pyrmont, to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. William Lockwood, of Cumberland-street, Sydney.

DYSON—FOULER—June 28th, by special license, by the Rev.

Dr. Lang, at his residence, Mr. Dorrel Dyson, of Yorkshire, to Miss Margretta Martha, the fourth daughter of Mr. James Fouler, of Chester, both of England.

DOWNIE—BUCHAN—June 21st, by special license, by the Rev.

Mr. M'Dougal, Alexander Downie to Jane Ballam, the second daughter of Jeremiah Ballam, relict of the late John Buchan.

DOYLE—PERRY—June 21st, at St. Mary's, West Maitland,

by the Rev. Robert Chapman, Alfred John Doyle, Esq., J.P., of Midborn, to Alice Anne Gabrielle Perry, eldest daughter of the late Vicomte d'Argeavel.

FITZGERALD—HUNT—July 3rd, at Hamptonville, Balmain, by

the Rev. T. A. Gordon, Robert D. Fitzgerald, Esq., to Emily Blackwell, youngest daughter of Edward Hunt, Esq.

HOLT—BENSON—June 19th, at Richmond, by the Rev, J.

Cameron, Mr. William Holt, to Elizabeth, second daughter of

the the late Mr. W. M. Benson.

HYAM—PRIESTLEY—July 14th, by special license, at Christ-

church, Sydney, by the Rev. Canon Walsh, Mr. S. Hyam, to Sarah, eldest daughter of Samuel Priestley, Esq., Sussex-street,   Sydney.

HUTCHINSON—LATIMER—June, 19th at Surry Hills, by the

Rev. S. Ironside, Mr. W. C. Hutchinson, of Sydney, to Miss Jane Latimer, of Wollongong.

HART—JAMES—July 4th, at St. John's, Darlinghurst, by the

Rev. W. B. Clarke, M.A., assisted by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, B.A., George Hart, Esq., Speaker of the Provincial   Council, Wellington, N.Z., to Julia Frances, eldest daughter of Henry Kerrison James, Esq.

JOHNSON—HOOK—March 15th, at St. Mark's Church, Dublin,

Theophilus Johnson, Esq., M.D., of Bombay, to Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Commander Henry Hook, Royal Navy, and sister of Mrs. J. Hellmann, Bathurst.

JOSEPH—MOSES—June 20th, at the residence of the bride's  

father, 3, Bridge-street, by the Rev. S. Phillips, Mr. Hyam Moses Joseph, eldest son of Moses Joseph Esq., of 46, Bed- ford-square, London, to Rachael, eldest daughter of Elias Moses, Esq., of Sydney.

KEMMIS—GUNTHER-June 26th, at St. John's Church,

by the Rev. Stanley Mitchell, the Rev. Thomas Kemmis, third son of the late Arthur Kemmis, Esq., of Melbourne, to Lydia Woodruffe, eldest daughter of the Rev. James Gunther, in-

cumbent, of the said church.

KITE—WRIGHT—June 28th, at St. Matthew's Church, Wind-

sor, by the Rev. H. T. Stiles, William, second son of Mr. Kite, of Woolston, Kelso, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Charles Wright, Woolloomooloo-street, Sydney.

LAND—FOLEY—June 16th, by special license, at the Scotch

Church, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Mr. William Land, to Miss Mary Ann Foley, late of Cork.

LEE—MILLER—By special license, at the residence of Charles

Simmonds, Esq., Ocean View House, Waverley, by the Rev. W. Cuthbertson, H. B. Lee, eldest son of Thomas Lee, Esq., of Berkeley-square, London, to Harriet, youngest daughter of Joseph Miller, Esq., of Newtown.

LANE—RITCHU—June 12th, by special license, at St. Luke's  

Church, Dapto by the Rev. W. W. Simpson, M. A., William John, fourth son of William Lane, Esq., M.D., county London- derry, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late John Ritchu, Esq., county Tyrone, Ireland.

MORISSET—LAWSON—July 3rd, at St. Bartholomew's Church,

Prospect, by the Rev. Thomas Donkin, B.A., Edric N. V. Morisset, Esq., eldest son of the late Colonel Morisset, to Eliza, eldest daughter of William Lawson, Esq., of Veteran Hall, Prospect.

MORGAN—PATERSON—July 5th, at St. James' Church, by

the Rev. G. H. Moreton, assisted by the Rev. E. K. Yeatman, M.A., Dr. Morgan, of Newcastle, to Jessie, only daughter of the late Captain Paterson, H.E.I C.S., of Crofton Hill, Lanark.

MORRIS—HUBBARD—June 5th, by special license, at the Scots'

Church, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, M. P., Mr. Henry George, the eldest son of the late Mr. G. Morris, to Martha, the third daughter of Mr. James Hubbard, Sydney.

MARTIN—M'INTOSH—June 20th, by license, at Holy Trinity

Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Edward Rogers, William James Martin, boatbuilder, of this city, and eldest son of Mr. Joseph Martin, formerly of Cosby, Leicestershire, to Maria Cordelia Taylor, daughter of late Mr. Charles M'Intosh, of Edinburgh.

