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ARBOUR LIGHT, on Fort D^«nn-NOTICE is » , hereby (riven th-vt. on and after MONDAY NIGHT the 21st Instant, o Flx»d Red Harbour Light will be exhibited from the tower on Fort Denison, formerly known as Pinohgnt Island. JOHN CROOK, narboar Master. 17th Jnne, 1858____ EUROPEAN AND AUSTRALIAN ROYAL MAIL



The Royal Mall Steamship EMEU, THOMAS SMALL, Commander, will be despatched for OriYLON and SUEZ, (carrying her Majesty's Mails), calling; at Intermediate oort«. on SUNDAY, 11th of JULY, at 9 o'clook n.m. precisely. _

Bate of pataco monev, £00 SOUTHAMPTON ; £85 TO MARSEILLES: OR RETURN TICKET £135.

European servant« half fare ; native servants ona fourth


Paisentrers may have their tickets endorsed to remain n month at any intermediate port.

The modetjf transit through Egypt Is as follows:-Be- tween Sue« and No. 14 Station In the Desarf, a distance of 10 miles, In carrineos, and from thence the whola way

to Alexandria by railway.

NOTE.-The passage-money from Australia to Ens land bv the overland route is now lower than by first class sailing vessels ronnd Cape Horn. Return tickets for a fare and a-half. dvintr ten months In England.

OHAMPION WKTTON, SnperlntPndent.


reminded that these swift and favonrlto Steamor.s

continue to ply at the usual hours, and at the nsual low



8 and li a.m. and 4 p.m.


'9a.m" 1*15. and 4 p.m.


Cabin, 2s. Gd. ¡ Steerage, Is. 6d. Without any charge for omnibus.

Phoenix Wharf._.


SHOALHAVEN.-The NOBA CREINA, THIS NIGHT, at 11 o'clock._ OTEAM to MANLY BRA OH,-Every MONDAY. O WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., returning at 12 noon and 4'30 p.m._


-The WILLIAM IV., THIS (Tuesday) NIGHT, at 9 o'olock._



Williams River.-The WILLIAMS, for MORPJSTH, j

THIS EVENING, nt 11 o'clock.

She will also reooivo cargo (only) for Clarence Town,

Williams River District.


H.K.N.S.N. Co.'aWharf, footof Market-street. June 22.

OTIOB to BHIPPBR9.-Shippers by the steam

pnokets from tim Phoenix Wharf are informed that, on and after the 1st July, it will be reqnired that the freight on all ponds be psld in Sydney, previous to ship- ment. Pheonix Wharf, 19th June._










Jnne. at 10 p.m.


at II.


TEAM to HOBART TOWN.-The T. 8. N. Com-

pany's Iron sorew steamer TASMANIA. J. OLTNOIT. master, will leave the Patent Sl!p!Wbarf, for HOBART TOWN, four days after arrival, calling at EDEN, TWO- FOLD BAY, to land passengers and freight.

Consignees aro requested to notice that ill FREIGHT on INWARD CARGO mnst be paid to the discharging

clerk before delivery of the poods.

WILLIS, MERRY, and CO.. agents,,Exchange.






Apply at the Victoria Wharf._ NOTICE TO SHIPPERS for MO «ETON BAY.

C^" The VIXEN, Captain BENNETT (having been delayed throngh tho wet weather), is now fast load- ing at the Flonr Onmnnny's Wharf. All goodi must be shipped bv THIS EVENING.

, LAIDLEY, IRELAND, and CO., 364. Georgo-street.


OR WIDE BAY and PORT CURTIS.-Tbo lognlar trader COQUETTE will he despatched in a fow days.

MOLI30N and BL\CK. Macqnarie-place.


trnder GIPSY will sail on WEDNESDAY.

For freight or pas«ficro apply on board, Commercial Wharf; or to J. HARPUR and CO., 269, Oacrga-strcet.

4LMEDA, for ¡MELBOURNE WHARF, clears at

the Customs TO-MORROW. Has room for " few

tons of cargo if sont down to Macnamara'« by THIS


For freight or passage, apply to LAIDLEY, IRELAND, and CO., 364, George-street.

Rates of Passage.

Cabin. £5 5 0 Steerage . 2 10 0

FOR MELBOURNE WHARF direct. For Passage

onlv.-The barque TARBERT CASTLE, T. S. DOWNES, master, will sall on WEDNESDAY.

For passage onlv apply to E. M. SAYERS, Port Phillip Paoket Office, 324, George-sfreet.

OR MELBOURNR WHARF dlreot-The ollpper

sohooner AB8BY, HUGHBS, master, is now fast j loading at the Flour Company's Wharf, and, having the greater nnrtion of her cargo ready to go on board, will sail

on SATURDAY. * |

For freight or passage apply to E. M. SAYERS, Port Phillip Paoket Oflicft. 324, George-street._ FOR AUCKLAND.- <t Orafton Wharf, the MOA, j

236 ton«, Captain BOWDEN. Shippers ara requested I to have all goods on bom ti and entries passed by noon

THIS DAY. Passengers are requested to piy balance of

passage money.

JOHN ROBERTON and CO., 3, Jamifon-strcet.


-The Al Hipper schooner ADOLPHUS YATES, Captain A. BELL (having been detained through tfce unsettled weather), is row faut londing at the Grafton Wharf, and will be despatched TO-MORROW.

For freight or passage apply to LAIDLEY, IRELAND,

and CO., 364, George-street.

OR NELSON.-The regular packet brig, EMMA J. H. HOLFORD, master, ia now recetving«argo and will clear at tke Cnstoms TO-MORROW. Sh'ppers are re- quested to make Immediate arrangements, as she will sail on THURSDAY MORNING, full or not full.

For freight or passage, having unrivalled cabin and

»teerage accommodation, apply to S. A. JOSEPH, Mar-


OR SALE, a Boat, six tons ; sails and oars complete.

Apply 44, Windmill-street.



NLY VESSEL for SAN FRANCISCO -For Pas v/ sengers only.-The clipper barque CARRIE LELAND, P. L. 8MITH, commander, will positively Ball on WEDNESDAY". Can take a limited number of pas- sengers if engaged for TUTS DAY. . "_____,. .

