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Cafitax. £160,000.


IT. ChalU*, Esq. .Chair- Jamen Hnnilnrson, Esq.

man Edward Knox, Esq. Edward Ebsworth, Esq. Robert Towns, Esq. n Qllahrist, Esq.,

Marine Burveyor-Captóla W. 8. Diloittk.

Agents and Surv»yors at Newcastl»-Messrs. Joh»

BiiraLS and Se».

The Directors meet every Wednesday, for the despatch of general business, at 11 o'clock ; and on ather days at a quarter before One o'clock, to receive applications for Insurances.

Risks taken on vessels forty-five tons register and upwards.



(Free from average unless general, or

the ship be stranded.)

Quine«, tpir osot. Great Britain...« 2

China. U Manila . 2*

India . 2i Java. 2 Mauritius . 2 Cape of Good

Hope . 2J Valparaiso. 2 California. 2 Auckland . li Port Nicholson.. 2£ Nelson . 2&

Guineas p«r cent

PortOtago. 2 Port Cooper .... 3 Wide Bay ...... 2 Clarence River .. 2 Moreton Bay.... li Twofold Bay.... f

Panbula. 1 Port Phillip. 1¿ Ditto, per steamer 1

Adelaide. li Hobart Town.... 1

Launceston...... 1J Circular Head,... 2


t Port Phillip .... 1 II Great Britain .. 2

" Ditto, per steamer JK Singapore ...... l¿

Policies on goods, gold and specie, to Great BrltMn, are granted in triplicate, payable in London in case of loss, if required.


3 Months ,. 3 Guineas per cent. 6 Months . 6 Guineas per cent. Whaling Voyages.10 Guineas per cent.

The usual brokerage of 5 per cent, allowed.

N.B.--Goods stowed on deck arenotcovered by the Company's policies.

By order of the Board,

EOBERT GARRETT, Secretary. Sydney. 1st February. 1853. 38;



Notice to Shareholders.

THE Board of Directors having de-

termined on making a further call of (£3) three pounds p«r share on shares of the second series in the above Company, proprie- tor» are hereby required to pay the samo at the Company's Office, in Sydney, on or before the 1»/ day of November next.

By order of the Board,


Assistant Manager.

A. S. N. Company's Office, Sussex-street, Sydney, 20th September._11865



Incorporated by Royal Charter.



Johnstone, Hlaq., Chairman ;

Jume* Al'iandur, Enq. iobn Uastaiman, Jua., Esq. Phillp P. Blythe, Esq. AmbjOBe Mooro, Esq.

Thomas A. Gibb, Ksq. I. Sanderson Rigge, Eaq, W. Ormsby Gor«, Esq., MM1. John H. Thompson, E*q.

ßtepitfn 1*. Kennard, Esq. Thomas IV. Watson, Esq. ïioipM }V. I«aroche, Esq. i

Colonial Inspector, J. A. Jackson, Esq. Secretary, J. W. Pillans, Esq.

Chief Accountant, Henry Moules, Esq.

Bankers: in London, Messrs. Masterman,

Peters, and Co.

In Scotland, the British Linen Com-


Solicitors : in London, Messrs. Hughes, Kear

* Bey, and Co.

In Ediburgh, Messrs. Hunter, Blair, and Cowan, W. S.


Local Directors, Frederick Piper, Esq., and

Henry Prince, Esq.

Manager : T. A. Cargill, E<q.

Accountant, Mr. John Young: Acting Ac-

countant, Mr. Alexander Sage

Solicitors, Messrs, Holden and M'Carthy. -

This Branch will be opened for business on Monday, the 3rd October next.

J. A. JACKSON, Inspector.

SydhgTi September 22._ 12272 -THE~E.1S.NK OF AUSTRALASIA.

(Incorporará by Royal Charter, 1835.)

NOTICE is hereby given that a Branch

establishment of the Bank of Austra- lasia will be opened for the transaction of the usual Banking Business, at Ipswich, in the Moreton ¿ay district, in October next, under the management of Mr. George Fan-cloth.

J. J. FALCONER, Superintendent. Bydney, September 5._ 12707


DRAFTS en London, Melbourne,

Geelong, and Port Fairy bought and Bold by this Bank, at the current rates.

,8ola Drafts on London li*!.ed in amounts of «C5 esc«?- payable on demand.

Local Bill8, under 100 days' currency, dis- counted at the »"".?*« of 4 Per cent, per annum ¡ and above that oùrren°y» 5 per cent, per


ALEX. HART, Manager.

397, Pitt-street North. 7925 THE AUSTRALIAN BENEFIT INVEST-


NOTICE is hereby given that a

Special General Meeting of the Share- holders of the Society will be held at the So- ciety's Office, 456, George-street, on MON- DAY, the 3rd day of October next, at half past 3 o'clock p.m. precisely, for the purpose of considering and determining upon amend- ments proposed to be made in the rules of the Society with regard to balloted shares.

By order of the Board of Directora,

12009 J. R. TREBVE, Secretary.




Established 1843.

~¥~HE undersigned is prepared to accept A Risks (covered by Protecting Policies at Lloyd's, and other Insurance Companies in LONDON) by the Steamships of the Penin- sular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, the Australian Royal Mail Company, or the General Screw Steam Company, either by the OVEPvLAND ROUTE, or via GAPE OF GOOD HOPE, to ENGLAND, FRANCE, and to any Port in INDIA or CHINA, wd In-


The interest in tba Protecting Policies is eoasignd to the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Naavlgtion Company for the purpose of their becoming the médium of payment in tkc event

of loss

For «Rates of Premium, and other informa tioa, apply to J. S. SPARKES, Agent.

495, George-street. 87



keep tit* Michaelmas Term must present themselves at the University on MONDAY, October 10th, at 10 a.m.

Candidates for matriculation are requested to attend, for examination, at the University, on MONDAY, October 3, at IP a.m.