MACDERMOTT—RAPER—June 26th, at St. Mary's Cathedral,

by the Rev. Austin J. Ford, Frank Small, eldest son of the late Henry Macdermott, Esq., merchant, of this city, to Eliza Matilda, second daughter of Edward Raper, Esq., Landsier Lodge, Newtown.

MAYNE—RICHARDS—July 11th, at the Wesleyan Church, Waverley, by the Rev. John Eggleston, the President of the Australasian Wesleyan Methodist Conference, the Rev. W. T. Mayne, Wesleyan minister, of Armidale, New England, to Matilda, second daughter of the late Mr. William Richards, of Redruth, Cornwall, England.

NASH—GILL—June 5th, at St. Francis Catholic Church, Mel-

bourne, by Rev. James Moore, Mr. T. A. Nash, to Miss K. D.


ROFE—FULTON—June 14th, at the residence of the bridegroom,

630, Wilshire-place, by the Rev. James Voller, Mr. Alfred Rofe, eldest son of James Rofe, Esq., to Sarah, only daughter of the late John Fulton, both natives of Sydney.

ROWSELL—HINDMARSH—June 5th, at the residence of  

William Buchanan, Esq., Tara, New England, by the Rev. S. Hungerford, Mr. Evan Edward Rowsell, solicitor, Armidale, to Mary Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Ralph Hind- marsh, Esq., Sydney.

RYRIE—FAUNCE—July 5th, at Dodsworth, by the Rev. A.

D. Soares, Alexander Ryrie, Esq., of Micilago, to Charlotte, eldest daugther (sic) of the late Captain Alured Taskar Faunce, formerly of the 4th or King's Own Regiment.

ROSS—GARVEN—July 11th, at Coolangatta, Shoalhaven, by  

special license, by the bride's father, Alexander, son of Mr. Roderick Ross, Inverary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to Joanna Hill, third daughter of Mr. John Garven, A.M., Scots' Church,


SANGSTER—HASELDEN—June 16th, ot Bathurst, John, son

of the late Robert Sangster, Esq., commander, Royal Navy, to Sara, second daughter of J. Haselden, Esq., Bathurst.

SHEPPARD—MURRAY—July 17th, at St. John's Church, Dar-

linghurst, by the Very Reverend the Dean of Sydney, assisted   by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, B.A., Edmund Sheppard, Esq.,     barrieter-at-law, to Mary Grace, eldest daughter of Charles Knight Murray, Esq., of Philliphaugh Cottage, Darlinghurst.

SMITH—MURPHY—June 10th, by special license, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, by the Rev. J. Ford, Mr. Joseph Smith, to Mrs. Mary Murphy, both of Sydney.

TIGHE—KENNY—July 4th, by special license, at St. Mary's

Cathedral, by the Rev. Father Ford, Mr. Michael Tighe, to Mrs. Ellen Kenny, both from Elphin, County Roscommon,


UNDERWOOD—CASE—June 26th, by special license, by the

Rev. Dr. Fullerton, at his residence, Elizabeth-street, Mr. James Underwood, eldest son of James Underwood, Esq., of Burwood, to Miss Mary Ann Case, second daughter of Mr. Thomas Case, of the Bush Tavern, Burwood.

WHITE—ARNDELL—June 7th, at Pitt Town, by the Rev. W.

E. White, of Muswellbrook, brother of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. Thomas Wilson, of Pitt Town, Frederick Robert White, Esq., of Timor, Murrurundi, to Sarah Amelia, youngest daughter of Thomas Arndell, Esq., of Caddie, Windsor.

WILLIAMSON—PARKER—June 16th, at Sydney, by special

license, Sarah Jane, third daughter of William Parker, Baloon River, to George Williamson, Brisbane Water.

WATERS—McKEON—June 13th, by special license, at St. John's Church, Paddington, by the Rev. James Milne, George  

Waters, late of Caithness, Scotland, to Emma Maria, youngest daughter of Mr. Humphrey M'Keon, licensed victualler, of


WALKER—RYAN—July 10th, by special license, at the Catholic

Church, Berrima, by the Rev. F. Magennis, William Walker, junior, of Berrima, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas Ryan, of Berrima.  


ARMITAGE—July 16th, at No. 179, Macquarie-street, Amelia

Caroline, second daughter of Henry Armitage, Esq., in the eigth year of her age.

AITKINSON—June 9th, at her residence, Upper Minto, Mary,

wife of Mr. Thomas Aitkinson, aged 78 years.

ALLEN—June 24th, at his parents' residence, 343, Macquarie-

street South, Stephen Edward, the dearly beloved infant son of Stephen and Monica Allen, aged one year ten and months.

ASTIL—April 29th, at the residence of her son, Mr. Charles

Nixon, solicitor, Nottingham, aged 64 years, Mrs. Phoebe Astil, sister of William Hannay, Esq., and mother of Mr. William Nixon, Glebe.

AVERY—July 15th, at the residence of his parents, Castlereagh-

street, Sydney, William Chapman, only son of William and Mary Ann Avery, aged 14 months.

BARLOW—June 12th, at St. Leonard's, North Shore, Eliza

Ann, wife of John Henry Barlow, Esq., of the Bank of

New South Wales.

