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N Just received, by the undersigned, ex lato arr 4?following NEW WORKS:

* illustrated by upward, of 200 superb engravings.

Humphrey, printed iii colours, 2..S. " niflcent book, 12s. G.I.


i Brown's School Dux-s, 0i. <»'». ., _ ,.

V J',TraveTs1'inSXf.-ica, new edition, illustrated Gs Gil.

TussluÄments^of Botany, translated by J. II, IV. son From New York to Delhi, bv wnv of Janeiro, Aus

tralin, and China, by II. B Mlnturn, jim., «M

?Rallvtubber or tbo Scotch Settler in Ireland, 4s. Gil.

Japan aiur'the Japanese, a Narrativo of the Expedition

under Commodore Perry, 7->. Gd.

Pleasure: a Poem, by Michael, author of Poetry of Crca Fairv Tàles'ofScicitco, by J. C. Brough, illustrated, 9s

The War Tiger, a Talo of the Conquest of China, HIus

Chemicaf Natural, and Physical Magie, exposing the

Secrets of Modern Wizards¡.«te, 3s. ««. . ".

Paul Blake, a story or a Boy's Perils, hy A.B1»W^ The Triumphs of Steam. Coloured plates. A book lor

The^iUdren.'"Picture Book of English History. Co MSWÄIIÄ of » Vean by Catherine Bell,

The Ministry of Life, bv Maria 0. Charlesworth, 6s. Gd.

Curiosities of Science, by tho author of Things not Gene ThorclteT"¿oo1c'(fnew edition), by William Howitt,

SketoÄ London Life and Character, by Albert Smith,

«J jj

The Kangaroo Hunters (illustrated), fe. 6d. ~ .

Great Facts or tho Inventions of the Present Centurx,

LegendsGatid Lvrics, 2nd edition, by Adelaide A. Proctor,

Gs. Gd. " . , , ",

-Facts for Everybody. Plates, 4s. Gil.

The Young Middy, bv C. Armstrong, 5s. Gd.

The TÄof Bover Hollow, hythe author of Mary Powell, The noroes, or Greek and Fairy Tales, by Kingsley, Gs.

The Family Doctor, and Cjclopoedia of Medicine, A to H, ?Nature, or'Lessons in the Garden ami tho Field,,6s. Modern Society, by 0. Sinclair, new edition, 4s. Gd. Dlctlonnrv or Dully Wants, A to D, 3s. Gd. Family Economist, 18.ri9, 3s. Gd. Fnmilv Friend, 1S58-59, 4s. Christmas Tree, 4s. Gd.

Bov'a Own Mngfl-ine, Vol. TV., 3S Gil.

HarrV- Vacation, Philosoph} at Home, new édition, 5s. Martin Rattler, or Boy's Adventures in Brawl, 4s.

favourite Pleasure Book for Young People, coloured llavs of Obi. or Stories from English History, Gs.

Tlie Minc, or Darkness ami Light, by A. L. 0. J-., Js. bit. Old Friends and New Faces, V>y ditto, 3s.

Precept in Practice, or Stories illustrating the Proverbs,

bv ditto, 4s. Gd. , , , __. . , r".

Palestine, its Geography and Natural History, by Kitto,

plates. 4s.

Cray's Poetical Works, illustrated, 5s. Gd.

Edith Templeton, or a Little Girl's Duty, 2s,

The Young Artists, 3s. 61.

Story of tho Commandments, 2s.

Roland Cashel, bv Lover, cheap edition, 11s.

?Bleak House, by Dickens, cheap edition, 6s. Gd. Oliver Twist, new edition. Gs. Gd.

Wilhelm Meister, by Carlyle, 2 vols., complote, now Fagots 'for the Fitcside, or Facts and Fancy, by P China" bf'18-7 and 8, from the TIMES, by C. W. Cooke, Personal' Adventures, during the Indian Rebellion, by

Edwards, 8s. Gd. , ,

Uiver Jordan, Pictorial and Descriptive, coloured plates, ds. Seasons of tho Year, coloured plates, 3s. Outlines of Croat ion, illili ated, Gs. Gd.

Christmas Plays for Children, **.,,.." , ... A. Handy on Criminal Law m relation to Commercial

Transactions, 3s. Gd. ,

Health for tho Household, Water, Food, and Clothing,

2s. fid.

Our Willie, or H.n'ie Teaching, 2s.

Mrs. Marcefs Story Book for Children, 2s. Castle or Otranto, new oilWon, 2s. Gd.

Old Merry Khi mes far Children, coloured plates, 2s.

Work, Plonty'to Ho mid How to Do it, now edition, 3s.

Stories about Birds, by Mrs. Fall field, coloured plates, 3s

iLongfellow'H Work?, complete, including Hiawatha, and

The Com (ship of Miles Standish, Gs. Gd.

Charles Mackay's ¡Songs, illustrated, now edition, Gs. Gd.

Magnottc, bv the author ol' Curato of Holy Cross, 2 vols.,

12i. Gd." I * National Magazine, vol. 1 and 2, bound together, 15s. * Cassoll's Illustrated Family Paper, vol. 2, Gs. Tîessle and Jessie's First Book, huge type, 3s.

Ditto, in words ol' thrcoletters, coloured plates, 4s. ed. Tho Town, by Leigh Tliuit, new edition, 3s.

The Young Debater, a Handbook for Debating Societies, Eminent aiid Popular Books from the Times, 2s. 6d.

More about Jesus, bv the author of Peep o'Day, 3s. Gd.

Our Littlo Ones in Hoax-en, 5s.

©Iverslties or Christian Character, by the Rev. E. li.

Ramsay, 5s. Gd. _,,,,"_ «

Jicctures and Address«, by tho lato Rev. F. W. Robert

Christ 'and' the Inheritance of tho Saints, by Rev. T.

Guthrie, 12s. Gd. , ,__,.,_,'

Xiglit in Darkness, or Comfort to the Sick and Afflicted, by

the Rev. James Anilei-son, Gs. Gd.


Hermione, or tile FntulisS 2*. Gd. |

Captain Paul, bv Dumas, 2s. Gd. Courtship and Wedlock, 2s. Gd.

Bnrnabv in America, by Mrs. Trollope, 2s. Gil. | Tho Young Commander, by Captain Armstrong, 2s. Gd. The Arts of Beauty, by Lola Montez, Is. Gd.

.Sham, a Novel, written in earnest, by Hair Eriswell Town Life, by the author of Liverpool Life, 2s.

True to the Last, by the nut-or ol' I've been Thinking, 2s.

itoughing it in tho Hush, 2s.

Tho Camp and the Cutter, by Edwin Galt, 2*.

School for Fathers, 2s. Gd.

Memoirs of a Peeicss, by Mr. Gore, 2s 6d. The Half Brothers, by Dumas, 2s. Oil.

A Lndv in Captivity among Chinese Pirates, Is. Cd. The Loyal Heart, or the Trappers, 2s. Cottage Girl, bv Mrs. Dennett, 2s. Gd.

Two Millions and Nothing to Wear, Is. Gd. . - .Father Eustace, hy Mrs, Trollop, 3s.

