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j Tuesday, May 29.

Fou the inauguration of a grand new racecourse the weather was as lovely as the most ardent sportsman could have desired. A clear sky overhead, tho sun's heat tempered by a fresh sea brcei-.o ; crecn-grassed springy turf; a multitude of people, and enjoyment in every face-what more could a votary of tho national pastime require ? We have never yet been upon a racecourse where so much general satisfaction sccmoi to prevail. Doubtless there was the charm of novelty in the course itself, which is certainly the finest now in this hemisphere, though still eapablo of great improvement Its present

«condition reflects the greatest credit upon the«

Jockey Club, who deserve the warm thanks of the public for working so vigorously to promote tlio sport in which Anglo-Saxons take so much delight There was so much to ace and to admire m the various arrangements of the course, so many speculationsus to the effect of running up Consti tution-hiil, and turning Denison and Derby corners

that even the waste of tuiio which preceded the first ruce passed by unheeded, But for all that, we think the stew ords ought to be punctual, and by so doing, set an cxutuplc to the country clubs, who only ape their great exemplar. It was not pleasant for ladies in particular to mount tho grand stand where the wind blew keen at a quarter past twelve for the first race, udvertised for half-past twelve, and there wait till one o'clock ere »he horses were musterod for stinting. Darring this want of punctuality the stewards performed their duties satisfactorily.

The South Head Road and the Coogee Road pre- sented a very animated appearance some two hours before the racing began. Pedestrians predominated in number, but there were a great many 'buses, cabs, gigs, chariots, carriuges, and dogcarts full of pasbengeis, besides numerous horsemen. The love of hoise racing must be very strong in some people, for we obseiveu the unfortunate legless cripple, who may be setn often on the sunny side of George-street, pro- pelling himself in a sort of a basket, making his way towards Rundwick mobt expeduiously« He could'nt be going to see the races, nor to bet upon them, wo suppose, and was therefore actuated by a love of excitement, or a desire to aggravate holiday-seekers into a charitable and monty-giving temper. Poor leliow !_ grudge him not n halfpenny. About noon, we cunjtclure, there were over 6000 people present, leuving out of the calculation the great number« who lucutcd themselves on the adjacent hills io obtain a che«p (and distant) view ol tile racing. His Excel- lency, who was accompanied by iiady Denison and family, and escorted by tho mounted police, arrived early, und was conducted by the stewards to a box specially prepared for the accommodation of the vice i egal pin ty at one end ot the grand stand. Amongdt oilier visitors we noticed Sir Daniel and Lady Cooper, the Minister ior Works, the Minister for Finance, many membeis of Piu-liumeut, merchants and trades- men with their families, und many of the country gentry. The Gland Stand, which is capublo of holding some 1600, is a most commodious and substantial building, made of American timber. The seuts, which aro capacious, and fitted with backs, ure ranged iu tiers one above- the other, so that when all tbe occupants uie seated everybody can bee tne racing. In tact the racing can only be seen from the Grund Stand, unless one goes outside the boundary of the course entirely. By and bye we suppose there will be minor erections in the centre of the course, commundiug a good view ol the convincing ground.

1 litre we-re fatten or sixteen publicans' booths, clustering about the weighing yard, in uduition to the

leliesluiieiit stalls under the Grutid Stand. All of

thi se bcemed to be well patronised. Fur amusement there was Taylor's rifle galleiy, which was crowded all day long, ' u bund ol' music, and dancing in some of the booths ; but the greatest attraction of the day wus Punch and Judy and the dog Toby, a veritable und most sugacious animal. Punch, a hunchbacked und hook-nosed burt ol'Mai k Tapley, for he jokes at all his disti esses, and bundies words with the judge and the hangman, drew great uudie-uces whom he . convulsed with laugnter, much to the benefit of their health. The exhibition is the most completo we have seca foi many yearB,-u regard for tno dramatic proprieties ib one distinguishing tenture ol'the shew, and when tbe proprietor blows his horn to-morrow, all who love laughter will flock to see Punch. We can commend to their notice- the graceless trickster.

We had almost forgotten lo notice amongst other

arrangements, the weighing and saddling yard'; a ? _lnrg,tf_»recti--oTgriiundfctiiilObed by a high'and secure

leuce, l'hu lincing tor the Derby corner, beyond the grund stund, a dibtauce ot Some 300 yards is also' u '' line piece of wotk. The whole of the material

coloniul hurdwood, for this work,-and it is very ex tiiibive-was supplied by W. Jolly and Co., wh i niau put up the fencing. The grand stand was erected under the superintendence of the architect Mr. Hilly. When the whole of the woodwork has been well painted, there will be an air of finish and complete« nesb about it very attractive to the eye.