Apply to Captain SMITH, on board ; or MOLISON and BLAPK, Mscqnirie-piace._

IK8T SHIP for LONDON.-The Al British-hunt

barque DAW8T0NE, 495 ton«, JAMBS NEWTON, commander, has the greater portion of her cargo, and will have quiok despatch, lias a fall poop, offering comfortable

accommodation to cabin and intermediate passengers.

Apply to GILCHRIST, WATT, nnd CO., No. Î, Mar- garet-street._

IKST SHIP for LONDON.-Tho Al fast Balline and

favourite ha-que PALMYRA, JOHN TIERNEY, commander, 760 tons register, ia fast receiving her cargo, and will have quick despatch. Sho has large state rooms and other comfortable accommodations for passenger*. Will take a limited number of stccrago passengers at

moderate rate».

Apply to Captain TIERNEY, on board. Circular Quay; or to BRIERLEY, DEAN and CO., 178, George street._

OR CHARTER, the a 1 Ship MUGGIE. S60 tons

register -Ifcls vessel is Sanderland-bulld, stanch, and well provided in every respect, and is now open for any engagement to the Ea»t and back, or otherwise.

Apply to CaptalH NAUGHTON, «n hoard at Campbell's I

Wharf; orto GEORGE A. LLOYD nnd CO._j


barque ESCORT, 475 tons register.-This fine vessel

is now open to an offer ni ahov?, and from the good condi- ] tion of the cargo of flour now landing, is evidently fit for the carnage of perishable merchandise. Apply to Captain PEPPER, onboard; or to GEORGE A. LLOYD and CO._ LADY HEAD, from Liverpool.-CorVcrnees by this

vessel are requested to pass their ENTRIES imme- diately, for Towns' Wharf. All goads impaling the ship's discharge will bo entered nn<l 1 mded at Consignees* risk and expense. Captain HICKS will not hold himself responsible for eoodi after they leaf o the ship's tickle", or for any DEBT3 contracted by his crew. R. TO WNS and

CO., agents.

FOR PRIVATE SALE, the beautiful model clipper

schooner SYBIL, 95 tons register, built at Quebeo hy the Canadian Government for the mail service ; one of the smartest vessels afloat, and unsurpassed fir speed. She 1« coppered and copper-fastened, is in good order, liberally found in fails, spars, ground tackle, and an ample inven- tory of every neoes'ary for a «ea-coing vessel ; now lying for inspection off Mannnmsra's Wharf. For further par- ticulars apply to LAIDLEY, IRELAND, and CO., 364, George-strpet. _ FINAL NOTICE to CONSIGNEES,-ihip OAS

TILIAN from Liverpool is discharging at Botts' Wharf. All goods impeding discharge, for which entries are not passed, will be stored at risk and expense of shippers. WILLIS, MERRY, and CO., agents. Exchange, June 22._

O OWNERS or Steamers, Sailing Vessels, Ac.-For

SALE. Clifford's Patent Boat-Lowering Apparatus.

| THOMAS BOWDEN, 10. Macqnarln-place._

(NUTHBERTS Shipbuilding Yard, and A. S. N. Co.'a

J Patent Slip. Pyrmont, capable of takinp no vessels | of the lnrsost tonnage. Office, CUTHBBRT'S Wharf

Darlincr TIarhnnr. '


NOTICE.-The tolls and dnes collected at tbe Pant by

the Penrith Nepnsn Bridire Company, plving at Emu Ferry, for six months from the first dnv of July next, will be sold by auction, on THURSDAY next, the 24tb instant, at 12 o'clock noon, hy Mr. J. T. UTAN, at the Metropolitan Hotel. Pitt-street, Sydney. The pnrchaser will be prepared with two sureties for_tho duo payment of the rent by monthly instalments. By order of the Boird of Directors. ALEXV.NDER FRASER, secretary Penrith Nepean Rridgo Company.


Married Couples by this vessel, chiefly Farm Laborer?, are still diwngaped. and can be hired on board daily, be- tween the hours of 10 nm. and 4 pm.

H. n. BROWNFj, aeent for ¡mmierotion.

Government Immigration OflVo, Sydney, Jnne 21._ \ U8TRALTAN LIBRARY and LITERARY IN f\ 8TITHTION -The Proprietors and Shareholders are respectfully Informed, that the plans for thp completion of the Library aro left at the Library for tbeirlnsneotion, and will be hld beforo the meeting on WEDNESDAY



INSTALMENT.-Prop-Ietor« of new Stock are re- minded that the third instalment of One Pound par share is reqnlred ti be paid, on or before THURSDAY, the first day of July next, at the Bank of New South Wales; an1 that they nre at liberty to pay, at the same time and place, the whole, or any of the throe subsequent, instalments, and ary arrears of previous instalments. R. MANSFIELD. Companv's Offloe, Sydney. 2lat Jnne.


STITUTION.-The Library is open Daily for the issue of books froni 9 till 6. except on MONDAY, when it is closed at noon. The Reading Roora Is open from 9 a.m to 9 p m. Subscribers are admitted without bsllot, on the Introduction of a shareholder, anil the snhscrlnHon Is payable from the time of entry. P. J. ELLIOTT,


l/TASONÍO BALL-Applications for Tickets will be IVI received by Brother A. Oihen. at the Hal). York street» nnto noon of WEDNESDAY, the 23rd Instant. ROBERT PHBNNA. honorary secretary._ Vf ASONIC B \LL.-Th» Committee will meet THIS IV! TUESDAY EVENING, the 22nd instant, at 7 precisely. ROBERT PHHNNA, honorary secretary.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Cook's River. - The Foundation Stone of the above Church will be blessed and laid by his Grace THE ARCHBISHOP, on WED NESDAY, 23rd instant, at 11 o'clock precisely.

The friends of religious liberty are requested to do honor

to his Grace on that occasion.

Mr. Gannon's Omnlbns will leave the White Horse Inn, at 10 o'clock, for the above place.