Walter Colyton, by Horace Smyth, 3s How I tamed Mrs. Ciuiser, 2s.

Patchwork, hy Howat d Paul, Is. Gd.

Tales from the Operas, by G. V. Pardo, 2¿. 6d.

Valentine M'Clutchy, tho Irish Agent, by Carleton, 2s. 6d. The Ex Wife, ii novel, bv John Lang, 2s. Gd.

The Woman Hater, or True and Feigned Lox-e, 2s.

The Two Frigates, hy the author of the Green Hand,

.2i. 6d.

A Book for Sunday Reading, 2s.

MOORE'S Book Depot, George-street, opposite St.

Andrew's Cathedral.

igy* Any of the above books can be forwarded through ino post to any part of the colony, by remitting Gd. additional in postage stamps, except those marked "_ MEDICAL WORKS, by Mr. W. J. AndnxBon, Fellow

of tho Royal College of Surgeons of England, lato .«argoon accoucher to the St. Georgo's and St. Jiuues s Dlspeusnry, mid formerly district accotuiii'iir to St. Mary's Hospital, Iiondon, loto vice-president of tho Ilar

' velan Society of f joiulon, and member of the Royal Insti-

tution of Great Britain,

Balmain, Darling-street, opposite the Presbyterian


Post, Svo. ; cloth, -Is. Hysterical, hjpoconilriacal, opi leptlcal, and other nervous affrétions.

Post, 8vo., cloth 4s -The Diseases of Pregnancy.

Post, 8vo., cloth Is.-Hysterical and Nervous Affections

*f Women.

12ino, Gd -Continued Fever in Children.

JOHN L. SHERRIFF, 250, George-street, Sydney. -


Truth in Absence, 2s Gil.

Ex-er r J'Thec I'm foudh dreaming, 2s. Gd. Bonnie Hills or Scotland, 2s. Gd. Sweet Hone (new ballad), 3s.

Willie, wo havo missed JOH, 2S.

Gentle Annie (snug by Cliristj's minstrels), 2s. Gd.

I dream of Thee (Violet), 2s.

Postage, 2d. eacii otra.

J.;u. CLARKE, Millie Publisher, 3.10, Gcorgc-stroot.

LAND LAW REFORM.-Just published, in pamphlet

form, sever ii thousand copies of The Land League of New South Wales .Manifesto. Gentlemen in the country districts, favourable to tho Land League's principles, nro earnestly requested lo organize themselves into branch

nssooiations, and they can bo supplied xvlth copies of the

Manifesto for distribution.

C. G. REID, Hon. Sec.

T~ÀNI> LAW REFORM.-Mr. CARRUTHERS is np J_j pointed to collect Subscriptions in nid of tho Land League. Subscriptions will be aekuowledged through tho

Press. 0. G REID, Hon. Sec._ I SYDNEY PRICES CURREHT and CIRCULAR, for j

transmission per Columbian. Any extra copios that may be wanted can be had, if ordered, at niue o'clock. V. OAKLAND MYLREA, Exchange.

?_-_HFlP\HE FOR WINTER.-Messrs. II. COHEN and P CO in cnlli ig the attention of the public te ;their stockofAVNTER GOODS, now opening, are convinced thoTwiU meet the approval of n" ^''JÄt,S5,,AT^,g

r gard has be",, paid to melt the well-known äste of the

Austral an public. Having sevoral years' colonial «ne ric. ceT Cohen and Co. have been enabled to furnish the r àgct,t.s with definite orders for suitable goods. Being determined to maintain the position «wv ha«¡ the Greatest Emporium of Fashion ra the Southern Hemis- phere, thev never studied their outlay, nor ««trictol in any way the exertions ol' their »gents Thus H Cohpnand Co are enabled to offer to the public the finest and best sdected .steck of goods In the market. The winter monte, aro rapid I v approaching, and all prudent persons should SliteSi suitable clothiiTg to resist the chango of weather which now be expected. ,., t" "in, """. . Country orders to any extent attended to with punc-

tuality ami tho greatest attention to the tasto of

customers. _


COATS, COATS. fl d_ £ _ fl Drab driving coats. JW 0 te 4 10 0 Beaver ponchos, without sleeves... J J " }° ; ¡I " Hoaver ponchos, with sleeves - J ? 2 i° o a n Peter-ham beaver, in all materials 11 0 to - J u Pilot cloth chesterfields, wool lined 0 15 0 to l l8 " Pilot cloth sacs, wool lined ... 0 le 0 to 2 0 0 Pilot cloth jackets, wool lined -"70 to l .» u Pilot cloth iackets, silk bound ... 1 1 0 to 1 15 u Pilot cloth talmas, a snperior gar

I ment .0 10 0 to i its u

' .lack mohair sue?, wool Unod ... 0 19 0 to 1 10 0

Doublo stitched beaver sac, silk ".. n ]¡nCil .1 1 0 to 2 10 0

Corded beaver chesterfields ... 115 0 _-° ?,5 2 Mohair (Muchos .J 5 0 to I 10 0 Tho Kars jacket, anew cut ... 1 3 0 to l i¿ w The alliance sue, in all materials... 1 5 0 to ¿ J u Tho Omer Pasha winged talma ... 1 l8 0 The luke, mann wrapper. 1 17 0 Tlio eleph.uit cloth chesterfields ... 2 5 0 The revvrf iblo beaver . 2 0 0 The Italian wrapper . 1 15 0

Coats, black shooting . 0 15 0 to 1 10 0 Coats, bbiek oxonion . 0 IG G to 1 15 0 Coa's, black flock. 1 12 0 _° 2 10 0 Coals, blue frock . 1 8 0 to 2 0 0 Coats, black dress. 1 JO 0 to 2 5 0 Coots, oxford mixture ... ' ... 0 IG 0 to I 10 0 Coats, fancy does .0 13 6 to 112 0 Coats, strong tweed . 0 8 S to Ob 0 Coats, for riding . I ,1 9 _ , ,_ n Coats, ter shooting. 0 19 6 to 1 15 0 Coatí, for fishing .0 17 6 to 1 10 0 Coats, for sporting.0 15 6 to 1 o o


1st 2nd 3rd

Quality. Quality. Quality. I Trouser', Mack cloth... £110 £0 17 6 £0 10 . 0 Trousers, fancy doo. 0 19 G 0 15 G 0 0 C Trousers, buckskin. 12 0 0 16 6 0 2 C Trousers, worsted cord . 0 IG G 0 14 6 Oil C Trousers, tweod ..'. 0 15 0 0 10 6 0 8 6 Trousers, pilot cloth... 0 13 0 0 10 6 076 Trousers, moleskin. 066 050 ° 4 £ Trousers, steel mixture 100 0 15 0 0 10 0


1st 2nd 3rd

Quality. Quality. Quality.