The racing itself was upon the whole good, thó first race disappointed general expectation. Alfred wits m no condition to nice, and Cnatteress galloped veiy stiffly. After the issue, the oil' tore foot of Altrud wat, swollen and tender, und this was, doubtless, iii duct-d by bad plating. The encounter between Veno und Suop was most exciting, and after the first run round, ihe pace, when entering the «traighli un home, was uncommonly binuxt and killing. Condition told us usual, und Uiggersou may thank his training and Ins ndiiig for the victory. Veno never looked better, and the old horse found great favour with those who understood horse flesh. Moss Rose proved a morn to her admiiers, whilst in the Squatters' Purse Flying Doe justified the opinions expressed of her, by at once taking first place, and maintaining it. Ia the Free Il-mdieup, the luvourite wh3 nowhere, whilst the Stranger, whom nobody noticed, caine to tho front muk in gallunt btjle, much to the chagrin of the

liiends oi the Don.

We are happy in beiiig able to state that no serious mishap oecuritd to mar the plea<uiie of the day. A horse, after one of the races, ran away with a dog. . cart, in which were seated a man and woman. Tue mun jumped out and saved himself, and left the woman io her fate. She held on to the reins, and guided the hoi se as well on Bhe could across the centre of the course, till she neal ed Constitution Hill, wheu the curt inn over a bank, and so threw her out. Happily, 'she* escaped''without "injury, but the cart was dashed to pieces. The >horse was with great

difficulty suved. The man, it was said, was thrown ? out of the curt-we saw him jump out.

ftibl Kate.-Klist year of lue Siound TtieaiiUl Stakos of 1110" tbHuiRtie, tilded to a hu Hipftakes ot In ajviroinui euob ; S sors rtißiisiorffir; no entrance fio-, t»o-yeur n ü», 8»t ; one mils;

tillite iml |til(llriK»allt)»i-ii4IDi.-, Mu second Uuraa to reoatvulu' and Hie i turd S per com. on ia« gru-a aiuuuut ut tbe prix«. Kn ti auces eUnsid. . . . ,

Mr. I. K. Clibve'h b.,f. Costuren«, by Cbattorbox, out of '

'JcMn (Henderson) ,. ..... . 1 J. Tun'* b. o. Alfred, by Warwick, out of Clova., 2 G. Ko» It} 's b. <-. I rstnier, by Wurwio«, out of Portia .. dr. " li. tsHutiiorn'a b. c. Blum, by CüuUmiox.out ol Uuck

Bib». . . '... .. dr. TuU'i b, r. Rubina, oy Warwlo't, out of St. Joba

Uu(«n . . . . dr. . E. i, tí. North's b. o- Sbeet Anchor, by Adonis, out of

' Lndy. . dr. P. IiuM-nll's b. o. by WillliiBi Toll, out of Maid of tbe .

Oak«.. dr. Chatteress waa the favourite from the first, and had the cidl ; bettiug 5 to 4 . in her favour. Alter a false ttart, both hnipes got off well together, whea Alfred took the lead for a ahort distance. He was soon collared by the innre, who passed him, and main- tained her position- throughout, coming in a wiuner about half-a-dozen lengths hurd held, ino colt being punished irom ihe distance. After the race Alfred went lorne, and it was afterwards said that he was

lune winn he started, but if so it was not very' nppaient. Time, 2 ni. 10 s.

ncond Ba«_Tho AuHtruttac Ptito of 120 »ororelfra«, wits » s»ti «Masen ol lu tuteuiyiis enan; 6 soíermgn« for Ml fur all agis ; mice rtund the course. JäntraiiOm 6 -avvrelg-us. oeujnj

litrtc to niche 20 suveii ininti oin tbe niano-.