OT. LAWRENCE PAROCHIAL ASSOCIATION. O Tho Annual General MEETING will be held in the Christ Chnrch Sohool-hon«e, THIS EVENING. Tuesday, the 22nd instant, at half-past 7, at which the mem- bers and parishioners are solicited to attpnd. By order of the committee. EDWARD M. STEPHEN, bon, sec.


course of lectures in ninne;tion with thin in«.titntion. will oomraence THIS EVENING, the 22nd instant, and the committee have great pleasure in announcing that the introductory lecture will be delivere'' by hi« Excellency the Governor-General. Members of the Institution will be ad- mitted on production of their cards of membership, and are entitled to Introduce two ladies. The doors will be opened at 7 o'clock, and the lecture will commence at half-past 7 precisely. W. DAVIS, spcretary._ ._


ING of the Committee appointed at the pnblio meeting hold on the 18th instant, to take steps to direct the attention of the Government to the necessity for pro- ceeding with the formation of railways and other public works, will be held at the Town Hall THI8 DAY, the

22nd instant, at 4 o'clock p.m. JAMES MURPHY,


REE MASONRY.-Lodge Newtown Kilwinning, No.

378.-An Emereency Meetine will be held at the Lodge Rooms, Newtown, THIS EVFiNING, at 7,30 pre- cisely. By order of the R. W. M,

_ J. G. »'DOUGALL, secretary.

t^RBKMASONRY.-Zatland Lodge of Australia, No. F 941.-An Emereencv Mnnting will be held at the Hall, York-street. THT3 EVFiNING, at seven o'clook pre clsely. J. F. HENEY, secretary._


AND BUILDING SOOIRTY.-NOTICE is hereby given that, in accordance with the 13th Rule of the Society, a distribution by Ballot of unpurchised Bhares, will take plane at the SooietyN Oflbe, 214, George-street, THIS DAY, Taosday, the-22nd instant, at 4 p.m. By order of the Board of Directors, J. R. TRBEVE, Secretary. June 22nd, 1858_


following seized poods will beheld in the Qu»en'« Store, in the Custom House Yard, on WEDNESDAY next, the 18th instant, at II o'clock in the forenoon.

1 copper still (about 50 gallons) 2 packages of tobacco 4 hoxet ditto 1 keg ditto

3 sailor-/ chests.

J. GIBBES, Collector of Customs. Cnstom Hqusp, Sydney, 19th Jene 1858.

MR. DEEPER, Hairdresser, 302, George-street, has

received, ex Centnrion, a fresh supply of TINTURA POMPBIANA, or Liquid Hair-dye, warranted not to stain the skin or flneBt linen; BALMA Pompeiana; MEOHI'S magio razor strops, HOLLOW ground razors (ivory handles), CARNATION tooth paste; METCALFE'S brushes perfumed lavender water, tortolseshell combs, and | a variety of Unit-class goods.


SALE, bamboo chairs, garden stools, brooms,   lacquered ware boxes, chessboards, tortoiseshell combs, gla-s covers, Ac, &c. Apply to Captain THO M PSON, on board, at Lamb's Wharf ; orattheoffiea of GEORGE A. LLOYD and CO.

TO X.-For God's sake, see me once more. I am going

to a situation TO-MORROW, Tnesday, early in the morning, and wish to see you before I go. I am very miserable. Do not undo all you have done for me. Sin- cerely yours, ELLEN.

PERSONS ADVERTISED FOR._ AMICUS.-A Letter to your own initials lies at the

Sydney Post Office.   ANY PERSON having information or personal know   ledge of the present whereabouts of DENIS   CLANCY, who arrived in Sydney March 16th. 1839, per ship Aliquis, from Cork, Ireland, are requested to com- municate the same to W. CLANCY, Post Office, Ararat,


DANIEL NEWBERY-If this should meet the eye  

of Daniel Newbery, born in Jersey, whose mother   was a native of Southampton, will he please write to Mr GEORGE POPE, Postmaster, Ryde, N. S W., sending his address, as he has received letters from his mother re

specting him.

ENQUIRY havine been made relative to ROBERT and WILLIAM PAGE, formerly of Reading, in   Berkshire, and who arrived in this colony per ship Eleanor, in thn yenr 1831, it is refluesW that any person who may be able to furnish information respecting them, or either of thom, will have the goodness to communicate the same to the Irspecfor-General of Po'lco.

JNO. M'LERIE, Inspector-General of Police. Elizabeth-street, Sydney. 3rd Jnne._

EORGE F. VAN SICKLE, tormerly of New York,

" and late of San Francisco, will find a letter from i his parent*, by applying to Messrs. WILKINSON, I

BROTHERS, ami CO._ | IF THIS should meet the eye of PATRICK HENCHEY,

who left Bally Car, County Clare, about two years ago, and will write to Mr. COSTELO, 364, Castlereagh

»treor, lie will here from his cousin MARGARET,


TF T^IS should meet the pyes of Mrs. WARREN or

ALEXANDER MELVIN, thev wi'l hearof JOSEPH MELVIN, by writing, or calling to THOMAS COLLINS, I

20, Erakine-street. Sydney._ j R M ARG ".RET SWAINE, formerly of Sutton Ground, | lv| Westminster, can hear of her son WILLIAM I SWAINE, hy addressing him at Degilbo, Wide Bay.

R. LIDDELL, of 5', May-street. Svdnev. is re questod to o*l! noon SCOTT and JOLLY, Bathurst street, to prevent fnrtlier trouble. 21 Bt May._

R, G. C. GREEN will obllse by onmmnnicating his

address. BUYERS and LEARMONTH, 4, Char- lotte -place._ T~n_"PERSON who gave a note of greater value than '

he received chance for at the Liverpool Arms, Pitt and King streets, last week, can receive the difference b^ r/iving a proper description, and applying to B. PALMER._ _._ ' WANTED, the, riraáent addross of Mr. THOMAS

SAUNDERS, of Dundee, who left Scotland for Melbourne : it is bolieve'l'h'e came to Svdney some time back. Information is r*rln«fste*l. as it will be to his advan- tage. ANDERSON, BROTHERS, and CO., Pitt-atroet

North. I


respectfully informe^/ fcbyit a Benefit, under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor-General, Sir D. Coop»r, Ac. in aid of the Australian Volunteer Fire Company, No. 1, Sick, Relief, and Aecidont Fund will shortly take place. Fall partícula« will shortly appear.