BARNETT—March 25th, at his residence, Burton Crescent,

London, after a short illness of four days, Mr. William J. Barnett, merchant, of this city, in the 48th year of his age. BARNETT—March 27th, at the residence of his parents,  

Burton Crescent, London, after a short illness, Henry, the beloved son of William J. Barnett, in the 20th year of his age. BARTON—July 16th, Ellen, youngest daughter of William

Barton, Esq., of Cumberland-place, in the fifteenth year or her


BATES—June 10th, at the residence of her son-in-law, T. H.

Potts, Esq., Liberty Plains, Homebush, of influenza, Mrs. Mary Ann Bates, aged 73 years.

BEARD—June 20th, at her residence, Bungelly Road, Elizabeth

Beard, widow of the late Timothy Beard, aged 67 years.

BETTS—July 1st, at her residence, Parramatta, Mrs. Betts, aged

89 years.    

BLANCHARD—June 15th, at his reeidenee, Royal Hotel, Windsor, Mr. Walter Blanchard, leaving a wife and seven

children to mourn their loss.

BLEST—April 8th, at his residence, Grantham-street, Dublin,

Albert Blest, Esq., father of Mrs. Charles H. Bell, of Glenroy, Maneroo, in the 75th year of his age.

BOUVERIE—April 6th, on the voyage to Australia, at sea, of

consumption, the Hon. Charles Adrian Bouverie, aged 29.

BOULTON—June 12th, at 17, Edward-street, Surry Hills, after

a severe but painful attack of influenza, Susannah, the beloved wife of John Boulton.  

BROWN—June 22nd, at Campbelltown, Eliza, wife of Mr. George

Brown, aged 42 years.  

BROWN—June 30th, at the National School, Louisa Creek, of

hooping cough and bronchitis, Annie Harriett, only daughter of Mr. Henry Gyles Brown, aged 2½ years.

BROWN—July 9th, at Parramatta, John Brown, Esq., of

Colstoun, Paterson.

BROWN—July 8th, at Terara, Shoalhaven, Mr. William Brown,

formerly of Neutral Bay, shipbuilder.

BURLEY—June 10th, at the residence of his parents, 74, King-

street, after six days' illness of influenza, William, the only and beloved son of Mr. George Burley, aged seventeen years. BUTCHER—June 13th, at 197, Macquarie-street North, Mrs.

Alfred Butcher, aged 23 years.

CATT—July 1st, at his residence, Redfern-street, Redfern, Mr.   Richard Catt, aged 78 years, after a prolonged illness.

CADELL—March 14th, at London, Thomas Cadell, Esq., late of  

Capion, Somerset, England, and father of Mr. Thomas Cadell,

West Maitland.

CAMERON—June 12th, at the residence of her parents, Ariel

Cottage, George-street, Redfern, Annie Rachel, only daugh- ter of Alexander and Annie Cameron, aged 20 months and 8


CARMICHAEL — July 9th, at his residence, Ashfield, Liverpool

Road, Mr. David Carmichael, formerly of Phillip-street,

aged 33 years.

CANN—July 1st, Samuel Cann, of Little Hunter-street,

Sydney, late of Cheriton Bishop, Devonshire, aged 33, of dropsy. CHAPMAN—July 16th, at Hartwell House, Kiama, Mrs. Thomas

Chapman, of measles, aged 48.

CHAPPELL—April 7th, in his 83rd year, George Royle Chappell,    

Esq., of Nelson House, Oxford-street, Manchester, England.

CHAVASSE—April 16th, suddenly, at his warehouse, Walsall,

England, William Chevasse, Esq., eldest son of Doctor Chavasse, Oxford, and father of John S. Chavasse, Newtown.

CHRISTIE—July 16th, at the residence of her mother, Mrs.

Christie, Pitt-street, Redfern, Margaret, the only surviving

daughter of the late Mr. George Christie, of Brisbane, Moreton


CHUDLEIGH—July 5th, at his residence, Riley-street, Wool-

loomooloo, George Henry Chudleigh, plasterer, aged 49 years.   20 years a resident of Prince Edward Island. North America.

CLARKE—July 8th, at the residence of his parents, King-street,

William Henry, youngest son of George and Ellen Clarke,

aged two years.

COLLIER—May 1st, at Cotburn, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, N.B.,

Mrs. David Collier, aged ninety, mother of Mr. Thomas Collier, of Sydney.

CREAGH—May 2nd, on the Island of Mare, Loyalty Islands,

Sarah Caroline, the beloved daughter of the Rev. Stephen and Mrs. Creagh, after an illness of eight days, from dysentery.

CRONIN—June 23rd, at the residence of her parents, Rockville,

Snail's Bay, of scarlatina, Harriett, the beloved daughter of Mr. James D. Cronin, aged 2 years and 5 months.

CULLEN—July 9th, at Singleton, at the residence of her son,

John Browne, J.P., Mrs. Elizabeth Cullen, aged 77 years.

CURR—June 20th, at his residence, Drummond Cottage, near

Wollongong, Mr. John Carr, in the 77th year of his age.

DALY—June 23rd, at her residence, Sussex-street, Bridget,

the beloved wife of John Daly, leaving an affectionate husband and four children to lament their loss.

