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Family Notices

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ADLAM--June 9 at Muswellbrook, Mrs. Edward Adlam, of a son. AIKEN--June 14th, at Woolloomooloo, Mrs. H. W. Aiken, of a


ALLEN--July 2nd, at her residenoe, Lynwood, Glebe, the wife of

G Wigram Allen, of a son.

ASHCRAFT--June 18th, at Picton, Mrs. John Ashcraft, of a son.

BAILEY--April 20th, at her residence, Glebe, Mrs. Joseph Bailey,

of a daughter.

BAKER--July 8, the wife of John F. Baker, King-street, of a son.

BATTY--July 6th, at her residence, Clyde Cottage, Balmain, Mrs.

Thomas Batty, of a son.

BAULKE--June 17, at her residence, King-street, Mrs. W. Baulke,  

of a daughter.

BEER--June 21st. at her residence, 33, Elizabeth-street North,

Mrs. Elizabeth Beer, of a daughter, stillborn.

BEIT--May 15th. at Auckland Point, Nelson, New Zealand, Mrs.

John Beit, of a son.

BRETT--June 27th. the wife of Edwin Brett, Esq., manager of the

London Chartered Bank, Sydney, of a son.

BRIDSON--June 14th, at her residence, 96, Palmer-street, Mrs.

T. V. Bridson, of a son, stillborn.

BURGON--June 26th. the wife of Mr. Joseph Burgon, surgeon,

Castlereagh-street North, of a daughter.

CHIPPENDALL--June 30th, at her residence. Bradbury Park,

Campbelltown, Mrs. T. Chippendall, of a daughter.

CLARK--June 26th, at Clenara, Deep Creek, near Melbourne, the

wife of Walter Clark, Esq., of a daughter.

COLLIER-July 7th, at Balmain. Mrs. N. Collier, of a son.

COOK-July 4th, at her residence, Cobbitty, the wife of Captain

R. Cook, of a son.

COOPER-June 18th, at her residence, Cambrian-terrace, Upper

Forbes-street, Darlinghurst, the wife of Edmund W. Cooper, Esq., of a daughter.

CORK—July 4th, at her residence, Cobbitty, the wife of Captain

R. Cork, of a son.

DAINTREY-June I4th, Mrs. Edwin Daintree, of a son.

DAVIS-June 28th, at her residence, 360, George-street, Mrs.

Samuel Davis, of a son.

DEANE-June 10th, at her residence, O'Connell-street, Mrs.

Edward S. Deane, of a daughter.

EKRON-July 7th, at her residence, Lower George-street, Mrs.

Ekron, of a daughter.

EWING-June 3rd, at the Parsonage, Wollongong, the wife of

the Rev T. C. Ewing, of a daughter.

GEARSIDE- June 21st, at her residence, the Masonic Hall Hotel,

Newtown, Mrs, Samuel Gearside, of a son.

GEDYE - July 1st, at her residence, Montezuma Cottage, Pad-

dington, Mrs. Charles T. Gedye, of a daughter.  

GRAHAM—July 4th, at her residence, Liverpool, the wife of Mr.

Charles H. Graham, of a daughter.

GREAVES-June 9th, at her residence, Dovedale, Clarence River,

Mrs. W. A. B. Greaves, of a daughter.

GRIFFITHS -June 25th, at her residence, 1, Vimeria-buildings,

Sheriffs Gardens, Mrs. Thomas Griffiths, of a daughter.

GROUNDS-Junw 13th, at her residence, Pyrmont, Mrs. Thomas

Grounds, of a daughter.

HALLORAN-July 7th, at her residence, Mowbray, Ashfield, Mrs.

Halloran, of a daughter.

HAWKES-July 1st, at her residence, Exeter Villa, Snail's Bay,

Balmain, the widow of the late Captain J. C. Hawkes, of a son.

HENFREY-June 30, Mrs. W. G. Henfrey, Bligh-street, Sydney,

of a son.

HILL-June 24th, at her residence, Durham Hall, Albion-street,

Mrs. George Hill, of a daughter.

HIME-June 14th, at her residence, Marlborough-street, Surry Hills, Mrs. Charles E. Hime, of a daughter.