Member.1« of the Rhetoric Clas», intending to offer themselves for examination, are requested to attend at ti^e University, on FRIDAY, October 7th, at 10 ¿«v.

12885 H. KENNEDY, Registrar.

NOTICE to Importers of Ronded

Goods, Passengers, and Importers generally.-The undersigned, having room »t his stores, known as Unwin'b Warbhodbbs, for 2000 tons goods, either free or bonded, offers to store a cargo, or any spirits under bond. Also, room for a cargo of tea or sugar. Pas- sengers' luggage taken in at moderate rates. Apply to the storekeeper, always on the pre- mises, Mr. James Davison; or to HENRY FISHER, Lessee, 480, George-street. Un win's Stores, August 8. - f H?


(Incorporated by Itgjal Charter.) -

PAID UP CAPITAL, £1,000,000, with power to increase

to £2,000,000. I Heap Ufvice,

Lorn»!«, 7, Walbrook, City.

Chief Manaor, W. W. Cargill,I!«|. ZZT Inspector,. C. J. P. Stuart, Esq.

Bub-Inspector,... P. Ranken, Esq. iffîf Bankers in London:-The Bank of Englanl

The Union Bank of London. ] Agento In Scotland :-Tim national Bank of Scotland. Agenta In Ireland :-Tlio Provincial Bank of Ireland.

Banks, Branch Banks, and Agencies.

Inbu.Bombay .. J. Itlach, Esq., Agent

Calcutta ...W. Anderson, E»q., Agent. ___ Madras ...B.Mocncil, E«q., Agent. ^ZZZ. Ckjuh* ...Colombo ...G. S. DufT, Esq., Agent. <?tJT

Handy ...J. P. Moir, Ksq., Manager.

MAURttms...Port Loul*...R. G. Lancaster. Esq., Manager. China.Hong Kong IP. Campbell Esq., Acting

Canton J Manager.

Shanghai ,,.K. Langley, Esq , Agent SiNOAPOBi... J. Skinner, Esq., Agent.

Australia...Melbourne ...F. A. Carglll, Esq., Agent.

NOTICE is hereby given that in pur-

suance and hy virtue of her Majesty's Royal Charter of Incorporation, bearing date the 30th August, 1851, an agency of the Cor- poration has been established in this city for carrying on the business of Exchange, Deposit, and Remittance in connexion with its various branches and agencies, as above enumerated, with the Union Bank of London, in London ; the National Bank of Scotland and its several branohes in Scotland ; and the Provincial Bank of Ireland and branches, in Ireland.

By order of the Directors,

F. A. CARGILL, Acting Agent. Oriental Bank Corporation,

8ydney, September 16,1863.

Temporary offices, 495, George-street. 11095



Chairman, T. W. Smart.Esq.,

Deputy Chairman, Charlea Kemp, Esq.


Robert Towns, Esq. I J. R. Young, Esq. Thos. Holt, jun«, Esq. | W. R. Scott, Esq.

Surveyor, JaineB Hume, Esq.

Secretary, James Sutherland Mitchell, Esq.

The Directors of the Sydney Fire Insuranct Company call the attention 01 the public to :he following reduced Scale of their Rates of Premium :

Section A.-Slated buildings, 6s. to 12s per cent.

Section B.-Shingled buildings, 8s. to 18s. per cent.

Section C.- Weather-boarded buildings, 15s. to 30s. per cent.

FIFTY PER CENT, of the Premium -will be returned on the renewal, for twelve months, m all yearly policies, so that the actual cat of Insurance will be ONE-HALF only of tht

ibave rales.

This Company is established upon the prin aipleaofthe Saxe Gotha Company, which is one of the leading and the most popular Fire Insurance Company in Germany, and which established, on the occasion of the great fire in Hamburg, the soundness of ito principles. It then paid all losses in full without incon- venience jte its members.

AH parties desirous of insuring in this Com- pany may satisfy themselves by previous in- spection of the register book as to the ability of members to make good the amount of their respective contributions.

Application for Insurance to be made to the Secretary, at the office of the Company


J. S. MITCHELL. Secretary.

40* N.B.-In case of tire, parties are re- quest*«! to give notice to Mr, T. J. Bown, Engineer, No. 380, George-street, Superin- tendent of the Fire Brigade, in whose premises the engine is kept._95^

NÖTIG E.-The Peninsular and

Oriental Steam Navieation Company's

Offices have been removed from Moore's Wharf to No. 4Q5, George-gtreet. 10974


SYDNEY RAILWAY COMPANY. , Incorporated by Act of Council.

NOTICE ¡s hereby given that* a

further call has tison made upon the Sydney Railway Company by the Director« for ten shilling« per share, which is hereby re- quired to be psi« at the ofnco of the Company No. 247, Elizabeth-street, on or before Thurs- day, the twentieth day of October next.

By order of the Board,


Secretary and Accountant, Railway Office, Sydney, September 13.




353, Pitt-street, Sydney.

LOANS granted on security of city

and suburban property, at a moderate rate of interest, and may be repaid by instal- ments, including principal and interest, over aperiod of from three to ten year*.

9215 WILLIAM PERRY, Secretary.


Maftlavp *nd Newcastle Branches.

1NË R. J. M, SAUNDERS bets this day Lf J. been appointed Manager of the above

Branches of this Bank.

By order of the Board of Direotors,


Secretary and Inspector of Colonial Branches. _ 6513 3ÜRRY HILLS GRAMMAR



Campbell-Btreet, Surry Hills.

Reetor, Mr, F. H. Stammers.

There are a few vacancies for day pupils.

- The quarter commences from the da> of

entrance._ 124B3


Established 1840.

THE undersigned begs to inform his

old constituents, all farmers and gr a ¡tiers, that his large premises are open, rb usual, for the reception of Wool, Tallow, Hides, Sheep- skins, Wheat, Maize, Flour, and all kinds of farm and dairy produee. Aleo Fat Cattle and Sheep for sale on commission.