G. E. MACRAE, Secretary tgjhe Fond._


TO-NIGHT.-The celebrated Roman tragedy, in five acts. entitled VIRGINIUS ; OR THE ROMAN FATHER, ackrowledged to be one of the finost trajpdies in the Engl sh lancuage. It will embrace the whole strength of the Victoria star company. .The tragedv will bo followed bv the Innghabla farce entitled THE M0U3

TAOHE MOVEMENT._ T> OYAL VICTORIA THEATRE.-Doors open at 7, I\, commencing at half-past 7. Prices : Boxes, 3s. ; upper circle, 2s. ; pit. 1«. ; gallery, 61. Monthly trans- ferable tickets, 21s par month, to be had at the Box office only. JAMFS SIMMONDS, lessee and manager._ r YOBUM THEATRE.-The Great Scene of the Cap

[j tore of Delhi, TO-NIGHT._


Benares, and Calcutta. "

T~YCBUM~THEATRE.-Blowing from Guns and Fort

J ntAgra_ LYCEUM THBATllE.-Open at half-past 7, curtain

rises at 8 precisely.

"f YCEUM THEATRE- A Grand Morning Perform

j ance on SATURDAY, 26th June, for the Juveniles. THE ANNUAL MASONIC B \LL (to which gentle-

men who are not Masons will be admitted) will be held at the Prince of Wales Theatre, on Saint John's Day, THURSDAY, the 2*th instant; and on Which occa- sion His Excellency the Governor-General, family, and Suite, have kindly signified their Intention of being present.

As the number of tickets is necessarily limited, applica- tions muBt be made (in writing) to the Secretary, at the Freemasons' Hull, York-street, or at 176, Pitt-street, opposite Messrs. Fosa', or to any mombar of the Committee, not later than noon of WEDNESDAY, the 23rd instant, after wh'ch hour none can possibly be erj

tertnined. ?

Brother John Clark has kindly offared his valuable

services as M. C.

Gentlemen's tickets, 21s. ; ladies, 15s.

Namos of the Committee :

LolgeNn. 548. . Zetland Lodere.

Brother B. Palmer Brother J. Simmons, Benior

H. B. Dobwn C. Watt

H. Hoghton B D. Nicolle R. Drirer, junior D. Fletcher W. Hetzer T. Farrell Lodge No. 267.

Brother H. Grace Cambrian Lodge.

T. Field Brother D. E. M'Donald W. Stewart J. Glnsîop

Lodge No. 260. F. EC. Renss

Brother A. Smith

' C. Eriohsen Lodge No. 266. Lodffo of Harmony. Brother J. Falk

Brother A. Bradford W. Oubitt

J. Winterbottom F. Mackellar O. L. Hanningtou J. Clark

J. 0. Horner

A. Torning Kilwinning Lodge. Provincial Grand Lodge. (Newtown.)

Brother A. T. Holroyd Brother E. B. Cullen

J. Murphy J. G. M'Dougall.

P. J. Cohen

_ROBERT PnENNA, honorary secretary.


pendence of the United States of America.-Gentle- men wishing to attend a DINNER to be given on MONDAY, Jnly 5th, on the occasion of the celebration of that Anniversary, oin obtain tickets from any of the un- dersigned Committee.

Thomas R. Leavitt Captain S. Pepper J. W. Rollins

J. W. Denslow

J. Overmyer. ,


TURB by the Rev. G. MACFIE, THIS EVENING, the 22nd instant, at half-past 7 pre- cisely. Subject: "Centre of Gravity." Tickets, Is. ; children, 6d., at the door. JOHN A. WALKER, hon.


OYDNBY HJULTKY CLUB.-The Second Exhibition O of Poultry and Rabbits will take place on WEDNES- DAY the 30th of June, and THURSDAY the 1st of july, at the Assembly Rooms of Mr. J. Olark, Elizabeth-street


The Rules of the Exhibition and prize schedules can be obtained, on application to the secretary.

W. H. OATLETT, seoretary.

280, Pitt-street South, June 9th._ MADAME FARRBLLY'S Weekly Quadrille Party,

TniS EVENING. Tuesday, Eliztbeth-street North. BILE, Headache, and Deranged Stomach.-Recollect

reider, that most of the diseases are ciu>ed by ap-, parently a trilling beginning, and by inattention to the state of the stonach,* henee follows loss of appetite strength, and energy. As a counteracter of these terrible symptoms, it is only necessary to take molerate doses of Ho'loway's Pills, which will purify the blood, given healthy action to the vital function», and restore a robust state of feel- ing to the greatest valetudinarian. Sold at the establishment ot Professor Holloway, 244, Strand (near Temple Bar), London, and 80, Maiden-lane, New York ; also by all re- spectable druggists and dealers in medicine throughout the civilized world, ard in all parts of Australia, at the following prices-Is. 3d., 3s. 3d., and 5s. each pot. O* There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. N.B. Directions' for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each pot.

mo BUTCHERS. - Sisase Machines, with Fillers J. complete. T. GRIFFITHS, 584, George-street,

corner of Bathurst-street,

EARTHENWARE, a large assortment, assorted crates

for the country. T. GRIFFITHS, 584, George

Street, corner of Bathurst-street.


OR SALE, Primo Clarence RlYer Beef. Apply to G.

COLB30N, Market Wharf.

£20 REWARD.-Stolen from my Station at Gundagai about the 1st instant, a quantity of     harness and a Bay MARE, branded RS and ROS on the near shoulder, with O in a diamond over, and on near side under saddle O ; also, on near cheek, O. The above re- ward will be paid upon conviction of the offender ; or the sum of £5 will be paid for recovery and delivery of the Mare at Gundagai or Muttama. Stations. THOMAS BROUGHTON. Sydney, 16th June. n-j a REWARD.-LOST a PURSE, containing 32 du» JL \J sovereigns, one ten-pound note, diamond ring, gold sea', and two gold rings. JAMES COX, next to Mr.

Roberta' (lawyer)._ i __»-_ (ONE POUND) REWARD.-Whereas some evil JZj J. disposed person or persons did, between the hours of 11 and 12 o'clock on last Saturday night, wrenob open the shutter of St. Stephen's Schoolroom, and likewise broke the windows of the master's residence, any person oriving sufficient information as to convict the offender or offenders shall reçoive the above reword. O. A. NEWMAN. New- town, June 21._ f»-| REWARD. - STKAYED, from Paddington.» X/ X Brown Poley COW, white streak np the back, branded J A on off hip and 3 on the tbieh. Any one bring- ing the said cow to Mrs. TAYLOR, Woodstook-terraoe, Pad din eton, will receive £1 reward._


Night, a White PUP, with one black ear, very short tall, thiok limbs ; was last seen on the Riceoonrse. Any person bringing tho said dog to Mr. WHITE3IDE8, grocer, Campbell-street, will receive the above reward.

