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[Issued on 23rd December, 1857, to be returned 27th February, 1858.1 *i

, . - -....v_ «.m. .cwuiuf, mot).J ¡ i

His Excellency the Governor-General directs it to be notified, for general information, that writs have been

issued, addressed to the Returning Officers of the several Electoral Districts throughout the Colony, for

a general election of Membets to serve in the Legislative Assembly ; and that the following is the arrange-

ment for the holding of the different Elections, viz :- I

Electoral District.

SSp Es1

s s

Argyle . Bathurst (county)

Eastern Division of)


?Western Division of

Camden. Cook and Westmore

land ..'. Cumberland

Riding) ... Cumberland


{North (South



Place or Place of


|D. H. Denihy , 'W.H.8uttor .

jGoulburn Bathurst

Gloucester and Mac-1


King and Georgiana]


Northumberland and]

Hunter ..'.....'..

Phillip, Brisbane,

and Bligh.


St. Vincent;,

Stanley (county)...». "Wellington (county) Maneroo. Murrumbidgee ..

Robert Owen, Henry

Osborne, John Marks, Georgo U. Alley. James Macarthur, J,

Oxley, W. P. Wild .. James Martin.

Richard Hill, Thomas W, «Smith . S. A. Donaldson, George

Smith, Thomas Holt.


Date of Nomina-


Camden. Hartley., Parramatta Parramatta

¡Thomas Barker

P. Fawcett . William Forster .

W. R. Piddington, Clark

Irving. A. W. Scott, G. B. White .

1858. IB Jan. 19 Jan.

l8 Jan.

i ?

20 Jan.


25 Jan. 27 Jan.

Polling Day.

1858. 23 Jan. 25 Jan.

21 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 30 Jan.

Polling Places.

29 Jan. ... 5 Feb.




Toss . Queanbeyan

East 'Mait ' land .


Lachlan and Lowcrl


W.Leo *,..".T. Drt Aldcorn

Saul Samuel Daniol Egan

_L ' «' I . '

Wellington and Bligh

Liverpool Plains and


New 3 England and Macleay j.

Churenco and Darling

Downs .,


I ',

29 Jan.

1 Feb.'

10 Feb.


5 Feb.' 30 Jan.


' f. a i ,.

Braidwood..,|19 Jan; '.'.

lFeb. .!

2 Feb. 26 Jan.

John Hay, George Maoleay i Dr. Owens . ?

William Macleay, John

Paterson, J. P. Egan, E

Moreton, Wide Bay,

Burnet and Mara- noa, ino! uding Port Curtis and Leich- hardt . Parramatta.


Edward Lloyd, R. L.

' Jenkins, W. G. Penning-

ton, Robert Wisdom

f.* .

Molong. Cooma .....

Tumut ...'..

i >- i

Binalong "

, l'


. , " f i


Arthur Hodgson .

Goulburn, Marulan, Bungonia, and Collector Bathurst, Carcoar, Guyong, Canowindra,

Orango, Blayney, and Cowra

Wollongong, Kiama, Police Offlco Shoal-

haven, and Bumcdary Point, Shoal-

haven River

Hartley, Bathurst, Penrith, Pioton, Town's

Inn at North Richmond, Wilberforce, and Whalan's Inn, Fish River

Sydney, Parramatta, Windsor, Penrith, St.

Leonard's, Ryde, and Longbottom

Sydney, Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool,

Campbelltown, Burwood, Camden, Cab- ramatta, Cook's River, Appin, Waver- ley, Newtown, Greendale, Ashfield, and


Paterson, Dungog, Merton, Muswellbrook,

East Maitland, Singleton, Jerry's Plains, Clarence Town, Gresford, and Hinton

Raymond Terrace, Dungog, Stroud, Man-

ning River (at Mr. Rowley's, Bungay Bungay), Port Macquarie and Kempsey Yass, Gunning, Binda, Burrowa, Carcoar,

' Bathurst, and Narrawa

Yass, Queanbeyan, Bungendore, and Braid

» wood

Gosford, Newcastle, East Maitland, Wol-

lombi, Singleton, at Jurd's Inn, at St. Albun'B on tho Macdonald RUer, Man- grove Creek, Jerry's Plains, Black Creek, and Monnt Vincent

Mudgeo, Merton, Muswellbrook, Scone,

Murrurundi, Cassilis, Montefiore', Mer- riwa, and Rylston

Bathurst, Rylston, Kelso, O'connell Plains,

Peel, and Sofala

Braidwood, Broulee, Ulladulla, Jervis Bay,

Shoalhaven, and Moruya


.i i ' 29 Jan. ,.

26 Jan. ... 26 Jan.-..


25 Jan.,..


27 Jan. ..


27 Jan. ,.i

, I " Í:

28 Jan? .'.


29 Jan. -.


8 Feb.".,. Brisbane, Ipswich, Drayton, Jimboomba,

, , Owen's Inn, Drayton Road, and Smith's

Inn, at Wivenhoe ¡

Mudgee, Wellington, Orango, Molong,

Meroo, and Tambaroora

5 Feb. '.. Goulburn, Eden, Cooma, Bombala, Moruya,

and Nimitybelle

9 Fob, i,', Tumut, Gundagai, Albury, Wagga Wagga,

Moulamein, Yass, Queanbeyan, Kcrar bury, Deniliquin, and Balranald

Binalong, Wagga Wagga, Balranald,

'Canowindra, Gnndagai, Yass, M'Lcod's Inn, Euston, Tuptruck, Cowra, Bathurst,

and Jngiong

Molong, Wellington, Dubbo, Canowindra,

Coolah, and Mudgee

Murrundi, Tamworth, Wee Waa, Warialda,

.1.. TV_,nV-., ._ tY.~ ?&?_i T»_«.

