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AT a Public Meeeting, held in the

Court Housi», on Tuesaay lsst, for the puipose of taking into consideration the pro- priety of raising by subscription a reward to be paid on the discovery of the body of Mr, John Neville, of Bathurst, innkeeper, and, if it be found that Mr. Neville came to his death by the violence of others, the raising a further sub- scription to be paid to any person that can give such information as will lead to the apprehen- sion and conviction of the offender or offenders, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted :

That, In conspiutncc of the sudden disappearance of Mr. John Nevill«1, It is feared that foul means have been employed to deprive him of «-sistence ; and this me»tlng is of opinion that some immediate mensure should he .ulopted to stimulate individual exertion to ascertain the facts of thora*«.

That a subscription lint bo opened for the purpose of raising a fund from whirh a reward shall be oQtred for tho dbraovury of the body of the Bald John Neville

Resolved-That should it appear th»t the slid John Neville hag been murdered, a further rrivard shall be offered to any person giving such Information as shall lead to the conviction of the offender or offenders.

At the conclusion of the meeting the accom- panying subscription lists were opened for the purposes specified : -

We, the undersigned, hereby agree to subscribe and pay the amounts set opposite our respective names as a reward to such person or persons as may discover the body or remains of the late

John Neville.

£ s. d.

Joseph West, jun. 10 0 John De Clouet. 6 0 0 John M'Grath. 6 0 0 John DarRin . 6 0 0 Patrick Kinna. 3 10 0 EichardKinna . 2 10 0 John Gumbleton . 2 10 0 Mnrtio Bowen. I 0 0 John J. Connell. 2 10 0 James Cosier. 0 10 0 Wm.Tom . 1 fl-0 Frederick Strachan. 1 1 0

James Fitzpatrick. 6 0 0 Martin Horan. 1 1 0

Henry Heathorn..... 110 George ScloBeld . 1 0 0 John Craig . 1 1 0 S. B. Daniel . 10 0 J.H.West . 1 0 0 T. and J. Windred. 0 10 G Charles H. Green. 10 0 John Meillon . I 1 0

8am. Benny Serjeant. 110 Michael Quinn . 1 0 0 Michael M'Cabe. 10 0 Henry Dale. 10 0 C. W. Croaker . 110 J.B. Richards. 110 Nicholas Read . 2 2 0 Richard Machattie. 1 1 0 H.P.Stephen...... 1 1 0 Kennett Price. 1 1 0 Charles James. 10 0 C. P. Dunsford ..'... 1 1 0 C. C, Forbes . 1 0 0 S.R.Pembroke. 0 10 6 John Rogers. 110 Sam. Wadeson . 1 1 0 A. G. Shadforth. 110 Archibald Campbell. 1 1 0 David Kennedy . 2 0 0 Jane Whitton. 1 1 0 Patrick Sullivan. 1 0 0

J. Gordon. 1 0 0 J. N. Macintosh. 1 1 0 Henry Butler . 1 0 0 WalterBlack . 10 0 W.J.Lloyd. 0 10 0 Patrick White. 2 2 0 John Williams. 1 1 0

S.Samuel. I 1 0 John Stains. 0 10 0 James Forrester. 0 10 0 G.F. Wise. 110 William Hunt. 0 5 0 Joseph Lee . 0 6 0 William Farrand . 1 0 0 ThomasKite . 10 0 Edward Austin . 1 1 0 Jeremiah Grant. 1 1 0

. " * . - £81 l8 0

Lists are lying for additional subscriptions at the Bank, at Messrs. Byrnes, Wise, and Co.'e, Mr. Croaker's, Mr. James Fitzpatrick'«, Mr. Strachan's, at the Bench of Magistrates at Oranee ar,d Carcoar, and with the under- signed.

These lists will be published weekly.


Hon. Bec. and Treasuier. Bathurst, July 19.

WE, the undersigned, do hereby engage to subscribe and pay the amount set opposite to our respective names as a reward for Buch in- formation as will lead to the apprehension and conviction of the murderer or murderers of the late Mr. John Neville, should it be found that he has met his death by the violence of


£ s. d.

.Joseph West, jun. 20 0 0

John De Clouet .20 0 0 James Fitzpatrick . 15 0 0 Martin Horan. 1 1 0 PatrickMaher. 6 0 0

T.Maher. 6 0 0 Thos. Mockett . 6 0 0 , D.W. Craig. 1 1 0

Patrick White. 5 0 0 J. J. Connell . 6 0 0

Frederick Strachan. 5 0 0 . JohnDargin. 10 0 0

Martin Bowen. 1 0 0

'_' John Gumbleton. 2 10 r 0

J.M. M'Grath ...T.«4r« "1 0 0 -__ ._* Tames Cosier '........... I 10__CT_

WmuTom.,. 1-.0-0 " Henry Blunden, jun. 1 1 0 Benjamin Edge . 10 0 George Schofield . 2 0 0 William Snowling. 1 0 0 W.Morgan. 1 0 0 John Crate . 1 1 0 H.A.Bedford. 10 0 . J. .Wibhn. 110

S. B. Daniel, J.P. 10 0 0 Henry Heathorn. 2 2 0 J. and J. Windred. 2 2 0 Michael M'Cabe. 1 0 0 C. Corse. 1 0 0 John Carse . 1 0 0 Michael Quinn . 2 0 0 Chas. H. Green. 110 Sam. Berney Serjeant. 2 2 0 Nicholas'Read . 6 0 0 C. W. Croaker . 2 2 0 J.B.Richards...«. 2 2 0 Robert Rae . 3 3 0 Richard Machattie. 6 0 0 H.F.Stephen . 3 3 0 Kennett Price. 2 2 0 Charles James. 2 0 0 J. H. Burnside . 5 0 0 C. C. Forbes . 10 0 ' O. P. Dunsford . 1 1 0