Merchandize purchased, carefully selected, and securely packed for country stores or


Produce received for sale, and orders exe- cuted for any of the adjacent colonieB.


Commission Merchant,

9873_291, Pitt-Btreet, Bydney.

I ¡EDUCATION,-A gentleman who has

-J the charge of a school, in a most healthy situation, within a day's drive from Sydney, is desirous of receiving three or four boys under 10 yean of age as pupils. Terms moderate. Refer to the Rev. E. ROGERS, St. JameB*

Parsonage, Sydney._ 12826

A CARD.-Messrs. George Chis-

holm and Co. beg to inform their friends and the public generally that they still con- tinue the Tailoring department pf their busi- ness ; and having just engaged the services of t first rate cutter, they can offer the greatest advantage; to those who may favour them with

orders._ 1HC9


Agents, and Commission Merchants, 2, Macquarie-place._4468Í

EORGE TULLY, Custom Hpuse 8hip, and Commission Agent, Newcastle


*/| R. P. J. BARNES, Tinplate YJa, Worker, having removed from 103, George-street South, all communications ad- dressed to Mr. P. WHELAN. Britannia Arras, corner of George and Goulburn street«, will be attended to._12883



THE Australasian Sugar Company

will in future supply every description of Raw Sugars, in add-on to their usual qualities of Refined. Samples can be seen at their Offices, fi67, George-street, oppoaite

Brldje-street. A. ASHDOWN, Manager.



ON Saturday, 8th October, 1853, will

be published, price sixpence, No. 1 of the ILLUSTRATED SYDNEY NEWS, a Weekly Journal of Commerce, Literature, Science, and Art ; profusely embellished with highly finished wood ongravings, and printed | with entirely new type.

While Pictorial Literature haB for many years been extremely popular in Europe and America, its want has been long felt by all ciñeses of Bociety in ihe Australian colonies. The publication of the Illustrated Sydney News will supply this want. It is the aim of the proprietors to publish a work similor to the Illustrated landon Neios, and other periodicals of a like description in England ; and every .effort will be made to establish a Pictorial Newspaper, which will form with other means in use, a medium of promoting the best inte- rests of education among the people. It has been well expressed by an English author, " That one great feature in the present period is the conveyance of instruction .by appealing to the eye. It will be readily underatsod that whole pages of narrative and long abstruse descriptions may be condensed into an illustra- tion^ be comprehended at a glance. Pictures fix indelibly on the mind circumstances that might otherwise escape the memory ; and a liveliness of attention is thus excited, and a relief afforded to the mental faculties which is as agreeable to adults as to children. There can be no doubt that the pencil is destined for the future to perform as prominent a part in our popular literature as the pen, or that the diffusion of knowledge has already been greatly augmented by its powers." The

contents of this Journal will be varied and instructive, and will, it is hoped, by imparting information in an amu- sing and elegant foi ni, tend to refine the taste, and mature the judgment. In Political matters, it will avoid all extreme party views, and the tone of its leading articles will be " Liberal Conservative," which, while strongly advocating the inherent rights of the colonists will firmly and loyally adhere to the British Constitution.' Original articles will be intro- duced on subjects connected with the progress of Literature, Science, the Drama, and the Fine Arts in the different colonies. Arrange- ments have been entered into for a regular and continuous supply of the leading European periodicals and newspapers, from which co- pious extracts will be made. Fuil and correct reports will be given of commercial and ship- ping intelligence up to the time of publication. The illustrations will convey to the reader a truthful representations of the scene» andeventa described, will be engraved by Mr. W. G. Mason, for many years connected with the Illustrated London News, Pictorial Times, The Art Journal, Illustrated Exhibitor, Punch, and other leading illustrated periodicals in the English Capital, from drawings by eminent ar- tists in the colony. Able and experienced correspondents have been appointed in the most important inland townships, at the va- rious diggings, and in the principal towna and cities of the neighbouring colonies. The arrangements of the publishing department, which have been carefullv matured, will be conducted with punctuality and accuracy, under the management of experienced, prac t cal men. The work will be printed on good psper, from new founts of type imported expressly for the purpose, and, a« the pro- prietors are earnestly desirous to establish the Illustrated Sydney News as a permanent Journal, every effort will be made to produce a Colonial Pictorial Newspaper worthy the patronage of the colonial public.

Publishing Office, 68, York-street.

8ydney, October, 1?53,. 12899 | "". PUBLIC NOTICE. " *


THE undersigned, having retired from

the dreg business, has given to,Mr, John ' Row, ohemist, of King-street, the recipe of the

above justly celebrated pills, from T/hoqi tries publio will be able always to procuro them both wholesale and retail at the usual prices.

HENRY MACE. ' These valuable pille have now stood the test of years ; experience hos proved their useful- ness ; they have obtained the most decided ap- probation of the public of this country, as well as in England, where the proprietor prepared them for a number of years. They are patronised by a number of highly respectable individuals and families, and were it necessary or respe/stable to advertise attestations of the benefits which Have been experienced, abun- dance of respectable and gratifying acknowledg- ments from all parts of the colony could be prqduced. They are strenuously recommended to those who are afflicted' "with bilious com- plaints; indigestion, flatulency, fullrçc'sp and heat of stomach, ftetid breath, acidity or heart- burn, sick head-aches, giddiness or swimming in the head, dimness of Bight, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart, &c. They effectually remove'obstruction in the hillary ducts, also superabundant secretion of hilo, gently stimu- late the intestines, exciting the petiataltio ac- tion, relax, and promote that regularity which is bo necessary for health, and removing a number of disorders ariçing nom a confined or deranged state of the bowels. Also in lessen- ing the yiolenne of the gout, liver and dropsical attacks ; and after a tot) fret indulg&nce ya. the luxuries oi the table, wine, malt liquor, &c, &c


ALTERATION pf premises being

new completed at Essex House, 342, George-street, Spring and Summer Goods now opening and ready for sale.