JONES-June 16th at her residence, Glebe Road, Mrs. John

Sanders Jones, of a son.

KEMP-Jun2 12th, at Sydney, Mrs. William E. Kemp, of a son.

KIRCHNER-June 7th, at Darling Point, the wife of William

Kirchner, Esq Consul for Prussia, of a daughter.

KIRK-June 19th, at Woodford, Victoria, Mrs. Richard Kirk, of

a daughter.

KNIBBS-June 13th, at Frederick-place, Mrs. J.H. Knibbs, of a


LEADER-Julv 3rd, at her residence, 106, Campbell-street, Mrs.

Michael Leader, of a son.

LITTLE -June 20, at her residence, 273, Pitt-street, Mrs. Robert

Little, of a daughter

LOCKHART - June 12th, at Gilmore, near Tumut, the lady of

L. G. N. Lockhart, Commissioner of Crown Lands, Murrum- bidgee District, of a son and heir.

McDONALD-June 27th, at Ulumbarella, Gwydir River, the  

wife of Rawdon M'Donall, Esq., J.P., of a daughter.

MESSITER -June 8th, at her residence, Balmain, the wife of Mr.

Frederic Mossiter, of a son.

MOORE-July 2nd, at her residence, Spencer Lodge, Mrs. Henry

Moore, of a daughter,

MULLENS-June 25th, at Derwent Cottage, Balmain.. Mrs. Josiah  

Mullens, of a daughter.

MURPHY-July 4th, at her residence, Chippendale, Mrs. Lau-

rence Murphy, of a son.

OLIVER-June 18th, at Tusculum House (60, Duke-street), Mrs.

T. J. Oliver, of a son,

O'NEILL-June 16th, at her residence, Odd Fellows' Arms. Dow-

ling-street. Woolloomooloo Bay, Mrs. C. O'Neill of a daughter.

O'NEILL-June 29th, at her residence, Sussex-street South, Mrs.

T. O'Neill, of a son.

PENNY-June 12th, at her residence, 51, Parramatta-street, Mrs.

Charles William Penny, of a son.

PERCIVAL-June 25th, the wife of Colonel Percival, C.B,, 12th  

Regiment, of a son.

PERROTT-June 8th, at Meadow Bank, near Kiama, the wife of

Robert Issell Perrott, Esq., of a daughter.

PHILLIPS-May 31st, Mrs, P. A. Phillips, Auckland, New Zea-

land, of a daughter.

POWELL-June 9th, at Berrima, Mrs. James Powell, of a son.

PRING-June 18th, at Illunie, near Burrowa, Mrs. John Pring,

of a son.

PRITCHARD-June 19th, at her residence, Sussex-street, Mrs. W. Pritchard, of a daughter.

RAINE-June 20th, at Frederick Valley, Orange, the wife of

Edmund Raine, Esq., of a son,

ROBERTSON-June 18th, at Yarrundi, the wife of the Hon. John

Robertson, Esq., M.P., of a daughter.

ROBINSON -June 23rd, at Woodbrig Farm, Lane Cove, the wife

of W. F. Robinson, of a son.

ROSS-June 15th, at the Manse of Muswellbrook, the wife of the

Rev. Duncan Ross, of a son.

RUSSELL-June 16th, at her residence, Upper William-street, Woolloomooloo, Mrs. John Russell, of a son.

SAGE-June 5th, at her residence, Parramatta, near Sydney,

Mrs. Alexander Sage, of a daughter.

SANDERSON -June 4th, at Burdekin-terrace, Hyde Park, the

wife of Henry Sanderson, of a son.

SCOTT-July 1st, at the Observatory, Sydney, the wife of the

Rev. W. Scott, of a daughter.

SEVERN -June 16th, at her residence, Pine Cottage, Neutral Bay,

Mrs. Henry Augustus Severn, of a daughter.

SLADE-June 30th, at her residence, Surry Hills, Mrs. J. Slade,

of a son.

SLOMAN-June 13th, at her residence, Redfern, Mrs. T. M. Slowman, of a daughter.  

SMIDMORE-June 29th, at her residence, Silver Hill, St. Peter's,

Mrs. Thomas Sidmore, of a son.