DALTON—May 24th, at his residence, 27, Parramatta-street,

after a long and painful illness, William Edward Dalton, brother-in-law to Dr. Huxley, of Ealing.

DAVIS—June 22nd, after a short but painful illness, Mark Elgin,

the beloved infant son of Mr. D. Davis, Old Commercial Store, Goulburn, aged thirteen months.

DAY—June 8th, at East Maitland, Mary Payten, infant daughter

of W. E. Day, Glebe Road, aged four months.

DAY—May 28th, at her late residence, Collingwood, Mel-  

bourne, Mary, the beloved wife of the late Henry Day, Esq., and the beloved sister of Mrs. J. H. Gaston, Rose Cottage,

Darlington, Newtown Road.

DICKSON—July 17th, at Waverley, John, youngest son of Mr.

Stephen Dickson, aged 15 months.

DOUGLAS—June 21st, at her residence, 85, Botany-street,

Surry Hills, Charlotte Hebe, the beloved wife of Mr. Sidney Douglas, aged 31 years.

DUDLOW—July 10th, at the residence of her parents, Monte-

bello House, Newcastle, Ada Australia Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of David and Jane Ludlow, aged seven weeks.

DUNSTAN—July 5th, after a painful illness, Jane, the beloved

wife of Mr. James Dunstan, and only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chaselong, Pitt Town, leaving four young children and a numerous circle of friends to deplore their loss,

aged 30 years.

DWYER—June 11th, at the residence of Mr. Cosgrove, Castle-

reagh-street, Mrs. Mary Dwyer, aged 95 years, relict of the late Mr. Michael Dwyer, of the county of Wicklow, Ireland. EAGAR—June 26th, of measles, at the residence of his parents

17, Lower Fort-street, Owen Gorman, infant son of N. Henry and Louisa Eagar, aged 12 months and 14 days. Of such is the

Kingdom of Heaven.

EAGAR—July 2nd, of measles, at her parents' residence, 17,

Lower Fort-street, Sydney, Bessie Mary, youngest surviving    

child of N. Henry and Louisa Eagar, aged five years and eight


EATHER—June 10th, at Richmond, Mrs. Elizabeth Eather,

late of Windsor, aged 89 years.

EDWARDS—April 17th, at St. John's Wood, Regent's Park,

London, in the 63rd year of her age, Marianne, relict of the late William Edwards, Esq., and the beloved mother of Mr. Nathaniel Edwards, of Nelson, New Zealand, and Mr. James P. Edwards, of Double Bay, Sydney.

ELI.IOTT—June 17th, at her residence, Botany Road, Redfern,

Ann, the wife of Mr. Alexander Elliott, aged 56.

EWAN—July 10th, at his residence, West Maitland, after a severe

illness, Mr. James Ewan, aged 48 years.

FARR—June 15th, at the residence of her parents, Redfern-  

street, Redfern, Kate Louisa, the beloved child of Joshua and Jane Farr, aged 4 years.

FERRIS—July 3rd, George Augustus, youngest son of Mr. James

Ferris, aged 3 years and 3 weeks.

FINLEY—June 28th, at her residence, South Grafton, after many  

years of severe suffering, Elizabeth, the wife of Matthew Smith Finley, surveyor.

FOLK—July 25th, at his residence, 28, William-street, Wool-

loomooloo, Samuel Folk, Esq., aged 62.

FOSTER—June 12th, of measles, at her residence, No. 133,

Cumberland-street, Martha Hannah Louisa, the second daugh- ter of Thomas and Sarah Foster, aged 4 years.

FOX—April 27th, at his residence, Shaldon, Devonshire, Mr.

William Fox, father of Mr. Henry T. Fox, of this city, in the

79th year of his age.

FRANCIS—June 14th, at Bourke-street, of influenza, Ruth

Francis, relict of the late Henry Francis, of Cumberland

street, aged 82.

FRASER—June 9th, John Ross, second son of James and

Catherine Fraser, National School, Dunmore, aged six years  

and eight months.

FUSEDALE—July 8th, at her parent's residence, Kent-street,

Rebecca, the eldest daughter of Thomas and Louisa Fusedale,

aged 3 years and 8 months.

GIBSON—June 21st, at Surry Hills, John Shield, the beloved son

of James and Catherine Gibson (of Neweastle-upon-Tyne), aged

8 months.

GILL—March 24th, in London, from paralysis, Mr. F. Selby Gill,

solicitor, in the 35th year of his age, second son of Mr. James Gill, on the Lachlan Estate, Redfern.

GODWIN—June 14th, at the residence of his parents, Sussex-

street, George Hallett, the beloved son of George and Emma Godwin, aged 4 years.

GRAHAM—June 11th, at the residence of his son, 26, Judge-

street, James Graham, in the 72nd year of his age.

GREEN—July 15th, at his father's residence, Wellington Inn,

Parramalta-street, James Spencer, fifth son of Mr. W. R. Green, aged 19 years.

HALL—July 7th, at her residence, Bondi, Georgiana Elizabeth, the  

wife of Francis O'Brien, and youngest daughter of Edward Smith Hall, Esq., in the 39th year of her age.