Mr. J. IIiKtii-ivou'sc. e Veno/iigeil, 8st. 131m (IUffioraon) ' 1

D. Ktflwcod'ab K S:rou,tt({-'l. »at. Ulo». (i.uttt> . ¡S

Veno wa« in splendid condition, but Strop scarcely

carne up to the mark, nevertheless he wa* the favoti- -' rite. The betting was brisk, 5 to 4 being offered on the Kew Zealand hoise. After the first run rouud, Vi no was backed at 10 to 5 to win. A bad start wa»

tflectcd, Sttop having a clear lead of a length, which he. maintained all the way round to the Derby comer : at the distance a rush wai made, Veno collared him, and at the grand stolid led by a neck. The race now became most exciting, and the b ickers of Veno looked on it us a certain triumph fur the chesnut. Johnny Cutts made a magnificent «fort to maintain his pre- vious piceminence, but in vain, Veno piloting all the wuv round, Bnd coming iu a winner by a couple of lengths. Both horse* see-med considerably distressed

at the termination ol'the race. Time, 6 innis. 11_ sees. The iiding oi Iliggeraon was the theme ol gcne-ial iidmiraiion.

'I hlid Baie-Tin- Metropolitan Malden I'lutr-, of 150 sovereigns, wi.h ii pwctpRWkuB uf 4 sotiii-iKiiB mo» add ii, for all lior.m nevtr «on an mimili««! pru». at toe timo uf e-itrsatf« (»iiimr^ i't t«o.)csrrlJsial».-«'X'P''I); «'IK« < * "ne, no iillcM.'tw;-, ncvlul rn'JH. to n-r-itv* 25 njvitcijik. hntibiict*7 I"3- Winnirs ut starting- <.'' 3!> aourugn«, 8los.

îv-ti.80 »'er,-',,*,"'.l ,lb*? extra . I«» Bowdan», 7,b. ,3* P* m"*U ,p'»'»"If"'orw"iner«notaoiînmnlattvaS '"".«"«. tor. T Dr! eoUV b * Plan«, 5 year., But 9¡b< (DtUooll) ,

1 LetVo h I«lcr'Po8.un, 4 year», 8 t nia ' S T £ .'/^V* b, r Moa"ll te. 3 y«T, '«t 4lbi ! J Tali'ab h FUnurman 3yíarÍ, 78û «lb, .

J J It ht rta o h Coronation, S j-evra 8st tilba '

This was an excellent ruce but the result din«« pointed nil those who backed Alosa Rose anoth» orool how little the ' knowing ones, so citled mall. know about llorac« their condition, or their chance 01 success Hie betting on Mr de Mostré s fillr »" 2 to 1 ngamst the field A great deal of money mu,

in consequence huvo changed hands At tha wird "oft Moss Rose jumped away followed bv Phi» Possum and Planet it the Lichlan Swamp for» moment Planet fell behind, and C ironation toola hi, place, but the pill«, t bay gelding soon passed Caw nation and at Constitua u Hill Peter P issu it »na Planet were neck und neck, und ahead of Moss P.ii who showed signs oí taticu« and never regained har lost place At the Dli by Corner, Planet led b» » clear length and pusse l the j idge f mr leiths ah'ad of Peter Pensum win w is toll i «red by Alisa It j*. bix lengths behind lune, 3 m 31s

Fourth li co Tho sqiamri.' lura "f 50 sovereigns wit». «mpslakoil S«vir t n* IaCh r r .11 horn " th* n",t"ïî irire «ice lu R Si err lKns at the lim or .nranc"¿I ruin d lu d a it s »ne , «1 bl T r ato Entrance ¿Gi iM SeJ|*}

t>t rse to receivu l8 nong a oe"*«

Mr T lv< «jV o n V' vii,, D« 3 rear« 7at 7 bs (DtUcoll) 1

J Galvins« pi U»yp agi l8 t Bibs ' \ 1 a Onu'sl |i Die lail, 1 1 lj S reúne, 8 t 8lh< ¡ Jarosa M Olli 1. u I Sweet Al o (late Maid oí Judah) 9

víais 6« S lbs '

J Wot Ui's g t hamrook 0 year» 8st 71b«

Ti,mi,ssc*nrisru m M de ; it »t» a,u8lbf

8«t'U8T " ° " ' ^ Cil (luta "ltiUl,r Utni)> a«cd

H Wild id'sc m. Ue ewin« 4 year» 8 t s bj E 8 Hall s b « Mr Harry auld Bal 7lbi

Betting Otc 4 abninat riymg Die, 3 to! agim,» Calypso Flying Doe wus the favourite m this race and fihe fully "manned her backers, havi ig iftor 1 most gallunt unites , come in a winner by three lengths A bciuitilul stirt having been male baan rock took the lead , but m pissiug the grand sta ii. Flying Due stile up and took first place, and w is never uiurwuids headed Ihe interest of thoraoe after this center» d nt the contest between Catypso and Blue tailed Tly lor aecond place which wai de- cided 111 lav ur ot Caypso, Unie tailed Tly thud