S. U. Pembroke . 0 10 6 John Garvie . 1 Q 0 John Rogers. 110 8am. Wadeson . 1 1 0 A. G. Shadforth . I 1 0 John Meillon . 1 1 0 David Kennedy . 3 0 0 Jane Whitton. 1 1 0 Patrick Sullivan . 2 0 0 J. Gordon . 1 0 0 J.N.Macintosh. 3 3 0 Henry Butler . 1 0 0 Walter Black. 1 0 0 T. H. West . 10 10 0 W. J. Lloyd . 0 10 0 Joseph Aarons. 0 10 0 Patrick White. 6 0 0 John Williams . 1 1 0

8. Samuel. 2 2 0 Daniel Poberts . 110 James Chamberlain . 1 0 0

Samuel Wilkinson... ... 0 10 0 I John Staines . 0 io 0

James Forrester. 0 10 0 I - Charles M'Phillamy . 1 1 o

G F. Wise. 1 1 o

William Hunt . 0_5 0 Joseph Lee. 0"_5 0 Willum Farrand. 1 0 0 J..8. Ujme. 1 1 0

- , Thomas Kite . 5 0 0

" Edward Austin . 5 6 0

i ^JewrtniaJ} Grant;,,.-.... 5 0 0«

<V-c- /..-f- \'l. '" < 228~r~o :

C Aj».pHmi»»swi|hi»3nadij to>»h«; Owwnw» jtajtn additional reward. * >->

Bathurst;July 19. 3556


PRIVATE families can be supplied

with Turtle Soup at the Masonic Hall, York-street, ready at li o'clock, THIS DAY. 4350_WILLIAM TOO JOOP.



APRIME lot of the above on Sale by

the undersigned.


4332 Wholesale Grocer, George-street.


JUST imported by the undersigned,

the Illuitrated News, March Part. Sub- scriptions received in town or country. Late paru sent to any part of the colony, post paid, upon receipt of 3s. 6d. per part, in postage stamps. W. R. PIDDINGTON, Bookseller and Stationer, 485, George-street._4242


imported by the undersigned, an invoice of useful Travelling Desks, at very moderate W. R. PIDDINGTON, Bookseller and Stationer, 485. George-street. Sydney.


HOLLO WAY'S PILL8 AND. OINTMENT. ÍU8T landed, from the Harriet, Five

Cases of the above, which will be sold cheaper than they can be procured at any other house in Sydney. M. MEEHAN, 6 9. George-street, opposite Hunter-street. 4284


A FEW casks of the above, in first

rate order, yet on sale by


4275 Spring-street.

* PIANOFORTES. " THE undersigned have on sale a few

very superior Pianos, by the celebrated House of 8tod dart and Co. ; these instruments are of the best manufacture, and can be war- ranted, having been expressly ordeied, to stand the climate of these colonies.


4276 _Spring-street.


BOILED and Raw Linseed Oil, in

iron drums and casks

Turpentine, in iron drums Paints of all colours, at


Iron Yard, King-street. 4004

ON SALE, at the stores of the under-


Europe rope, from 1 to 7 inch White hemp ditto

Tents, 12 by 10 feet Ditto, 10 by 8 feet

Dray covers, 10 by 24 feet Ditto 18 by 20 feet Ditto 16 by 20 feet Ditto 16 by l8 feet.


1167 Sailmakers, &c., Mscquarie-place.


signed have for sale, ex St. Thomas, from New York, 2000 barrels finest sweet American Flour, Samples will be landed in the course of the day, and intending purcha- sers will please call at the Counting House, 474, George-itreet, to inspect them.



gether with a choice assortment of every, article in the trade, for sale by


Wine and Spirit Merchant,

3524_-_10, Bridge-street.


SPIRITS under Bond supplied by the

undersigned at the shortest notice ; also, wines, beer, &c.


Wine and Spirit Merchant, 10, Bridge-street



THE undersigned has always on hand

a large and well assorted stock of wines, spirits, beer, &c. adapted for family consump-


N.B.-Goods delivered daily, free of extra charge, at Woolloomooloo, Redfern, Chippen- dale, Surry Hills, the Glebe, &c.


Wine and Spirit Merchant, 10, Bridge-street. _3522


ORDERS for Wines, Spirits, Beer,

&c, accompanied by a remittance or reference for payment in Sydney, will meet with prompt attention.


Wine and Spirit Merchant, 10, Bridge-street.


FOR SALE, at the Stores of the


Pale brandy, in hogsheads, Otard, Du Prey,

and Co.'s brand

Old Tom gin, in cases of 1, 2, and 3 dozen Hops

No. 2 Manila cheroots, 1852 Chinera silks and gauzes

An Invoice of Linen hollands

Blue linen blind ticks Russia linen sheeting Tea-cloths_.

Clouting« for children

Linen bed ticks Tailors' canvas

Union diaper huckaback

Lawns and Irish linen

Bleached and unbleached huckabacks Glass cloth

Blue linen checks

Linen cambric handkerchiefs

Drills, bleached and unbleached Ducks, bleached Forfar sheeting

Bleached canvas for tents Open canvas

Ladies' boots and shoes

French flour, kiln dried.