Vests, black doll. £0 1_ 0 £0 10 6 £0 8 61 Vests, fancy doe. 0 10 6 086 050 Vests, black satin . 0 12 G 0 10 G 0 8 6, Vests, fancy sntins. 0 13 6 0 110 0 7 6| Vests, fanoy silk. 0 12 0 0 10 0 066 Vests tweed. 0 10 0 080 040 Vests, for balls.:. - 1 10 0 17 6 0 IS 0 Vosts, quilting. 096 076 0 4 6


in every varioty of style and material adapted for best and

common ware. , , , ,

II COHEN and CO. aro supplying the v:ry best hats at

17s. 6d., n-nal y charged 25s.

Note.-Every giirment is marked tho selling price in

plain figures.

II. COITENanil CO. would impress upon the Working Man tho advantages ax-tiilab!e from selecting from_ their extensive Stock of Mechanics' Clothing, which is, without exaggeration, the most useful, varied, and excellent In the world. COHEN and CO. du not make this assertion iii a boastful spirit, but without fear of contradiction, the great experience thev have hod In their home establishments in this class, of go'ods at once giving thom the necessary know-

ledge as to the repilioinents of the mechuiilc and working


Mole trousers, from 4s to 6s. Gd.

Molo trousers, rule pockets, Gs. 6d. Siotch twill shirt1», 2s Gd.

I Flannel jackets, 6s 6d.

¡ Woiking coats, Irnin G<. to 10s. 6rl.

I And every urtiolo for working purposes, at proportionate

ow prices. 1 1 n. COHEN and CO.'S '

Hat, Cup, and Hosiery Department is replete with ovory

novelty. '

II. COHEN and CO would impress upon the publie that every artic'o advertised bv them is ohlninnb'o at prices set donn, from which NO ABATEMENT Is made Any nrtlele not GIVING SATISFACTION will be exchanged,

or If preferred the MONEY RETURNED without quibblo

or hesitation.

MONSTER CLOTHING HALL, 245, George-street.

HENRY COHEN and CO. would impress upon the mind of the public that they have no connexion with any other house in Sydney. Monster Clothing Hall 242 (late 245)

| Georgo street._




HERE DID yon'buy your Winter Mantle Ï At WALTH VM RUSH'S_


w -







New silks, 37s. 6d. the full dress

Ditto flounced ditto, 55s., 578. 6d. ditto Ditto hrocuiled silks, 2J guineas

Ditto black Miks, 20s. Gd. the full dress

Ditto autumn mid winter mantles, 5s. 9d., 7s. 6d.,9s.6d.l'>

12s. (M1., 15S.

Children's ditto ditto and jackets, 5s. 9d., 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d.,

9s. Gd.

New* velvot mantles, 33s. Gd.

Ditto ditto, embossed, :17s. Gd. French meriroej, 2s. fid.

French delaines, in all colours, 13Jd.


BA L M A I N.-Cheltenham House, Millinery and

Drapery Establishment. Darling-strcet, corner of Adolphus-slieot - N. COLLIER begs to inform the ladies and residents in Balmain that ho has just ooened a

large a<¡_ortmeiit of dioico Winter Goods, Consisting of- , Ladies' and children's felt and straw hat«, all the now


Coloured straw, horsehair, crinoline, and fancy trimmed

bonnets, from 7s 9d. to 40s.

French flowers, feathers, feather trimmings, ribbons in

great variety

Superior French merinos, extra widths, in all shades,

2s. Hid. per yard

'Alpacas and onbnrgs, In all colours, from 6Jil. per yard

A choice lot of tweed and winsoy flounced robes, from

12s. !)d.

Infants' and children's braided frocks and pelisses, from

Gs. Gd.

An elegant assortment of ladies' and children's cloth man-

tles and jucket«, fiom 5s 9d. to 35s.

Wltnoy blankets, Hannels, counterpanes, sheetings, «Se. Brussells tapestry carpet, 3s. 9d. per yard. i Kidderminster and Dutch carpeting

China matting, whiteniid coloured, lOld. por yard, «te.

N. B.-All bonnets and hats trimmed free of charge.



for a first-class trade

Superflue broad black cloths Extra saxony ditto Ditto ditto, blues Ditto ditto,

Superfine black cussiineres Single milled ditto Half milled ditto

Treblo milled ditto Oxford ditto ditto Steel ditto ditto Ditto deerkins

Ditto fancy ditto.

In quantities to suit purchasers,

_MOORE and CO., Pitt-street.

SOFT FRENCH PELT HATS, napped and nnappedn

in various colours, at B. MOUNTCASTLE'S, 319, Georgo-street, and 64, Market-street. _ SOFT FRENCH FELT HATS, napped and unnnppod,

in various colours, at B. MOUNTCASTLE'S, 319, Georgo-strcot, and G4, Market-street.

SOFT FRENCH FELT nATS, napped and unnapped,

In various colours, at B. MOUNTCASTLE'S, 319, George-street, and G4, Market-street.

THE LEVEB.-J. C. HOPKINS begs respectfully to

suggest te his patrons the expodiency of tiieir not deferring orders for the above, ns the pressure of business last year consequent on such delay rendered disappoint-

ment almost unaxoklable. Late Stone and Hollo's, 361,

[ George-street.

IW. RUSH has just recoived 83 cases of Drapery

good« of every description, too numerous to Btafe in an advertisement. Ladies are invited to Inspect the new stock of goods, all of which are marked at extremely low prices, in order to ensure quick sale. 235, Pitt-street.

ADIES' CLOTH JACKETS.-One case, just opened,

the new shape. I. W. RUSH, Pitt-street._ 1 TARTAN FOPLÍNS. for Ladies' Dresses, the latest

fashion In London.-One case, just received, at 2s. 9¿d. the yard. Theso goods are quite new, wear well, and the leading dross in London. I. W. RUSH, Pitt-street.

HE NEW WHALEBONE SKIRT, for Winter Wear. -Ladles are respectfully informed I. W. RUSH, Pitt-street, has opened, This Day, one case of the skirt«, so much in demand for the winter season._ nfllE NEW STEEL SKIRT, for Winter.-Opened, This J. Day, one case. I. W. RUSH, 235, Pitt-street.


wearing under Ball and Evening Dresses, one ounce in weight.-Just received, one case of the above skirts, «o much ¡n demand for tho coming season, and universally worn by ladies in Paris and London. I. W. RUSH, 235, Pitt-street._ NORWICH LUSTRES, for ladles' dresses, quite a new

material, only Is. 9d. the yard. I. AV. RUSH, Pitt-flt. mnE_NEW~FELT HAT, for Children.-Just received, J_ direct rrom Paris, one case or those boantirul hats the fashion In London and Paris, and certainly the most i olegant hat ever Imported, L W. RUSH, Pitt-street. , LADIES' CLOTH~MANTLE3.-Openod (this day)

one c se or the most elegant Mantles over imported

to this colony. Ladles arc respectfully invited to inspect I those mantles, the shapes are quite now. I. W. RUSH, |

Pitt-street._ |

HIL!)REN'S Cloth Mantles.-Just opened, new shapes,

with and without sleeves. I. W. RUSH, Pitt-street.


NEW BONNETS.-Opened (this day) 2 cases or elegant

Bonnets, tho latest fashion in London and Paris, without exception tho most stylish bonnets in Sydney. I. W. RUSH, 235, Pitt-street._

JB. TICKLE and CO. have received, ox Holllnside

. and other Into arrival«, a choice shipment of Gentle- men's READY-MADE CLOTHING, Ac, which they are offering at prices that will ensure a quick clearing-out of


_ s. d. _ s. d.