HALL—July 25th, at her residence, Aberorombie-street, Sydney,

in the 37th year of her age, Emma Hannah, the beloved wife of Henry Hall, late of Windsor.

HALL—June 25th, at Sydney, after a protracted illness,

(influenza supervening on confinement), Emma, wife of Henry Hall, Esq., late of Windsor, and third daughter of Charles Tompson, Esq., late of Clydesdale.

HALL—July 18th, at Clydesville, Surry Hills (the residence of

her grandfather, Mr. Charles Thompson), Isabella, the infant daughter of Mr. Henry Hall, late of Windsor, aged five and a

half weeks.

HARRISON—July 11th, on board the steamer Tasmania, at sea,

Hezekiah Harrison, Esq., J.P., of Merton Vale, Campbelltown, Tasmania, in the 65th year of his age.

HARRISON—June 23rd, at her residence, Snail's Bay, Balmain,

Honor Pitt, the beloved wife of Mr. Layman Harrison, in the 64th year of her age. "She sleeps in Jesus."    

HAYLEY—June 25th, at Waverton, Cook's River, William

Hayley, aged 75.

HERON—June 10th, at St. Leonard's, North Shore, the Rev.

William Heron, senior minister of the Unitarian Congrega- tion, Bally Clere, county Antrim, Ireland, aged 68 years.

HIBBERT—July 9th, at the North Shore, after twenty-four  

hour' illness, William Lewton Hibbert, aged 4½ years, only

son of William and Ellen Hibbert.

HILL—July 1st, at her residence, Riley-street, Woolloomooloo,

Agnes, the beloved wife of John Hill, in her 34th year, leaving a husband and six small children to lament their loss.

HILLARY—June 22nd, at 16, Lower Fort-street, Mrs. Susannah

Hillary, aged 87 years.

HOLDEN—May 1st, at Lark Hill, Worcester, England, John

Rose Holden, Esq.

HOLT—July 11th, at his residence, 183, Elizabeth-street, Mr.

Joshua Holt, in the 73rd year of his age, a very old and much respected colonist, having arrived in the Minerva, January, 1800, leaving a numerous family, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

HOWELL—June 10th, at her residence, Church-street, Parra-

matta, Eleanor Ann, the third daughter of the late Mr. George Howell, aged 25 years.

HUMBLEY—April 28th, at Waverley, the infant daughter, and

on the 16th June, Edward Arnold, the youngest son of Augusta Guilbert and Joseph Richard Humbley, of this city.

HUSH—June 2nd, at Cookanulla, near Braidwood, Mr. Ralph

Hush, sen., aged 79 years, being a resident of the colony upwards of forty years, leaving a large circle of friends to

mourn their loss.

HYERONIMUS—June 27th, at his temporary residence, Sydney  

South, Nicholas Hyeronimus, Esq., Member of the Legislative Assembly for the county of Wellington, aged 52 years.

HYLAND—June 17th, at his residence, 95, Clarence-street, Mr.

John Hyland, aged 66 years.  

JENKINS—March 18th, at Christian Malford, Henrietta, wife of

the Rev. Evan Alfred Jenkins, and daughter of the late Rev. Peter Hall, M.A.

JENKIN—March 21st, at Christian Malford, Edward Alfred,

infant son of the Rev. Ewan Alfred Jenkin, aged four days.

JOHNSON—June 13th, at the residence of her parents, Dog and

Duck Inn, George-street South, Sarah Jane, youngest daughter of Matthew and Catherine Johnson, aged 4 years and 1


KENDALL—July 11th, at Kiama, Jane, the beloved wife of

Robert Marks, Esq., and eldest daughter of Thomas Kendall, Esq., J.P., of Kiama, deservedly beloved by all who knew her. KERR—July 16th, at his father's residence, Baths, Darling

Harbour, George Kerr, only son of George Buckley, aged four years and one month.    

KING—April 8th, at Malta, Captain William Magrath King, of

the Royal Artillery, aged 33 years.

KINNEAR—June 13th, at the residence of his son-in-law,

Thomas Pringle, Bathurst-street West, John Kinnear, aged 80, native of Montrose, Scotland.

KORFF—June 14th, at the residence of his grandfather, Orchard

Lodge, Glebe Point, Anne Gordon, eldest and beloved daugh- ter of Frederick and Janet Korff, aged 6 years and 2 months.

LAIDLEY—June 22nd, at St. Mark's Crescent, Darling Point,

Henry George, aged 5 years, youngest son of James Laidley, Esq.

LAMY—July 13th, at No. 167, South Head Road, Sydney, the

daughter of Charles Lamy, aged 17 months and 8 days.

LANE—June 21st, aged twelve months, Adeline Rhoda, infant

daughter of John Y. Lane, Esq., Clifton Grove, Orange.

LEATHART—April 8th, at the residence of her son-in-law,

Regent's Park, London, Marta Leathart, mother of Mrs. Henry Godfreys, of Yass, aged 78 years.

LIDDELL—July 5th, at Jemicumbene, Braidwood, Mr. James

Liddell, in the 53rd year of his age.

LITTLE—June 14th, at his late residence, Invernien, Scone,

Francis Little, Esq., aged 62 years.

