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(From the S. M. Meraki.)

As it is stated that the Barb's career on tho colonial turf terminated with winning the Queen's Plato on Saturday, a brief resume of tho performances of tho greatest equino wonder known in connection with tho Australian turf may not be uninteresting. It is almost needless to inform our sporting readers that this now famous animal is by Sir Hercules out of Young Gulnare, or that he was bred by Mr. J. Lee, of Bylong, from whom he WOB purchased untried hy Mr. Tait, to whoso stable ho has given a world-wido celebrity,for not only havo tho Barb's achievements formed tho subject of discussion in all the sporting papers of these colonies, but have obtained prominent record in contemporary journals in England and America. His first nppearanco beforo tho red flag was at Homebush on Easter Monday, 186G, in tho Trial Stokos won by Blondín. On tho first doy of the fol- lowing Eandwick meeting ho finished behind Fishhook and Budelight, in tho Two-year-old Stakes, and won his first raco on the next Satur- day, in tho Nursery Handicap, carrying 7 st. 12 lbs. ; Fishhook, 8 st. 12 lbs., second ; Bylong, 6 st. 7 lbs., third. Timo, 1 minute 19 seconds. This finished his coreer as a two-year-old. In the spring following, at Randwick, ho placed the Australian Derby Stakes to the credit of his owner, finishing two lengths beforo Bylong (second), Fishhook, Sir John, Budelight, and Blair Athol forming tho beaten division. At tho samo meeting he was second to Bulgimbar for tho Maiden Stakes, and won tho Bruie, giving Fishhook and Sir John 7 lba. each and a beating. On November 1, carrying G Bt. 11 lbs., won tho Melbourne Cup, two miles, in 3 minutes '13 seconds, beat- ing a field of twenty-seven ; Exile, aged, 7 st. 10 lbs., second. Was second in tho All-aged Stakes, won hy Sour Grapes. The 1st of January, 1SG7, found him winner of the Mel- bourne Champion Race, three miles, in 5 minutes 38 BecondBj Volunteer second j Cowra third. On Easter Monday, won the Home- bush Maiden Plate, beating Phobe, and finished fourth to Fishhook in tho Randwick St. Leger. The causo of his defeat on this occasion WOB tho subject of many rumors, OB it WOB notorious that tho horse was wrong, and Mr. Tait consequently scratched him for tho remainder of that scaaon. Plenty of rest ond the best of caro brought Tho Borb round, and ho oponed IIÍB four-year-old victories on January 1, 18G8, by carrying off tho Port Phillip Stakes, boating Cowra, Strop, and others. On February 13 ho ron fourth for tho Launceston ChampionRacc,won by bia stablo companion Fire- works, and won tho Louncoaton Town Pluto at the samo mcoting. Tho Randwick Autumn Meeting of 1808 saw Tho Barb (8 st. 12 lb.) earring tho yellow and black first past tho judgo'a oyo for tho Sydnoy Cup, beating Stumpy, C ycors, 6 st. 7 lbs. (second), Tim Whifllor, Or- lando, Italian, Pitsford, Gloncoo, and others ; time, 3 minutes 40 seconds. On tlio last day of that mooting ho como in first for tho Queen's Plato (3 miles, in 5 minutes 43 seconds), but being 2 lbs. underweight, was disqualified, and Tim Whifllor declared the winner. The Burb's 5-yoor-old reoord commonccd at tho Randwick Spring meeting, whore ho won tho Great Metro- politan StakcB, in 3 minutos 37 3 lOtlis seconds, carrying 9 Bt. IO lbs., boating Tim Whifllor, Bylong, and oighf others. On the following day ho carriod oir the Craven Plato, and closed tho meeting by winning tho Randwick Plato. To- wards tho oloso of tho yoar tho champion waa takon to Molbourno for tho Spring Mcoting, and found nothing willing to disputo Ina claim to tho Royal Park Stokes, for which ho walkod ovor, and oamo out in raro form on Now Year's Day for tho Port Phillip Stakes, which ho appropriated, doing tho thrco milos in 5 minutes 4G seconds, carry- ing 9 st. 0 lbs. Whon tho weights for tho lato Sydnoy Gold Cup woro announced tho turf prophets indulged in thoir usual prognostica- tions roBpecting tho result. Ono writer who has persistently supported Tho Barb's olaini to bo considered tho greatest horso of his day, do clarod ho could curry tho weight and boat Tim Whifllor, to whom ho conceded 0 lbs., irreBpcotivo of tho latter being a your older. Othors,who hod moroly considered Barb a lucky horso, ad- mitted that if ho could carry IO et. 8 Iba. in front of such a Hold, it would be o wonderful

porformanco. Thursday IOBI saw him accomplish it with such coso OB to leavo tho question what ho can do os opon os over. In tho raco for tho Quoon'e Pluto, on Saturday, ho was scarcely callod upon to gallop, but tho rush ho modo in tho last fifty yards displayed extraordinary Eowers, and colled forth tumultuouB applause

»wing thrco years on tho turf, Tho Barb has Btartod for twonty-threo races, and won oightcon. Ho liUB beaton ull tho best horses in Australia, and leaves tho turf us sound OB tho doy ho took his preliminary cantor at Homebush. His frois winnings in stakes alone hove been ovor