8, POTTER begs respectfully to intimate to his town and pountry customers, he has just received from hio own importing AU. the new fashions for the summer, comprising ladies' dresses, Bcarfa, and shawls, silk and satin mantles, with every description of novelties suitable for the season, and at such prices as cannot foij to give pyery satis- faction. Ladies are particularly invited to inspected this new stock of real French barege dresses in every shade and colour, light and dark cachmeres, French and British delaines, J?arrçrna£ta, orleans, and coburg cloths in eudlesi» varieties, with a well assorted stock of drapery goods, unusually seen in New

South Wales.

An early call is requisite to those parties who wish to have the first choice, sr they are marked with a small profit:, and must be sold to make room for more importations.

11620 8t POTTER.


seethe wonderful Clock," and at the same time inspect the most magnificent assortment of China Ornaments in the colony, suitable to all purchasers, from 5s. to £5, The under- signed would call further attention to their newly arrived stock of Electro-Plated Ware, comprising electro-plated flower vases, ink- stands, candlesticks, snuffers and trays, cake and card baskets, cruet frames, egg frames, toast racks, and also a very handsome mirror, _with numerous other articles oft the same description. A great variety of oest Britannia Metal Teapots, very cheap. N.B.-In order to make room for a shipment of new goods, daily expected, it ig the intention of the un- dersigned to sell their present stock of gold and silver watches, chains, &c, at considerably reduced prices. MITCHBLL and FELTON, Watchmakers and Jewellers, 217, Pitt-street.



in tendering their best thanks for the liberal snpporf they haye received since they commenced business in' 'the Undertaking line, are determined to meet a continuance of the

same, beg to inform the public generally that they are prepared to perform Funerals as low as Seventeen Shillings and Sixpence, and upwards, and as respectable and much cheaper than any other house in the City of Sydney.

?\yALTER & REUBEN THOMAS, Under- takers, King-stieet Weat, near York-Btreet.

N.B;-Spring Tins constantly on hire.




THE following are the regularly ap-

pointed Agents, from whom the genuine Medicines may be obtained :

Melbourne-Mr. J. J. WaUh, Bookseller, 239,


Kilmore, Victoria-Mr. J. K. Trainor, Store-


Sydney- Mr. Cleary, Shoemaker, King-street

East ; Mr. Beer, Hairdresser, near Herald ^Office, George-street; Mt. Marshfield,

Tobacconist, Brickfield-hill ¡ Mr. Kirby, t^ Chemist, and Mr. Watson, Chemist, both gfof Brickfielu-hill ; Mr. F. E. Sloper,

Druggist, William-street; Mr. Dalton, Haymarket ; and Mr. Larter, South Head


r/arramatta-Mr. Joseph Smith, Grocer,


Canterbury--Mr. B. Hartshorn, Sugar Works Windsor-Mr. Richard Seymour, Saddler.

Richmond-Mr. W. G. Board, Storekeeper. Castlereagh-Mr. Gorman, Storekeeper.

Penrith-Mr. F. Robertson, Storekeeper.

Hartley-Mr. Finn, Storekeeper, and Mr. Jar-

vis, Storekeeper

Bowenfels-Mr. john M'Lennan, Storekeeper. Bathurst-Mr. Josiah Parker, Druggist.

Sofala-Mr. Charles Blakefield Guyong-Mr. Row, Postmaster.

Tambaroora Creek-Mr. Long, Storekeeper ;

and Messrs. Jacob, Phillips, and Co.

Carcoar-Mr. S. Meyer. Storekeeper, and Mr.

Emanuel Crabb, Beehive Stores. Orange-Mr, John Woodward.

Molong-Mr. Murray, Storekeeper.

Wellington-Messrs. J. Drew and Co., Store


Mudgee-Mr. Archibald Lamont, Storekeeper Rylstone-Mr. Walten, Storekeeper. Ophir-Mr. George Hawke.

Turon - Mr. Richard Nugent.

Campbelltown-Mr. Fowler, Storekeeper, Wollongong-Messrs. Hewlet and Co. Kiama-Mr. Pike, Storekeeper. Shoalhaven-Mr. C. Bailey.

Broulee-Mr. Fitzwilliams, Postmaster. Camden-Mrs. Pearson, Postmistress Picton-Mr. Molloy, PoBtmaster.

Berrima-Mr. James Powell, Storekeeper ; and

Mr. Lewis Levy, Storekeeper

Goulburn-Mr. Emanuel, Storekeeper ; Mr.

Jones, Goulburn Herald Office j Messrs. Benjamin and Moses, Argyle Stores ; Mr. Jacob, and Messrs, Cohen and Solo-


Braidwood-Mr. Williams, Postmaster.

Queanbeyan-r-Mr. Abraham Levy, Goulburn


Maneroo -Messrs, 8. and H. Solomon and Mr.


Bombala-Mr. , and Mr. Solomon, Cowra-Mr. Hetry Fulton.

Yass-Messrs, Godfrey and Anthony, and Mr.


Umutbee-Mr. T. H. Mate, Storekeeper. Gundagai-Messrs. Davison and Co.

Tarcutta-Mr. T. H. Mate, Postmaster.

Wagga Wagga-Messrs. Davidson and Co.,


Albury-Messrs. T. H. Mate and Co. OvenB Diggings-Agent wanted.

Newcastle-Mr. William Graves, Storekeeper,

Hunter-street; and Mr, Joseph Spragg, Storekeeper, Hunter-street.

Raymond Terrace-Mr. W. Patey Peek (late

''HouldingV f

Clarence Town-'Messrs, Houldlug and Gally,


Dungog-Mr. Richard Cook, Storekeeper.

Paterson-Mr. Reade.

Morpeth-Mr. O'Keeffe, Storekeeper.

