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-.;. SHIPPING. i


February 11.-Washington Irving, ship, 931 tons, Captain Dur-

rant, from the Downs November 11th. Passengers-Mrs. Raddon, Mr. and Mrs. H. Nathan, Mr. and Mrs. Grieve, Mr. and Mrs.     Hamburgher, Mr. and Mrs. Durrell and child, Mrs. Eliza Thomp- son, Miss Alexander, Miss Hill, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Levy and 3 children, Mrs. Robert Jessett and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John   Biddle and infant, Miss Skates, Messrs. R. Campbell, Thomas Horton, Samuel Congden, George Congden, Hitch, D. Gilchrist, Thomas Parke, George Milford, Ewin, Michael M'Taggart, Thomas Williams. William Morton, Thomas Barley, William

Hays, J. L. Mitchell, Thomas Jennings, William Baynes,   Benjamin William, John Weaton, James Benowman, John Eaton,   Hugh M'Kenzie, George Sidders, D. Repps, G. Wilson, L. Lucas, K. Christensen, W. Gasking, and H. Glover. Montefiore, Gra-

ham, and Co., agents.  

February 11_Syria, barque, 428 .tons. Captain Bradley, from London July 1 st.; St.Thomas' September 13th ; and Rio   Janeiro November 25th. Passengers---- Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Swete, Mr. and Mrs. Field, Mr. and Mrs. Lauder, Messrs. Hennings, Scholefleld, Johnson, Bingley (3), Gillet, Falls, Kurachbaum, Colly, Mrs. Chalk, and Mrs. Taggart. R. Towns, ageut.

. February 12.-Eweretta, barque-, 358 ton», Captain Mllbourne from London 3rd November. Captain, »sent.

February 12-Jnatyn, ship, K13 tins, Captain Thompion, from London 19th October. Captain, agent.

. February 12-The Queen, »hip, 807 ton«, Captain Gray, from Melbourne 4th instant. Pa»s»ng*r»-Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn and child. Llndisy, Matheson, and Co., agenta.

' February 12_Tarra Yarra (».), S67 ton», Captain George Gil. more, from Melbourne, 3th instant. Passengers : Mr». Lowe and servant, Mesirs. Harrison, Smith. Jones, Aldridge, Francis, Warry (2), Bak r, Itntiing, Carwacb, Alexander, Warring, Howe, Castles, Lebatt, Mr». Morgan and 2 children, Haiti»», Helbert, Mrs. Griffith» and 3 children, liligi, Simmont, Michael, Nichol, Devlin, Wolf, Lennox, Mr». Rowe and 8 children, Riley, Ilnisell, Harvey, Blow. Mr. and Mr». Rutledge, Brown, Mia» Brown, Min Hodgson, Mia» Twin and child, Miss Probert, Mr. Vaughan, and 90 in the »tecrage. A. S. N. Co.. aganti.

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