A. F. CROOM and CO.

Towns' Wharf, 1st August. 4319 ON SALE at the Stores of the under-

signed, Invoices of the following Goods. 60,000 lb. cavendish tobacco, Fox bran!

25 barrels pitch

200 barrels resin .

70,000 feet American ash oars

600 barrels prime pilot bread.


4234 Pitt-street.

NOTICE.-A few splendid Dresses,

fit for the forthcoming Ball, may be had on application to Mrs. MYERS, at Mr. Badkin's, publican, opposite the Market, George-street. 4246 ENGLISH Hams and Bacon on sale

at the stores of the undersigned.


1 4201 Sussex-street.

1^0R SALE, ex Lima, from Ade


120 Barrels and 86 half-barrels flour 2000 Bushels wheat

98 Chests and 648 half-chests fine hyson


51 Bsgs coffee

, 13 B aga pepper

j 60 Hogsheads B. I. rum, 38 O.P.

110 Rolls Chiua matting 58 Coils Russia cordage 160 Bags bark

37 cwt. old copper 42 cwt. old metal.


4277 _Harrington-street.


Ertkine street, South Side.

COALS of tlie best quality, both

A. A. Company's and Mount Keira. The latter is still the cheapest and most econo- mical in the market. Steamers, .milla, and private families supplied with dispatch.

Best forest oak in bille?* for .firewood.

May«i oom; .and1 ether produce, on sale."'


FOR 8ALE, at the Stores on the


Potatoes Bacon

Bran Oaten hay

Oats Lucerne hay A lot of sheepskins with fleece on.


Miller's Wharf, Bathurst-street.

N.B.-Coals for family and other purposes supplied. 4SI 1

' ffcN SALtfi at the Stores of the under

" 9 signed

Martcll and Hennessey's brandy Old cognac, in I dozen cases

Rum, 10 to 35 o p., in puncheons and hogs-


Geneva, J. D. K. Z. and key brand Old Tom, 1 and 3 dozen esses

Very old and choice Glenlivet whiskey



ON SALE at the Stores of the under-

signed, invoices of the following goods :

150 cases assorted American furniture 22 ditto curled horsehair

60,000 lb. Cavendish tobacco, Fox brand

1500 lb. ditto ditto ditto

6500 lb. ditto ditto, Bond's brand 238 boxes family soap, No. 1 370 ditto ditto ditto, No. 2 100 barrels pitch

70,000 feet American ash oars

500 barrels prime pilot bread 10,000 pipe staves

10,000 hogshesds ditto

l8 bales Dundee canvas

200 barrels resin, &c, &c.

MORT AND OPPENHEI , tt-street. _4097


Ex Sea Bird and Imaum, direct from America.

900 PACKAGES of the above .iJ vFV»* celebrated Tobacco, in boxes of

100 and 150 lbs.

3935_W. H. ALDIS,

[j*OR SALE, by the undersigned

Ex recent arrivals. Sheet lead, 4, 5. 6, and 7 lbs.

Case gin, JDKZ, Dutch proof

Hunt s port wine, O and \> OOO

Currants and raisins

Kerr's and Shellard's tobacco Havannah cigars

Pampanga, Taal, and Zebu sugar Congou tea

Muntz's sheathing metal and nails, 16 to 26


Bar and hoop iron, assorted Woolpacks

White and red lead Corkwood

Woolpacks. 9} lbs.


Sydney, 19th July._2592


JUST opened, Two Cases of the above,

of a very superior description,


3463 Wynyard House, 699, George-street.


FOR Sale, in quantities to suit pur-

chasers, private families, or dealers, a few tons New Zealand Potatoes, of first-rate quality. Apply to WILLIAM WRIGHT, Lower Fort-street. 3761


THE undersigned begs to call atten-

tion to his unique collection of the Pine and Yew tribes, amongst which are the fol- lowing

Cunninghamia, Cry p tornería, Leichhardt!»,

Butassa-3 species, Araucaria-3 species, Callitris-5 species. Pines-9 species, Jum- pers-9 species, Cypress-9 species, Cedars of Lebanon and Deodar, Taxodium-3 spe- cies, Podocarpus-5 species, Caryotaxus



6766 Darling Nursery, Sydney.

ARTIES requiring PLANTS or

TREES, for ornamenting their grounds improving their orchards or gardens, or trans- mitting to friends in other parts of the world, will, by applying at the nursery of the under signed, have the advantage of selecting from a choice end extensive collection, indigenous and exotic. Packing in the most approved modes, and moderate charges.


6767 Darling Nursery, Sydney.

OR SALE, by the under


An extensive collection of fruit trees, flower-

ing, omi mental, bulbous rooted, and other plants

.The fruit trees consist of the choicest varieties

of apple, pear, peach, nectarine, Bpricot, plum, almond, mulberry, guava, filbert, quince,walnut, pomegranate, orange, lemon, citron, shaddock, &c.

Amongst the ornamental and flowering plants

will be found varieties of magnolia, rhodo- dendron, azaleas, daphnes, gardenia, camel- lia, vibernum, nerium, ficus, bignonia, bud dlea, veronica, dutzia, a collection of roses, comprizing upwards of sixty named varie-


Bulbs of dahlia, hyacinth, ranunculus

Norfolk Island, Moreton Bay, and other pines Plants and trees carefully packed for the inte-

rior or neighbouring colonies

Parties wishing to select their own plants can

do so by applying at the gardens, Bourke street, Surry Hills.