Beaver greatcoats, styles various ... 1 O 0 to 1 19 O Petersham talmas, richly bound ... O l8 0 ... 1 15 O Devon driving coats, rug lined ... I 5 0 ... 3 15 O Pilot wrappers, well mado . 0 U 0 ... 1 15 0 i Whitney driving capes, silk bound... 1 1 0 ... 2 15 O j Mohairehes crlields, wool lined ... 1 0 0 ... 1 15 O I Beaver dreadnought, a new garment ... 2 0 O Witney talmas, with sleeves. 1 0 0 ... 2 2 0 Beaver capes, double milled... ... ... 1 15 O Black Whitney sacs, double stitched 1 2 6 ... 1 l8 0 Pilot capes, host make and finish' ... - 1 8 C Beaver sacs, silk velvet collars ... 1 13 O Killing coats, diagonal tweed ...' 0 l8 0 ... 1 5 0 Riding couts, black and coloured ... 0 17 6 ... 118 0 Steel mixed doo shooting coats ... 0 10 6 ... 2 0 0 Fancy hairline doe sacs . 15 0 ... 1 l8 0 Angola and tweed oxonions. 0 12 0 ... 1 15 0 The Sydenham regina, a new cut ... 2 7 6 The Raglan walking eoat . 1 l8 0 Black frock coats . 1 5 0 ... 3 5 0 Black frock coats, our own make ... 2 5 0 ... 3 15 0 Black dress coats, colonial make ... 2 2 0 Black dress coats, satin lined

throughout . < 3 0 0 Black cloth shooting coats. 0 14 6 ... 1 10 0 Black cloth Oxonians., 0 17 0 ... 1 15 0 Black cloth paletots ... . 10 0 ." 1 15 0 , Blue cloth paletots, very superior ... ' ... 1 10 0 I Bluo cloth »acs, colonial made ... ." 1 l8 0 | j Black cloth saci . 110 0 ... 2 .5 Oi . The Kars jacket, superbly trimmed ...1 7 0 I The reversible winged talma ... 1 5 0 ... 2~10 0 i The Italian walking coat ... ... ,e> 1 IB 0 Black cloth waistcoats . 0 8 6 Black cloth waistcoats, our own make 0 11 6 Fancy doe waistcoats, to button up... 0 7 6 Fancy doo waistcoats, new styles ... 0 3 0 Angola and tweed waistcoats ... 0 8 0 Figured silk waistcoats, newest

designs. 0 12 6 Black moire antique waistcoats ." 0 15 0 BUck moire antique waistcoats, as to I order . 0 17 6 Black satin waistentcs . 0 6 6 Black satin waistcoats, various styles 0 10 6 Fancy quiltings, waistcoats. 0 4 6 Black cloth trousers, full size ... 0 15 0 Black doeskin ditto, very superior ... 1 ' 0 0

Black dress trousers, ourown make... 15 0 Fancy li irllne doo trousers, from ... 0 15 6 Diagonal tweed trousers, from ... 0 12 6 Shepherds' plaid trousers, from ... 0, 9 C Shepherds' plaiel trousers, nil wool... " 0 14 6 Check angola trousers, very choice... 0 16 6 Real Scotch angola trousers ... ...' 0 l8 0 Wets or England tweed trousers ... ... 0 15 9 Millern drab mol<v trousers ... ' from 0 4 6 Drab molo trousers ... ... from 0 3 6 Heavy blue serge shirts ... ... from '0 3 li ' Scotch twill shirts, lined backs ... ... 0 2 3 Men's regatta shirts ... ... from 0 2 6 | Men's, youths', and boys', blank and blue cloth caps

Men's, youths', and boys', lambswool under'sliirta '

Australian wool undershirts and drawers Merino and gauze shirts, drawers, ¿ka.

Lambswool, merino, and cotton hair-hose ' - -?* Silk and cambric pocket handkerchiefs Black and fancy hilk ties

Rich band net ties, various colours A choice assortment of ribbon ties

Townend's black silk hats 17?. Gd-, worth 25s.

A largo assortment of boys' and youths' clothing at prices

not to bo surpassed,

I J. 11. TICKLE and CO. Temple of Fashion, 352, I George-street.


The Epaulette, or self-adjusting shirt, all sizes Ford's Eureka«, extra fine, made to order

Extra Uno dress shires, embroidored cambric fronts Crimean and regatta shirts, best qualities Bovs' and you* lis' shifts, in all sizes

Collars, best three-fold, in -11 the approved shapes Bnst Paris kid gloves, all sizes, just opened Neck scarfs, ties, &c, (te, a choice selection

Hosiery and underclothing, of the best fabrics.

W. C. PRESTON and CO., Cavendish House, l?3- Next tho Commercial Bank, George-street.

PARIS KID GLOVES.-Two cases, just opened, con-

taining a complete as'Ortmetit, of all sizes, for ladles and gentlemen, in black, white, lavender, lavender sewn black, fancy, medium, and dark colours. The above oro of the very be'st description, and are worthy the attention of


W. C. PRESTON and CO., Cavendish House.

JUST OPENED, 2G pieces ol' Patent Felt Carpeting".

16 pieces, more or loss damaged by sea water, and

will bo sold cheap.

Tho Hal), 204, ' Pitt-street. HENRY WELSn, late

Govrge Moore a d Co.

X HOLLLNSIDE.-lust opened, Olio Case of 24 and

30d. Oriental RIBBONS, slightly spotted-without exception the cheapest goods ever shown in Sydney, only

6}d. per yard.

Feathers, flowers, and wreaths in great variety. Ladies' polka jackets, with vest, newest styles Printed caniDrlc dresses, only 2s. lid each Figured Circassian ditto, 4s 9d. per dress German twill ditto, 5s. lid. ditto

Scotch tweed dresses, double skirts, oheap

Norwich poplin ditto, beautiful goods, only 12s. 9d. per


Ladles' cambric handkerchiefs, only 4s. lOd. per dozen Ditto ditto sleeves, only Is. per pair

The Hall, 201, Pitt-street, opposite tho Theatre,

nENRY WELSH, late George Moore and Co._'

EX VISCOUNT CANNING.-Just opened, the new

reversible alliance shawl

Ladies' silk velvet and cloth mantles, In great variety,

cheap as usual

Fancy bonnets, velvet edge. Volvct bonnets, very cheap

A largo assortment of velvet flowers Ball head dresses, in great variety

Ladies' steel skirts, from 2s. lid. each

G000 yards of French bonnet ribbons, only 7jd. per yard Evans' crochet cotton, only 2s. par dofcen, all numbers French merinos, every shade

Damask table covers Sheetings, blankets

Flannels and counterpanes,

The Hall, 201, Pitt-street, HENRY WELSH, late

George Mooro and Co.

