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Timm DAY.-TUUHSDAY, MAY 31, I860.

i Arrot,nt sky and a southerly brcc/o m the carl)

morning betokened foul weather, but these ominous signs did not deter the real loters of sport from hastening to the course by thousands Vor) feu ladies, ho» et er, tentured out to face the nippmc wind and the clouds of red dust which -were driven ilong the Randwick Road to the manifest incon\ e

menee and discomfort of those w ho rode, and those w ho Milked There was no dodging or escaping this red dust which lodged m peoples ejes, moutlis noocs ears and choked up the larjnx of thousands People struck off into the bush to get aw a) from the blinding shower of pulverised graicl, but the result w is the same at the end of the journe) for they woioasthoroughl) dirt begrimodas those who trudged on the highway At noon, there must hate been some set en thousand tumors on the ground, and before tho first race ei(,tit or nuie thousand ihe grand stand-the pr ces of admission hating been lowered ctrt unly to the prejudice of those who had to paj guineas - hid mon) more occu pints Ulan on Wednesdat, but the absence of the ladies ti as terj perceptible, and uns much regretted Thev did well, ho wet or to remain aw at, fe r the da) was most uncomfort ible thiough out "What tilth the white sind which was blow-in« about in all directions and tho beaty rain in the altcmoon, and the bleak wind throughout the dat

nobod) could bute enjo)cd the racing lhe whole nfTair was a desperate pursuit of pleasure undei difh cuines but the people seemed to take the thorough touking the) receited with the same nonchalance as the) did the peppering with white sand Bacon ins right when he said the Lnghsh people engaged m their pleasures with great gravity lhe presence of the German band, who phi)ed some excellent selec

tions of music throughout the day, sencd in some digrce to dissipate the weariness ot the time between the races Ire stewards had announced their mten tion to start the horses at the adtcrttsed time, but their pow er to do so is evidently not commensurate with their will "\\ e suppose some of the blame of delat must attach to the owners of horses nnd to the jockeys, who possess a fatal facility of cutting time to waste and hate no regard for the convenience or time of the public Hie want of punuuuht) was not so glaring on this occasion, how et or, as on the first two dat s W e trust that it future meets a strict regard to time will be obsertedb) the stewards His Lxcellenc) and patt) w ero again absent to daj

nnd the onlv notabilities on the grouna w ore some of the members of the Legislatit e Assombl)

So far as the actuii racing was concerned thi-, was the cluefcst day lhere w as Rot much interest m the Prince of Wales Stakes since Luroka tvis booked to win In the lace for the Randwick Plate, the favourite disappointed her backers, whilst the Don surprised all those who held him too ckean Mr Loder, the owner lucked him conhdcntlt but the ring had too much faith in the Doe Deception proteda ten fast mare, and the waj she pissed the ruck of horses running up Constitute i Hill drew forth loud expressions of approt al She w is m bad condition, and lame thrco or four da)s ago, and was ridden m an awkward minncr, otherwise she would probabl) hate taken second place Next )eir will dot elop her pow ers ind qualities more full) she has an immense stride, and gallops with gteat caae, ard w ill ) et prot c, if w e mistake not, i first class mun U 1 he third rae" excited grcit interest but the issue dis

appointed the stanch bickers of A eno Cert unit Seno carried 1 lbs moro than Gratis, and that euri weight no doubt decided the race It was a »allint contest both old horses running true is steel ind both rulers -Holmes ind Higgerson doing their utmost foi tictorj As for Strop he led otf it a fuuous paie but ifter the fust mile seemed to be used up lhe horse wants rest Hie remiming inces lcquire no particular comment since the) came off in the pour

mg run, which rendered the position of the hoiaes

somewhat doubtful

About a quirtcr to one the last bell rang for the

TIUST R\ci -1 ht> Pnntc of \\ ales St ikes of hO sotereigns idded to a sw eepstal es of S sotereigns each for ill horses, MPC tho winner to be sold for 1100 If entered foi £t>0 allowed "lbs if for £ 0 allowed 121bs if for £60 allowed 1 »lbs if for '0 tllow ed 281bs IS o further allow ance to maiden mares or geldings an) surplus to go to tim funds the second horse to recette 20 sotereigns 1 ntnnce £ 1

