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FiBST Race.




A Match for £2000. Three miles. 10 st. 1 lb. each.

Mr. G. T. Rowe's o g Veno, aged .... (Higgerson) 1 , Mr. Chirnside's g m Alice Hawthorn, aged.(Mahon) 2

Betting at starting, 6 to 4 on Veno.

An admirable start was effected. Veno

jumped off with a slight lead, and main- tained it to the turn of the course, when he was drawn back, and Alice went in advance. She kept the lead to the back stretch, when Veno went up and passed her, keeping about half-a-length ahead to the hill. He then shook her off, crossed to the inside, and came on to the straight course a length and a half in advance. He was never again reached, and al- though Mahon made a dash under the hill, the mare was completely outstridden, Veno doing exactly what he liked with her. The pace of the run home was evidently at Higgerson's option. Alice gallantly struggled to make a close race of it, but the superiority of the Sydney horse was manifestly too great, and he passed the winning post hard held in an eaBy winner by about two lengths. , Time, 6 minutes 12


Second Race.

Match for £400. 1¿ miles. lOst. lib. each. Mr. Or. T. Rowe ns. b. h.Cooramio, aged (Higger-

son) ...'..'. 1 Mr. Fraser iib. b. g. Tomboy, aged (Mitchell).... 2

Betting, 3 to 2 on Cooranna.

The Sydney horse had a trifling advan- tage in starting, and led to the turn, when Tomboy challenged him, and took first place, leading two lengths to the side of the hill. This advantage he maintained to the straight running, and although closely raced by Coora min, came up to the Grand Stand without the latter having effected any material lessening of the interval between them. Before passing the the Stand, Mitchell called upon his horse with- out success ; and Cooramin immediately went up, and in a stride or two got his head on a line with Tomboy's. Another stride enabled him to pass the judge's stand a winner by a head. Time, 3 min. 1 sec.

Thibd Race.

Match, £500 to £300. Three miles ; lOst. lib. Mr. G. T. Rowe's o g Veno, aged . .(Higgerson) .. 1

Fraser's b g Van Tromp, aged (Manon)....... 2 Betting : 4 to 1 on Veno.

Veno led off, but at the turn permitted Van Tromp to catch him. The two raced to the hill¿ when Veno led out, and came first on to the straight running. He had a lead of about a length past the Grand Stand, and was never again caught, coming in ultimately an easy winner by two lengths. Time : 6 min. 5 sec. For the first mile and a half the pace was exceedingly good.

Tbotting Match fob £200.

Mr. Messiter's c. m. Kate .. (Owner) 1

Sharper did not make his appearance, and,

after waiting an hour, the mare was trotted1

round the course.

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