SMITH-June 23rd, at North Shore, Mrs. Frederick Smith, of a


SMITH -June 26th, at Launceston, Tasmania, the wife of the Rev.

George Banks Smith, incumbent of St. Paul's, od a daughter.

STACK-June 30th, the wife of the Rev. W. Stack, of Balmain, of

a son.

TEBBUTT-June 5th, at the Peninsula, near Windsor, Mrs. John

Tebbutt, junior, of a daughter.

TICKLE-June 11th, at the New City Mart, 228, George-street

South, Mrs. W. J. Tickle, of a daughter.

TREVELYAN-June 10th, at her residence, Palmer-street, Wool-

loomooloo, the wife of Mr. W. H. Trevelyan (late of Falmouth, England), of a daughter.

WARING-June 15th, at the Glebe, the wife of Mr. Thomas E. Waring, of a daughter.

WOOLNOUGH-July 2nd, at her residence, Balmain, Mrs. H.

Woolnough, of a son.

WRIGHT-June 26th, at her residence, Ryde, Kissing Point, Mrs. William Wright, of a son.

ZOLLNER-June 25th, at her residence, 290, George-street, Mrs.

S. Zollner, of a son.


BARKER-UTHER-June 12, by special license, at St. Michael's

Church, Surry Hills, by the Rev. H. S. King, Mr. Hugh Barker, of Campbell-street, to Jessie, firth daughter of R. Uther, Esq., Crown-street, Surry Hills.

BARTLETT-HART-June 3rd, at West Maitland, at St. Mary's

Church, by the Rev. R. Chapman, Arthur Charles, youngest son of the late Robert Bartlett of Stanford, Norfolk, to Emma, only daughter of the late John Hart, of Raymond Terrace.

BELL-LIVINGSTONE. - June 17th, at the Cathedral, Newcastle,

by the Rev. Canon Wilton, Francis Bell, Esq., Civil Engineer,

sixth son of the late John Bell, Esq., of Belfast, Ireland, to   Jane E., youngest daughter of Captain Livingstone, of New- castle, New South Wales.

BERRY-SHOULTS-June 30th, at Christ Church; by special

license, by the Rev. William Horatio Walsh, William Holman Berry, of Barnstaple, Devonshire, England, to Caroline, the eldest daughter of Walter Shoults, of Sydney.

BOWLER-SIMPSON-July 6th, at St. Mary's, Balmain, by the  

Rev. William Stack, Adolphus Charley Robert, youngest son of Major John Bowler, 80th Regiment, Bathurst, to Frances Harriet, eldest daughter of G. Morant Simpson. Esq., Balmain.

CUNNINGHAM-FRASER-June 14th, by the Rev. A. Salmon,

at 97, Elizabeth-street North, Mr. Andrew Cunningham, to Helen, eldest daughter of John Thomson Fraser, of Pyrmont.

DANIELS-STOKES-May 19th, at St. Philip's Church, by the

Rev. G. W. Richardson, Mr. Samuel Daniels, to Miss Emma Stokes, both of Sydney.

DIND-FOWLER-June 19th, at St. Andrew's, Scots Church, by

the Rev. John Dougall, William Forster Dind, of North Shore, to Jane Fowler, late of Kissing Point.

DREWERY-DELANEY-June 12th, at St. Andrews, by special

license, by the Rev. Mr. Dougall, Abel Drewery, of Hull, York- shire, to Kate, daughter of the late Henry Delaney, of Dorsit

street, Dublin.

FLEMING-EVERITT-June 22nd, by special license, at St.

Mathew's Church, Windsor, by the Rev. H. T. Stiles. Joseph Fleming, Esq., of Moreton Bay, to Mary Harriet, the third daughter of James Everitt, Esq., of Oundle, Northamptonshire,


FLETCHER - BROWER - June 27th, by special license, at the  

house of the bride's father, William Fletcher, Esq., of Broulee, to Theresa Jessey, second daughter of Edwin Brower, Esq., of


FLETCHER - WATSON - June 24th, at Pyrmont, by License,

by the Rev. John M'Gibbon, Captain A. Fletcher, to Jemima, 2nd Daughter of the late Mr. James Watson, of Sydney.