Mr T Ivory'sc (r iuroka, aged 7st lllbs (E 0)- Holme» 1

J Onus s b g Ackbar S yinrs st libs (£G0)

I Keiiibran » bl g Catouche aged Bat 91bs (£lf <*)

R II Roberts urn g Swindler, 5 year?, 8<t lib (WO

C Morris g o m Irish Kate, 5 years 6Bt Olba íLjü ilr J H Rutter B b g t\ arrlor acid Oat Albs ( 0) It Alletcr's c g Rergnmot, aired, fat Otbs (£ 0)

Eurolawas i stiong fatountc being backed at 2 to 1 to win 1 to 1 was hid igainst Bergamot, and o to 1 against anything else Ackbar jumped off with a strong lead followed b) Swindler, Catouche and Euroka At thf« I achlan Plat, Aekbai ind Swindler were neck and neck with Turoki who had passed Catouche, close upon their quarter a little further on at Denison Corner, Euroka took up the munni., and led the way at a rattling pace, Swindler flying hard for second place with Akbar Catouche ilso closed upoi the Swindler but was unible to collar bun 1 hus pliced thet ran in luroki hird held set cn lengths a head of Ackbar, who was followed hy Swindler and Citouche Time, minutes 3 t


SreoNu RAcr-The Randwick Plate of 120 sote reigns with a sweepstakes of J sot ereigns iddcd (two sotereigns forfeit) for three ind four )eirs old

li mile 3)ears old 8st 1)ears old 1st mutions it starting allowed Albs Lntrance, £<">

Mr A Loder»» c b The Don, 4 years flst (Higgorson) 1

T Ivory*« c ra Flying Doe 3 years 7st 12lbs 2 T Kelly"» g h Cossack, 3 years, S«t

T leenbr f Ulla 3yc»ri,7st l'Uni

L DoVcstn'a b f MossRo C 3 years 7»t 121bs f rVMcstrcflb o Archer 3 years, 7it lllbs

J llorgreavc'a b m Deception, 4 years, 8st, 12lbs

1 lying Doo was the fatountefor thi3iice but Moss Rose, from her performances of jesterdav found friends at 4 to 1 5 to 2 was offered igainst the Don, who wau btiokfd fieelv bv his owner at J to 1 De

ccptionwas also hacked it 4 to 1 After one fuse start, the horses all got away together, Cossacl lead ing for tne moment, when the Don, in coming up the distance pnssed him like a shot and took up the running, followed b) Moss Rose with Deception in the reír lhe race up Constitution Hill wis a prett) sight, the horses follow mg each other in single file

but when at the top, and on the leiol giound c1 ise to Champion Corner, Deception rin inside and pist all the othci horses except the Don and 11) in" Doc A struggle now ensuea foi second place and Decep tion attempted to run inside the Doe but Dnsi oil siw the dodge, and ran his mire close to the fence, thus shutting out all chinee for the "Sew/eilinder lhe Don was netei headed after tiking first phce and came in a winner by about two lengths I It mc Doe second, Deception third ind Moss Rose 1 ist lime, 3 minutes 4 seconds

Tim n RACK -The Australian Jockct Club Hirdi cap of 130 sotereigns added to a sweepstikcs of 10 sot ereigns each 3 sotereicna forfeit fir all iges J miles, the second horse to receive 2o sotereigns Entrance £G 10s for ill acceptors

Mr J J Robert* b g Gratis aged 8st 121bs (Holmes) 1

J ITipttcreon sogt «no, igcil Oat 21b 2 T Leo s e g Snip, aged st 411 s dr II Redwood ibg Strop, aged Oet