PARRAMATTA.-«®- The cheapest Drapery in the

town.-The well-known C. A. BERNASCONI'S Italian Establishment, in George-street, five doors below Smith's corner, has for SALE, extraordinary cheap, a now. and very fino assorted stock or WINTER GOODS, honestly worth an inspection rrom economical and liberal


PARRAMATTA. - £3" Die billigsten Manufactur

vvaaren in die Stadt, sind zu haben in C. A. BERNASCONI'S Italienlsh Niederlage, Gcorgo-strasse, riiiif thilro von Smith's ecke "den Baby in the Wood," gegenüber-wo er eine grosse sehr billige aufläge von WINTER WAAREN, zu verkaufen hat.

OLOSHBS. GOLOSHES. GOLOSHES. - 1500 X pairs, just opened, at Benedict nouse,


GREAT CLEARING S-vLE or soiled Boots ami Shoes;

-J. GREEN, being determined to clear out a lot of summer boots and shoos, in order to make room for winter goods, daily expected, will sell off his present stock at a

great reduction. BenoJIct House, 111, 113, Farrainatta


INAL NOTICE.-List Selling Off Day, at Rockhamp

ton House a lot of cheap clothing, soiled shirts, neck tioa, braces, hats, and caps, will be sold off, below cost, THIS DAY, after which tho shop will be closed till the alterations are completed. J. GREEN.

e_d?___ÍBV_}M__0.,nSWU11,ei,iet WUhby tlU0UdiDg



Thero is at Hyde Park Barriiclcs, !

A bran now Court of Law,

And suits-ara rflanu<actur*d there That boast of many a flaw !

There plaintiffs and defendants, In mirthful accent« speak !

But some of thom at times disnlaj. Considerable oheok !- - '


Court suits may all be very noll To mako the law» ers grin !

When hapless suitors they compel, To find them ready tin !

Be wise nnd shun the " District Court,' To law ne'er rashly go J

Bnt get a good warm winter suit, From M. JACOBS and CO.




Prices. %

Mohair poncho, without sleeves ,..£0 18 0 to _I 10 0 Mohair winged talmas.} 5 0 to 2 0 0 President beaver, batswing cape... 1 IO u to .J u ¡J Pilot Chesterfields .0 12 G to 1 10 0 Pilot reefing jackets .0 10 6 to 1 5 0

Black or coloured mohair sac ... 0 15 o to i / t> Black or coloured mohair jackets 0 15 0 to 1 10 I) Diamond beaver, kertch jacket ... 0 l8 0 to 2 _ 0 Black doeskin beaver talmas ... 1 5 0 to 2 10 0 Melton Mowbray talma.0 l8 0 to 2 0 0 Witney wrapper .0 15 0 to 1 j> 0 Brown and mixed beaver paletot... 1 10 0 to J » u Black frock coats .* 10 ° Í0 £ 2 i! Black dress coats ... . ... l 5 2 *° ? ,2 r Black cloth sb. otlng coat ... 0 IG 0 to 112 G Melton cloth sac, silk bound ... 0 15 0 to 1 50 Fancy doe, «ac bound, patch pockets 1 0 0 to 1 1J 0 Tweed sac, lined and silk bound ... 0 12 6 lo 1 I 0

Heavy tweed shooting coats ... 0 7 6 to 0 12 6 ;



Black doe trousers .£0 12 6 to£t 5 0 Fancy doe trousers ,.. ... 0 10 G to 1 2 6 Paney tweed trousers ... ... 0 8 6 to 1 0 0 Bedford cord trousers ^.. ... 0 15 0 to 1 7 6 Shepherds'plaid trousers ' ... -H 10 6 to 1 2 G Grey doe trousers ...', ... 0 12 G to 1 10 Miliors' mole trousers ... ... 0 4 6 to 0 7 6 I VESTS. VESTS. VESTS.


Black double milled cloth vest ... £0 7 6 to £0 12 6 ' Fancy doeskin vest .0 7 0 to 0 10 6 Fancy tweed vest .0 5 0 to 0 8 6 Fancy satin vest .0 4 b to 0 12 6 Wedding or ball vest . 0 10 0 to 0 18 0 Moire antique vest, all colours ... 0 12 6 to 0 l8 0 Paney quilting vest .0 3 G to 0 G 0 Witney vest, heavy .0 7 G to 0 12 G Moimi? vest .0 7 6 to 0 lil 6 Knitted (Berlin wool) vest ... 0 8 0 Jo 0 lo . 0


' in great variety, of tho newest fashion and workmanship, rnrrantCdCLOTHING MADE TO MEASURE.

An exact fit guaranteed, and all goods shrunk beforo made up. MOlmTS JACOBS and CO.,

have always on hand first-class assortments or shirts, ties, underclothing, handkerchiefs, braces, hats, and caps, collars, Ac , Ac.. '_ ,.,.., "

MORRIS JACOBS and CO , practical tailors, woollen drapers, and general outfitters, 434, George-street, and 8S, King-street, Sydney_ WINTER'DRAPERY, ex late arrivals, ON VIEW,

at THOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO. Blankets, 9-4,10-4,11-4, from 10s. Gd. per pair Ditto, real Witney, all sizes, genuine

Flannels, good quality, 12d., 14d., IGd., I8d., peryar

Ditto, real Welsh Ditto, ditto gauze Ditto, Saxony

Ditto, bath coating

Ditto, cricketing-First class goods

French twills, in all shades, lOid., 12Jd. per yard Tweeds, mixed, plain colours, very cheap Linseys, striped, all coionrs, ditto

Gala plaids, from 14d. per yard '

All-wool ditto, all the clan tartans, a beautiful assort-

ment for children's wear Balmoral ditto.

The usual well assorted stock of

Glass cloths Damask table oloths and slips Sponge cloth« Dinner napkins Huckabacks Tray clothe Baden towels Doyleys.

IITHOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO., George and Barrack streets._


and now ready for inspection


George and Barrack street«.

COATS-Plush, Cheviot, Leamington shape SACQUES-Diagonal tweed

GOATEE11-Tweed, Chester shnpc3

Ditto, Albert Chester Cloth, Tasmania

Fancy and mixed tweeds Riding ditto

Steol mixed doeskin (Alberta)

Diagonal and fancy tweod (Carlton) "Weat of England Regina, Sydenluun WAISTCOATS-Mixed doo riding ' "

Ditto (Melbourne) Dlttto ditto riding

HOSIERY-Scotch lamhswool shirts and drawors

Saxony wool ditto

Cashmere ditto , Welsh flannel ditto , Scotch iambs wool half-hose Ditto ditto (fleecy feet) ' Shetland wool, knitted

CRIMEAN SHIRTS, quiet gentlemanly patterns GLOVES-Cloth, ringwood, vicuna

Fleecy lined buck, and other varieties, in-

cluding lined kid and dogskin.

THOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO., George and Bar rack streets._ THOMPSON, S Y M O N D S, and CO.

George and Barrack streets,

Are now exhibiting AUTUMN and WINTER NOVEL TIES, in the following goods, just received per Meteor.


articles will bo found on inspection to be different

from anything yet Imported. They are the latest ] and most tasteful styles introduced at home; amongst them is a now double skirt, "spaced."