LLOYD—June 12th, at the residence of her nephew, Mr.

Powell, Glebe, Mrs. Elizabeth Lloyd, relict of the late Lieu-   tenant-Quartermaster Lloyd, of the 39th regiment, aged 74 years.

LODGE—In March last, at Castletownroche, County Cork,

Ireland, in the 87th year of her age, Anne, relict of the late Rev. Oliver Lodge, M.A., of Glanworth, and mother of Mr.

Oliver Lodge, of Moruya.

LOCKYER—June 10th, at his residence, York House, Bay-

street, Woolloomooloo, Major Edmund Lockyer, late of her Majesty's 57th regiment, and Usher of the Black Rod of the Legislative Council, leaving a wife and three young children to mourn their loss.     LONG—June 29th, at his residence, Vincent-street, Balmain, of

influenza, Parry Jarvis Long, Esq., aged 51 years.  

LOTZE—July 17th, at his residence, Strawberry Hills, of disease

of the heart, Mr. Jacob William Lotze, late of Hamburgh, aged 36 years. LOWE—July 8th, at Gooree, Mudgee, of influenza, Sarah  

Henriett Maria, the beloved wife of C. B. Lowe, in the 36th year of her age. MACKELLAR—April 4th, at sea, on board the ship Lochiel,

Minna, the wife of Alexander Mackellar, Esq., of Runnymede, Richmond River, New South Wales.     McCAIN—June 24th, at the Menangle, Margaret, the beloved

wife of Mr. John McCain.

McLEAN—May 31st, at Sofala, aged 24, Emily, the beloved wife

of Harold McLean, Esq.

McLENNAN—June 2th, at his parents' residence, Ship Inn,  

Sussex-street, Duncan Wallers McLennan, the eldest and beloved son of Duncan and Martha M'Lennan, aged 4 years

and 1 month.  

MENNS - July 9th, at Marulan, near Goulburn, the result of a

fall from his horse, on the 8th instant, much regretted by all who knew him, and leaving a widow to deplore his loss, Mr. Benjamin Menns, of Tumut, aged 39.

McNEILLY—July 14th, at the residence of his parents, 316,

Castlereagh-street, Alexander Thomas, infant son of Mr. Alex- ander McNeilly.

McNULTY—July 13th, at her residence, Sussex-street, Ann, the

beloved wife of Mr. John McNulty, leaving three children to deplore their loss. She was a native of Belfast, Ireland, aged


McURDY—June 15th, at Campbell-street, Sydney, at the resi-

dence of her son-in-law, Margaret M'Urdy, a native of Renfrew, relict of Barnet McUrdy, of Inerkip, Scotland.  

McVITIE—June 23rd, Thomas Wallace McVitie, son of the

late Thomas E. McVitie, Esq., aged 7 years and 10 months.

MARKS—June 14th, at his residence, Camperdown, after a

severe illness, which he bore with a Christian's fortitude and resignation, Mr. William Marks, in the 36th year of his age, leaving a beloved wife and large circle of friends to mourn their


MEDCALFE—June 23rd, (after a few day's illness), Christopher

Thrush Metcalfe, aged 33 years, eldest surviving son of Christopher Metcalfe, Esq., of Southampton Row, Russell- square, London, much regretted.

MILLER—June 11th, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr.

W. G. M'Carthy, Deepdene, Glenmore Road, Mrs. Eliza- beth Constantia Miller, aged 83.

MILLER—June 30th, at his residence, Oakfield, Mudgee, Thomas

Digby Miller, Esq., P.M., aged fifty years.  

MILLER—July 8th, William James, youngest son of William

and Maria Miller, and grandson of John and Sarah Smith, and great grandson of the late Samuel Hookley, of Essex Hill Farm, Punchbowl Road, aged 3 years and 16 days.

MITCHELL—April 1st, at Kensington, the Lady Audley, daugh-

ter ot the late Colonel Sir T. L. Mitchell, D.C.L.

MONTAGU—July 15th, at the residence of his parents, "Belvidere

Cottage", Bourke-street, Woolloomooloo, Henry Arthur Her- man, only child of Henry and Theodora Montagu, aged nine months, of convulsions, after four days' illness.

MORAN—March 25th, at Kingstown, near Dublin, Mr. William

Moran, in his 60th year, father of Mrs. G. F. Angas, Mrs. Delany, and Mrs. Cummins, of this city.

MORECROFT—June 19th at her residence, Saint Andrew's-

street, Balmain, the wife or Mr. John Morecroft, aged 34 years. MURRAY—At Enniskerry Lodge, Wicklow, Ireland, Denis

Murray, Esq., M.D., first-class staff surgeon, late of the 10th Hussars, uncle to Mrs. William Hunt, Bishopthorpe, Glebe,

near Sydney.

MUSGRAVE—July 2nd, at the residence of her father-in-law,

Windmill-street, Tamar, the beloved wife of John Musgrave. She was aged 23, and has left an only child, aged 4 months.