GREENLEESE-PEASLEY-At All Saints' Church, Parra-

matta, by the Rev. W. F. Gore, Mr. William Grenleese, governor of H.M. gaol, Parramatta, to Mary, oldest daughter of the late Captain Peasley, R N of Parramatta.

GREGORY-COHEN-June 17th, at St. Mary's Church, Balmain,

by the Rev. W. Stack, George Gregory, Esq., of Melbourne, to Frances Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. John G. Cohen,

Waterview Bay.  

GROTH-BAINBRIGGE-July 7th, at St. James'. H. H. Groth,

of Elmshorn, Germany, to Rachel Bainbrigge, fifth daughter of the late Captain Bainbrigge, 57th Regiment, and niece to Gene- ral P. Bainbrigge, C.B., and granddaughter to S. Bate, late Judge Advocate at Hobart Town.

HENDRY-BUTCHARD -June 8th, by the Rev. Hugh Darling,

John Hendry, to Jane Elizabeth, only daughter of the late Mr. Peter Butchard. of Sydney.

HILDER-CRISPE-June 1, privately, by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton,

Mr. Thomas Ades Hilder, of the Priory, Bilsington, Kent, England, to Sarah Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr. James

Crispe, of Picton.

HYNDES-JENKINS-July 6th, at St. Mary's Cathedral, by

special license, by the Rev. A. J. Forde, Robert Hyndes, Esq., of West Maitland, to Emily Susannah Jenkins, eldest daughter of the late Charles Jenkins, Esq., of Sydney.

KELTON-ARTHUR-May 13th, by license, at Palmer-street,

Woolloomooloo, by the Rev. John M'Gibbon, William J. Kelton, fourth son of the late John Kelton, of London, to Susanna, eldest daughter of the late Robert Arthur, of Worcester Park,

Surrey, England.

KEMMEL-UPTON-June 17th, by special license, at St. Philip's

Church, Sydney, by the Rev. G. W. Richardson, Frederick, third son of Christien Kemmel, Gross Breitenbach, Shwarzburg, Son- dershausen, Germany, to Catherine, fourth daughter of the late Christopher Upton, Esq., of Cloyne, county Cork, Ireland.

KERSEY-HINDLE-July 3rd, at the Unitarian Congregational

Church, Macquarie-street, by the Rev. J. H. Stanley, B.A., Mr. Caleb Kersey, of Sydney, to Mrs. Margaret Hindle, formerly of

Manchester, England.

KING-APPLETON-June 23, by license, at St. Andrew's Church,

Sydney, by the Rev. George King, M.A., John W. King, Esq., youngest son of the late William King, Esq., merchant, Fintona, Ireland, to Mrs. Jane Appleton, only daughter of the late Thomas Petty, Esq., Church-hill, Sydney.

LOGAN-COLLINS-June 29th, at St. Phillp's Church, by the  

Rev. G. H. Moreton, Alexander, eldest son of John Logan, of Montreal Hall, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Thomas Collins,

of London.

LONG—NICHOLLS—June 29th, at St. James' Church, by special

license, by the Rev. George Gurney, Walter Long, of Brickfield- hill, Sydney, to Lavinia Ann Jennings, the eldest daughter of the late Samuel Jennings Nicholls, of Plymouth, England.

LYNCH-DEE-June 7th, by license, at Stroud, Port Stephens,

by the Rev. Samuel Simm, chaplain to the A. A. Co., Mr. Francis Lynch, to Miss Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr. Charles Dee,

of Stroud.

M'GUFFIN-SCOTT-June 26th, by special license, by the Rev. William Lumsdaine, Richard M'Guffin, of Market-street, to Adelaide Scott, second daughter of Mr. D. Scott, of Scone.

McKINNON-THOMPSON-June 12th, by special license, at St.

James', by the Rev, Canon Allwood, John M'Kinnon, Esq., of Barbigal, to Harriette, third daughter of the late Edward Thompson, Esq., of the Island of Jersey.

MONRO-BYRAM-June 14th, at the Congregational Church,

Pitt-street, by the Rev. William Cuthbertson, Edward, son of the late Captain Mark Monro, of Rotherhithe, to Mary, daughter   of Captain J. C. Byram, of North Shields, England.