Ipswich.',... 27;Jan.

Cumberland ' Bo-1

roughs .i.. Western Boroughs.

Southern,' Boroughs


Boroughs ,



rohgbs .. '"...;. Stanley Boroughs

James Pye, James Byrnes, Parramatta l8 Jan,

George Oakes .;..

William Bowman,-W. B. , Dalley,iW. Redman ".., A. T. Holroyd, J. M'Guigan


J. A. Murray

iE. C. Weekes, Bourne

Russell, James Dickson, W. Cheater.,. John William Vaughan,

Dr. Bowker.

Windsor l...

Bathurst Goulburn

East Mait-

land . Newcastle.. Brisbane ..


20 Jan. ,

! . » 26 Jan.

25 Jan.


27, Jan.,

25 Jan. 29 Jan.

10 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb.

" 11 12 Feb.


12 Feb.

19 Jan. 22 Jan. 28 Jan.

28 Jan._

28 Jan.

l' "

26 Jan.


the Woolshed on tho Namoi, Barraba, Nundle, and Wmgato

Wellingrove, Armidale, Tenterfield, Waloha,

Police Office, Macleay River, andKcmp

' "¡ey j

Grafton, Cassino, Warwick, Drayton, Tabu-

lam, Myajl Creek, Canal Creek, Coon- doon, end Wambo

Ipswich, Cressbrook, Maryborough, Gayn 1 ' dab, Surat, Taroom, Rannes, and Glad

ston -

Windsor, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Penrith,

' and Richmond / ¡ ' . > Bathurst and Carcoar i >

Goulburn, Queanbeyan, Braidwood, i and ' 'Yass ' 4i - .» i Morpeth, East Maitland, and West Maitland

l i i-' i , -it ,i '., 'i' . > - ' , Newcastle and Raymond Terrace,! i ¡ ' ,

North Brisbane, South Brisbane, .and Ips I l 'wich. ,, ,', ' ' '? "; .

MEMBERS ELECTED FOR THE NEW PARLIAMENT.' ^ ' Sydney. Hamlets-Mr. John Campbell, and Sir Daniel Cooper. '

City of SYDNEY--Mcssrs. George Thornton, Robert Tooth, Hon. Robert' Campbell,^

and Hon. Charles Cowper.

. Deaths from Sun-stroke, Apoplexy, and mc

postjre to the Great Heat.-On Saturday, nn in- quest was held at the Coroner's Office, before Mr. J. S. Parker, on view of the body of a man, whose name is ?unknown, who died in the Infirmary, about 7 o'clock on Friday evening. From tho evidence it appeared that deceased was observed in a sitting posture on the pavement, in front of the shop of Mr. Thompson, hay and corn dealer, corner of George and Bathurst streets, about 5 in the afternoon : that he was alive, but could not speak, and was breathing heavily ; by the advice of Dr. John Moore, of BathUrst-strcet (who was called to'see deceased), he was removed to the Infirmary, -where he received prompt attention, but expired soon after arrival. Dr. Moon' gave it as his opinion that death had resulted from coup-de-soleil, as he was for some time exposed to the rays of a burning Bun ; de- ceased had no appearance of having being hurt. He ?was a very stout man, about fourteen stone weight, and apparently forty years old, pock-pitted about the nose, high forehead, and dark hair ; had on an old black alpaca coat, dark tweed trousers, a blue cloth cap, a pair of new cossack boots, and a blue striped cotton shirt; there was nothing found on his person buta small memorandum book of 1857, and some glazier's tools. The jury returned a verdict of death from sun- stroke.-Another enquiry was held at Redfern, in the Redfern Hotel, on the same day, touching the death of John Paterson, aged 35, who arrived in the colony in May last, from Edinburgh, and was employed at the Botany Water Works. He was a married man, and remarkably healthy. On Friday morning deceased left home about five o'dook to go to his work, at .which time he «as in perfect health; his wife heard no more of him till half-paot 7 in tho evening, when a person called and stated that her husband was lying dead on the Botany Road ; she immediately ran to the place, bnt the body had, in the interim, been removed to a public-house close by ; when she saw his corpse, blood was flowing from the mouth. A fellow-workman deposed that deceased drank a pint of colonial ale about mid-day, after which he complained of being very unwell, said he must knock off, and left by himself to go home ; witness, when returning from work in the evening, along with a fellow-labourer, observed a man lying on his left side, face down- wards, .near to the Botany Toll Bar, and on turning him over, discovered who it was ; from the work at Botany, to the spot where the body of deceased was found, it might be two miles ; blood and froth were coming from the mouth, and one side of his head was quite black; it did not appear that deceased had had a struggle. Mr. J. C. Russell, of Chippen- dale, gave -it as his opinion, after examining the body, (upon which there were no marks of violence) that death was the result of apoplexy, brought on by the heat of the weather; deceased, being of a

stout, plethoric habit was, peculiarly liable to apo- J plexy. Verdict : death from apoplexy, induced by, exposure to the great heat of the sun.

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