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WOULD JOIN SEARCH Ordeal of Ketch Master's Wife STILL HOPES S~ EARI E D by' sleepless Snights without word to relieve her anxiety, Mrs. H. Burgess, wife of the master of the Vivid, would like to: go ,to P-ort Lireoln to search for her husband. - "While -no wreckage- is. found. I still hope he: may be alive.", .she said this afternoon. "He was. a good swimmer, and although the Wivid may have - been wrecked, I think, he may be living on one of ..the small' islands. If that were so I.don't think he would be seen. from the air. . "We have a motor car, but it is not registered. I should:-veryT much -like to go and look for my husband. "My husband has been away for months at a time before," she said, "but I have

never had suich :a nerve-racking week' as this has' been. "Before' he left he said -he had had enough of the coast round Port Lincoln, .and did not like the idea- of'going back. "Wie: have six children, aged from' six to. 16, but they cannot realise .that their father lhae gone. Alf, the little boy of six, told me yesterday, 'If I had an heroplane I would go to look .for dad.' "'I:'am pleased they are ,not older, or it wohld'be worse for me." FLOTSAM FOUND SA piece of-flotsam which was thought to have come.from the Vj'id has been picked up by the schooner Nelcebee 'about a mile and a quarter from. Cape Hardy, about-20 miles north of Tuumby Bay. So far it has not been identified. -The owood had .on it.severalcro~s?es as though it had been, used for a chopping blbck.' and for washing dishes. Several kIetches keep similar pieces of wood. on deck near the galley. The wood bad been used as a hatchcover. It also had-half a Roman figure: V -carved on it. But Mr.: P.-R. Fricker, of Fricker: and Co., Ltd., the agents for the -Vivid, said today that it would be impossible to identify this piece of wood as being a part of the ketch. The name of the ketch' would not be carved on the hatch cover. . Capt. E. S..Hipkins, of the Nelcebee, took the wood to the Port Lincoln harbormaster (Capt. H. R. G.-' Malcolm). "'I have examined the timber, and it may have come from 'a'-ketch," he said. "But I believe that a~y -evidence of the Vivid is more likely to be fdund near the Sir Joseph Banks group of islands. At the next meeting of the Harbors Board to'be held shortly a date will be fixed -for an enquiry into the fate of the Vivid, the chairman (Mr. E. A. Farqu bar) .said today. - As the aerial search yesterday failed to trace the Vivid no' other investigation is likely to be organised. The Vivid, now a week overdue at Port Lincoln,.left Tumby Iay last Saturday. The crew comprised. Messrs. Hilton Bur gess, Reginald Evans, and E.: S. Webb, all of Birkenhead.