Maitland (East)-Mr. W. Patey peek.

Maitland (West)-Moug^. Austen and Co.,

Storekeepers; Mr. John Butler, Store- keeper ; and Mr. W. W. Nicholson.chemist. Singleton-Mr. W. C. Lesley, Chemist.

Muswellbrook-Mr. Isaac Moses, Storekeeper Warialda-Mr. Geddes, Postmaster and


Cassilis-Mr, Robert Byfield, Storekeeper.

Scone-Mr. Anser, Postmaster.

Murrurundi-Mr. James Juchau, Storekeeper, Armidale-Messrs. Mether and Gilchrist. Grafton-Mr, Hawthorne, Shoemaker, Wide Bay-Mr, Pfjlmçj:.

Eden-Mr. Sf' Solomon,' Storekeeper.

South Brisbane-Mr. William Kent, Drug I Store.

gayndah-Mr. Wm. Young

rayton-Mr. Lord,' Storekeeper


Sole Wholesale Agent for New 8ou,th Wales I and yictorla, i« Holloway'* HepSt,'' 78, King

street, Sydney._289

A SSAY OFFICE, and Labora^rjTfar '

£%. the Analyse of Minerals, and for Chemical investigations in general.-C. J. H0DG80N, Member of the Chemiealand Cavendish Societies of Great Britain, and Assay Master to the British Australian Gold Mining Company. $c" Cumberland-street ijorth, opposite Cumberland Lodge. 41


. makers and Jewellers, from Paris, 5, Hunter-street, three dogrs from Goo*ge-sireet, beg to Inrorm their customers and the public in general that they have just opened two cases of Britannia Metal goods, from the cele- brated manufactory of MÇessrs, JamesÈtùton and SonB, Sheffield, and consisting of tea and coffee pots of all sizes, and of the newest and most elegant patterns ; complete tea and coffee sets, which will be sold at a very small advance. Also ou hand the following,. Nickel Silver articles, so well known to wear as well as silver :-Teaspoons, dessert ditto., table ditto, dessert forks, table ditto, salt spoons, egg ditto, sugar tongs, soup ladles, gravy çpQQnB, and fish slliiös. " "

N.B.-B. M. and Co. warrant having re- ceived the above direct from Messrs. Dixon and Sons, and from the well-known respecta- bility of the firm can safely assure their cub omers of the. superiority of th,e goQqs above


Always on hand a great variety of jewellery, gold and silver watches, fancy articles, French and American clocks, &c ; &c. 11484


Hat Manufacturer, London.


FACTURER, Men's Mercer, and Im- porter, Golden Hat, PARK-STREET, SYDNEY, two thoora from Castlereagh -street,

On sale, a large assortment of superfine Paris nap and French hats, of the newest and most improved styles.

Felt and children's fancy hats of every de- scription.

Huts and caps made to order.

Pauama hats blocked, bleached, and stiffened

for the trad«.

Gentlemen's hosiery of every description, a, liberal allowance to the trade.

AU hats bought at this establishment kept in repair.

Merchants, shippers, traders, tailors, dra- pers, and others, are respectfully informed that J.B. puts casas or even single hats in repair

and saleable condition.

N.B.-On account of the limited extent of the premises, goods will be sold at the smallest remunerative profit, to make room fer fresh consignments. »

Agent for the Sydney Morning Herald.



C< AMpEL DAVÍS AND CaT bog to l¡^7 inform the publio that they have in their employ (on the premises) Watchmakers com- petent of undertaking the most difficult jobs,

and at reasonable prices.

8. d.

Patent lever cleaned .... i 6 Horizontal " " . 4 0 Mainsprings ,........*.... 6 0

Fuzee ohains. 6 6 1 All watches undergoing" repairs are Wkrranted

to perform correctly for twelve months without i extra charge. The charge for repairs may be

ascertained on enquiry at the time the watch is

left. SAMUEL 'DAVIS AND rCo., Watch

makers and Jewellers, 494, George-street, two doors «outh of Hunter-street. 12466


PERSONS just arriving in the colony

and others, can purchase ¡

A splendid cedar loo table for.£6 10 0 A handsome hair-seated sofa, beau- ;

tifully carved back and scrolls, for 9 9 0 Handsome balloon baok cedar chairs 0 16 0 An easy chair, in chintss. 2 10 0

Reclining ditto. 1 5 0 Large sized cedar dining tables,... 3 0 0 Cane-seated chairs, beautifully

polished. 0 8 6 Handsome mahogany toilet glasses 0 6 6 Beautifully carved gilt chimney

glasses, plate-glass.«. 2 0 0 Iron bedsteads, from. 1 10 0 With every other article of Furniture, Bedding,

&C, at equally low prices.

t$g" Mark the address,

DEAN'S Furniture Warehouse,

9423 City Theatre. Market-Btreft

£6000, £5000, £6000.

THE undersigned have received ad-

vices (per Shanghai Btearaer) from their London agent of an immensely large shipment of Goods, ex Kate, the arrival of which vessel with a description of goods amounting to up- wards of £6000 will be duly announced. In the mean time the extensive stock of goods now on hand must be cleared out (in order to make room for the consignments ex Kate) at re- duced prices, consequently the-stock is


£ s. d. 120 Silver double bottomed engine

turned horizontal watches.jewelled in four holes, sunk seconds and

set hands at back, &c. 3 3 0 600 superior silver patent levers,

capped and jewelled in hunting and double bottomed engine turned cases, strongly recommended, are offered at fully 26 per cent, below the usual prices.

Gold watches, capped and jewelled COO With all the above watches, a written warranty given for two years.


Fine Gold Jewellery.

A magnificent selection of fine gold

real stone rings . 1 1 0 Ditto ditto of real stone brooches .. 0 7 6 Superior fine solid gold brooches,

really magnificent, equally low in pries.