THE undersigned, having found Coal

under his half acre allotment, situated in the city of Newcastle, within 600 yards of the Queen s Wharf, is desirous of hearing of a party willing to work the same, on such terms as may be agreed to.

The outlay required will be about £100, and competent persons have expressed their opi- nion that the mine will yield about 2000 tons.

Offers have been made to him of 25s. per ton

delivered at the wharf,

For further particulars apply to Mesirs. L. , and S. SAMUEL, merchants, Pitt-street, I Sydney ; or to ALEXANDER FLOOD.

Newcastle, July 29._4054


FOR SALB, by the undersigned

12,000 feet of scantling and joist

8000 feet flooring boards and battens


Wheelwright, 309, George-street, Sydney.



THE undersigned have on Sale, just

landed, ex Counter of Leicester, from


1 steam engine, 5 horse power

1 ditto, 4 ditto ditto I 1 ditto, 8 ditto ditto

With boilers complete, and in first-rate order. I GEORGE A. LLOYD AND CO.

1 Counting House, 474, George-street. 4292

rpo BE SOLD, a strong hooded Gig, A Apply to R. HANCOCK, opposite the

Benevolent Asylum, George-street South.

_4219 TO be disposed of, the^Goodwill, Sec,

of a Butcher's Shop, on the North Shore, having an extensiva family connexion. For particulars apply to Mr. MILES, Governor Bourke Hotel, corner of Sussex and Market streets._4209 VALUABLE Property, in the most

pleasant part of Wbolloomoolloo. For 8ale, a cipital four roomed House, with every requisite for a genteel residence, situated in Polmer-street, Woolloomooloo, and now xent ing at 25s. per week, together with a frontige of 16 feet, and between 13,000 and 14,000 bricks. Any small capitalist who is in want of a superior property, would do well not to let this lucky opportunity slip, particularly us property is now of such immente value. Ap- ply to Mr. ALBEMARLE LAYARD, 54,' Pitt-street South._4329 rg^O Merchants, Draymen, and others i JL ~ For Hire, two powerful Draught Horses" fdf ono-weevciily? * Apply-to Mr. "STONE/ Spread Eagle Inn, Pitt-Btrcet. 4228

i f"|N SALE at the Stores of the unuer

"_J signed, ox Bangalore, from Canton

Hyaont-kin, in chests, half ditto, and boxes Congou, in ditto, ditto, ditto

Souchong, in ditto, ditto, ditto Hyson, in boxes

WILLIAM WALKER, JUN., AND CO., 99J5_Wharf._ FOR SALE.-I Life Boat, 22 feet

long, 2 feet 8 inches deep, 6 feet 7 inches beam ; 1 Long Boat, l8 feet long, 3 feet deep, 6 feet beam. ¡Apply to Captain MANNING, on board the Bloomer. Wanted, by the above, a Whale Boat, 20 to 22 feet long. 3826 VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY.

ÏÏ^Oli SALE, by private contract, that

.*- well known substantial stone building, known as the Albion Inn, Hartley. It is situ- ated ou the banks of the rivulet, and commands a never failing supply of pure water, and situ- ated on the direct road to Bathurst and the Turon. It is licensed and in full trade. The present proprietor, in consequence of a recent family bereavement, is about to retire from business.


which is built of stone, measures 75 feet by 36, and contains 3 pailours, 4 bed-rooms, bar, and tap-room and double cellar, with a spacious verandah. The rooms are all lofty, being 11 ft. from floor to ceiling, and well ventilated.


arc exceedingly spacious, of the same height as the other rooms, and are decidedly suporior to anything of the kind from Sydney to Bath-



measures 80 ft. by 9 ft., flagged with freestone and ceiled, and ia in every respect in character with the magnificent building to which it is



capable of storing 600 tons of goods.


A detached kitchen with servants' apartment



are in first-rate condition ; one a nine-stalled stable, slabbed, weatherboarded, and flagged, with loft ; also two out stables, 4 stalls each, shingled, and sheds attached. There is also a blacksmith's shop, with full complement of tools, and is under a rental of £26 per year.


which is of a superior description, an 1 con- sists of everything requisite for a first-rate es- tablishment, will be sold by public competition if not sold by private contract, previous to next transfer day.

The premises will be ready for inspection i from the 10th of AuguBt, and possession Xan ' be given next transfer day.

For further particulars, apply to Mr. J. NAIRN, Albion Inn, Hartley._M01

GOLD DUST purchased by


474, George-street._2006 THE undersigned are purchaeers of

Wool and Sheepskins, v

PRINCE, BRAY, AND OGG. Georte-street, May 17. 31

1^0 Parties arriving from San Fran-

cisco.-Drafts on Rothschild, Baring, Brothers, or other London.Houses, purchased at current rates by GEORGE A. LLOYD AND CO. Counting House, 474, George street._9800


undersigned are requested, by advice from London, to make inquiry for Mr.

Adolphus Rowe, formerly of the city of Exeter, Devonshire, who left England during the past year, in the ship Northumberland, for Melbourne, and supposed to have come on to Sydney. A letter, with information of im- portance, lies at the Office of GEORGE A. LLOYD and CO., 474, George-street. Sydney, July 27. 3683


IT« DODGSON,-A Letter with the fol- lowing addr»ss, by the steamship Argo, is lying at the Herald Office ; Messrs. Leny and Herbert Dodgson, with Thomas Tourle, Esq., Balala, near Armidale, New England. The above parties arc supposed to be in Sydney.

