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.-iAMONG THE CHURCHES 67--Payneham Road Methodist PROGRESSIVE CAUSE (By Rev. C. H. Nield) Eighty years ago a Wesleyan Metho. dist Society was formed at Payne ham. This little band grew rapidly. On April 14, 1851, the first church was opened, followed by a larger. building seven years later. The more imposing building of today on Payneham road was erected in. 1881. The Argent Street Church, still in use, was for. merly Primitive Methodist property. The fine pile of buildings on Payneham road-church, school buildings, manse, memorial halls, and kindergarten-and the valuable property in Argent street, all testify to the foresight, faith, and gene rosity of the early families and friends of the former Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist causes. Payneham Road Sunday School has had as superintendents leading workers of the church--Messrs. H. Broad, C. Pitt, sen.. H. Goss, W. R. Birks, C. James, T. McRostie, W. H. Goss, C. Pitt, jun., in earlier years; and more recently Messrs. A. E. Clarkson, J. Harris Hobbs, and H. G. Hawkins, with Messrs. C. H. Richards and W. Fulstone, now in office. This

REV. H. A. GUNTER Minister at Paynehanm Road Methodist Church.

church sent out Rev. Rex and Mrs. Stead man to work for 15 years among the Indians in Fiji, Mr. and lrs. Harold Shepherdson more than a year ago to industrial work among aboriginal islanders above Northern Australia, and Mr. Lionel Ashman into home mission work. At Argent street among the prominent workers have been the late Mr. Henry Rosewarne, a local preacher; the late Mr. J. L. Bottrill, trustee and steward; and the late Mr. George Bartlett. Mr. E. Sallis, a local preacher for 40 years, is secretary of the trust, and Mr. G. F. Gilding, now of Myrtle Bank, was a for- mer prominent worker. Rev. Edmund Smith, stepson of Mr. Bottrill. and Rev. Jasper Gilding, son of Mr. Gilding, were trained in Argent Street Church. Former Ministers Payneham Church at first was part of Kent. Town Circuit. Since the new church -i'as erected in 1881 the follow ing have had charge at Payneham road: Revs. T. E: Thomas, M.A., A. J. Boyle, W. Reed, S. F.. Prior, J. Nicholson, C. H. Ingamells, R. Kelly, J. C. Hill, Charles Reed (now Anglican rector at Peterbo rough), Brian Wibberley, MIus. Bac., I. Perry,. W. A. Langsford, G. Hall, G. T. Arthur, M.A., T. G. White, J. H. Nield, and the present minister, Rev. H. A. Gunter. The honor roll contains 76 names (14 of whom fell in the war). Three nurses served at the front. The large pipe organ was given by the family of the late Mr. Jonah Hobbs in memory` of their parents and of three of their grand sons, Harold and Kenneth Hobbs and John Godlee, who gave' their lives for their country. There. is a memorial window to Lilian Hobbs on the northern. side. Of the memorial halls one is called the Ebenezer Pitt Hall and the other the'Soldiers' MIe morial Hall. Lady Colton laid the foinfdation stone of the present church o6i December 6, 1881. and Messrs. Charles Pitt and Jonah Hobbs those of the school buildings on October 7, 1905. Ministers and 'Officers Rev. H. A. Gunter spent some- years in the Railways Department of this State' before entering the Methodist min istry. Since then (1908) he has been . sta tioned at Port Augusta, Tumby Bay, Fraillin' Harbor, 1Moonta, Crystal Brook, Gawler, Broken Hill (where he was chair man of the district);, and Payneham since 1926: His colleague at Campbelltown is Rev. A.. M.. Davis. Mr. Davis returned in 1926 to the home work after having spent nine years in Papua. Contributions of £3.50 show the deep interest in foreign and home missions. The circuit stewards are Messrs. A. R. Uren and C. H. C. Pearson. Mr. W. J. Beck is church treasurer at Payneham road: Mr. H. T. Bray at Campbelltown. and Mr. J: T. Cook at Argent street, and Mr. T. MI. Watt at Gaza. Payneham Road Sunday School roll stands at 281. " Several gold medals have been won by its scholars in connection with Sunday School Union examinations. Mr. S. Richardson is Sunday school sec retary at Payneham road, Miss, D. Uren leader of junior department. Miss .S. Wil liamson of the primary, and Miss L. Gilbert of the beginners'. Supeiinten dents are:-At Campbelltown, Mr. DI. Warren; Argent street, Payneham. Mr. A. I. Eldridge; Gaza, Mr. Willoughby. Mrs. H. A. Gunter is president of the Women's Foreign Missionary Auxiliary. Mrs. H. E. Pitt secretary, and Mrs. W. Richardson treasurer. Mr. H. C. Her bert is home mission secretary, Mr. S. Richardson foreign mission secretary, Mr. C. Stubbs Sunday school visitor, and -Mr. C. F. Lewis secretary of the quarterly meeting. Elected members to the quarterly meet ing are Mr. and MIrs. H. C. Herbert, Mes dames H. E. Pitt, H. G. Hawkins, Gray, Hounslow, C. G. Jeffs, and Misses Smith and Williamson. Officers of clubs and societies in con nection with Payneham Road Methodist Chlurch and Suntday School arc: Literary and Debating Society--Messrs. W. S. Richardson (president) and J Pearce (secretary). Band of Hope--Messrs. R. W. Bowey (president) and W. K. Grant (secre tary.v). Junior Christian Endeavor Society Mrs. Harold Hobbs and Miss Laura Pitt (leaders). Young People's Circle--Mrs. A. W. G. Pitt (leader). Messrs. J. Ureli (assistant leader), and V. G. C. Baillie (secretary). Tennis Club-Messrs. W. Govenlock (secretary) and R. Grant (captain). Cricket Club--Messrs. C. J. Grant (cap tain), J. Uren (vice-captain), and A. Wegener (secretary). Basketball Club-Messrs. H. Gilding (captain) and H. Lipp (secretary). Mr. E. P. lumsay (Deputy Postmaster General) intimates that mails which were dispatched from Adelaide on December 28 have arrived in Lonudoi