Gents' solid fine gold real signet

rings. 1 2 0 Solid gold guard ohains.. 2 10 0 Electro-plated oruets, candlesticks,

snuffers and trays, tea and coffee sets, salvers, spoons, forks, &c, at prices really astonishing.

In fact, the whole stock will be offered at reduced prices.


Watchmakers and Jewellers, 494, George «treet, two doors south of Hunter-street. 11745

"bedding, IbeddingTbedding.

E JOHNSON, 16?, Pitfc-ntreot, begs

. to notify that he has just received ex Olbers, and other arrivals, a large importation of English curled hair, grey and white down feathers, blankets, quilts, linen bolster coses, toilet covers, hassocks, hearth rugs, swing dressing glasses ¡ also some splendid patterns of iron bedsteads, children's cots, iron rocking chairs, the parisian couch bedstead, Brown's suspension chairp, all of which he is enabled to offer at extremely moderate prices, Note

the address


Iron Bedhead and Bedding Warehouse,

169, Pitt-street South,

Nearly opposite the Congregational Church,

N.B.-Cane bottom English chairs beauti- fully polished, the set of four for £1,

A spring van to he let on hi$e. 8311 Tp WHOLESALE PURCHASERS, ATÏT



THE undersigned, having constantly

on hand large stocks of the following goods, will treat wi,th trholesale purchasers at moderate prices.

Certificates of Martello Brandy

Ditto West India Rums, li to 35 O.P. Ditto J.D.K.Z. Gin

Ditto Pule Brandy, \ dosen oases

Ditto Altona (Old Tom), 1, 2, and 9 dozen


Port and Sherry Wines, in pipes, hogsheads,

and quarter-oasks, fine qualities

Byass's, Marzetti's, Furze andOo.'i, Als and


Quinneoa's Dublin ¡átout Clarets and Champagnes

Ale and Porter, in hogsheads, of celebrated



Wine and Spirit Merohant, Wynyard Square

(Old Barrack Bquare)._12303


Original purveyors of the Ooneeatrated


THI8 Coffee has met with & remark,

able, and rapidity increasing sale. It is roasted upon a peculiar and improved prin- ciple, known only tQ the proprietors, ground inr,medjately after it is roatted, and packed in canisters to suit purchasers, of 3, 7, 11, and 15 lbs. each, impervious to air, by which means it remains uninjured by the atmosphere, and for a lengthened period retains in the highest degree its full fragrant freshness.

To country storekeepers and parties leaving for the diggings it will be found a great acqui-


Australian Tea Mart, 807, George-street.

_2_1202« A SUPERIOR Invoice of Goods just ¿M. arrived, and now on sale at HANKS and LLOYD'S, 367, George-strefit, comprising Morella cherrie* and black currants, in syrup Dantsic liqueurs, 8 bottles in a case

Raspberry ratafia, a delicious beverage Cherry ratafia

Black currant ratafia

Raspberry vinegar, in pint bottles, of very

superior quality

A large parcel of jams, in 2 lb jars Harvey and Reading's sauces

French capers, in 3 dozen and 6 do len cases 32 Ases confectionary, acsovted

20 cases ginger wine, English manufacture


NOTICE.-To Butchers and Buyers

for Port Phillip.-The undersigned has for Sale from 100 to 200 head of Store Cattle, and 100 head of superior Fat Cattle, -which he will sell ia lots to suit purchasers. Also, 1000 Fat Sheep on the same terms. WILLIAM FULLA&AR, 8tar Inn, Western Road.

GARDEN SEEDS.-A few casks of

fresh vegetable seeds per Thames, from London. Peas and beana in great variety, beet, brocoli, lettuce, cabbage, onion, carrot, cauliflower, celery, cress, cucumber, endive, leek, mustard, parsley, parsnip, radUh, salsify, spinach, turnips, basil, marjoram, fro., &c. Apply to A. F. CROOM AND, CO.^iller's Point._]_12927 TO MA8TER8 of ShipB, Private

Families.-Now landing, and on sale at the stores of the undersigned, 100 barrels prime Irish MeBS Pork, Belfast brand ; 250 kegs Patent Nail«, assorted. A large assort- ment of Colonial Tinware, Picks, Shovel«, Spades, and a general assortment of Iron- mongery. JOHN ARMSTRONG, 40, Market and Clarence streets. 80 T3


WARERQOMS. Sstahhlhed 1835.

A LARGE and well «elected supply

of drawing, dining, and bedroom furni-

ture, of the newest designs.


A chelee qelûotion °* velvet pile, tapestry, Brussels an 1 Kidderminster carpets, hearth- rugs, 4c. On sale st


92782 87) Casüeresah-street,


275, ^PlTT 8TREKT. 275,

(Three door» south of the Theatre.)

"COLLIS Am» HART, beg to submit

M-J the undermentioned goodB to the notice of the public.

Parasols ! Parasols ! ! Parasols ! 11-2 caaes

more of really choice, from Is. lid, to

14b. Gd.

Cashmere and Barege Dresses!-3 cases of

splendid new st) les, from 8a. 9d.

VisiteB i Visites ! 1 Visites ! ! ! -3 cartoons of

satin, 27s. fid. 1 ditto silk, 20s. 1 ditto rich moire,.42s.

Gentlemen's Clothing '.-Several cases of sum-

mer coats, consisting of Llama, Oxonian, and Cambridge coate. Also, 2 oases of alpacca various, at the Panteohnetheca.

Tents ! Tent» ! ! Tents ! ! !-Parties proceed-

ing to the minea will do well to call at the Panteohnetheca, and select a tent or tar- paulin, from the best stock in the colony.

Blankets ! Blankets! ! Blankets I ! 1-6 bales

of blue, scarlet, and white, from 11s, 6d. per pair, at the PANTECHNETHECA.