LOST, Yesterday, botween Frith and Payten'» and

Market-street, a POCKET-BOOK, with aundrv papers and a cruised Cheque in favour of G. A. Lloyd and To. (or £10 odd ; of no u*e to anv one but the owner. The flnr'er, on bringing it to Mr. RICHARD COWAN, Reiby Cottsire, Georfff-street, will he handsomely rewarded.

08T, on Sunday, a small Terrier BITCH, light

brown, white feet, nose white, spot back of the head ; had on abrass collar and look Whoever will bring the same to Mr. WOLLAS, 154, Clarence-street, will he re- warded._

LACK MARE LOST, from the Government Domain,

Parramatta, branded DG off shoulder, one hind foot white. The above reward »ill be P*id by Mr. C. NEW, Royal Oak. Parramatta. JOHN BLACK._ OTRAYED, on the I6th June, a GOAT, on the pre r"l miles of Mrs. HUGHES, No. 54. Bithurst-street Weat. The owner can have jthe same by paying all damages._

ÖUND, a Green PARROT. The owner can bave it

by paying the expense of advertisement. Apply at No 7, Maeleay-street Darlinghurst._


93, King-street.


NOTICE.-I hereby caution all parties from giving

credit on my account, without mv written authority, from this date. THOMAS SULLIVAN, jun, carcase butcher. June 19th._ NOTICE.-A Lirce DOG took up his quarters on my

premises last Saturday. The owner cnn have him by describing him, and paying tho < tpenses. G. PARSONS, Butcher, 44. Hunter-street. _ NO TI C B.-The Partnershio existing bPtween

EDWARD MULLENDORFF and H. V. D NAHMER, being about to be dissolved, all CLAIMS acainst the undersigned are requested to be sent in forth- with. All Promissory Notes signed by the undersigned and not yet arrived at maturity, will be paid under rebate of Bank discount, nn presentation, on or after the 26th in- stant. MULLENDORFF, NAHMER, and CO., Mac qnarie-place._

OTICE.-Persons are requested to fetch all Tubs left

with me to repair over six minth», or they will ba sold, to pay the exoenses Incurred, within fourteen da} g from this date. J. MASON, Pitt-street North._ T^rOTICB.-Unless the Person who left a horse in my I\ stables on the 29th ultimo, branded B on near shoul- der, does not come and take him away within two days from this dato, he will be so'd for \ his keep. TIMOTHY DRISCOLL, Livery stables, Pitt-street, Sydney. 21st June._S_ TO MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS-TENDERS will

bereceived until FRIDAY Julv 2, from gentlemen who are willina1 to . fill the office of Melical Adviser to the FebAXD Office Benefit aoniotv. Apply, for particulars, to Mr. WILLIAM M'KNIGHT, Hebald Office, between U

Vicfl o'clock.

The Treasury, New South Wales, 8th June, 1858.

THE Government of New South Wales being desirous

of purchasing a STEAM-TUG, suitable for the pur pqse of harbour towing, for the Port of Nowcastle, invite» offers from owners of steamers in this and the neighbour- ing colonies, who moy have the description of vessel re-

quired for sale.

The vessel must be of not less than 70-horse power, on low pressure principle, and propelled hy paddle».

Every proposal must be accompïnied with the fnl'est in- formation possible as to age. size, power, and generil capa- bilities of the vessel, ns also with certiflcites from the Government snrveyors to Steam Board*.

The proposal mnst state the price, the mode of psyrnent, and the plane where the vejsel Is lying, and whether de- liverable in Sydney or elsewhere ; also the period to be allowed to the Government to accept or reject the offer.

Apilicitions will be received at this office up to the 31st July next, addressed to the Honorable the Colonial Trea- surer, New South Wales.

HENRY LVNE, Under Secretary

\M ELBOURNE and HOBSON'S BAÏ RAILWAY [VI COMPANY.-TENDERS will be received by the Directors of this Company until WEDNESDAY, the 30th instant, for the undermentioned Debenture Bonds, secured by Act of Council on the property of the Company, and by the liability of the Shi'eholders to double the amount of their »hares, which shares are paid no to the extent of £350,000. The Debentare Bonds bear interest at the rate of seven pounds nor cent., payable half-yearly. The prin- cipal can be sooared in Melbourne or London, at the option of the holder, and the interest is payablo at either of those

places, on presentation of the coupons, or interest

warrants j

100 debenture bonds of £100 eaoh, rjsyable on 1st Jnly,

1863. .

100 ditto ditto ditto, payable l«t July, 1S65. 100 ditto ditto ditto, payable lot July. 1868.

The Directors do not bind themselves to aceept the highest, or any tender. >

Tenders to be endorsed, " Tenders for Debentures."

By order,



and SYDNEY.-NOTICE.-The Provincial Coun- cil of New Plymouth having appropriated eight hundred pounds (£890) per annum as a bonni for the encourage- ment of a direct trade between this port and Sydney, TENDERS will be recelvod at this office, until the first day of August next, from all persons willing to enter into any engagement for the purpose.

The rates of freight and passages, and the number of trips per annum that will be guaranteed, should be


The vessel must not be of less than seventy-five tons register, and must be open to all shippers.

Copies of the freight lists, both inwards and outwards, must be supplied to the Provincial Government, and the engagements for freight and passages amst be nnder its supervision, In order that the accommodation, for which the bonus is to be given, may not be engrossed or fore-

stalled by any party.


Provincial Secretary's Office, New Plymonth,

. 22nd May, 1858.

Any further information respecting the above may be obtained on application to BUYERS and LEARMONTH, 4, Charlotte-place._

TO BUILDERS.-TENDERS for the building of a Dwelling-house In Smith-street, Wollongong, will be   received by Rev. T. C. Ewen till 6th Jnly proximo. Plans and specification may be seen at his residence, and also at the office of E. BLACKET. Esq., Mort's-bulldings,

Pitt-street, Sydney. No tender will be accepted unless per-

fectly satisfactorv.