_4198 ANGLESEA.-If Margaretta Find

low, who came from England in the above named ship, will send her address to P. 8., care of Mr, Thomas Wickham, 347, George street, Sydney, she will hear of Findlow's rela- tions^_4382 J F this should meet the eye of

Hannah Samuel, who has her young brother with her, supposed to be at the Bin- gera diggings with her husband, she will write immediately to her father. Direct to Mr. MYERS, at Mr. Badkin's, publican, opposite the Market, George-street. 4247 PATRICK CLARK.-If PATRICK

CLAUK, formerly of Manchester, will call on Mr. JAMES HUGHES, Curriers' Arms, Pitt-street, he will here of something to his advantage. If unible to call at present, he is requested to write. N.B.-The above has no reference to his brother. 4271


INGOLD, 489, George-street, 8ydney, s this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts owing to and by the firm will be re- ceived and paid by Maurice Birnstingl, and by whom all consignments will be received and accounted for from tbr "ate.






Sydney, July 27._3545

COTICE is hereby given that I, LTI Stephen Smith, carrying on business as

Law Stationer, House and Land Agent, &c, in Elizabeth-street, Sydney, have this day ad- mitted George Kenyon into partnership with myself ; and for the future the business will be conducted under the name, firm, and style of " Smith and Kenyon." Dated this 1st day of August, 1853. STEPHEN SMITH. 4179

NOTICE. - Intending purchasers of

the barque EDWARD, and others, are hereby required to take notioe that I hold a Bottomry Bond on that ship for six hundred dollars, payable in Port Phillip. ISAAC RAY. Sydney, July 28th. 3725

Dissolution of Partnership.


(London Gazette, August 20, 1852.)

NOTICE is hereby given that the

partnership hitherto subsisting between us, tbe undersigned, George Batty and Robert Feast, carrying on the business of Oil, Italian, and Wholesale and Export Pickle Warehouse- men, heretofore carried on by us, at Nos. 101 and 102, Leadenhall-street, and Nos. 15 and 16, Pavement, Moorfields, both in the city of London, was this day dissolved by mutual


All debts owing to and by the said partner- ship firm will be received and paid by the said George Batty, at Nos. 101 and 102, Leadenhall

street aforesaid.

As witness our hands this 11th day of August, 1852.

(Signed) GEORGE BATTY, .


BATTY AND CO., Leadenhall-street, ex- port oilmen, having determined to give their undivided attention te the export branch of their business in tho shipping of oilmen's stores and provisions, in consequence of the increasing demand for goods of their manufac- ture, and more especially for the Australian colonies, for the convenience of concentration have removed their offices from Finsbury Pave- ment to their manufacturing premises, Nos. 101 and 102, Leadenhall-street, where, by the increased facilities it affords, they are prepared to execute all orders that may be entrusted to them with punctuality and despatch.

Batty and Co. request their friends to address all communications for them to Leadenhall street, where only their business is now con- ducted, and to observe that all their goods bear thë^mark'of^ùîe^firôwhRbyal-'of eng-

land. 3702

^J OTIC B.-The partnership hitherto

I subsisting between the undersigned as Ship Chandlers and Agents, under the name of Francis Mitchell and Company, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 30th ultimo.

The business is now carried on by Charles Mitchell and James Williamson, on their sole account, under the firm and style of Mitchell

and Co.



Witness-John Dawson, Solicitor. . 4060

OTICE.-If Mr. Valentine Brown

does not call and pay for his board and lodging, and other expenses incurred, within 28 days from the date hereof, his box and con- tents will be sold to defray the same. JOHN CONNOR, 251, Castlereagh-street. August 1.



The public are hereby cautioned against receiving notes purporting to be the issue of the Melbourne Branch of the Union Bank of Australia, of the denominations and numbers undermentioned, a case of note forms having been stolen from the ship Stratheden, in Hobson's Bay, and some of the forms having been put into circulation with forged signa-

tures :- *

£1-Nos. 160,001 to 172,000

6-Nos. 42,001 to 46,000

10-Nos. 7,001 (not specified) 20-Nos. 5,001 (not specified) 60-Nos. 1 to 1,000

The public will please observe that the stolen note forms have the name "Melbourne," con- spicuously engraved upon them, and were de- signed for issue by that branch alone.

J. BLACKWOOD, Manager, Melbourne. July 2. 1287 THE PUBLIC are hereby cautioned

against negotiating a lost Cheque on the Union Bank (July 30th, No. 041108) drawn by Messrs. Levicks and Piper in favour of William Rutter. Payment has been stopped._ 4231 TO CONTRACTORS, &c-Perser?

willing to contract for the erection of foui first-class stores in Elizabeth-street (near the Circular Wharf), or for the separate branches of the same under the following heads Excavation, Maoon, Carpenter, &o.-for Isaac Levey, Esq., of Sydney, may see the plans and specification at the office of Mr. HILLY, 354, Pitt-street._ 9159


WANTED to Purchase

6,000 bushels oats

10,000 ditto maize, whole or cracked 20,000 ditto bran

Lucerne and clover seeds 10 tons leaf tobacco

At market rates, at the Stores, 291, Pitt-street, near the the Theatre, down the gateway. HENRY FERRIS. July 22._2957

RICKS.-20,000 wanted by JOHN MACNAMARA, Queen-street. 4260


W' ANTED, 100 tons Billet Wood,

also a Cargo of Coals. PERDRIAU and Co., 8team Ferry Wharf, Balmain. 4224 1/fl ANTED, to purchase, a second * * hand Phaeton, in good working con- dition, with or without a suitable Horse and harness. Address, with particulars of price, &c" to " CID " at the office of this paper.