*TnHE undersigned have always on

-I- hand at their Wholesale Manufactory,

Harness-Stage, gig, chaise, cart, leading, and

shaft, draughty plain, and brass


Saddles-Kneepad, covered all over, suitable

for bush or escort, hobters, Sec, &c. Saddle-bags, stirrup leathers, girths, &c. Bullock bells and neck straps Hores and bullock hobbles Coat straps

Stable and dog collars

Miners' japan and brown belts

Pouches, knife sheaths, and every other article

m the trade.



OIL CLOTH 1 OILCLOTH! OIL CLOTH! JUST landed, and to be seen al John

Hill, Jim., and Son's, a large supply of Oil Cloth of different patterns, equal'to any that has ever been imported to this colony.

-J. H. and Son wish to call the attention of their customers and the public in general that they can be supplied cheaper than any house

In town.


107, King-Btre*'. The old established Oil Cloth Warehouse,


TO Engineers, Blacksmiths, 8cc.

The undersigned would oall tho atten- tion of the trade to this lot of superior Rolled B i8ter Steel, whiob he Is prepared to sell at a vlrv low price. Shippers to Melbourne will nea this worth their attention. ANDREW

WIL8QN, 474, Qeorge-atreet._



ON SALE, at the Australian Tea

Mort, 367, George-street, opposite the


60 Barrels fine Fatras currant», just arrived,

ex Lady Flora

10 Bags Barcelona nuts

10 Half tierces £ sterling tobacco, ex St.

Thomas, splendid quality 60 Casks washing soda 10 Cwt. carbonate soda

5 Cwt, tartaric acid, in 98 lb. Jars

100 Cases small herrings, 5s, per case, each

ease containing upwards of 200 20 Cases sardines, just arrived

200 Cases pickles, Whybrow'» and Heaton'a

20 Cwt. sugar candy

50 Doz. salmon, In tins of 1 and 2 lbs. each 175 Bo<os Turkey uga

100 Quarler-boxes flue table raisins

50 Boxes drv preserved ginger, containing

about 8 lbs, each

300 Tins of sweetaieaU, various, English ma-


60 Qases Cheshire cheese, the finest in


50 Bags black pepper

400 Chests finest hysonskin 376 Chests finest congou 100 Half ditto ditto

170 Boxes hysonskin and congou

100,000 Finest Manila cigars, Nos. 2 and S

English crushed lump, in 2 cwt. barrels,

suitable for ginger beer makers


LINCOLN Al Ale, and XXXX 8tout

Rutgard'sOctoberbrewing, 1852, brewed expressly for these colonies. Equal to the best brands imported. WILLIS, MERRY, AND Co._ _ _ __41M GÜTÑNESSS DUBLIN 8TÖUT,

in Pints, warranted genuine

Peter Domecque's celebrated Sherry, 60s. per


To be had of J. G. WALLER, Wine and

- Spirit Merchant, Wynyard Square (Old Barrack 8quare)._12304' FOR SALE, Bass and Co.'s cele-

brated No. 3 Burton Ale, Apply to Messrs. THACKER AND CO., 641, George street. 7371


largo lot of well-assorted Tarpaulins, from 8x12 feet to 20 x 24 feet, made of best Navy canvas. Apply to ANDREW WILSON, 474, George-street. 6853 t^OR SALE, ten Iron Houses, hourly

expected to arrive by a vosael which

«ailed in May :

6 three-roomed iron houses, 25 feet 8 inches

by 10 feet 8 inches

4 two-roomed ditto, 20 feet 8 inches by 10

feet 8 inches

These houses are lined throughout, and are fitted with steves.

U697 .T. DRAN8FIELD, Jamison-lane.

C~ OALÖ. - ti. R. Whittell con-

tinues to supply, as heretofore, a first rat« article at a moderate price, and prompt delivery.

N.B.-Ships, steamers) mills, and manufac- tories, supplied at a minute's notice.

Bathurst-street Coal Depot. 2300

S ""TEAM BOILBRS.-The atlc^ñlirJñoj

scientific men and persons interested in steam vessel« is invited to Messrs, Lamb and Summer»' Patent Boilers in the screw steamer Ann. From the simplicity of their construc- tion, economy in space und consumption, they are peculiarly adapted for steamers in this country. Agent for the patentees, J. S. SPARKES, Moore's Wharf. 176 "AU. ÍPP'S CELEBRATED PALB ALB.' ÏUST received, and for sale, by the

undersigned, a small shipment of the abovti celebrated Ale, in first-rate condition, in

four dozen cases,


Wine snd Spirit Merchant,

12230_10, Bridge-Hreet.

BOOTH'S CELEBRATED GIN. * NOW landed, and for sale by the

undersigned, 150 dozen Booth'i> Cordial



Wine and Spirit Merchant,

12831_10, Bridge-street.


17«OR SALE, 60 Ton» beat Steam

Coal, ex Annette Gilbert.


10679 Church-hill.

ON SALE, at the stores of the under-


Europe rope, from 1 to 7 inch, White hemp ditto

Tenta, 1% by lu reel Ditto, 10 by 8 feet

Dray covers, 10 by 24 feet Ditto 18 by 20 feet Dittol6by2(!K*t I Ditto 10 by l8 fee|,


1^57 Bailmakers, «to,, M&cquuie>pUce.

f> AUQING.-Mr. J. I,: Dkane, late \'J* Landing Waiter in ïî, M. Customs, will be happy to attend to order» for Gauging left for him with Mema. Metcalfe and Co,, at tho Custom n<nise. 12453

OTÍOB.-The Family and Shipping

Grocery hminess at present conducted by A. DAVY, at 550 and 652, George-street, will be closed on the 20th and 30th instant,

for the purpose of taking stouk, and wi\l be^ re-opened on Saturday, October 1st, by the" undersigned, who solicit the support of the patrons of the present proprietor and the

public in general.