TO BRICKLAYERS, Carpenters, and others. L Tenders are invited for builders' works, required to be done to a house known as the Forrester's Arms, situate at the Glebe. The specification and particulars can be seen by applying to Mr. HUME, architect, Elizabeth street, to whom sealed tenders are to be sent, on or before MONDAY, the 28th instant.

In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.  

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.  

In the Will of ANDREW MURRAY, late of

Parramatta, in the Colony of New South Wales, Esquire, deceased.

NOTICE is hereby given that, after the expiration of

fourteen days from the publication of this notice in the New South Wales Government Gazette, Neil Stewart, of Parramatta aforesaid, gentleman, and James Milson the younger, of St. Leonard's, North Shore, in the said colony, esquire, the executors and trustees named in the said will, intend to apply to the Honorable Court, in Its ecclesiastical jurisdiction, that probate of the said will may be granted to them.

Dated this 19th day of June, A.D. 1858,

JOHN MORTON GOULD, Proctor for the said Ex- ecutors and Trustees, Church-street, Parramatta.

PATENT PORTLAND CEMENT, quality guaranteed

wholesale or retail, at W. PATTEN'S Australian Marble Works, 342 and 344, Pitt-street.


edition of this Journal, must be in the Publication Office by half-past nine on the SATURDAY EVENING.

Just Published, Covpred in Cloth, Price 15s.,


ART Vol. 1, containing, by authority, the proceedings of the Ànstralian Horticiltural and Agricultural Society, and the Philosophical Society of New South Wales.

The importance of retaining a permanent record of the various papers that are from time to time submitted to scientific bodies in this city, and the advantage of a public medium of communication between scientiflo men in distant parts of the colony, led to the establishment of the

above magazine. .

The first vol. is now completed, and may be um at tne publisher's, JAVTB3 W. WAUGH, 286, George-street.


Constitution, Mission, and Trials, by the Right Rev. W. Grant Broughton, D.D, late Lord Bishop of Sydney, edited with a memoir by Archdeacon Harrison, 8vo., 10s 6d or post paid. Us. 6d. Remittances may be for- warded from the country in twopenny stamps. W. R.

PIDDINGTON. Geonre-streat.


B. LAW. Pawnbroker, 110, Cumberland-street. Money advanced on every description of property^ C1 F. EDWARDS, Wholesale Iron and Earthenware

} Store», 427, George-street, eight doora south of Bathurst-street (late Nott and Edwards)._ DRAWING^Mr. DELOHBRY'S Classes, Tuesday

and Friday. Pitt-street; 7 till half-past 8 p.m.

irf W. HAMILTON, Commission Agent. ÏÔT,


IMMIGRANTS Hiied on board ship by J. O. GLUE,

General Labour Agent, 1G2, Pitt-street North, near King-street. _ JO. GLUE, Gpneral Labour Agent, 162, Pitt-street

, North, near King-street. Established January 1856. MR. CHARLES haï removed from 14 to 122, Eliza-

beth-street North, a few doirB north of King-street. MISS FREEMAN'S SEMINARY for Young Ladies,

29, Cowper-terrace, Church-bill. Vacancies for two boarders._^_

BDICAL-Dr. BRIQÜELOT (from Paris) maybe

consnltei from 11 to 1 94. Bat hurst-street.


R J. E. SMYTHE, Practical Surgical and Mechanical

Dentist, 126. Castlereagh-street North._ R. H MARSH, Professor of the Pianoforte and

Singing. Apply D. BUIST and SON, George-st.

OOKE, BROTHERS, Carpenters, Joiners.andRustic

8eat Mannfactnrors to the Botanic Gardens. All kinds of garden seats made to order. Near the Railway Station, Ashfield._ P~RIVÄTE_LES30N3 in Music and Singing given by ä

Lidy. 81, Botany-street, Surry Hills._ ÏÂNOFORTES, made expressly for these colonies, for

SALE or HIRE. MOSS, 27, Hunter-street_ 7}~EMOVÄL.-The Business of J. LUBLIN, Hatter,

. corner of Georee and Hunter streets, has removed to B. Monntcastla's. 319, George-street._

ËRVANT3' Reaistry OfHno.-Everv description of servants hired. J. 0. GLUE, agent. 162, Pitt-it. North. RITING, Book-keepine, Arithmetic, <6o. taught by

Mr. BRAGG, 151. BÜzibeth-st., near Market-st.


/-»I C AAA IN SUMS frnm £100. on mortgage.

X/IO'UUU? G- F- BAKER, Pitt and Bridge streets._._ f»"l A A TO £10,000 to lend on Freehold Propsrty

Tj l\ t\) CHARLES H. LONG, broker, 19, Hunter-street._ OH A A AAA ON MORTGAGE. ROBERT db lUU^UU' ' FORBES. Esq., 170, Pitt-street.

»NEY TO LEND, upon Sydney Freehold Property. STENH U^E and HARDY, Elizabeth-st. North.


AISON FRANÇAISE, 43, Elizabeth-street North.

Millinery, Dress. Mantle, and Stay Maker._


AISON FRANÇAISE. 43, Elizabeth-street North.

Fleurs, Coiffures, Bouquets, direct de Paris._ MAISON FRANÇAISE, 43, Elizabeth-street North.

French Stays, from 24-inch to 42 inch. Stays of | every description male to order-guaranteed to fit. 43, Elizabeth-street;_. ' -.._

ALL and Fancy Drexsea made at Mrs. SEYMOUR'S,

67. South Head Road. _~_

WAX Materials, Brushes, Glass Shades, Fancy Goods,

stationery, perfumery, &o. MB WB URN'S, 8, Hunter-Btreet»_._._ T>EARL SUITES, at the Oivet Cat, King-street.

INS, a large and superb assortment at the Oivet

Cat, King-etreet.

ÈÂ~RL~WRËATH&7 at the Civet Cat, King-street. P P

FjALLROOil TABLETS, at the Civet Oat, King

» i street.

EWELLBRY.-New Gold Brooohe». Necklets/ Studs,

Gem Rings, &c. on SALE by G. J. DIXON, 280, George-street, opposite the London Chartered Bank. , N.B.-Watches skilfully repaired ; electro-plate on sale. F

OR SALE, prime new^Mess Beef, in tierces; prime Irish Pork, in barrels. HENRY BELL, 164, Pitt-st.