Check flounced dresses, quite new, 17s. 9d. the dress

CHILDREN'S MANTLES in all sizes, and original

shapes, from 15s. Gd. each

LADIES' WINTER JACKETS in various fabrics

LADIES' MANTLES in cloth, tweed, sealskin, velvet,

and all the now materials

French MERINOS, 2s. Gd., 3s. 3d., 3s. 9d. per yard, all


THOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO., Goorgo and Bar-

rack streets.

F~R E N C II" - M B R I N .0 S,

Assorted colours,

2s. 6d. per yard, extra width.

Jusfopened by THOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO.,

Goorgo and Barrack streets.



Linsey tweed dresses, at lGs, 9d. the dress, hi two"

flounces, colours, nicely assorted This quality formerly 25s. Gd.

THOMPSON, SYMONDS, and CO., George and

Barrack streets.

BW GOODS !-Ju;t opened for the winter season, at ., Li Ville de Paris, 342, Gcorgo-atreet,

Real French merinos, assorted shades, from 2s, Cid. to

7s. 4d. per yard

French twills, wide widths, from 9Jd. Superior ditto, in every shade, at Is.

The new pieoolominl winter checks, Is G1.

Real Irish poplins, choice colours in checks ; tartan

plaids, virions clans, from Is. 9d.

Real linen petticoats, superior quality, 8s. 9J. cadeli

Real Welsh flannels; two bales of superior make, at

Is. 4Jd. ucr yard, usually sold at 2s. ¡ Steel skirts In not and Berlin wool

Berlin wool polkas, very line, in small sizes

Ladies'mantles, cloth, in brown, grey, and moiton mix-


_WILLIAM PRICE, La Ville de Paris.

FLOORCLOTHS, Floorcloths, Floorcloths. - Great

Reduction in the Prices of Floorcloths.-The most i extensive stock of superior well-seasoned floorcloths in the

colony, In every variety of pattern, at 3s. Gd. per square yard. JOHN HILL, jun., and SON, importers, Australian Furniture Warehouse, 100, King-street.'

N.B. A liberal allowance made to the trade and whole- sale purchasers.

HOLLO WAY'S PILLS.-Porsons of bilious habits, or

who aro liable to attacks of dyspepsia, should fortify their systems ugainst tho relaxing beats of summer by a course of this mild aperient mid alterativo medicine, which is equally valuable at all other seasons of the year, as it not only regulates tho secretions and removes obstructions from the bowels, but braces and re-vitalises the digestive powers, when weakened by indulgenco or rendered torpid by a sedoiitiiry life. Tho testimony of invalids of both sexes and all ages, as well in1 each of tho Australian colonies, us in every part of tho globe, demonstrates beyond question that all internal disease; not resulting from mal- formation, are capablo of being cm ed by this groat remedy. Sold nt tho establishment of Professor Holloway, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar), London ; and SO, Maiden-lane. New York ; also, by all respectable druggibts and dealers in medicine turoughoiit the civilised world, and in all parts of Australia, at tho following priceä -.-Is. 3d., 3s. 3d., and 5s each pot. t_y There is a considerable saving by taking the largest sixes. N.B- Diiectio-ii for the

gnid.iucoof patients in every disorder arçnOhei to each




. OAPON8, CAPONS,- CAPONS. 300 plump joung fowls, at te. 9d. each . 200 prime young fat fowls, at 2s. eaoh

100 prime large young foals, at 2s. f d. each

50 prime capnná, each weighing 4lbs. to 61bs.

20 pair young turkeys, at 7s. 6d., 8s. 6d., and 9«.

each. . , , ,

In our meat department we have always on banu a large stmnlv of superior quality beef, mutton, lamb, veal, ana dairv-fed pork, which wo sell at reasonable terms. Orders forwarded to all parts of Sydney and suburbs.

H CUMMINS, renowned Pork and German-sausage and Pork P'e Depot, 192, Pitt-street.

A large quantity of stoved Feathers for sale._ -xf SALE, at the Waterloo Warehouse, corner of

" George and Market streets :

Now luiiding,

50 libgsheads Bass' ale, new brewing ' 20 quarter-casks Cork whisky

20 ditto Martell's old brandy

40 boxes Elc.ieralsi.i8. p CQOpER and 00,


on SALE- , ,

2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 motion stockers

Patent beer engines, newest patterns Case beer engines, all 6l/_ Spirit fountains, forcers

Glass kegs, brass taps, 3 inch to 2 inch

Brass force and lift pumps, jack and douglas pumps, «a, always on hand. _,

T.*.T. BOWN, 101, Balhurs*-.trcet, and Fire Engine Station. Brickfleld-hlll._

N SALE, by tho multi-signed.

Tomb railing, complete -.¡os. 9 and 10 sheet zinc 3i te 6 lb sheet lead

Blnst'ng FF, FFF, glass, and rifle gunpowder

Fafonttese and ¡.hot

Copper nails, tacks, and roves Copper boilers

Corrugated iron, 7 feot Single barrel guns

Stubbs' and Wing's files

Half and full rogNter grates

Smiths' bellows, from 28 to 3G inch

Bullock chains mid .} coil ohain , . ^ . . ' ' Anchors, carpenters' cramps ^_ \

Brass rim locks ? *« __ JKÄ- ? ' Corkwood fur nels, «te. .. ^_> > ^ . \ .' , StirveyorV chains and arrows'' Brass'rowlocks und cleets Ditto rudder yokes

Beer measures, In sets , Boiled and raw linseed oil

White lead, best quality, No. 1

Red, green, blue, and black paint

Balcony railing.

JOHN ARMSTRONG, ironmonger, corner Market and Clarence streets. _ 1 UM RE It WHARP, Batburst-street. - liRAM'H

YARD, Sydney Railway Terminus, Steam Saw Mills, Cabramatta, and Brisbane Water.

300,000 feet colonial hardwood, shingles, laths, Ac.

250,000 ditto American pine, all sizes and descriptions

130,000 ditto Baltic deals, steam-cut, to order, cedur, «fee. 90,000 best Bangor slates, buttons, &c.

Ironbark posts, rails, palings, and spokes, blue gum

felloes, <6c.

Doors, sashes, architraves, mouldings, «te.

WILLIAM .1QLLY and CO. Unte Scott and Jolly.)

FAMILIES suppled with the best A.A. Companys

COALS and Cut Firewood. WILLIAM JOLLY and CO, Timber Wharf. B.tthurst-street._ 1TO the PUBLIC GENER \LLY.-Observe, the allow

anco is now made to the extent of two shillings per ton of COALS T>r lo id or WOOD, cash on delivery. N.B.-The object is thin to do away with the cost or col-

lection, «fee.

Please refer to fhc iirico li«t below :

£1 16s. per ton for the best screened Newcastle coals £1 12s. ditto ditto household coals, recommended £1 8s. ditto ditto, second quality, verv good I9s. blacksmiths', thrungli a large screen 21s. baker-' billet wood, 70 to the load

£1 per load for the best ironbark, in billets, junks, or cut

18s. ditto, for second quality of wood

Charcoal, coke, and breeze, equally cheap.