650 and 652, George-street,

September 6. 2411


TO Storekeepers, heads of families in

town, shipmasters, country settlers, and the public generally, to avail themselves of the rare opportunity of laying in a stock of really choice groceries and provisions, at YMtly re»

duced prices, as


is retiring from business, and bound to give possession of his premises, 650, and 662, George street, in a month from the present date, and consequently is ;


his extensivo and varied stock "of ..


In quality unrivalled, of evory variety, In

chests, halves, and quarters.


Bottled fruits, pickles, mustards, sauoes of 'all kinds, including Worcester (Lea and Per- rini), kalos gnesie«, Indian soy, Burgess's celebrated anchovy Bauce, mangoe and club chetney, curry powder, White's celebrated curry paste, puto au diable, &c, &e" &c.


Coleman'b starch ana blue, curra^ng und raisins, mmcatel raisins, Jordan and shell almonds, new Barcelona nuts, Turkey figs and French plumB inglassjars, Candied peel, celery seed Jn lib. bottles, anti Persian dates, spiocR of every kind whola and ground, Solazzi juice, jams, (luavn jelly; sugars, refined nd raw, a,\\ qualities ; black, white, ami eny enno pepper, pure aud patent sperm candles, Patna rice, Caroluia rice, pearl barley, split peas, Bath bricks, &o«, &o" fro.


Hams ! Hams ! 1 Hams ! ! ! Primo mea» pork, in barrels, oorn-fed colonial hamB nnd bacon, spiced beef and mutton hams, 47 barrels very pi imp English Chedder cheese, 2 tons 1st quality colonial cheese, Port Cooper and Uutch cheese, fresh, ond prime salt butter, preserved meats and soups, in tins ; fresh salmon, in 1 and 2 lb. tins i salmon, in tierce»; Lochan« narringa, in quarter barrels ; red herrings, in tins ; American fresh lobsters and oynters, in 1 and 2 lb. tins ; sardines, in tins ; 1600 tinB American hUcuirs variety-wine, soda, butter, oyster, sugar, and water crackers, in 14 lb. canisters, very cheap ; Can's fancy machine b.scuits, Wilkie'» ditto, German sauaageB, and too many other good things to enumerate. j

Selling off, at

A. DAVY'e, '

City Tea Mart, 550 and 652, George-street,

Directly opposite the Bank of Australasia.


11EAS.-For sale at the Warehouse of

the undesigned, Hj sonskin and Congou Teas, in chests, and halves, and lOroatty boxes, of most superior Quality, ex Arabia, and Barly Bird. Also, Souchong flavoured Con- gou, in small boxes. HENRY MOORE.

Moore's Wharf, SepttmbcT 0. 9011 WHISKEY.- -JO quarter-casks on

«ale, by GEO. REBS, Spring-streot. « September 24. 12037

JTMHK undersigned hns for Sale, ex X Walmer Castle.

Invoices of tho following goods French kid gloves Boots and Bhoes

Bonnets, fancy and straw

Summer cloths

Coloured blankets and flannela , Composition candles

Paper hangings . ,

Guns, pistols and revolvers, cspa, &c.


Also, by late arrivals

Perfumery, brush ware, and Boapí, from the

celcbrated house of John Gosnell and Co. Iron bedsteads Engravings

Coloured and ornamental window glaSB 3-inch deals, with 2 cuts

Nos. 2 and 3 superior Manila cigars , La Rosa, La Rapidez, El Montero, and Louis

Napoleon cigars

fro. Sec.


Moore's Wharf. '¿Ut September. 12144

MACASSAR, Kalydor, Odonto, and

every other article mnnufaotured by' Alexander Rowland and Son, Hatton Garden, may be had from J. PEARSON, next door to the Roypl Hotel, George-street._13082

10R SALE, an invoice ol' Minors'

Lwg-leggod heavy BjoIs by F. W. CLARKE AND CO, 6, Jamicon-strcct. 18090


ON SALE, hy the undersigned- .

A now Hansom's Patent Safety Cub, with all the latest improvements j piso, two | sots of Harness for same.



September 22._1227!* FOB," SALE, House Frames, 28 x do,

and 20 x 24. On Bulo by F. W, CLARKE and CO., 6, Jamison-street. 130SO

F~"Oir~8ALE, an Invoico of Duff

Gordon'» Sherry (beal) mid Brandy, in quarter casks, by F. W. CLARKE AND CO., 0, Jamison-btrcel. 13080

f~>OR SALE, Pitch, Rosin, 'Jemen»,

1 (Roman), by F. W. CLARKE AND

CO., 6, Jsminon-street. 13087

HARDWOOD Scantling, for Salej

in lois to suit purchaxprs, at SUM MBRBELL'8 Ship Yard, Winclmill-atreet, Darling Harbour._13158 ON SALE, Prime M eis Beef. Apply

to H. W. HAMILTON, Campbell's

Wharf. 129«!:

GOLD nnd Foreign Coins bought at

the highest market price. JOHN 8OL0M0N, United «tates Uullion Office,

481, George-street, near the Bank of New ' South Wales._, _987 TALLO W.-'The undersigned are

purchasers of mutton and beef tallow, of first quality, for shipment. ~M


'J1H.ÜÍ uuauraignea are purchabew of ¡L Wool and 8heeptkinB.

PRINCE. BRAY, AND OGG. Georco-street, May 17. 31

English "and German"*lX

BOUR-Parties requiting Labour have an opportunity oí having the"T»amo selected personally by tho undersigned, who proceeds to Europe for this purpose por Victoria. Apply to Messrs. J. W. AND 8. THOMPSON, Pitt-strcet, Sydney. EDWARD . LORD.



CONSTANT employment will .be

given to 26 able-bodied Labourer* accustomed to barrow-work.

Wages £12 per month, payable weekly.

Application may b) m ide at the Bell's Creek Diggings, near Ur.iuluond ; or to


Registry <Jiiiue,KiDg-8ir«etEast, 12473 Sydney,

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