WANTED, for a short time, good security and fair interest. £ s. «)., Herald Office.

A MARRIED PERSON, highly respectable, having

mnch of her time unemployed, would be elad to meet with ladies who require Needlework done ; is fully com- petent to undertake dressmaking, millinery, or plain fewing. Terms, very reasonable ; references if required. Address Anna, 469, Bniirke-street. Surry Hills._

RBSPECTABLB Married Woman wnnts a light Situation where confidence is required. M. B., Herald Office._ AL \DY, residing at Mrs. Fowler's, It« dextrous ot

having the care of one or two children to board and ednoate in her school. For address apply to Mrs. FOWLER, Pitt-street._ T> RICKS.-Wanted 50,000. ? Address R.H., Post Office.


few vacancies for Adults and Boys in tho above named choir. Competent persons willing to join the same are requested to communicate with Mr. J. JOHNSON, 130,

Terry'8-buildines, Pitt-street, from whom all particulars

may be ascertained.

NGLISH COOK.-Wanted, tn a Gentleman's family,

al few miles from Town, a Yonng Englishwoman as good plain Cook, and to make herself otherwise useful. Testimonials as to ability and oharaoter and a reference to last situation required. Apply, between the hours of twelve and one o'clock, on WEDNESDAY. June 23rd, at

83, Wynyard-square. i /GOVERNESS Wanted, for a family resident on the | IT Macleay River. She must be competent to Impart a good English education, and teach minio and Frenob. Apply to Mrs. GORMAN, Tara, Point Piper Road.

TOIÑT STOCK BANK SHARES Wanted, from 50 to

100, at £n 2i. 6d. X.Y Z , Herald Office._ REQUIRED, a Cottage of abont three rooms, and

kitchen, near Redfern. State lowest rent and particulars by letter only, to A, Z., care of Mr. Delobery, 167, Pitt-street, Sydney._ STORE WETHERS.-Wanted to Purchase about 5000,

three to five vears old, deliverable in the Liverpool Plains dintrlot.or within 250mlles. RUNDLE, DANGAR, and CO., Clarence-street, Sydney.

QTABLES wanted, fortwo or three Hornes; also, a well i) furnished Bedroom. Address Stables, Herald Office. _*

O OWNERS of COASTERS.-Wanted to Hire or

Charter, a Vessel of 20 to 50 tons. Apply to JOHN

CUTHBERT, Cnthbert's Wharf._ TO BANKERS.-A Gentleman who has had six years'

banking experience, and who holds testimonials as to character, 4c, would be happy to obtain employment

either in Sydney or Melbourne. Address R. T., Herald



O CHEMI8TS-Wanted, a competent Assistant.

Apply to F. E SLOPER, William-street.

TAILORS-Wanted. Two Journeymen. Apply Mr.

PATRICK CONNORS, Pitt-street Sonth._ TEAMS wanted, for Louisa Creek, Goulburn, and

Mudeee, at RUNDLE, DANGAR, and CO.'S, Cla-


0 LANDED PROPRIETORS and Stookowners.-A

Person, practically acquainted with agriculture and the management of landed property generally, sheep >md cattle, and well acquainted with the Victorian ttook market, is anxious to meet with an engagement. Letters

addressed R. C. J., Herald Office, will be immediately

attended to.

w sr

ANTED, a Bricklayer. Apply at 9 o'clock this

morning. Victoria Foundry, Sussex-street South.


ANTED, a Girl, eleven or twelve years of age.

Apply 91, Stanley-street._

7 ANTED, an active Lad In a Butcher's 8hop. Apply

to Mrs. STRICKLAND, William-street,'Paddington.

ANTED, a Boc. 0. HBRTZHAUSBR, 123," York


WANTED, a Lad, to do the general work. Sydney

and Melbonrne Hotel, Kent-street._.

ANTED, by a respectable Yonng Person, a Situation

as Needlewoman in a gentleman's family or a house of business ; understands dressmaking. Apply, far two days, to O. 15., Herald Office. _

ANTED, a Pinnibar. Apply at Custom House

Hotel, Argyle-atreet. ' ' ,

w w

ANTED, a good Spadesman for Garden work,«City

Inn, Kent-street North.

WANTED, by a person used to Agrlcnltural_and

Pastoral Pursuits a Situation. Remuneration would be a secondary consideration, provided there! is a chance of its leading to anything better. Apply to ALBEMARLE LAYARD, Jamison-otreet._ WANTED, by two respectable Females situations-one

as cook, the other as laundress in the same house. No objection to the country. Good references can be given. Address E. M., Herald Office._

'ANTED, Ten W»itera for the Masonic Ball. Apply


w w

ANTED, a Married Man as Gardener, to look after a

piggory, at J. GIBBINS', 520, Georgc-st. South.

ANTED, a Single Man, as Porter, to reside on the

premises. 460, George-street South. ,_ WANTED, an Apprentice and an Improver to the

Dressmaking. Apply Mrs. ROBINSON, 97, Eliza- beth-street North._ ?_ Uf ANTED, a Married Couple, without iucumbrance v V the woman as Cook and General House Servant, the man to wash and clean carriages and harness, and other- wise useful about the yarn1. None but competent persons need apply. Apply at ROBERTSON'S coach factory. Pitt Btreet Sontb. _

rj7* ANTED, a good Working Jeweller; nlso, a Jobber.

Apply to WALKER and JONE8, 338, Qeorge-st. ANTED, a general home Servant. Mrs. THOMAS

JENNINGS, 59, Lower George-street.

W w

ANTED, a First-class Cutter, at H. COHEN and

CO'S Monster Clothing Hall._ TT7"ANTED, a respectab e F<=rn*le Servant. Apply W with reference to 370, George-street, comer of Mort's passage,_?

WANTED, a Girl abontthirteen for nurae. Apply No¿

i5, Williams-terrace, Stanley-BtreBt._ YBT ANTED, a General Servant, to cook, wash, &o.