lime, 2 minutes CO seconds

Filth K u - I atti is Is I ree II indlcap ot 1 JO anverolrtu flin cut of luinr all s cub) »iib a ,.«- p<uk 1 of fife utirefoi a ided t r a I hci,«* to bu na d oipptü by tha ltico Coma iii« I'/ioiile Mund t-eiiae- tu rtceivc thirty eoveielgiia iron ta«

Hakes El li ? u fice

Ml W li un',-bl k Stranger, ag ri S 41b« (Ford) 1

T I»orj'se f Furoka agtu 8j,t 4lba ! W K Ulackin 1 'a u g Tru Blue age 1 8 t 41bs J it M t ou m se in Stqu rrol I year» 7 t " 4r 1 Uarurikte's b ni L> e p ion 4joara,S»t 31b« dr T If 1>sk I Cust-bck 3>e»r8 7al 2b«

K II Uitorts'm g «wind r, Syea »8it

A L dcr'so h IltUui 4jfai« 8st 7 bj.

W lum'st h Uuttlir, S years Sat telba. 'J T Lti'abr I Lila 3 jiars 7al ) , E IJelwtri'sb 1, 3 vi are 7at Jibs

J Orus'eb g Aekbur 4 year« 7a 12lbs ) Jt s Mom-s's lt|i U ndir, »gul, «st, 41bl

0 Wlilte'i-b o Si Uli a J jxais Sat ' E 8 Ball's c (r Ktmito agid 8«t

The Don, being m splendid fettle, was the favour

ite, though Euioka was not without bickers lue betting just beloie starting was au follows 3 to I »gainst the Don, Ç to 1 against Euroke, 6 to 1 agsioit Bottler, 6 to 1 against ¡stranger, 10 to 1 agiinjt Archer, 12 to 1 «¿amst any other After two false starts, the hoists ¡,ot away well together, the Stronger taking the lead past the Grand bund, a position which be muuituined throughout, and cam« in an easy winner The Don run secind for t lime aid ¡awmdlir third, but nt Consiitution Bil Eure k11 and Irue Blue carno up from the rucie, an I carne m second und third-the favourite being tha scvintii to pu s the post

lins ended ilu sp nts of thediy, and at once the great cloud dcpuited hoinetvards

The rates to uiotrow will comprise the First Trien niul Sukes, fi r which Moss Rose is the faiouritei, but in conséquente of her being beuten to day, many are backing Aln/etta to wintle race The see el race is the Publieai s Puise, for which Cartouche has been backed ng iii st the field Hie Welter Handicap h the thud nice, and L^remont ia the fuv junto lia. next toce is tile City Plite for which Gritis has beul bucked heuvity at small odds Ihe ruees fot iii" di) will termínate with the Hick Stakes O 1 the whole, therttoie tin re ia very good sport for the se cond diy

ol a 1 acme, uniting

At Ihticistdl s, last evening, there was a fair mus ter of the spoiling fiati rnity, but the betting ivan very slack His 10 doubt was owing to the two lavin rites, Mt sa R se and Don, who had been heavily bacltcel, liii\ui(, been beaten foi their 6tveral r icea »The beating «us very lui ned, and was pri c pUly

cor fined to (he City Plate and Publicans Par«,

GiHlis be hil, b 1 ktd loi the iormer ut 6 t > i 1111 6 w 5 ai d Cartouche at eveu agutnat the field tor toe


V e do not think the losses )n the first dry s race* amount lo ve 1 y much, und, with the e\ceptions of the two inccs'alicttdy alluded to, the amounis won