MURRAY-LITTLE-May 19th, at Rosedale, Port Curtis, by the

Rev. Richard Postlethwaite, A.B., Mr. John Murray, Lieutenant 1st Division of the Native Mounted Police, to Rachel, third   daughter of Mr. John Little.

NEWCOMBE-BARBER-June 16th, at the Church of St. Saviour,

Goulburn, by the Rev. W. Sowerby, C. E. Newcombe, Esq., of Queanbeyan, to Jane Kennedy, eldest daughter of the late George Barber. Esq., of Glenrock.

NICHOLLS-STREET-June 15th, by license, at Stroud, by the

Rev Samuel Simm, Mr. Joshua Nicholls, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. William Street, of Stroud.

NORMAN-MACDERMOTT-June 20th, at St. Mary's Cathedral,  

by special license, by the Rev. Austin J. Forde, Edward Joseph Norman, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Peter MacDermott, of


PIDDING-O'DONNELL-June 19th, by special license, at St.

Ann's Church, Ryde, by the Rev. G. E. Turner, Mr. Thomas Smedley Pidding, of the Turon, to Miss Jane O'Donnell, of


PENBERTHY-COOPER-June 29th, at Christ Church, J. Pen-

berthy, of Devon, to Harriett Cooper, of London.

SHAW-HODGKINS June 17th, at Crown-street, Surry-hills,

by the Rev. James Voller, George Baird Shaw, artist, of Edin- burgh, to Martha Amelia Hodgkins, of Bristol.

STOW-GRIEVE-At 1, Bligh-street, Sydney, by the Rev. Alex-

ander Salmon, Alfred Stow, of Sydney, to Christina Grieve, of Keir-street, Edinburgh.

WARDROP-WALSH June 15th, at Cleveland-street. Redfern,  

Sydney, by the Rev. J. Beasley, Robert, eldest son of William Wardrop, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Walsh, Sydney. WATSON - FARNELL. - June 19th, by special license, at St. Ann's

Church, Ryde, by the Rev. G. E. Turner, Mr. George Cobham, of the Macleay River, eldest son of Captain Watson, to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thomas Charles Farnell, of Ryde.

WEIR-WORMLEATON-June 7th, by the Rev. Dr. Lang, John

Weir, of Sydney, to Elizabeth Wormleaton, late of Parramatta.

WHITE-STAFF-June 16th, by special license, at St. John's

Church, Parramatta, by the Rev. W. F. Gore, B.A., Mr. Fre- derick White, to Lucy Annie, eldest daughter of Mr. John Foreman Staff, of Rose Terrace, Parramatta, and granddaughter of the late Captain James Staff, of Great Yarmouth.

WOODHOUSE-LORD-June 17th, at St. Mark's, by the Rev.

George F. M'Arthur, Robert Woodhouse, Esq , of Sydney, to Emma Louisa Laverock, eldest daughter of James Lord, Esq., formerly of Woodhouse, near Leeds.


AIKEN-July 3th, at Woolloomooloo, Eliza Ann, infant daughter

of H. W. Aiken.

ALLEN-June 29th and 30th, at their parents' residence, Welling-

ton-street, Chippendale, Eliza Hellen, and Mary Alice, infant twin daughters of Jeannette and Joseph Allen.

BANBURY-June 14th, Florence May, the youngest daughter of

Mr. R. Banbury, of Thurlow's-terrace, Surry Hills, 13 months.

BARKER-June 25th, at Annandale, Mrs. James Barker, after a

long and severe illness, aged 58.

BARLOW-July 6th, at his residence, William-street, Woolloo-

mooloo. Mr. Frederick Barlow, 42 years.

BARNETT-June 10th, at his residence, 93, Botany-street, John

Barrnett. 48 years.

BENNETT-June 14th, at Petersham, Joseph Charles, the only

child of Mr. and Mrs. J. Bennett, of 98, Eliaabeth-street, Sydney, 7 weeks. BLAKENEY-March 16th, at her residence, Fitzwilliam-square,

Dublin, Alicia, relict of the late Rev. Thomas Blakeney of Holly- well, second daughter of the late Archbishop Newcomen, Lord Primate of Armagh, and grandmother of William T. Blakeney,

Esq., Sydney.

