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Family Notices

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Births, Marriages, and Deaths.


ARMSTRONG.—On the 29th October, at Struan Cottage,  

Spring Hill, the wife of O. Armstrong, of a daughter.

BEIT.—On the 2nd November, at Harlayton, Toowoomba,

the wife of the late William Beit, of Westbrook, of a  


BENNETT.—On the 20th November, at her residence,

Russel- street, Toowoomba, the wife of G. F. Bennett,     Esq., of a daughter.  

CHALK.—On the 14th November, at her residence,  

Boundary-street, Spring Hill, Brisbane, the wife of   Mr. M. Chalk, of a daughter.

COCKERILL.—On the 16th November, at her residence,

Pimpama, the wife of E. Cockerill, of a son.  

CROWTHER.—On the 5th November, at Wickham-ter-      

race, the wife of J. Crowther, of a son.  

DALBY.—On the 16th October, at Heyfield, Victoria, the      

wife of Mr. W. Dalby, of a son, still-born.  

FLEMING.—On the 4th November, at Albert-street, Mrs.       

Peter Fleming, of a daughter.  

HAMILTON.—On the 15th November, at the residence,  

of Mr. Rowley, Ann-street, the wife of Mr. Jamee   Hamilton, Superintendent of Benevolent Asylums Dunwich, of a daughter.

HARDEN.—On the 2nd November, at Glenlyon, Darling      

Downs, Mrs. H. S. Harden, of a son.

HEAL.—On the 16th November, at her residence, Prince    

Consort Hotel, Wickham-street, the wife of J. D.       Heal, of a son.

MALING.—On the 27th November, at Brisbane, the wife    

of Irwin Charles Maling, Esq., 35th Regiment, Private     Secretary to His Excellency the Governor, of a daughter.

PERSSE.—On the 20th November, at Eagle-terrace, North    

Quay, the wife of De Burgh Persse, Esq., of a daughter. SCOTT.—On the 19th October, at Auburn Villa, Kent-

street, Mrs. R. T. Scott, prematurely, of a daughter.

SCOTT.—On the 2nd November, at Kangaroo Point, Mrs.      

Henry Scott, of a daughter.

TAYLOR.—On the 25th November, Mrs. Frederick Taylor,

of a daughter.

TOOTH.—On the 2nd November, at her residence, Ellena-    

street, Maryborough, the wife of Nicholas E. N. Tooth,  

of a son.


BECKETT—O'BRIEN.—On the 29th October, at Surat, Mr.  

John Beckett, Whycombe, Ballonne River, second son   of the late Mr. John A. Beckett, of Tartulia, Ballonne River, to Sarah, second daughter of Mr. Michael O'Brien, of Greenmantle, Queensland.

CARTER—KOCH.—On the 9th November, at the residence

of the bride, South Brlsbane, by the Rev. A. Hay, M.A., Arthur John Carter, son of the Rev. C. Carter,   of Rawtenstall, England, to Franchesca Eliza Elgin       Koch, widow of the late Dr. C. R. Koch, of Warwick, and daughter of the late J. Finlayson Johnstone, of


CLAYTON—-WOODHOUSE -On the 14th November, by the

Rev. E. Griffith, Mr. Arthur Clayton, to Miss Mary Woodhouse, both of South Brisbane.

D'ARCY—BIRBACK.—On the 23rd October, at St. Pat-     

rick's, Sydney, by the Rev. J. Mounier, William Knox   D'Arcy, of Rockhampton, to Elena, only daughter of     the late S. B. Birbeck, of Glenmore, Rockhampton.

DEANE—WILSON.—On the 31st October, at St. John's  

Church, by the Rev. John Sutton, Edward Deane, late   of Waltham, St. Lawrence, Berkshire, to Clara, eldest   daughter of W. Wilson, of Brisbane.  

EVANS—HANBURY.—On the 11th November, at Welling-    

ton Vale, Clarence F. Evans, second son of the late A. F. Evans Esq., of Warwick, to Eleanor Anna, only     daugher of the late William Hanbury, Esq.    

HALL—ROBERTSON.—On the 13th November, by the Rev.    

C. Ogg, William John Hall, third son of John Hall, Campeall, Yorkshire, to Jessie Robertson, third daughter of James Robertson, Perth, Scotland.

KERR—MEDDLETON.—On the 7th November, at the resi-

dence of the bride's father, Brookfield, Indooroopilly,       by the Rev. William Woolcock, Mr. John Kerr, farmer, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. R.

Meddleton, both of Brookfield.  

LILLIS—COTHAM.—On the 29th October, at St. Stephen's    

Church, by the Right Rev. Dr. Cani, V.G., assisted by     the Rev. Father O'Reilly, Thomas Lills, of Gympie, to   Isabella, second daughter of L. Cotham.    

LYONS—HACKING.—On the 20th November, by the Rev.  

J. O'Reilly, at St. Stephen's Roman Catholic Church,     and afterwards by the Rev. James Matthews, at the Church of England, Fortitude Valley, Maurice Lyons,           of Brisbane, solicitor, to Maude, widow of the late Edward Hacking, barrister-at-law.         

M'GOVERN—O'BRIEN.—On the 29th October, at Surat,  

Mr. John Shannon M'Govern, of Whycombe, Ballonne       River, to Margaret Eliza, third daughter of Mr. Michael O'Brien, of Greenmantle, Queensland.    

