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August 1.

The emigrant ship Humboldt arrived yester-   day, and came alongside the jetty. All the passengers were landed. Ten children died during the passage, and one adult, and there were three births. The immigrants appear to be a serviceable lot ; they are mostly Danes and Nor- wegians.

Fifty ouncoB moro of gold woro rcceivod from Boo Crcok on Tuesday.

A good sample of gold has beon brought in

from tho Andromache.


August 1.

It ia u/iderstood that tho tona» of o Dordor CiwtomB treaty have nearly boon arranged bo tween tho Governments of Now South Wales nnd Victoria.

Peak DownB Mining Company's shares have

been offered at £6 15s.

Tho market for copper mining shares generally

is flat.

Tho wool market is activo, at full ratos.


AllgU6t 1.

Scott has been scntoneed to ten yonrs' impri- sonment for tho bnuk rohbory.

Tho Imperial Government promise £20,000 subsidy to tho uiuil service via Cullfornia.

The Government of Victoria have under con

"siderotiou the propoml of tho Government of Queensland to construct a building for an AUB trolinn department in connection with lho an-

nual International Exhibitions.

THE new arrivals per Keiehetug, from Ham- burg, wore brought up to Biisbuno by tho | stcumor Settler, and lundod at tho Depot about , half-poBt 6 o'clock yesterday eveuiug. They aro

certainly umongst tho very best batchos of | German immigrants that havo been fonrnrdud

to this colony. They look remarkably healthy, whilst tlicir orderly conduct and the nillinguees they displayed in getting everything housed without doloy, gives lho best indication of their usefulness. AVith lho exception of about hulf a-dozen, the wholo of them went into tho Depot, where it is not at ull likely atty of thorn will remain long ou hand. The sloamer Sottlor tokos about 100 to Ipiwioh this morning.

SHAREHOLDERS in the Broadwater Tin Mining Company will, no doubt, be glad to learn, that the hitch which has so long prevented the com- pletion of arrangements for starting the com- pany has at last been removed. We are assured on the best authority, that all the transfers from the original holders to the company have now been completed. The scrip will be ready to be issued in a few days, and a meeting of share-

holders called for the election of directors and auditors. One of the provisional directors of the company has spent a fortnight on the ground, and at a meeting of his fellow directors yester- day, read a satisfactory report of the operations which have been carried out for draining the waterholes a sufficient depth to enable them to

be worked.

THE D. D. Gazette thus curtly refers to mineral discoveries on the Darling Downs, which, if the statement be true, are of the most valuable description :- "Rich iron ore, in large quantities, has been discovered within a few miles of Toowoomba. It is expected that the ore will yield from seventy-five to eighty per cent, of iron. A valuable coal field has also been opened in the immediate neighborhood of the mine. Samples of coal and ore may be inspected at our office."

IÏIOIITEIÎN copper selections have been ap- plied for at tho Gympie Laud-ofileo in tho fol- lowing localities:-gigoomgan, 8¡ Teebar, 4¡¡ Ooppcnnino Creok, 2 ¡ Mcrodinu, -1 ; Clifton, 2 j Widgee, 1.

"NJIIO," on behalf of tho children and teachers of tho Nutionul Schools, wants to know whether Ihoy oro to have their uiual mid- winter holidays this year, and "if not; why


A Goon Templar toa-meoting and ontertain. ment in connection with No. 1 Lodge, " Hopo of Queensland," took placo last evening iu tho Temperance Hall, which was crowded to otcoss. Brother Steele, W.O.T., occupied tho chair. Brothor John Watson, D.D.K., W.G.T., was presented with two addresses (ouo from Ips- wich) and a chequo for £45, in recognition of his services. Several addresses followed, inter sporsed with musical selections.

I THE benefit to Mrs. Byors, at tho School of | Arts to night, pi omisos to bo a vory successful

one. Au attractive programmo, consisting of a couple of oicellent farce B and somo Bulging and dunciug, has been arranged, and tho final re- hearsal was iu ovory way satisfactory. As this will bo the last oppearunco of Mrs. Byers before a Brisbane audionco for a long timo, no doubt a largo numbor of bor frionas will muster to bid

her farewell.

Tim officer in charge of tho Bouovolont Asy- lum, Dunwich, begs to acknowledge, with thanks, tho receipt of parcels of illustrated papers, ¡LO., for lho inmatos of the asylum, from E. Jennings and L. A. Bornays, Esqrs.

