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The Gold Field. - Bathurst is quite in a fer-   ment respecting the late golden discoveries to the westward. Hardly anything else is talked   of ; at any rate it is the principal topic of con-  

versation. Nine persons started from Bathurst

for the Sommerhill Creek, on Friday night, six on Saturday, and many more propose going   immediately. I firmly believe that if a few     pounds of gold dust made its appearance here,  

full one-third of our town would be deserted   in a short space of time. It is reported also   that small parties are making up towards the   golden locality from other parts, consequently

we may expect there will shortly be a very   considerable number of gold-hunters at work,   In connexion with this discovery, there are

many serious considerations, which it behoves I the lovers of good order to study attentively.

If gold is found to abound in the localities , which have been pointed out, and there is no   reason to doubt the fact, all the idle, disorderly,

and worthless characters from the various, towns of the colony, as well as from Van, Diemen's Land, and Victoria, will be imme-

diately attracted to the spot ; and unless a   strong force is located on this side of the Blue

Mountains, neither life nor property will be   secure ; under present circumstances a very   considerable increase of crime may be antici-   pated in these districts during the winter.

Breaches of the Masters and Servants Act,   arising from shepherds and hutkeepers leaving their hired service for the gold field, may also be very reasonably expected to occur fre- quently.

Brutal Assault.-On Tuesday evening, a man named Benjamin Holland, who belongs to Wellington, carne into the SpreaU Eagle, in Durham-street. He was drunk, and wanted

to fight two or three persons who were in the ' place. After a short time he went out, ? beckoning to a man named William Chris- ' topher, to come out with lum. Christopher

went out, but had haidly left the door when i Holland felled him to the ground, by throwing a brick, which struck him under the left eye, and inflicted a most severe wound. Holland, who ran away, was followed immediately and captured in George-street. On Wednesday, ho was committed to take his trial at the ensuing

Quarter Sessions for the assault. i

Slv Guog Si:llino.-On Tuesday, con- '

stable Finnerty, accompanied by another con- j stable, proceeded to Meadow Flat, on the Mountain Road, having a strong suspicion that*one George Bentock was hi the habit of illegally selling spirituous liquors. They re- ยก mained in the neighbourhood all night, and in the morning Finnerty sent the other man into the house, where he called for and received a gill of rum, and on leaving called for another glass, which ho also obtained. In the afternoon, having a search warrant, they entered the place, and seized a kfg, with a tap in it, containing about two gallons of port wine, a pint pot measure, a funnel, and a small quantity of rum in two half-gallon bottles. A small keg, containing rum, was also smashed by Bentock with an axe, while they were in the house. On searching the stable they found concealod under some straw, a four gallon keg, with about one gallon of rum in it. All the articles above enumerated they biought into Bathurst on Friday. The case against Bentock will come on for hearing on Friday next.

Committal.-On Saturday last, John Fitz

gerald wai committed for trial by the Police Magistiate, foi stealing a gun, the property of J. A. Templar, Esq. It appears that at the Orange Races in March last, a pigeon match was to come off, and Mr. Templar had a hand- some doublc-barrellcil gun left at Soldons booth. The gun was missed, and it was strongly suspected that it had found its way into Bathurst. The Chief Constable and Fin- nerty went to the Fish River during the last week, and entering a. house at the Crown Swamp, about thirty-six miles from Bathurst, enquired of the occupier whether he had not a double-barrelled gun, he answered in the affirmative, and produced Mr. Templnr's piece, stating it had been left with him by the pri- soner Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was the same day captured in Bathurst, and remanded for the attendance of Mr. Templar. On Saturday Mr. Templar identified the gun, and Fitzgerald

vT is committed for trial.

Attkmi't to non the C.uicoAn Mail.-On

Saturday, a man "named John Neal was ap- prehended on suspicion of being one of the

parties who attempted to rob the Carcoar mail in the beginning of last month, and who on the same day succeeded in robbing Mrs. Doyle. The other man, Crudden, who was arrested shortly after the attempt, has been re- manded from time to time, and ii ts reported lins been fully identified.

Stealiso Pork -On Saturday night, or early on Sunday morning, some thief or thieves effected an entrance into a detached building, at the rear of Mautice Hayes', in William-street, and going into a sort of cellar, stole about 250 lbs., of pork, with which they managed to get clear off.

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