DOLLARS wanted.

ever yet given in Sydney for all kinds of Foreign Coin is obtained at EDWARD H. JONES'S, Bullion Office, No. 1, Hunter-street, George-street, next to Mr. Lublin's, Hatter.

_3889 TO CARRIERS.-Loading for Mud-

gee can be obtained on application to Mr. E. W, LAYTON, Wine and Spirit Mer- chant, 10, Bridge-street. 4347

Established 1844.


George-street, opposite the Royal Hotel. Educated persons and others, of every trade and calling, male and female, ore in daily at- tendance for hire, and may be had at mode- rate wages. Some wanted in various capa



liar Open from 9 till 6._4269


-Wanted, an Assistant Master, accus- tomed to tuition. A gentleman who is profi- cient in Drawing will be preferred. Apply to Messrs. BEAMES and KEELE, Hunter Btreet ; or to J. F. CASTLE, Austenham.


ANTED.-To Foreign Protestant

Teachers and Servants.-A native of

Lausanne or Paris, as Resident Governess, in a select school. A German Housemaid, who can wash and get up fine linen, A Children's Maid, who will have the care of a young infant, and must wash and get up the fine things and baby clothes, with help ; she must also be German. An English good Plain Cook, who must be capable of taking part in the washing, and be able to milk a cow. The above are for one family. Apply at Ariel Cottage, George-street, Redfern, between the hours of 12 and 1, or 5 and 6._4083 WANTED, a Clerk who writes a good

hand, and is perfectly conversant with accounts. Unexceptionable references re- quired. Apply by letter to A.R., Herald Office. 4308

WANTED, a Clerk at the Royal

Horse Repository, Pitt-street. To a competent person, and one accustomed to horses, a liberal «alary will be given. WIL LIAM CLEMENTS, M. R. C. V. 8. 4312


«L Wanted, a competent Dispensing Assis-

tant. Apply to Mr. SLOPER, Woolloomooloo Dispensary. 4320 WANTED, an active, single young

man, acquainted with the town, as

Porter, capable of managing a horse and car. To a suitable person liberal wages will be given. Apply this forenoon to JOHN STIRLING, George-street._._4336 rino GROCERS' ASSISTANTS.

-fi. Wanted, a respectable young man, as Assistant in a Grocery Establishment ¡-must be a first-rate hand, and produce good refe- rences. Apply to HANKS AND LLOYD. George-street, opposite tbe Market. 4091

T LENEHAN'«,' Woolloomooloo

street, Two French Polishers wanted. None but good workm'n need apply. 4051


ERS.-Wanted, an experienced man to act as Foreman of Works. Good references required, especially as to sobriety." Apply to Mr. BIBB, Macquarie-street. 4080


*. Wanted, a second hand : one that un- derstands round bread and biscuit would be preferred. To a constant and sober man liberal wages will be given : no other need apply. Apply to Mr. THOMAS HILT, at the Black Boy, corner of King and George streets ; or F. BEALE, Parramatta. 4203

SAW YER 8~wilntëuT~Appïy~ at

CUTHBERT'S Shipbuilding Yard, next the Ga« Wharf. 4345

WANTED, an Apprentice to the

Millinery, by Mrs. ANDREWS (late of London), 216, Elizabeth-street, near Hunter street. _ 4266 %Ai ANTED, two or three Journeymen * v Shoemakers to proceed to Wollongong. Apply to JAMES MELLY, Bootmaker, No 8, Jamison-street, between the hour» of 10 and 4 o'clock.'; , , ; ' " " 4228 %JV ANTED, an . active young man as -<._¥»_ -'»* Porten who understands :packin«, t-Afiply to J. W. and S. THOMPSON»^; Pitt-street. 4200

IÄ7 ANTED, a Nursb. Apply to Mrs. ] ? ? JAMES DONALDSON, Brougham) Lodge, Dar! in (thurat._f 206 W~"Ä~NlED, a Cook; also Undcr

waiter and General Man Servant. GEORGE RUSSELL, Russell's Hotel. 3805

ANTED, a Female Cook, of good character and ability. Apply, between 10 and 1 o'clock, to Mrs. BENJAMIN, George-street, near the Bank of New South Wales._1304 UNDhR SERVANT.-Wanted, a

young man ss assistant to a Butler, and to do outdoor work. Apply at the CHIEF JUSTICE'S, Hyde Park, any morning at 9.

1 4197

WANTED, a good Rider, for a horse

sale yard-a light weight preferred. To a competent person liberal wages will be given. Apply at Martyn's Horse and Car- riage Bazaar, 240, Pitt-stTeet._4282

ANTED, a Female Servant. Apply

at the Forth and Clyde, Cumberland


' ANTED, a House, between Bent

and King streets, before the end of this month, by a person just arrived. Addresi, with situation, terms, &c, to T. J. L., Post Office._4353


respectable man as Waiter, at the Fir Joseph BankB' Hotel, at Botany. Suitable ap- pearance, as well as knowledge of the business, indispensable. A competent person would find the situation extremely lucrative. Apply to W. BEAUMONT, 221, Castlereagh-street.

_4242 GROOMS.-Wanted, two Grooms to

proceed to India in charge of horses. Apply at the H. E. I. C. Horse Repository,

Bligh-street._ 2981 WANTED, a smart active Lad as

Runner for a weekly newspaper, and to make himself generally useful. Apply at the Englishman Office, No. 28, Hunter-street.

" 4049

WANTED, two Garden Labourers.

