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Before Mr. Forbes, Mr. Laycock, Captain McLean, Mr. Eliott, and Mr. North.

Nineteen persons, convicted of having been found drunk in the street, were severally sentenced to pay 10s., or to be imprisoned twenty-four hours. A sea- man of the Iris, given into custody by Mr. Toogood, of the Rainbow, Pitt-street, for having while drunk destroyed a square of plate window glass valued at £4, was ordered to be conveyed on board ship to be dealt with.

Bridget Frayne was charged with stealing from the Sersiin, and Michael Frayne (husband of Bridget'), and

Sarah M'Hugh, were oharged as accessories. Sergeant Taylor deposed that in consequence of a statement made to him by a man named Dingwall, he on Satur- day evefúng proceeded to the prisoner's resi- dence in King-street and apprehended Bridget Frayne on Dingwall's charge of having stolen from him a sum of money, and the others as accessories; searched the house, and found eleven half-sovereigns, fourteen half-sovereign«, £7 in notes and silver, with bank bills and a Savings' Bank deposit receipt in favour of Michael Frayne, for sums amounting in the whole to nearly £300; Bridget

Frayne took from her pocket, and gave up, a sovereign I

? - .-' - III I

and 2ÔJ. ÖJ.' m silver ; M'Hugh had osull¿d. upon her; found no money "on -Miohael Frayne; they all denied the charge. Donald Cameron Dingwall, chemist and druggist; out of business, deposed, that on Saturday forenoon he went to the house in which prisoners reside, to pay Bridget Frayne 2s. 6d. he owed her for a bed ; he handed her a sovereign, out of which to take the 2s. 6d., and he said he would "stand a shout"-and told her to fetch some drink;     she brought some liqnor like rum, poured out about a glass for him, and into the tumbler put a dark powder like sugar, mixed with hot water, and handed it to him; he drank it; he afterwards        

" shouted" sgain, and a similar mixture was made for and drank by him; he twice asked for   his change. and she replied, "It is all right;" the two other prisoners were present ; soon after he took the second tumbler he felt queer, sick, and stupid; he   purchased a pair of boots of Michael Frayne for 12s., and gave a sovereign in payment, and asked for the change, which he was again assured by Bridget was "all right;" suddenly, however, he became very stupid and sleepy, but was not drunk, and asked for a bed; Bridget took him up-stairs to a bed, on which he lay, and soon fell asleep; had in his vest   pocket about £20 in gold; he was awoke, and found Bridget Frayne's hand in his vest pocket ; he said,   "Drop that," and she went away; he again fell   asleep, and on awaking found that his money was  

gone, save only one sovereign ; he had a one-pound note in another pocket, which had not been taken;   he arose, and went down stairs, where he saw the three prisoners ; he complained of having lost his money while asleep ; in reply to which they told him to go to hell and look for it; he then said that he would complain to the police, and left the house ; in the course of the afternoon he did, and was accompanied to the house by inspector Rawlinson and sergeant Taylor, who took the prisoners into custody ; some of his sovereigns were of the colonial and some of the English mint; could not identify any of these   produced, but he saw that they were mixed, of the English and colonial coinage ; when he came yester- day to this Court he was offered £10, in addition to his own, to compromise the matter, an offer which he

refused to accept. Committed for trial at the Quarter


Robert Walsh was summarily convicted of having last evening stolen a hat, of the value of 40s., exposed for sale outside the shop of Farmer, Williams, and Giles, George-street, and was sentenced to te impri-

soned three calendar months.

Frederick Marshall, who was yesterday sentenced to be imprisoned one month for having a skeleton key in his possession, was this morning charged with having stolen property ia his possession. Detective Atlay deposed that he, yesterday, proceeded to prisoner's house, searched it, and in a rsg under the floor, found 103 gold rings, a cameo brooch, and a bracelet, produced ; he also proceeded to the residence of the man Hughes, who was yesterday oommitted to take his trial for breaking into and robbing the store of Messrs. M. and L. Brodziack, and on searching found concealed, in an oat-bouse, four gold rings, a gold watch, and a gold chain, produced. Meyer Brodziack identified the rings found at Marshall's house, as well as those found at Hughes', the brooch and the bracelet, as portions of the property stolen from his store on Saturday night or Sunday morning ; he did not know anything of the watch and chain. Prisoner denied knowing anything of the property. Committed for trial at the Central Criminal Court

Harriet Cox, summarily convicted of having stolen a pair of boots, valued at 9s. Gd , from the shop of Cocks and Hunt, George-street, was sentenced to be imprisoned three calendar months.

Four persons were convicted of having in publlo places made use of obscene language : two were sen- tenced to pay £3 each, or to be imprisoned one month ; one to pay 40s., or to be imprisoned fourteen days ; and the last to pay 20s., or to be imprisoned seven


Edward Carr, for having assaulted Constable Brown while in the execution of his duty, took him into cus- tody for being drunk and disorderly, was sentenced to pay 40s. or to be imprisoned fourteen days.

lohn Miller, of Cook's River, was prosecuted by Mr. Mitchelson for having in his shop twenty-four loaves of deficient weight, the aggregate deficiency being fif- teen onnces, and, on conviction waa sentenced to pay a penalty of £3 15s., with £2 7s. for eosts ; and fur- ther, for having neglected to supply his carter with weights and scales, was fined 40s. and 26s. costs ; Kidd and Kelly, of Newtown, for negleoting to supply their carter with proper scales and weights, were fined 40s. and 263. costs ; and William Costello, of Parra matta-street, for a similar violation of law, was sen- tenced to pay 40s. penalty and 26s. costs. These cases were conducted by Mr. Cory.

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