PRAED—PRIOR.—On the 29th October, at St. Johns,    

Brisbane, by the Rev. D. A. Court, assisted by the Rev. John Sutton, A. C. B. Mackworth Praed, of Monte Christo, to Rosa Caroline, eldest daughter of the Hon. T. L. Murray Prior.

RIDLEY—GOODEY.—On the 11th November, at South  

Brisbane Church, by the Rev. W. T. Harte, Johnson Ridley, of Toowoomba, to Emma Frances Goodey, of       South Brisbane.

SMITH—COURPORT.—On the 16th November, at St.      

Andrew's church, Lutwyche, by the Rev. Jas. Matthews, Mr. H. H. Smith, of Gympie, to Laura Ann, elder daughter of Mr. P. Courport, of Newsa,   formerly of Maidstone, Kent, England.

WILSON—M'MAHON.—On the 5th November, at the  

English Church, South Brisbane, by the Rev. Mr. Hart, Robert Wilson, of Euniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, to Maggie, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Thomas M'Mahon, County Armagh, Ireland.    

WILSON—MARTIN.—On the 9th November, by the Rev.

S. Savage, Mr. George Wilson, late of Dundee, to Eliza         Jane, youngest daughter of the late Robert Martin,   Dumfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland.

WILSON—M'EWEN.—On the 27th October, at Warwick,  

by the Rev. Isaac M'Kay, Agnes, third daughter of       Mr. Hugh M'Ewen, of Maryborough, to John Wilson, of Stanthorpe, late of Maryborough.  


ANDREWS.—On the 16th October, at Susan-street Forti-    

tude Valley, John Thomas, son of John and Annie Andrews, aged 3 years and 4 months. (Suddenly.)    

BRIGGS.—On the 5th November, at Boundary-street,      

Charlotte Isabel, twin daughter of Rawdon B. Briggs,   aged 5 months.

BROWN.—On the 20th August, at Prince's terrace, Whalley

Range, Manchester, Mary, the beloved wife of George Henry Brown and sister of the Rev. T. Holme, of Footscray, Victoria, late of Brisbane.  

CALDWELL.—On the 15th November, at Brunswick-  

street, Fortitude Valley, Mary Anne, fifth daughter     of the late Rev. Alexander Caldwell, aged 21 years.

CAMERON.—On the 20th October, at Home Creek, Barcoo,  

Donald Charles Cameron, late of Barcaldine Downs, aged 57 years, after a long and painful illness.    

CLARK.—On the 21st November, at Warwick, Ethel,

daughter of Charles and Phillis Clark, aged 15 days.

CLARKE.—On the 25th November, at Stanley street,

South Brisbane, Sarah Jane, only daughter of the late James Clarke, aged 2 years and 4 months.  

COLLINGS.—On the 1st November, at Westbrook, Been-

leigh, Albert River, John Collings, formerly of West Malling, Kent, and late of Hawthorne and Castle-   maine, Victoria, aged 75 years. [Melbourne and Kentish papers please copy.]    

CROWTHER.—On the 5th November, at Wickham-ter-

race, Henry, the infant son of John and Helen


DALE.—On the 11th November, at the residence of her    

brother-in-law, Mr. William Hamson, German Station,       Miss Phebe Dale, aged 64 years [Manchester papers please copy.]  

FITZGIBBON.—On the 11th November, Mary Geraldine,  

the twin daughter of James Hendly and Agnes Fitzgibbon, aged 7 weeks.

HIGHFIELD.—On the 27th November, at      

Parkside, Gregory Terrace Eleanor Maude, infant daughter of Charles and Harriet Eleanor Highfield.  

KEOGH.—On the 8th November, at Ipswich, Martin  

Joseph, second son of the late Thomas Keogh, Esq.,  

of Onagh, Taughmaconnell, County of Roscommon,


O'CONNELL.—On the 2nd November, at Gladstone,

Charles Phillip O'Connell, formerly Lieutenant in H. M. 65th Regiment, third son of the late Lieuten- ant-General, Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, K. C. H.,     aged 52 years.

O'SHEA.—On the 19th November, at Bridge-street Forti-       

tude Valley, Ellen, the beloved wife of Mr. Timothy O'Shea, aged 38 years, leaving six children to mourn

their loss.

ROSS.—On the 29th October, at her residence, Roma,  

Queensland, from fever, Mary, the beloved wife of Eric L. Ross, in the 32nd year of her age.

SCOTT.—On the 17th November, at Auburn Villa, Kent-

street, Emily, the infant daughter of Robert Townley  

and Ellen Scott.

STOKES.—On the 28th October, at the residence of

Thomas Finney, Gipps-street, George Grosvenor       Stokes, eldest son of Thomas Stokes, Eyre-square,   Galway, Ireland, aged 20 years.

STRINGER.—On the 14th November, at the residence of    

her mother, Mrs. M. Ferguson, Leichhardt-street,   Fortitude Valley, Catherine, wife of Patrick Stringer, aged 26 years.

TOOTH.—On the 18th November, at Clifton, Louisa

Emily, eldest daughter of William Butler Tooth.  

TUTTY.—On the 22nd November, at the residence of his

parents, Fortitude Valley, Edward John, the beloved son of Thomas and Mary Tutty, aged 4 years.