Apply at 691, George-street, this morning. August 2, 1853. 4223

ANTED, Farm Labourers. Apply to Mr. JEFFREYS, Campbell's Wharf.


WANTED, by a young lady from

England, a situation as Nursery Go- verness or Needlewoman. No objection to a house of business. Highest references can be given. Address A. Z-, Herald Office. 4351 TO SURVEYORS.-A young Man,

lately arrived in the colony, well ac quainted with the construction of maps and plans, having been several years in the employment of two of the most eminent geo graphers in London, is desirous of procuring a situation as Draftsman in a Surveyor's Office. All communications addressBd to J. W., Herald Office, will be promptly attended to. 4107 WANTED, by a respectable Married

Couple, without encumbrance, situa- tions-the Man a» Cook or Waiter; the Woman as Housemaid or Laundress. Letters addressed W. S. Herald Office, will be im. mediately attended to. Good references can be given. 4265

WANTED, by a respectable young

married couple wishing to return to England, a situation with Borne respectable family going to that place, or as Steward and Stewardess. Apply by letter, to W. J. at Herald Office._4225

fjTIO Architects, Contractors, ice. An JL experienced person offers his services as Foreman, Superintendent, &c. He is* Mason by trade. Address X, Y., Herald Office.

_4220 AS Waiter in a hotel, a young Man,

who thoroughly understands his busi- ness. A card addressed to A B., Herald Office, will meet with prompt attention. ? 4216 WANTED, a situation, by a young

man, as Sheep Overseer or Stockman. Has had five years' colonial experience at the business. References can be given if required. Address D. C. 8., Herald Office. . 4324

WANTED, by a person who has just

returned again to the colony, with a family of eight children under 13 years ot age, and in whom the greatest confidence may be placed, a situation in the town ot country,

Servant or Storekeeper. Address W. E. B., Post Office, Chippendale._38ÎS

Í" ñ fí REWARD.-Lost, yesterday

^9t\ß evening, by an industrious hard working man, about 5 o'clook, £350, in seven £50 notes, between the Savings'Bank and Mr. Silks', Lower George-street. Payment has been stopped at the Banks. Any person who has found the same, and will take it to Mr. E, H. ROYE9, Chippen-street, Chippendale, will receive the above reward. 4864

£5 REWARD. - Whereas my in-

dented apprentice absconded from   the ship "Florentia," on Sunday morning, 31st July, I hereby offer the above reward to any one who will cause him to be lodged in any of her Majesty's Gaols. Description : Name, James Murphy ; native ot Cork ; height, about 5 feet 8 inches ; age, 16 years.



Absconded from the hired service

of the undersigned, last evening, at sun- down, Two Chinamen, per Spartan. One named Too-aa, the other named Yam-ma. The former, a powerful made man, about 27 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches in height, a scar and mole on cheek ; the latter, a small sized man, about 22 years of age, with front teeth out ; both dressed in moleskin trousers, boots, blue serge frocks, California felt hats, speak little English, supposed to have gone to Sydney. A warrant has been issued by the Penrith Bench for their apprehension. Any person harbouring them after this notice will be prosecuted. The above reward will be paid on application to the Chief Constable, Penrith.

Regentville, July 26. W. RUSSELL.

REWARD. - Lost, a Pocket Book, containing printed receipts for coals supplied from the Albion Coal Yard, t|3f Parties indebted are requested to pay no receipts dated previous to this day, as new ones will be made out under this date, and mention- ing in red ink the day on which the coals were supplied. The above reward will be paid to any person leaving the above book and con- tents at the Albion Wharf. J. J. WELSH, Collector. 4267

STOLEN or strayed from Mr. Uhr's _ Paddock, Kissing Point, a Horse of the following description, viz.-Colour, dark iron grey (pony) ; brand, IP on near shoulder, P under saddle, short switch tail, age about 3 or 4 years. A reward of one pound sterling will be paid on delivery of the said horse to Mr. Uhr, at Kissing Point ; or to the under- signed. EDWARD DAVIS, Davis' Wharf, Sydney. P.8.-If stolen. £2 will be paid for any information that will lead to the convic- tion of the thief. 4212

STRAYED into my premises on Wed-

nesday last, a white and brown Pointer. The owner can hove tile dog by applying at No 28, Elizabeth street South, and paying the expense of this advertisement. 4317

STRAY GOAT.-A White Goat, with

a Kid about three weeks old, being on my ground, the owner can have her by apply- ing to the undersigned and paving for this advertisement. JOHN DONOHOE,


FOUND, on Saturday last, in the Do.

main, a Watch-with Alberi"Chain. ThiÖwne'f'hfay'Kave it by giving a"description on application to Mr. 8AMUEL LEVY, 261, Castlereagh-streot. August 1. 1211

l"V6f4î,jTKI)' a 8maTt nctive man> as

TT ' porter. Apply to PÖ3S, 80N AND CO., 313, Pitt-street North. 43$ JOST, some time last week, a small

-À Italian Greyhound, white and brown spots, answers to the name of Bacchus. Any person returning the same to me will be hand- somely rewarded. M. R. COHEN, Burdekin terracei_ 38g8

«ION HOÜS^ro^MüTlT^iátld,

Kjf with handsome Apartments for Familieá and Gentlemen, Cumberland-street North.


married couple, or one or two gentlemen (not objecting to occupy the same bedroom), can be received into a small private family residing in the most healthy part of Woolloo- mooloo. No other boarders or childten. Ad dresa Z. L., Poat Office, Woolloomooloo. 4333 IÏOARD and Residence, with At

9 tendance for an invalid lady wanted, within a bus ride of King-street. Address, with terms, to L.E.L., Box 126, Post Office.