N.B.-Weight girrnnteed ; every bag weighed.

WHITTKLL'S Fuel Sheds, Hnthnrt>t-strect West.

IMISER, TIMBER. TIM «"EIL-COLONIAL HARD WOOD, wholesale and retail, norn Brisbane Water, denis, cement, posts and rails, colonial and Hobart Town paling and shingles, laths, slates, nails, doors and sashes, carpenters' clear boards, from half inch to 4 inch thick, very wide, tongued and grooved : pitch, spruce, and yellow

pines ; drv cedar, pit saws, and eveiy description of wheel- i wrights' "and building materials, always on hand at j T. MATTHEWS and CO., liurker-streot, foot of Bathurst

Best Company coals, charcoal, firewood, in long andsliort


All orders punctually attended to._

0 R S A L E. - 20 tons zinc, Nos 8, 9. and 10

Tupp-T and fun'» galvanised iron, 6, G.J, 7, and 8 ft.

30 tens sheet iro", 24 and 26 guage.

The above just landed in beautiful condition.


Ü" S T Ti Ä" Ñ D Ë li . - Lochfiiio herrings, Dunn's, in tins, 8 dozen

Oyster*, 1 and ? lb. tins, 2 do-'en cases < Arrowroot, W.I.. candied peel, orange and lemon

Salt, coarse and dairy ; soda crystals, small packages Wothei spoon's janis"; cocoa, hexagon packages .Mustard, bul' head, lbs. ; blue, Column's No. 1 Coir fibre, in bales, splendid sample Coir matting, in líales and rolls

Ginger, W.I., bleached; almonds, soft shell ' ,. Regular .shipments Murphj's pianos >

Graham's patent compasses Patent hoisting apparatus

Arsenic,1 carbonate soda, turtaric noid

Tinfoil ; paper, tierny and double royal Candles, Neva, Belmont, and Ogelvies.



-at WYETirS, next Crown and Anchor.-Coals best screened, 36s. per ton ; heap or house coal, 33s. ; black- smiths', 20s. Wood. 20s. per load, cut to anv length. Charcoal, 10.1. per bag by the load. Delivered free of charge, within a reasonable distance.

N.B.-All kinds of Grocery, of best quality, at Sydney


Vf. WYETH, opposite Mr. Aldis'._

I . M li E It

Oregon', all dimensions :

Clear pine, in log

Ditto ditto, boards and pranks " | T. and G, in oregon, spruce, pitch and white pine |

Baltic deals, solid and cut

Half-inch, rough and dressed j Weatherboards, hard and soft ' . I Colonial hardwood , | Shelving boards ' _

Slating battons, pickete, ladders

Skirtings, mouldings, architraves . i Doors, sashes, sash doors. French lights. . . |

HENRY MOON, Walker's Wharf, Fott-strect. | C1 ASES for Wine and Packing, Dispatch and Bullion

J Boxes, Soap and Candle Boxe3. II. MOON, Walker's I Wharf._2_| TT7"OODEN HOUSES, Stores, Ac, prepared, packod V ) and forwarded inland or shipped, with plaits, &o. n. MOON, Walker's Wharf._ ORGAN.-For SALE, a small Organ, consistlngof four

stops, suitable for" a small church or chapel, and for devotional purposes, 'superior to the best harmonicums. Pi ice £55. W. J. JOIINSON and CO., I72, Pitt-street.

FOR SALE, a new substantial Stone HOUSE, respect

ably situated on tho Point Piper Road, now occupied by the Rev. J. JJ. Bronnnn,- containing four good rooms, large hall, and balcony, xvith kitchen, servant's room, and other improvements. The allotment is 45 feet frontage to Ocean-street, by a depth of 152 feet. The whole well fenced in. Apply to DENNIS MARTIN, on the premisos; or to

Mr. J. CAREW, 235, George-street, next the Bank of Aus-



Coaching Stallion Traveller, bred by David Johnston, Esq., ol' George's Hall, foaled in 1.853, sire Prince William, grandsire Old Clydesdale, imported, dum thorough bred Cleveland mare, imported. Traveller if a rich dappled bay, with black pointe, stands loi hands high, immense power, thoroughly broken, and perfectly stanch. Has been used at the proprietor's stud, at the Meadows, for the hist three years, where he has proved himself a sure foal getter, and his progeny ure tho admiration of that ili.strict, from their

great si/e, splendid action, and symmetrical proportions. I Is being sold to make room fur entires expected shortly from England. Apply to THOMAS DAW&ON, 421,

George-street, Sydney.

J7LÛIILY DWELLING-HOUSE, Douole Bay.-For J1 ' SALE by pi ¡v .te contract, that spacious ami "beauti- fully .situated Dnelling-lioti-e and grounds, at the first mile-stuno under South Head Ho id. Tho house contains twelx-o ap.utments, largo ball, kitchen, two pantries, bath room, patent water clo-ets, an excellent well, fitted with a force pump, throwing water to the top of the house. From the interior we proceed to the x-er.indah and balcony, where language is almost inadéquate to convey the remotest idea of tho grandeur of the scenery, embracing and unfolding as It does tlio «lelightful and picturesque view of Doublo Bay, spotted with its beautiful mansions and family re- treats, combined with the cheerfulness of carriages and vehicles of nil descriptions, passing to and from that fashionable and much fux'ourcd resort, the South Head. In addition to the above there is a 3-stall stable, coach- house, with room ox-or, hayloft, poultry vari), and hen- house. Tho pleasure grounds and nx-enties aro in their infancy, but tastefully laid out and planted bv Mr. Guil- foyle. Any further remarks would bo superfluous ; suffice to say that every comfort that experience can deviso lins been studied, thereby rendering this miniature mansion Die most agreeable and enviable retreat in the colonv Torrus liberal. A (»ply te V. BRADLY auctioneer u"ml estate

i «gent, opposite Supreme Court.


TO C \Pf'ÍALISTS.-A Sure RENTAL of £350 por

annum to be DISPOSED OF, in oentric_Hy-gitu»ted City property. Apply to A. LA YARD, Jamison-street.

FOR SALE, the Lease, License, fixtures, and Fitting»

of a Public House, situated in one or the most central thoroughfare'» of the city. The house contain» twelve rooms, is in first-rate order. The rent very low, and the furniiure may be taken at valuation. If required, posses- sion may be taken Immediately, and the coming-in very moderate. Apply to A. ALLAN, auctioneer, 83. King-st.

HE UNDERSIGNED has for SALE, an Allotment . of LAND,- on the Parramatta Road, opposite Home- bush, and adjoining Powel's Creek. A« the instructions are imperative to sell this lot at once, the price is very low. A N DREW ALLAN, 83, King-street._ f liIIB UNDERSIGNED has for SALE, a bargain, on

I. Allotment of LAND on the Parramatta Road, oppo- site Powel's Grocery Store, 33 feet 4 inches by 100 feet deep, ANDREW ALLAN. 8-3, King-street._


Groceries and Household Furniture,

FBRADLY will sell by auction, on the

. promises, opposite Mr. Smith's, builder, Glebe-street, Glebe, on TUESDAY, at 11 o'clook, the


Stock-in-trade of groceries, scales and weights,'drapery»

household furniture, consisting of tables, chairs, bed- steads, and kitchen utensils.