BORRETT-At her residence, Kent-street North, Frances, the

wife of Jeremiah Borrett, 67 years.

BOWMAKER-July 5th, at his residence, No. 2, Cooper-street,

Strawberry Hills, Mr. William Bowmaker, 49 years.

BRAY-June 30th, after a short illness, Arabella Maria, daughter

of Mr. George Bray, Parramatta-street, 1 year and 3 months.

BRODIE-June 11th, at Narellan, Hugh, the infant son or Mr. H.

Brodie, junior, 9 days.

BUCK-June 21st, at his son's residence, the Lamb Inn, Margaret,  

street, Mr. Thomas Buck, senior, 59 years.

CANNER-June 29, at the residence of his parents, Druitt-street,

Harry, the beloved child of Henry and Elizabeth Canner, 3 years

and 10 months.

CHAPMAN -June 27th, at No. 3, Stephen-street, Woolloomooloo

Bay, Mary, only daughter of George Chapman, aged 4 weeks

and 5 days.

COLEMAN-June 18th, at the residence of Mr. Bernard Scully,

George-street South, Bridget Coleman, his sister-in-law, after

a long and severe illness.

CONSTABLE-June 21st, of consumption, William Henry, eldest

son of David Constable, Esq of Edinburgh, 30 years.

COSGROVE-June 10th, at the residence of Mr. Patrick Freehill,

George-street North, Terence Cosgrove, late of Baley Connell, Gavan, Ireland, 33 years.

COWPER-July 6th, at St. Philip's parsonage, the Venerable

William Cowper, D.D., minister of that parish, and Archdeacon of Cumberland and Camden, aged 80 years.

CUMMING-May 20, of scarlatina, Annie Wholstenholme, second

daughter of W. Cumming, formerly of Liverpool, 3 years and 8 months. Also, of scarlatina, William George, eldest son of the above, 2 years and 4 months. And on June 4th, of scarlatina,, Emily Mary, eldest danghter of the above, 5½ years.

CUNNINGHAM-June 18, at tbe Commercial Hotel, King-street

East, George, infant son of James and Maria Cunningham, 17


DALGLEISH-June 26, of effusion on the brain, Donald Cameron,

second son of Mr. Daniel Dalgleish, Sussex-street, 2 years and

8 months.

DARBY-In November last, from the effects of a gunshot-wound

received in action in the advance on Lucknow, under Sir Colin Campbell, Edmund Darby, Esq., M.D., H.E.I.C.S., eldest son of Sydney Hudson Darby, Esq., New England, 24 years.

DEGOTARDI-June 19th, at her parents' residence, 313, George

street, after a long illness, Minna, eldest daughter of J. and M.


DORHE-June 17th, at Greendale, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr.

Patrick Dorhe, and sister to John Keegan, of Sydney, 20 years.

ELLIOTT-June 15, of bronchitis, Susannah, the infant daughter    

of Mr R. Elliott, 1 year and 3 months.

FERGURSON-July 4th, at his late residence, 71, Bathurst-street

West, of consumption, William, son of Mr. Robert Fergurson, of Blare Hill, Perthshire, Scotland, 30 years,

FOSTER-June 23rd, at his parents' residence, Cumberland-street,

Joseph James, second son of T. and S. Foster, 5 months.

FOWLES-June 13th, at his parents' residence, Ultimo Estate,

Sydney, of bronchitis, Edward, son of John Stephen and Sarah Fowles, of Dawley, Shropshire, England, 2 years and 2 months, HAMILTON-June 11th, at his residence, 560 George-street, Mr,

Christopher Hamilton, formerly of Dublin, Ireland, 69 years.

HAYS-June 15th, Rhode Mary, the infant daughter of John and

Mary Anne Hays, Kent-street South, 15 months.

HEFFERAN-June 7th, at Nepean, Castlereagh, Ann, the wife of

Patrick Hefferan, 30 years.

HOME-January 24th, on board the steamer City of Manchester, at sea, on his voyage to England on sick certificate, Captain  

Garthshore Stirling Home, of H.M. 5th Fusiliers, 32 years.

JARRETT-July 6th, at Paddington, Orlando Rowland, son of

Thomas and Jane Jarrett, 7 months.