Veno WOB the fatouute for HUB race though Strop was backed to win at 30 to 10 and 2 to 1 wasMrud against Grati6 At the start, Stiop advanced to the front and led all the wa) lound to the Derbt Corner, when\eno and Gratis passed lum At the Judge s chair, Veno was only a neck in advince Trom the riat they laced neck and nPck up to the Denison Corner when Gratis took the lead, md at Cons ti tu t on Hill w as half a length m adt ance A sei ero race now ensued home, and both horses weie pusned to the utmost, but ctentually Gratis won 1) half a length , Strop a bad third

rot lent RAÍT-To start it three the Consolation Stakes of 40 sotereigns, with a sweepstiles of j sotereigns each added for all beaten horse«, to be handicapped by the stewards, 1' mile the second horse to receitc 10 sotereigns from the sukes

Tntrance 2 sovereigns

Mr J Onus s b g \ckbar (Henderson) 1

J Moses'b g Wonder 2 "When the entries were made \ckbir was the fatounte but just before starting the odls weie

rather m favour of Wonder

At the stait, Ackbar jumped off w ith the le id and m pabsuig tlio stand the first time t\ ob three lengths ihead of "Wonder At Constitution Hill, Wonder closed up, and at the Champion Cornci i tremendous rice ensued for the first phce At the Derbt Coinci "Wonder was alongside Ackbar, but was unable to pass lum, and ctentually lost bj hilf a length lins

race carno off in the midst of pouring rain

ru-ru lUcr -Ihel oiced Handicap of >0 soter

eigns with a sweepstakes of 5 sot ereigns cich added for all winners Ueaten btakes, Hack, irial, and Triennial Stakes optionil , 1 \ mile to be Itandi cappca by the stewards the wmuer to p it £ > r>-> to

the Club Liitrince free

Mr J DrlrcoU'sb g Planet 7st inlbs (Driiooll) . . 1

I Ivory »eg Euroka 7« lOlbs 2 H Town B bit. g Stranger, 8aí » "»

W. K, BUckt»»n'e e. r. True Blue, 7at, Slt». J. I. Kobm'a b. g. Gratis, 6»U Ulta. 1 IvorJ'a o. m. Flying Doe, 7»-, dr. M*Ouirç's Egremont, 7et. 8lbe., dr.

E. De McatrVs b. f. Moss Rose, 6st. 91b), I. K. Clotvb's Chattcrcss, feather, dr.

J. Taylor's c. m. Pussy Cat, feather, dr. A Loder'» c. h.iThe Don, 8»t. ïlbi., dr. J. Onus' b. g" Ackbar, feather, dr.

J. Hlggcrson's o. g. Veno, 8st. tubs., dr.


Gratis passed Euroka, and at Constituüon ¿Ä the piecedence of True Blue, but ttc raw w»S* severe, und the old horse fell back, AS Euroka and Stranger. Planet came in an easy vS followed by Euroka and Stranger,! wkUs? 0¡SF brought up the rear. fa ,l 8t °tM»

This race terminated the meeting, which nrov^ .

successful as could be anticipated at so lnt»P»^ M

of the year. The condition Rtí^

ceptionable, and the Jookey Club h _0T * "?"* considering the time and their resources The Ä notwuhstar.rhng the high charges, ¿"Ä patronized the sports, and so indemnified the rly motors of the races for their labours and expenaiC

It w11 be well for the horse-poUce to "^ at the next great gathering the parties who ridel! recklessly along the road to the great jeopardyofC passengers Yesterday a well-known public.,^S his cob full speed, not along the road but T ?T

footpaths and actually knocked down fchild aTd^

jurcd its leg. But ho never deigned to return to m^ compensation orenqu.nes. To-day a madfellow/S

with another mad lellow, rushed against ml «T6 and knocked down another, but still went on Tk_

whole ot these fellows ought to be sunned to court and punished for furious riding, espcciXth. publican, who is always reckless on horseS 'Un less some example is made wo shall yet have to" record fatal accidents arising from the criminally «¡rdS. conduct of certam horsemen coming home from raceT

The arrangements during the meeting for the nre" »ration of order at nil parts of the course andana., were very creditable to the police, who hnppíy had

but little occasion to exercise their authority It i» only right to state also that there was less of drunken ness and fighting during tho tlu-ce days than tve have seen at any races m the colony. *. «MU

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