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Family Notices

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Biiths, Marriages, and Deaths


BELL.- On the 13th May, the wife of Hugh Bell, M.D. of a daughter. BLACKFORD. - On the 13th May, at her residence, Char-

lotte-street, Mrs. Wm. Blackford, of a son stillborn.    

BURKITT.-On the 28th April, at Ipswich, Mrs. Walter

Burkitt, of a son.  

FINNEY. -On the 19th April at Gibbs-street Fortitude  

Valley, Mrs. Thomas Finney, of a son.

FORREST.-On the 16th April, at Bowen Terrace, the      

wife of Edward B. Forrest, of a daughter.

HART.-On the 25th April, at Kingsholm Lodge, Mrs.

Frederick Hamilton Hart, of a daughter.    

HART. - On the 14th May at New Farm, Mrs Graham  

Lloyd Hart, of a daughter.  

HEAL.-On the 22nd April at her residence, Wickham-    

street, Fortitude Valley, the wife of Mr J.D. Heal, of a son.

JONES. -On the 11th May, the wife of the Rev. T. Jones,

of a daughter.

M'CLUSKEY.-On the 22nd April, at her residence, Logan      

river, Mrs. P. M'Cluskey, of a son.      

ORR. - On the 13th Arpil, at her residence, South Bris    

bane Mrs. G. G. Orr, of a daughter.

PALMER.- On the 21st April at Annangrove, Petersham,

the wife of A. H. Palmer of a son.    

PLINT.- On the 1st May, at Wharfdale Cottage, Ithaca

Creek, the wife of Mr. Henry Plint, of a son.

ROBERTSON. -On the 27th April, at her residence,       

Gregory Terrace, Mrs. Robert Robertson, of a son.

SKYRING.- On the 29th April, at her residence, Ann-  

street, Fortitude Valley, the wife of Mr Thomas Sky-

ring, of a son.  

SLAUGHTER.- On the 27th April, at her residence, Edward     

street, Mrs. H. G. Slaughter, of a daughter.

WASSELL.-On the 21st April, at George-street Spring          

Hill, the wife of Mr James William Wassell of a



DEARNALEY-LOAGUE-On the 11th May, at the resi-

dence of Mr. A. S. Orr, Wharf street, by the Rev. B. G. Wilson, B. M., Mr Ralph Dearnaley, Clermont, late     of Tintwistle, Cheshire, England, to Miss Margaret,

youngest daughter of the late Mr. Robert Loague, of


LAIDLAW - PRENTICE - On the 30th April, by the Rev.

Isaac Harding, William Hunter, eldest son of Mr.   George Laidlaw, Doughboy Creek, to Elizabeth Ann,      

youngest daughter of Mr George Prentice, senr., of  


STEWART-SUTHERLAND -On the 22nd April, at Forti-  

tude Valley, by the Rev. Alexander Caldwell, Mr. Samuel Stewart, of roma, formerly of Letterkenny, Ireland, to Alice, daughter of the late Mr. William   Sutherland Aberdeen, Scotland.

VARDON-LITTLE. -On the 30th April at Wickham Ter      

race Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. James Love, Mr.     Charles Vardon, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, to Mary,    

second daughter of the late James Little, Mullinaboue

County, Tipperary, Ireland.    

WALKER-PALMER- On the 16th April at Rangeview,     Highfields, by the Rev. W. L. Nelson, D.D., L.L.D.,       James Thomas Walker, Manager of the Bank of New             South Wales, Toowoomba, eldest surviving son of John William Walker Esq., 9 Mayfield-street, Newington           Edinburgh, to Jeanette Isabella, fifth daughter of the     late Thomas Palmer, Esq., J.P. of Summer Hill, near   Killals County of Mayo, Ireland.    

WILLES-WILLS-On the 30th April, at the Salt Works,   Gladstone, by the Rev. Alexander Proudfoot, John   William Shippin, eldest son of the late William Willes, Esq., of Astrop, Northamptonshire, to Cather- ine Victoria, fourth daughter of the late Emanuel       Wills, Esq., of Axminster, Devonshire.


CRACKNELL -On the 11th May, George Herbert, infant

son of W. J. Cracknell aged 6 weeks.

HELFRICH -On the 8th May at his residence Queen-        

street Mr. A.. Helfrich, plumber &.c aged 26.

PETTIGREW-On the 8th May at Quarry-street Ipswich,  

Elizabeth Ann the beloved wife of Mr John Petti-     grew, aged 31 years.  

ROULSTON-On the 3rd May at the residence of his

mother, Little Ipswich, Andrew Thomas, the younger and beloved son of Mrs Roulston aged 21 years, and     native of Newtown-stewart County Tyrone, Ireland.

TAYLOR.-On the 27th April, at the Australian Joint

Stock Bank, Ipswich, Alfred William, eldest son of W.   J. Taylor, aged 3 years and 10 months.