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Portsmouth. Mnrr-h 7

Nothing is now talked of hero but the anticipated grand spectacle of tho Queen visiting the fleet at Spit head, on Friday. ' It is expected to eclipse the memo-

rable review of the fleet last summer.

The royal yachts, Fairy and Elfin, nre both ready to attend on the Court on their arrival. The Fairy will bo tried, after thereftttal of her machinery, to-morrow There is no truth wliatevcr in the repeated rumour that captains and tillicera of the royal yachts are to commission the war steamer Gladiator

The Blenheim, CO, Captain the Hon.' F. T, Pelham got on shore in going to Spithcad yesterday afternoon, and remained stranded on the Spithead-bank, off Southsea Beach, until five o'clocck this morning, when she got oil, her guns, heavy stores, and other things having been got out intolighters. She is supposed to bo

uninjured. The accident was uuused by endeavourin to steer clear of a collier, or some such craft, which had anchored directly in the course of the men-of-war going out or coining into harbour.

Rear-Admiral Corry hoisted his flag, white at tho mizen, on board the three-decker Neptune, 120, this morning in Portsmouth harbour, and the steam-tug Pigmy is engnged in transhipping her crow from tho Prince Regent at Spithead. She will be rigged and ready to leave on Saturday for the rendez-


The Dauntless, 33, Captain Ryder, ha3 come into Portsmouth harbour, and discharged her Grant's galley, to be put to rights.

The Odin, 16, is in the factory basin. Her now boilers, ordered to be made at Woolwich, not being ready, her present ones are being made serviceable as fast as possible.

The Scourge, 6, has received most of her ma- chinery, and is being prepared for commission with all despatch. *

The Resistance 42 (troop ship), has been placed in No. 2 dock, to have her lower works examined. She will be refitted for service as fast as possible.

The Dauntless and Valarous are ordered to be ex-

pedited by additional labour and time of workiug.

The St. Vincent, 101, three-decker, is now ordered to be fitted in all respects for sea service, in case she

should be wanted.

The man caught in the dockyard yesterday morn- ing, having drifted in a waterman's boat, which ho had helped himself to at Gosport, on the previous night, to cross to Portsmouth in, has been given over to the civil powers for a breach of the ferry laws.

The Cosar, 91, Captain Robb, is shipping her provisions, sea stock, &c, and will be at Spithead by Friday.

A BACHELOR'S KETTLE.-The bachelor's kettle is a

crafty means for inducing a man to remain a bachelor , by making his life as caay as a gloA'o. Seo what ho can obtain for three shillings. He asks his landlady, or Polly, the housemaid, to purchase one pennyworth, of patent fircAVood-which firewood consists of a sort of Avhecl or a sort of gridiron mysteriously formed of small pieces of wood, ichiiicd to make them moro captious and poppery. One of these structures he places in a little stove or grate-he kindles it-ho places the stove on the hob to give the smoke and tho chimney a chance of becoming acquainted-he sur- mounts the pile by a flat tea-kettle containing Avater

and by the tuno the farthing Avhecl or gridiron haa burned itself out, there is boiling water enough to

make moderate coffee for a moderate man. And if ho will consume tAvo patent firewoods instead of one, and has a little flat pan adapted to his apparatus, ho pan manage to dish up a steak or a chop Avhile the coffee is brewing. Bachelorship apart, thero is really some- thing in this power of making a cup of coffee ior one' self, say before starting by the six o'clock train on winter's morning, before fires arc lighted or housewive stirring.-Dickena's Household Words)


-Directly any measure is proposed, you are sure to see an enthusiastic Irishman jump up in his seat, and inquire indignantly if the benefit of it is to be ex- tended to Ireland. Wo should not be in the least astonished, if a Bill was to be brought in for " The better management and general improvement of the Thames Tunnel," at some Avild Irishman springing fonvard, and gravely inquiring. " if Ireland was', to bo

included in the intended measure ? for if not, ho should bring all his influence to bear in opposition against it !" We really belive that if a Bill were pro- posed for "The erection of Soup-kitchens in the Me- tropolis for the Relief of the Briefless Barristers of Lincoln's-Inn," that these Hibernian zealots would object to it unless it could be proved that Carrick- fergus, and Downpatrick, and Dungannon, and Kil- kenny, and Tipperary, and Westmeath, and Youghal were specially brought within its provisions. We are positive they would oppose the pulling down of Temple-bar, because the removal would be no kind of advantage to Sackville-street in Dublin !-Punch.

TITLES or TUE CZAB.-The following is a list of the Czar's titles, which always head every ukaae : Nicholas, by the grace of God Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, of Moscow, Kiells, Vladimie, and Novgorod; Czar of Kasan, of Astrachan, Poland, Siberia, and the Taurian Chersoncsus ; Seignior o Pskoff, and Grand Prince of Smolensk, Lithuania, Wallachia, Podolia, and Finland ; Prince of Esthonia Courland, and Semgalia, of Bialystok, Karelia, Tver, Jougria, Perm, Viatka, Bulgaria, and many other countries ; Seignior and Grand Prince of the territory of Inner Novgorod, Tsheniigoff, Riaizin, Polotsk, Rostof, Jaroslaf, Bielozero, Oudoria, Obdoria, Kou dina, Witebak, Mtislaf, and Lord of all the hyper- borean region ; Seignior of the land of Heria, Karta lina, Grousinia, Kabardinia, and Armenia; Hereditary Seignior and Suzerain of the Circassian princes, of those of the mountains, and others : Heir of Norway, Dukeof Schleswig-Holstein, SaintOrmarn, Ditmarseu, and Oldenburg, &c., &c." To these titles must now be added that of "Lord-fearing God," which the Czar has recently assumed. Tho heraldic blazoning! correspond to the description given above.

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