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{From our Correspondent.)


We have received the following copy of a letter addressed to the Colonial Secretary by two men, who have found gold along the banks of the Moruya. A highly respectable gentleman residing in the neighbourhood, assures us that the statements in the letter maybe relied upon, and that he had himself obtained gold from a tin dish full of earth, a few grains of which he has forwarded to the Herald Office.

Kiora, Moruya River, August 1,1851.

Sir,-For the information of His Excellency the Go- venor. Sir Charles Fitz Roy, we beg to inform you we have discovered a most extensive gold field in the bed   of the Moruya River, and in the banks of either side of that river, from the point where the river ceases to be navigable, that is, at the western boundary of the estate belonging to John Hawdon, Esq , of Kiora, for ten miles up the river, in lands belonging to the Crown, we have found gold in every attempt we made to wash the   soil; we had only a tin dish to wash the soil with, but usually got from eight to twelve grains of gold at each washing ; the river, as it runs from and through the mountains for twenty miles upwards, runs through a country having the same appearance and formation to that where we have discovered the gold to exist in quantities. We may add, that from a dishfull of soil we took from the side of the mountain, at an elevation of one hundred feet above the river, we washed out a few particles of gold.

Having been to the gold diggings on the Turon, we were induced to seek for gold on this river from its general appearance being like that of the former; and this day's digging in the bed of the Moruya has more than fully borne out our expectations.

We beg leave to enclose for the Inspection of his Ex- cellency the Governor, a few grains of the gold found this day, and trust that when the Moruya gold field is worked to so great advantage to the colony as we anti

cipate. that his Excellency the Governor will be pleased to award us such award as this discovery and early infor

mation of it may merit.

We have the honour to be, Sir,

Your obedient servants.



To the Honorable the Colonial Secretary, E. D.

Thomson, Esq.

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