und lost must \\*\(, been virj small

School op Akts-ihe usuul weekly lecture, In councciKn willi this institution, w is delivered hy Mr A Gordon m ti e lecture hall of the institution, yestirelsv evening "Hiw our forefathers travelled in England w«s the subject on which the learned lee lum delivered an liiirtsiiiiL. aud instructive dis- course Mr Hollín occupied the chair Alter a lur introducá rv rt minks the lecturer proceeded ti gire a bncl dcscriptun ot the roads of England fr ira in esrly date, und nrat he explained the peeultaritiei if the Roman n uds Ut then passed on to a brief dt» criptloii of ihe mads ot Eduard I, und the peeuliuujr which attached to them namely of haviiu, 400 feet uf open spare cn either side for the purp se ol giving travellcis the opportunity to sec my robbeis («nji whichlhc roads *cie in tested) betöre they e luldspna? upon them (the traveller») The traces of trie clearings utlp n ing these re ada the lecturer state! weic still visible iii Hirtt^rdahtre He theu prj ceeded to exhibit diligrims by which the lecture wa illustrated l'e firs* represented a ¡saxon chariot suppo ed to ht snnilur to thut ni which Joseph rode ni 1 gy pt, at d the other a 6 ixon wa(,g in similar to that tu which Jacob travelled down to the Und if the Phi leahs Hie Nunn in iel idea were ne« deseril ed Ihe leciuicr also det nie I some particulars ol the Nomiim mode of riding-in every respect op posed to the mode, ot riding customary to ile Sa» 011s Urse litters, si udar to that en whieli "V\iliinm Rufus was onveyed from ne New Te rear, after being struck by un arrow next claimed the lrcturei s attention A di igr nn repre eentiiiL. ihe procession of Anne B ile yhi iln her c ir ma tion (taken tiom a Trench lllustriteil Ms) was then ixlibiteel mo claloritily desenhed by the lecturer uà pissed on to exhibit and desenbp a pitvate trivel

htigwapL,iu In comic el ion with this dudara tne lectnier uud Shukespeme s description ot Qicon Mub« clu not and it wus argued thit S11 ik speare must have had such a wngc.on as that repr sentei on the diHLium before his mind w.h 1 he pruned the passage quoted The c nicyiiiLei di Queen Flizabeth s reiL,n were ne\t represent d ail desurdid , nlsithciis in ¿hit reign of the trident eonchniuking nnd the atteurp,* tint were nade W suppress ir on the score thnt^d ecurciry of le itlier «at likely toiesult 1 w o dingriinis ot co tehes one repte se nting the vehicle in use in the rcn,n ol J111 s I

and the other ot one m use iii the reign ot Willi»a III, were exhibited mel explained The leciurer at this Stage of hw lecture reuil a humorous d seripu« of the pleasures ot tr Helling n Londin and then 01 the pit «stucs of riding in the country in thi »cvi.ii te enth century Trom this he p issed on to a ducrta tion of the stage co te 1 « , sedans, &e, of tint

time Ile also rend Dem Svuít« disenntion >

his "Rule to Chester lhc lectur r expuiwl on the imprcivcinprt8 that have been made troji the eiiphlufnlh 'ctntu'"' up to the present time-Ir >n li e stage coach to the railwuj tram A v ist amount of information was tims conveyed 111 aeletply uitLrestinç manner, nnd the audience, which wis nan rus in' highly reppectublc frequtntl) testified ita loprivalDv entl ustastic appla ibb i he lecture was bro igln to « elote with some ,iructicnl rcmirks to the ym í r mcnibcis ol the ins ituti m, exhorting thi m to diligence in their busm bs ntl in their at u lies ihe ti ni" of tin mee tin were cordially awarded to the lecturer at the conclusion o his discourse, and tet hitrin« 1 nnouneed that ti o let ture for tuesdif next *""« be dilmnd by Mr Dvir, subjeót- Lo4gwga what they tue and what they might be "

AccmrM AiTW fuNM-LS-Wc regret to hw that a lithcrsirious accident h ippened st the w* und Coi pi r Companv s tunnels nu M»idiy 1*« whereby » vouiil, mun of the name of bnedden hart na rollniboHc bri ken, us well as several of Ins riw fitictuied ¡severe 1 o«ever us the accident intj

lu 1 cs are entert nord tlmt no serious peí in nent lnjurj

I is been receive« and thal, under J«1«10"""*'1',, ment ilute 1, «vc.y pr« b of hu1 being 1 «or « to beith Aatar «sue a.c mfirmed the uecideH , picáis to htivc us dted from an unforeseen cue oy if« lall e f u 11 »ss of the ' top 01.1 while rtj 1. ji red n an v »s 1 rkmi. und' r eu h t bul^ »he hit

tin («li ttom fiom h nes.leet or muttei.iii 11n 1 <*« »uni ice ti 101 et I s part dot» n t aW car to h ive bctuelcith itscertf ned - A-.trcntf« Ohiom '"

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