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His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant has ap- pointed the undermentioned gentlemen to the office of high sheriff for the following counties, and counties of cities and towns in Ireland. for the year 1848 :

Antrim-C. M'Ganell, Esq. Ma;hra# mourne House, Antrim. <

Armagh-William Verner, Esq., Church* hill, Moy.

Carlow-Samuel Elliott, Esq., Raerogue,


Carrickfergus Town-James Cowan, Esq*< Barn Cottage, Carrickergus.

Cavan.-Richard Fox, Esq., White Park,


Clare-H. S. Burton, Esq., Corrigaholt

Castle, Kilkee.

Cork-Hon. W. H. White Hedges, Macroom


City Cork--Thomas Somerville Reeves, Esq.,


Donegal--B. G. Humfrey, Esq., Cavanacar,


Down-R. B. Houston, Esq., Orangefield, Belfast  

Drogheda-J. Mathews, Esq., Mount Han- over, Drogheda.

Dublin-Robert Shaw, jun., Esq., Kimmage


Dublin City-H. S. French, Esq., Mount« joy-square.

Fermanagh-J. Madden, Esq., Spring-grove,


Galway-F. Blake, Esq., Creg Castle, Clare

gal way.

Galway Town-T. A. Joyce, Esq., Bahasau,


Kerry-William T, Crosbie, Esq., Ardfert


Kildare-Col. Sir Rowland Eustace, Kin«

neas, Kildare.

Kilkenny-William V. Stuart, Esq., Castle-

town, Carrick-on-Suir.

Kilkenny City-George Reade, Esq., Kil- kenny.

King's County-Charles B. Baldwin, Esq.,


Leitrim-George Lane Fox, jun., Esq.,


Limerick-Francis Goold, Esq., Dromana,


Limerick City-Henry MaunseU, Esq.,


Londonderry City and County-John Ste- phenson, Esq., Fortwilliam, Tobbermor*.

Longford-E. Ledwith, Esq., LedwithstowsV


Louth-M. W. O'Reilly, Esq., Knockabbe/ Castle, Louth. '.

Mayo-C. L. Kirwan, Esq., DalganPark,


Meath-H. B. Coddington, Esq., Old Bridge, Drogheda.

Monaghan-E. W. Lucas, Esq., Castleshane, Monaghan.

Queen's County-J. H. Leckie, Esq., Cool brook, Creetyard.

Roscommon«- James Kirkwood, Esq., Hughestown, Carrick-on-Shannon.

Sligo-Edward Howley, Esq., Belleek

Castle, Ballina.

Tipperary-R. Pennefather, Esq., Knock

evnn, Clonmel.

Tyrono-A. F. Knox, Esq., TJrney Park,


Waterford-S. Bagge, Esq., Ardmore House*,


Waterford City-W. S. S. Doyle, Esq., Newtown, Waterford.

Westmeath-J. N. M. Barry, Esq., Ballina gall. Mullingar.

Wexford-Viscount Stopford, Courtown House, Gorey.

Wicklow-Lord Brabazon, Kilruddery, Bray.

TUB PitopsB BONNET FOR A LADT.-The, Quarterly Review, just published, in an amusing and cleverly written article on dress, gallantly vindicates the ladies from the charge so commonly laid against them, of being " ani- mals that delight in finery," and shows that " in our favoured country at least we cannot point to one single excess or caprice which has appeared on the beautiful person of woman, that has not had its counterpart, as bad or worse, upon the ugly body of man." Among the many canons tor good dressing laid down by the learned critic, the following, on out- door head-dress, with special reference to the straw bonnet, is well worthy of attention: " There is one of the race, however, for which we must make special exception-not for its native beauties alone, its polished glistening circles, and delicate neutral tints, but for si mysterious spell, exercised over both weare«;* and spectator, in which it stands utirivaUedJs} any othtr article of female attire-wv mea» the plain straw hats. From the highest to the lowest there is not a single style of beauty with which this hat is not upon the best un- derstanding. It refines the homeliest and composes the wildest-it gives the coquettish young lady a little dash of demureness, and the demure one a slight touch of coquetry-it makes the blooming beauty look more flash, and the pale one more interesting-it makes the plain woman look, at all events, a lady, and the lady more lady-like still. A vulgar woman never puts on a straw bonnet, or at least not th* straw bonnet we have in our eye ; while the higher the style of the carriage, and the richer the accompanying costume, the more does it seem in its native element ; so much so that the most aristocratie beauty in the land, adorned in every other respect with all that wealth can purchase, taste select, or delicacy of person enhance, may not only hide the lofty head with perfect propriety in a plain, straw hat, but in ono plainer and coarser still than a lower style of woman, would venture to wear. Then all the sweet associations that throng about it !-pictures of happy childhood and unconscious girlhood-thoughts of blissful bridal tour and healthful country life !-and of childhood, girlhood, tours, and life such as our ' own sweet country can alone give. For the) ! crowning association of all consists perhaps ia

this -that th» genuine straw bonnet stamps w* »enuiae English woman-no other country £sn producá, cither the hat of the weam."

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