SEVEN drunkards wero brought up at tho Contrat 1'olico Oourt, yestoidoy; six woro dis chut god, and ono was Unod 20s. A vagrant, named Ohorlos Burton, who bud boon convicted

five timos previously, was sentonoed to three ' months' hurd labor on tho roads or publio works j , of lho colony. I

A SHori/ii'Tim named Boon, a foreigner, who ¡ has recently been discharged from St. Helena,

aud who, sinco his emancipation, has beon levy- I ing conti ¡butions on several establishments in

town, was arrested in Edward-streofc ye3torday. j Some of tho sufferers placed thoir grievances in the hunda of Detective Slattery, who at once

mni-shaHcd his forces and laid thom on tho trail, | tho result boing that Dotoctivo Tynions sue- : ceedcil in apprehending the offender, na woll as tho gi cater portion of tho stolen property.

ÏHE Gympie Times states that a meeting of tho shareholders of the Faugh-a-Ballngh and

Golden Bar claim was hold on Tuesday week, i on which occasion the difficulties which pro- | vented tho formation of tho Culiforuia und Goldon Bar Company wero amicably Bettled.

Bcsolutions to tho following effect wero unnni- | mouely carried :-Thut tho capital of tho oom

pnnv should consist of £22,000 in 22,000 shares ) of £1 each, of which 10,000 shaieB, fully paid , up, Bhould bo reserved for tho proprietors und

promoters, nnd tho balance ol 12,000 shares I offered to tho public ; that tho proprietors, in , addition to tho Bilans resoneil for them, should " receivo a sum of £1200 cosh, to bo equally divided amongst them ¡ that tho expenses of working tho minc from May 14 should bo paid by tho company, to whom all profits received from that dato should bolong ¡ that two Gympie shareholders should bo appointed to act with tile provisional directors ; that tho directors should boro BÍX weeks' time to float tho com- pany ard if it should not ho flouted at tho expiration of that period, that tho property should revert to tho original proprietors, freo of nil expenses, &c. Messrs. Cullinane und M. O'Brien woro chosen the Gjmpiodirootors, and it waB also resolved that on tho carrying out of tho terms mentioned tho proprietors would transfer tho ground to whomsoever lho pro- visional dil colors might appoint.

THE ooppor fevor rages Btrongly at Mary-

borough. Tho Wide Bay Hews soys :-" Tho j

two selections on Teebar-one known as that of Mosirs. John Euton und Co., tho other of MessiB. William Eaton mid Co.-in nil oom-, prising 160 acree, have beon attracting attention lately to thoir surprising richness in minorai. A company MBS projected by Messrs. Graham and Co , of this tonn, to work tho two, consisting of 100,000 shores ¡ 50,000 (icing rotuiued by tho original proprietors, 25,000 boing reserved for future contingencies, and 25,000 being oflbrod to tho publia us promoters' shares al 5s. each, 'lho company was announced,' and in hnlf-au hour on Wednesday morning over 21,000 sharos wero applied for in Maryborough, und the list olofed, ¡bo rest having been taken in Sydney. Neither prospectus nor advertisement wero in- serted, simply because there was no timo to do either ¡ and £6250 was lodged iu the bank by the tima it had opened. Over 20,000 ad- ditional shores applied for had to be refused."

THE Border Post of Saturday reports that the weather at Stanthorpe during the past few weeks has been very changeable. "Last Satur-   day, Sunday, and Monday were wet, pretty heavy showers falling at intervals during the whole three days and nights, causing a fresh in Quart Pot and other creeks, which seems to have afforded many of our claimholders an oppor- tunity of fixing their sluice-boxes to greater advantage than they could have done had the previous dry weather continued. We have heard of no particular harm having been done through the slight rising of the waters, although we were informed that a few newly fledged shareholders in one or two of our large com- panies on the main watercourses became rather frightened when they saw that the rain appeared to have set in for a time. In fact, we were told that one or two shareholders in a certain pros-   perous company on Quart Pot Creek actually sold out in consequence of the wet weather. These men were not experienced miners, or they would not have been so easily intimidated;   but we must allow for "poor fellahs" who have been used to the comforts of a warm office or drapers' shop by day and a cozy drawing room   at night-in the 'big smoke.' However, on   Tuesday last the weather cleared up, and has been followed by cold frosty nights and morn- ings and beautiful calm, sunny days."

CAPTAIN JOHNSON'S SELECTIONS. - We are desired to request all subscribers in the Wheal Johnson Tin Mining Company (Limited) to call at the office of Mr. John Cameron, Town Hall, early this morning, to sign the forms of applica- tion and pay deposits. - [ADVT.]