MYERS-July 3rd, at the residence or her parents, No. 432,

George-street, Sydney, Eve, the third daughter of Israel and Esther Myers, in her 18th year, after a long and painful illness. NEESTRIP—June 13th, at the residence of her son-in-law,

Captain Thomas Tinley, Balmain, Mrs. Naomi Neestrip, aged

67 years.

NICHOLSON—June 22nd, at Rushcutter's Bay, Mary Isabella,

infant daughter of Henry and Jessie Nicholson, aged 14 days.

NICHOLSON—June 25th, at Rushcutter's Bay, William Wilson,

youngest son of Henry and Jessie Nicholson, after a few hours illness.

NOLAN—July, 1st, Mrs. Matilda Nolan, the wife of Hugh Nolan,   daughter of the late Mr. William Cue, Enniskillen, Ireland,  

aged fifty-eight years.

OLIVER—June 28th, at 17, Bay-street, Woolloomooloo, William

Robert, youngest child of Thomas Jewel and Phoebe Oliver,   aged 2 years and 9 days.

PARKER—June 9th, at Bathurst, Elizabeth, the beloved wife  

of Mr. Josiah Parker, in her 57th year, after a long illness.

PARKER—June 9th, at Bathurst, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr.

Josiah Parker, aged 61 years, after a long illness.

PARKER—June 16th, at the residence of her son, Mr. William

Parker, of Manly Cove, Elizabeth, relict of the late Mr. John Crane Parker, of Neutral Bay, aged 75 years.

PINHEY—April, 21st, at Southampton, Mary Anne, relict of the  

late Lieutenant Pinhey, R.N., and mother of William Townley   Pinhey, of this city.

PONDER—July 9th, at the residence of his parents, 52, Bowman-

street, Pyrmont, Arthur Richard, third son of Mr. Isaac Ponder, aged 9 years and 10 months.

POPE—June 17th, at his parents' residence, the Flower Pot

Inn, York-street, of measles, John, the eldest son of John and Rachel Pope, aged 9 years and 9 months.

PORTUS—June 15th, at his residence, Morpeth, from inflamma-

tion of the lungs, induced by influenza, John Portus, Esq., aged 61 years, deeply and deservedly regretted by his sorrow- ing widow and family, and a large circle of friends. Glasgow and Berwickshire papers, please copy.

PRITCHARD—July 9th, at Pyrmont, William Parnell, infant son

of Mr. W. Pritchard.

RAMSEY—June 10th, at Dobroyde, David Ramsay, M.D., aged

66 years.

RANKEN—June 16th, at the residence of his mother, Kyle,

Marulun, Thomas, youngest son of the late Thomas Ranken,    

of Ayr, Scotland.

RIDDELL—July 11th, at the Sydney Infirmary, the wife of John  

Riddell, aged 50 years, a much respected resident of this colony, leaving a large family to lament their loss ; native of


ROBERTSON—July 2nd, of measles, at the residence of her  

parents, No. 19, Union-street, Marion Ellen, eldest and beloved daughter of George and Mary Ann Robertson, aged 4 years

and 2 days.

ROBINSON—April 23rd, at Clapham, Emma, wife of Mr. Alfred  

A. Robinson, of this city.

ROLFE—July 5th at his residence, Cowpasture Road, Joseph

Rolfe, aged 51 years.

SALMON—July 11th, at Wynyard-street, the infant son of

Alexander Salmon, Esq.

SANDERS—June 18th, at her residence, No. 3, Liverpool-street

West, Mrs. Sanders, of influenza.

SAVAGE—December 12th, at Howrah, near Calcutta, after a

short illness, Charles Hotham Savage, Esq., eldest son of Arthur Savage, Esq., R.N.

SELBY—June 18th, at the residence of his parents, Alfred Kelso,

youngest son of Henry and Sarah Isabella Selby, aged five months and seven days.

SINCLAIR—June 15th, at Pyrmont, Sydney, of tumour on the

brain, Mr. W. Sinclair, farmer, Phoenix Park, Morpeth, aged

44 years.

SINDEN—March 27th, at the residence of her father, Mr. R.

Sinden, Martha, the beloved sister of Mrs. Archibald Thomson,

aged seventeen.  

SKINNER—June 11th, at Mount Lachlan, near Redfern, after a

lingering illness of six months, Eliza, the youngest daughter

of Mr. R. Skinner.

SLADE—June 20th, of influenza, Emanuel Slade, formerly of

Brixton Hill, Surry, England, aged thirty-six years, leaving a wife, seven children, and a large circle of friends to mourn their


SMITHERS—June 15th, at Waverley, Maria Charlotte, only

daughter of Mr. C. J. Smithers, aged 5 years.

SMITH—June 23rd, of residence of her parents, Essex-hill, Punch-

bowl Road, Sarah Jane, the youngest and beloved daughter of John and Sarah Smith, and granddaughter of the late Samuel Hockley, aged 10 years and 4 months.

SMITH—July 7th, at his late residence, Pennant-street,

Parramatta, after a short illness, Mr. James Smith, brother of Mr. J. P. Smith, Greenwood Tree, Paddington, leaving a family and large circle of friends to lament their loss. Aged fifty-four years.

SMITH—July 9th, at his residence, 314, Pitt-street North, Sydney,

Mr. John Smith, father of J. S. Smith, Esq., of Melbourne, deeply regretted, aged 73 years.