VV must have a good character. Apply Cooper-street, Elizabeth-street South, at Cottage In a garden on the top of the Jail._

ANTED, a Man, as House Servant, at STEWART'S

Australian Hotel. Pitt-street.

w w

ANTED, a Girl, to assist in houie work; age about

14. Mrs. F. W. MITCHELL lil, Cnmherland-st. WANTED, by a respectable Middle-aged Woman, a

Situation as General Servant or Laundress, in a 6tnall family. Address H. H., Herald Office._ WANTED, a Thoroughly-qu-Iifled Rendent English

Teacher, for a select ladies* school. Enquire at SHERRIFF and ARMSTRONG'S, booksellers, George


ANTED, Fifty Coal Minera. To steady workmen,

good waires ami cons'anr,employment given. Apply to WILLIAM EAGLES, Esq., Hexham, Hunter River ; or to MOLI30N and BLACK, ¿iacquarie-place.

\*r ANTBD, a goon: Practical Gardener. Apply to Mr. RICHARD HILL, opposite the Library, Bent   street. References indispensable._

WANTED, by Two respectable Young Person«, Situa-

tions-one as Laundress, or Cook and Laundrens, the other as House and Parlour Maid. Address M. C,

Herald Office.


ANTED, Man and Wife as General Servants. Apply

at HUNT'S cabinet warehouse, Jamison-street.

WANTtíD, A.300O on Freehold Property of umple »ecu

rlty. Apply to Mefsrs. DUNSMURE and STAF- FORD, solicitors, Castlereagh-street, Sydney.

WANTED by a Young Man of experience, a Situation

as Groom and Couchman, etc., Ac. No objection to town or country. References if required. Apply to H. W., % Campbell-street, Sydney._

ANTED, a General Houäo Servant; also. Girl to

assist with house work. Apply to Mrs. THORN- TON, Sunbury House, Cleveland-street.

Í1T ANTBD, by a respectable Young Man, Board and VV Lodgine in a respeotable family, opposite the Racecourse or Macquarle-street preferred. 3. P.. HbrAld Office._ _

ANTED, an active Young Man, as boots and porter. Appl v at Petty's Family Hotel. Church-hill. w

4*T-iNT-)D, for a Country Store, a Yonne Man as

W Grooer.' J. W. and S. .THOMPSON, 224, Pitt street._ rjjT ANTED, by a Lad, a sitnation as an Apprentice, or Yr as Messenger for an Office or Store, oan write a eood hand. Anv rjjmmands for P.B , at Mr. Reilly's, Market and Elizabeth streets, will be attended to.

WANTED, a Female, as General Servant. Apply at

280, Pitt-street South._ "ANTED, by a respectable Young Person, a Situation


in a family as Needlewoman or a thorough Plain

Worker and Dressmaker ; would willingly assist with chil- dren and toacb them, or take the light part of housework. Address M.G., Herald Office.

W"ANTED, a Pork Butcher, and Mutton Butcher ; also

a Groom. PHILIP M'CARROLL, Bnteher, Botany Road, Redfern._ WANTED, a Tutor for the country, to imDarh a sound

English Education. App'v, THIS MORNING, to J. M. DAVIS, Post Office Hotel, York-street.

WANTED, a Yonng Lady to proceed to Moreton Bay

as Companion, and to teach a little Girl Music. Also, a Married Couple first-class Servant«, for a Station same place. A Housekeeper, middle-aged, to take care of a family. S. ASHLIN, agent, 139. Pitt-street, opposite Union Bank._

WANTED, a respectable Young Woman, as Nurse-

maid. Apply to Mrs. KEEP, Balmain.

WANTED, Employment (by a respectable Married VV Couple, with one child, four years old), where activity, intelligence, and general buiiness experience, with good (middle-class) household duties, would be respectively required ; respectable references given and required ; no objection to the country. Address W. R.. Herald Office. TT7" ANTBD, a Lad, in a merchant's office. He must V» write a good band and be qnick nt figures. Salary, £50 for the first year. Apply Box No. 1C.

F ANTBD, a General Servant, .who can wash and

iron. English or Scotch. Apply, from 10 to 12, to Mr. RAMSAY, Grocer, Balmain.


ANTED, a Carpenter and a Labourer. Dublin

Castle, I-nwer George-street.

WANTED, by a young Man, a Situation as Store-

keeper on a Station. Willing to a«sist otherwise if required. No objection to any part of the interior, town or country. Good reference. Security if required. AddresB. R.B., Post Office. Sydney. -»um-«,


ANTED, a House. Rent mnlerafe. Gotid yard and

back entrance. S. 0., Heiald Office.

\\f ANTED, a Female Servant ; one that can wash and v < iron. Mrs, M'CABE, North Star, corner Pitt and

Liverpool streets.

WANTED, a General Servant. Applv to Mrs. BU-

CHANAN, Balmain. References required.  

WANTED, for a Lady, Boarding, in a private family. _State terms and address. L. M., Herald Office,

ANTED, a good, strong, second-hand Dog-cart, neat VV and well finished, fit for travelling in the interior. Apply, by letter, to A. B" 69. Clarence-street.

WANTED, Evening employment-a good Penman,

thoroughly acquainted with book-keeping. Address

Alpha, Herald Office.

WANTED, for bIx monthB, a neatly-furnished Fonr

« .J wmCottage. twenty minutes' walk from Post Office.

Address W., Herald Office.


ANTED, a General SFemale Servant. Apply at

Redfern Lodge, Pitt-street, Redfern.

ANTED, a Cook. Appiy at No. 73, Hunter-street,

between 8 and 10 a.m" near Macqutrip-street.

WANTED to be known, Portraits, 5u with case, 290, _George-street, opposite the White Horse.

WANTED, a General Honse Servant; none bntcora

petent parties need apply. Golden Gate, Briokfield


TÇTANTED, a respectable young Woman, as Nurse; 'v good references reqnired. Apply Mrs. WETHERILL 'Lincolnshire Honse, George-street. '

WANTED, a Man Cook, for the country. Apply 64. _Hunter-street._ " '

ANTED, to LET, Furnished, a largo airy Bedroom,

with use of Sitting-room if required. No. 7 Hatobinson-street, Bourke-street, Surry Hills, below'

George Hill's, Esq.

»ITANTED, to sell an excellent Little Saddle and Har VT ness Horse. Price, £10. Trial given. Also capital Hogskin Saddle and Bridle, 50s. Set of Sorinr

M k t t'T'' °heaP' 224' CMtlerei_1»--treefc, near

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