JOHNSTON-June 27th, at her residence, 285, Kent-street, Mrs.

Elizabeth Johnston, 62 years.

JONES-March 4th, at Windsor, England, J. W. Jones, Esq., late

of this city.

JONES-June 13, at 338, George-street, Timothy Edgar, youngest

son of Mr. T. Jones, 15 months.

KENT-July 4th, at Newtown, Agnes Pacific, the daughter of

Rev. Samuel C. Kent, 3 years and 5 months.

KERR-June 19th, at 113, Palmer-street, Woolloomooloo, James

Laird, eldest son of Andrew Kerr, of Sydney, late of London-

derry, Ireland, 21 years.

KETTLE-At California, Henry Charles Kettle, eldest son of the

late Mr. Henry Kettle, Liverpool, N.S.W., 31 years.

LANDERS-July 8th, at Milsom's Point, North Shore, Mr.

Jonathan Landers, in the 54th year of his age.

LOCKIE-June 14th, at Maryfield Cottage Goulburn-street, Mar-

garet Alice, infant daughter of Mr. George Lockie, 14 months.

LOVAT-June 20th, at St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, the Very

Reverend Dean Lovat. Pie Jesu Domine dona ei requiem.

McBURNEY -June 17th, at Rushcutter Bay, after a short illness,

Hannah, the youngest daughter of John and Eliza McBurney,

1 year and 8 months.

McCOURT-June 4th, Henry McCourt, late of Tantaragee, county

Armagh. Ireland, 39 years, for 16 years resident of Windsor.

McDONNELL.-May 28th, at Wide Bay, Mr. Richard McDonald,

formerly of Harrington-street, Sydney, 40 years.

MACKENZIE-June 24th, at her late residence, Prince-street,

Julia, beloved wife of Dr. Mackenzie, of Shoalhaven, 47 years.

McLACHLAN-June 19th, at Albion-street, Surry Hills, Christina,

the beloved wife of Mr. Hugh McLachlan, 50 years.

MACNISH-At Rutherglen, near Glasgow (N.B.), at an advanced

age, Jane, daughter of the late Dr. John Macnish, formerly of

the Island of Antigua.

McVITIE-April 10th, at Rothesay, Scotland, Henry Wallace

M'Vitie, M.D., youngest son of the late Thomas McVitie, Esq., J.P., many years Managing Director of the Bank of Australia,

Sydney, 33 years,

MORRISON-June 27th, at 178, King and Pitt streets, George

Robert, youngest son of Joseph and Eliza Morrison, 2 years.

MORT-March 18th, at Windsor, near London, Charles, second

son of Thomas S. Mort, Esq., 10 years.

MOSES-At his residence, Hamilton-place, Hunter-street, Mr.

Abraham Moses, an old and respectable colonist, 58 years.

NEILL-July 4th. at the residence of his parents, Chapelton

Cottage, Surry Hills, Sydney James Stark, infant son of Mr. William Neill, 4 months and 3 weeks.

NESBITT - June 17, at her residence, Argyle-street, Mary, relict

of the late Mr. John Nesbitt, formerly of the Sydney Morning Herald, and mother of Mr. George Nesbitt, of Sydney, 56 years. NEWLANDS-June 21st, at the American Hotel, George-street,

Frederick James, infant son of William and Jane Newlands,

6 weeks.

NEWTON-June 9th, of scarlatina, at his late residence, Queen's

place, Thomas, youngest son of Mr. William Newton, of

Watson's Bay, 7 years.

NICHOLSON-June 13th, suddenly, while at play, John Edward,

eldest son of John R. Nicholson, Esq., J.P., of Little Plains,

Bombala, Maneroo, 8 years and 8 months.

ORTON-June 12th, at Kinross, Mark Orton, father of Mrs.

Windeyer, 91 years.

PALMER-June 29th, at the General Washington Hotel, George

street, Benjamin Robert, the infant son of Mr. W. N. Palmer,

5 weeks.

PECK-July 6th, at the residence of his parents. Sugar House

Bay, North Shore, Sydney, George, only and beloved son of Isaac and Isabella Peck, aged six years.