_ 4289

A CARD.-Persons recently arriving

from England or elsewhere can be com- fortably accommodated with Board and Resi dence by applying at No. 1, Prince-slreet, Church-hill. A Bedroom and 8itting Room, furnished, well adapted for a lady and gentle- man. Terms moderate. 4337

TpWO or Three Gentlemen can be ac A. commodated with Board and Lodging by applying at Mrs. SOLOMON'S, No, l, O'Connell-street, one door from Hunter, street. 4322 THE Advertiser can accommodate

three or four Single Gentlemen, per- manently resident in Sydney, with Board and Lodging. The residence is three minutes' walk from the Post Office. There are neither children nor other lodgers in the house The advertiser holding an appointment will be happy to meet with others similarly circum stanced. For cards apply to Mr. PARSONS, Grocer, Lower George-street. 4268


Let, in a most respectable and airy situ- ation (where there are no inmates but the fa- mily) a Sitting-room and two Bedrooms, with or without attendance. No children in the

family. For address apply at 170, Elizabeth. street, between King and Market streets. 4232


-Those very centricoliy situated Blores and Offices at 489, George-street. Possession can be given on the 19th of August next. Ap plv to H. GOLDRINQ._1224 STORES.-To Let for a period of two

years, a large Store in the middle of Pitt street, on liberal terms. Address, A.B., Stores,

Herald Office._4315 TO LET, a Bakehouse, with 2 largo

ovens ; also yard and stabling, water laid on. Apply to RAWLINGS AND HURLEY, Outfitters, 620, Lower George-street. 4314



instructed to let the following valuable Properties :

1. A large Shop and Dwelling House, on Brickfield Hill, between Liverpool and

Goulburn streets.

2. Two capital Cottages, at Redfern, con- taining 3 rooms and a kitchen each, With garden, water, &c, &c, &c.-at a moderate


3. A good House, in Kensington-street, leading out of Parramatta-street, containing 4


* 4. A House, on the Surry Hills, at a rental of £2 a week { and about £ 160 worth of furni- ture could betaken at a valuation.

5. Extensive premises in York-street, on a four years' lease.

6. One of the best Public Houses in George



7. Five Cottages in Charles-street. 8. Four ditto on Strawberry Hills,

9. A capital Cottage in Palmer-street, to- gether with a frontage of 16 feet, and between 13,000 and 14,000 bricks.

10. Several capital Allotments in the



4832 54, Pitt-street South.


TO LET, a public-house in a good -

business part of George-street ; at the present time is doing a great trade, with re- spectable boarders and bar customers. The premises are very extensive, and in excellent repair, lease six years. A portion can be let off, leaving the commodious house at only £2 per week rent. Early application is neces- sary, the proprietor being compelled to leave

for the interior.

N.B. The greatest stranger in Sydney cannot fail to do well in the above, in consequence of

the very great demand for lodgings. For fur- 1 ther particulars apply to J. CURBY, Auc« tioneer, Broker, and Appraiser, Pitt-street.

_4__2 TO LET, a convenient Store, of

moderate size, in the vicinity of a Wharf. Apply to JOHN CAMPBELL, Dickson street. 4084

0 LET, a Public House, now in

full trade, and situate in a central part of the oity. For particulars apply at the Stores of DANIEL EGAN AND CO., George-street. 4276

TO LET, a Sitting-room and Bedroom,

furnished, to a single gentleman, who is in business during the day. Apply at Messrs. OWEN AND SON'S, opposite the Herald Office._4823 TO LET, a Cottage, delightfully

situated, containing four rooms and kitchen, yard, and back entrance, within twelte minutts' walk of the Post Office. For parti cular« apply to Mr. A. LAYARD, NO. 54, Pitt-street South, near the 8ugar Company's Works._4251 THE best Locality in Chippendale.

To Let, a remarkably good House, con- taining 7 rooms ; kitchen, stabling, yard, &c., and everything necessary for a first-rate public house. To any person wishing to embark in this business it would be the very thing, having been a licensed house before ; but no time must be lost in applying to W. ALBE- MARLE LAYARD, 54, Pitt-street South.


TOO LET, a large Stone House, known A as Valentine House, George-street, op- posite Christ Church, containing 7 rooms; Coach-house, Stables, &c, for three or five years. The Stables could be let with 2 rooms, which would not interfere with the house, from £1 to 30s. a week. This house would be very desirous for any person intending to take lodgers, and is particularly recommended, as the difficulty of getting large houses, and the enormous rent required, renders it incumbent upon every prudent person wanting such, to procure and decide quickly, by applying to ALBEMARLE LAYARD, 54, Put-street.


TO LET, the large wooden building

known as the Circus, in Castlereagh street. Inquire of Mr. HOOKS, ^^UJ* Arms, in front of the building.___


316, Pitt-street, Sydney.

BALMAIN.-The beautifully situated

estate of Robert Blake, Esq., at Bal- main, consisting of superior marine residences, water froniages, allotments, &c, is now open to purchaseis, in one lot or separately. tfte several persons who were desirous of pur- chasing in separate lot« are invited to make early application at the above ofiiefc. 3¿*U_* Printed and Published by CitAni.KS Kwir and

JOHN FAJUFAX, at the ".Morning Herald

-Printing Üftice.Lower George.street,Byan<;y. New South Wales, Tuesday,August 2, wa.


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