SMITH—July 18th, at Phillip-street, after a short and painful

illness, George, the beloved son of Mr. George Smith, aged

five years.

SUTHERLAND—April 22nd, at Grafton-terrace, Glasgow, Oliver

Sutherland, Esq., the father of John Sutherland, of 108, Pitt-street, Sydney.

SPENCE—May 13th, at Mount Pleasant, near Port Glasgow,

Charles Spence, jun., Esq.

STURCH—At Brompton Park, England, In the 77th year of his

age, of paralysis, W. Sturch, Esq., the beloved and only parent   of Mrs. H. W. Moore, of Neutral Bay.  

SOLOMON—June 20th, at his residence, Hornsley Park, near

Liverpool, after a few days' illness, Vabian Solomon, Esq., aged 62, for many years senior partner of the firm of V. and E. Solomon, of this city, and Adelaide.

STEWART—April 8th, at the residence of her brother, the Rev.

John Germuch, of Fairlie, near Largs, Scotland, Margaret, the wife of Captain N. Stewart, of the P. and O. Company's steamship Columbian.

SPENCE—June 29th, Sidney, the infant son or Mr. T. G. Spence,

aged 17 hours.

SCHOLTZ—June 23rd, at her father's residence, Hunter-

street, Anne Marianne Scholtz, aged 4 years and 10 months, after an illness of twenty-four hours, from congestion of the


SPRUSON—July 4th, at her late residence, 37, Prince-street, the

beloved wife of Joseph Spruson, of the city of Dublin, Ireland.

SULLIVAN—June 23rd, at the Macleay River, Jane, the beloved

wife or Mr. William Sullivan, aged 36 years.

THROSBY—July 12th, James Throsby, of Mount Broughton,

fourth son of the late Charles Throsby, aged 27 years.

TWISS—July 4th, at his parent's residence, Castlereagh-street,

Redfern, Charles Twiss, youngest son of Joseph and Elizabeth Twiss, aged 15 months and 24 days.

TAYLOR—May 14th, Mr. Richard Pattenden Taylor, late of

Eltham, Kent, England.

VOGAN—July 25th, at 3 o'clock a.m., Mr. J. G. Vogan, in the

31st year of his age, deeply lamented.

WAHLBERG—July 23rd, at the residence of her parents,

Alexander-street, Redfern, Mary Christina, only daughter of Peter and Rhoda Wahlberg, aged sixteen months

WALLACE—June 18th, at the residence of his parents, 31, Union-

street, Sydney, William George, only son of William and Eliza-

beth Wallace, aged two years.

WINDRED—June 24th, at the residence of her grandfather,

Pitt-street, Mary Ann Sophia, only child of the late Mr. John Windred, formerly of Bathurst, aged 3 years and 2


WEBBER—July 8th, at his parents' residence, Parramatta-street,

Frederick William, the infant son of Mr. Charles Webber, aged

9 months.

WEBB—July 26th, at her residence, Pyrmont, Mary, the wife of

Joseph Webb, Esq, formerly of Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

WEST—At the residence of his son, at Windsor, of influenza,

Benjamin West, veteran, aged 84 years. The deceased had been sinking for a long peiiod, and, being attacked with the prevailing epidemic, his strength was not sufficient to bear against it. His relatives were residing at Blackburn, Lanarkshire.

WHITTAKER—July 6th, at her father's residence, East Maitland,

Phoebe Maria, eldest daughter of Charles Whittaker Esq., aged


WIGHTMAN—July 26th, at her parents' residence, Sussex-

street, Catherine Anne, the beloved and youngest daughter of John Wightman, aged three years and ten days.

WRIGHT—April 9th, at 36, Somerset-street, Portman-square,

London, Mrs. Isabella Finnister, wife of William Anthony Wright, Esq., late of Sydney.

WOOLCOTT—June 9th, at her residence, Pitt-street, Redfern,

Mary, wife of Mr. William Woolcott, in the seventy-third year of her age.

WOODWARD—June 19th, at his residence, 182, Crown-street, Mr. Oliver Woodward, butcher, in the 32nd year or his age, a native of Potterspury, Northamptonshire, England.

YABSLEY—June 18th, at his residence, Terminus Cottage

Pettersham, Mr. Benjamin Yabsley, sen., aged fifty years.

The Health Officer has drawn the attention of the City Council to a subject of the most grave import- ance, namely that the bodies of newly born infants have (as he ascertained) been very frequently found imbedded in night soil on its discharge from the carts. In these cases it is not possible, it is said, for the men to ascertain from what particular cesspool the body has come (although one would fancy it almost im- possible for a body to be even carried to the cart with- out its being discovered). It is suggested that many of these bodies are those of still-born children which have been thus disposed of in order to save the expenses of burial. But there is, nevertheless, reason to fear that many are the remains of living innocents devoted to this revolting mode of sacrifice by their wretched parents in the very hour of their birth. We cannot doubt but that earnest and prompt attention will be given to this subject.

Influenza and measles are still very prevalent, and a great many deaths have been reported. This is becoming, apparently, an annual scourge, but the visitation of the present year has been the most severe

of all.

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