PEGG-May 2nd, at the residence of J. Bernasconi, Merimbula

Hotel, Merimbula, the wife of James Pegg, late of Iston, Cam- bridgeshire, England, 36th year.

PONDER-June 27, at Pyrmont, Annie Ellen Andrews, youngest

daughter of Mr. Isaac Ponder, 4 years and 8 months

POWNALL-March 16th, at Dawlish, Edward C. Pownall, Esq.,

of Carlton-hill, St. John's Wood, 36 years.

PROCTOR-March 12th, at the Vicarage, Laxton, Nottingham-

shire, the Rev. Richard Procter, uncle of W. Waley Billyard,

Esq., 83 years.

PUTLAND—June 18, at the residence of her parents, 40, Market

street West, Naomi Monica, youngest child of S. and C. Putland,  

17 months.

PYE-At his parents' residence, Pennant-street, Parramatta,

James Pye, junior, 23 years.

REED—July 5th, at the residence of Thomas Fulton, Esq. J.P.,

Springfield, East St. Kilda, Melbourne, the Rev. John Gibbon Reed, B.A., late of the Independent Church, M'Killop-street,

Geelong, aged 27 years.

ROBERTS—July 3rd, at Macquarie-terrace, Rachel, the beloved

child of David and Elizabeth Roberts, 17 months.

ROBINSON-June 3rd, at Stroud, from Injuries received in being

thrown from a dray, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. Hardy Robinson, and daughter of Mr. William Bible, of Urlingford, Tipperary.

Ireland, 37 years.

SAPSFORD-July 6th, at her parents' residence, Clarence-street,

Sydney, Sarah Amelia Sapsford, 19 years.

SMITH-March 2nd, at Footanbleux, France, the Rev. W. R.

Smith, rector of Hollymount, County Mayo, Ireland, 66 years.

SMITH-April 11th, at Dorset Gardens, Bognor, of consumption,

after a long and painful Illness, Isabella, the only daughter of Mr.Francis Smith, of Queen's-place, Sydney, 18 years.

SMITH-May 25th, Sarah Ann, wife of Mr. Joseph Smith, of Pitt

street, and eldest daughter of Mr. William Yallop, of Dursham, in Suffolk, 44 years.

SOLOMON-June 22nd, at the residence of her parents, 788,

George-street South, Dinah, the second daughter of Mr. J. S.

Solomon, 4 years.

STAFFORD-June 10th, at the residence of her son-in-law, 15,

Park-street, Mrs. Catharine Stafford, 77 years, an old and much

respected colonist.

STONE-June 4th, at Hobart Town, Tasmania, from a premature

confinement, Mrs. Charlotte Stone, the beloved sister of Mrs. R. Peek, of Sydney.

SUTHERLAND-July 1, at the Sydney Infirmary, Ellen, daughter

of Mr. John Sutherland, Melbourne, 22 years.

THOMAS-June 21st, at the residence of her grandmother, 22,   Wellington-street, Chippendale, after a short illness. Selina, youngest daughter of Mr. David A. Thomas, of the Church of England School, Pennant Hills, near Parramatta.

VALE-July 5th, at Balmain, Frederick William, son of Mr.

Frederick Vale, 16 months.

WALTON-June 25, at her father's residence, Elizabeth Isabella,

the only beloved daughter of John Walton, Bay-street, Glebe  

4 years and 6 months.

WARNER-June 17th, at their father's residence, Prince of Wales

Hotel, Lower George-street, Jessy and Jane, first and second   daughters of Captain J. J. Warner, aged 6 years and 7 months

and 4 years and 7 months.

WATERMAN-June 11th, at her residence. Balmain, after a long

and severe Illness, Elizabeth, relict of the late William Water-

man, 60 years.

WHITING-February 24, at Oxford, Mr. John Thomas Whiting  

brother of Mr. G. R. Whiting, of Hunter-street,

WILSON-June 5th, accidentally burnt, at his parents' residence,

Wedgegolong, near Jugiong, William John, the beloved and only son of John and Charlotte Wilson, late of Sydney, 4 years.

YELDS-June 3rd, at Bombala, Maneroo, by accidental burning,  

Eliza Jane (formerly Hambell), the wife of Joseph Yelds.

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