Terms, cash.

Lucerne and Clover Seed^ " , Warranted to grow.


ceived instructions from the importer to sell br atíotion, at their Mart, Sussex-street, on WEDNESDAY, 18th May, at 11 o'clock sharp, in lots to suit buyer*,

About" 15 cwt. prime sound lucerneseed

5 cwt. ditto ditto clover ditto.

Tci ms at sale.

rpHOMAS KAVANAGH w11 sell, at his

1_ Rooms, 526, George-street, opposite the Po- lice Office, THIS DAY, the 14th instant and MONDAY,

the 16th instant, nt 11 o'clock precisely, on account ol' leaving the premises, , ' '."

The undermentioned goods

A seasonable lot of drapery," Blops, boots and shoes :

also, jewellery, watches, gold rings, brooches, gold albert chains", fancy whips, and carters' whips, shop fixtures, furniture, and household effects. _

Terms, cash, and no reserve._,

Preliminary Notice.

Eleg int and Btiporior Househb'd Furniture for Dining and

Drawing Rooms, Office Furniture

Patent Iron Bedsteads, Chests of Drawers

PIaiioforto-1, Marble Tables and Statuettes, Ac , &o.

N.B.-Full particulars in future issue.

MR. ROBERT MURIEL has received in

.structions to sell by public auction, at his New Rooms, W) ii) ard-street, on an early day, of which due notico will be "given,

A largo and varied assortment of elegant and superior

household furniture, pianofortes, <fec , &c.

*»a Full particulars of which will appear in a few days, therefore parties fui-nioliiiig and others are respectfully requested to wait the isvue of tlio sale.

Extensive and Varied Sale or

Wines, Spirits, and Beers. '

On TUESDAY, 17th 3fay.

At the Australian Auction Wart.

To "Wine and Spirit Merchants, Hotel Keepers, Store-"

keepers, Shippers, and others.

"ESSRS. W. DEAN and CO. have re-

ceived instructions to sell by auction, at their Warehouse, Pitt and O'connell streets, on TUESDAY, 17th May, at 11 o'clock

A choice and varied assortaient of wines, spirits, and

beers, comprising

7 hogsheads Robinson's crown port " i 13 quarter-casks ditto ditto

15 hogsheads Ofilev's single grape port

' 6 quurter-casks ditto ditto * ' i 5 hogsheads ditto double grape ditto

10 quarter-casks ditto ditto ditto ^ I 3 hogsheads ditto treble grape ditto

10 quarter-casks ditto ditto ditto

7 hogsheads Hunt's double diamond port 4 quartcr-c isk» ditto ditto ditto

12 hogsheads ditto singlo diamond ditto "^ _

10 qiiartor-cusks ditto ditto ditto *? 10 hogsheads single diamond port 10 quarter-casks ditto ditto

30 quarter-casks double diamond ditto > -

15 ditto treble ditto ditto

14 hogsheads four ditto ditto

40 quarter-casks very superior sherry

10 ditto ditto ditto ditto 100 cases ditto ditto ditto

10 hogsheads Cozen's dnuble diamond very pale ditto 3 ditto d'tto double grape ditto ditto 5 hogsheads fine old sherry

7 quarter-casks ditto ditto -i 25 quarter-casks sherry

10 hogsheads Vinegrowers' dark brandy

1 d'tto dark brandy " v

1 quarter-cask ditto

20 hogsheads Champagne Vineyard Proprietors''

brandy " . 20 ditto T.illett and Co.'s brandy

4 hogsheads Bernard'* pale ditto -L

7 ditto ditto dark ditto

135 cases United Viney ard brandy 50 ditto fine cb impugne brandy 150 ditto Very superior brandy "

100 c ses Marzetti's cider

100 ditto St. Bmlllon claret " 40 ditto fiuperior champagne

12 hogsheads Pun's imperial old tom

6 ditto Booth's ditto ditto 10 qunrter-cisks ditto ditto 100cases ditto ditto ditto

150 ditto Anchor brand geneva ' ' >' . 30 hogsheads W. I. rum, 30 o.p. 3 *

20 ditto ditto ditto, 10 o.p. ' " 50 ditto Worthington and Robinson's ale

20 ditto Pirn's XX ale ' ' " ' 30 ditto Tennent's No. 1 strong ale

20 ditto Dawson's ditto r G ditto Whitbread':» ditto

12 ditto Allsop's ditto , " 16 ditto Martine's ditto *

300 casks Byass' nie and porter, &c, &a.

The auctioneers request a lull attendance of the trad«, as the greater part or the above goods are for unreserved

sale, to closo accounts.

_Term3 at safe._

In the Insolvent Estate of Richard Harris.

Farm Produce, Drays, Gig, Horses, Cattle, Working

Bullocks, Pigs, Ac.

For auction sale on the ground, at Slinnknmorc, near

1, Campbelltown.

MESSRS W. DEAN and CO. have re-

ceived instructions from J. P. Mackenzie, Esq., official assignee, to sell bv auction, on the ground, tefr Sliiinkamore, on THURSDAY, loth May, at 1 o'clock,

The assets in the above estate, comprising

A quantity of wheat, threshed and unthreshod S bags barley 10 toi.s liny

A quantity of straw

400 bushels (moro or less) maize Chuff-cutting' mucliiue

Threshing muohhie ?' Winnowing machine * ' 2 drays

1 oart Roller

1 pair harrows I 5 ploughs

I waggon

Gig and harness " ,'* 14 working oxen and gear 7 horses, broken

15 ditto, unbroken

250 head (about) cattlo 60 pigs

A quantity of sorghum saccharatuni

3 dray covers ' A quantity of poultry.


The right, title, and interest, of the official assignee

in and to tlio lease of Shankaniore, «te., Ac ia the county of Cumberland. _Terms, cash.

Mantles and Mantilla Shawls Polkas and C.irdisan Jackets

Poplin Dresses, Striped and Checked Rich Tarta« and Flounced ditto Llnsay Petticoats, &a., «te.

To Warehousemen, Drapers, Storekeepers, and others.

Preliminary Notico.

MESSRS. W. DEAN" and CO. will sclLby

auction, at their Rooms, Pitt and O'connell streets on WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant, at 11 o'clock,

. lt> cases of tlio above choice seasonable goods. I ._ Tenus, liberal, at sale.

m -»r , Prelimlnaiy Notico.

To Warehousemen, Drapers. Storekeepers, Shippers,.and

otlir rs.

MESSRS. W. DEAN and CO. will sell by

auction, at their Rooms, Pitt and O'connell streets, on WEDNESDAY, the 18th instant, nt II o'clock,

io packages seasonable drapery, slops, _c, consisting of

blankets, flannels, gi ey»," prints, mantles, dresses, ribbons, pilot reefeis, black cloth SSCJ. doo trousers, mole ditto, long cloth shuts (W. and DA blue setae, ditto, Scotch twill ditto, Ac, &c.

Particulars In future ¡«sue.

Terms at sale

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