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phcu, fWetnS/ntlmgijHtr Quarten Single Numbtrs, Sixpmcc. Country Seventeen I

lSf,,Îl,ma,aS,rPencepSrÇuarlcr. Ten^r cent. fa^SKÎ J



For one meit and under, TU.Q Shtlkiígs mid Sixpence, mid One ShHUnfffor every

inch, for each insertion. r " ,

MB. A W. LARVMOUE, Maitland*, MR. CHALKS BtMaS^^ÍZA" pCÄ M1 PT' ofnPublwatT> Lo">J f^fA Sld'w^ ttre Un' JonN nW,s- ^'^ âyiosy; Mo. JOÍBPII HUNT, liomin; Ma. JOHN LIIOOU», Batist; MR.LAUAN WBIW. «táb«-, M*. Jlirnu *AT«%jj?.?«^ '

>_J*"*^"». «»«Krry's Plains, MR. W.LUAM BARBED Rao"8? VA¿M SX^^Í iî rt5"« STV»»"/ ^T*' Mr" Rr,D,A?VDa0fi' Writow; M«»'«- ». "AT AHD CO., &,,»««, M«. JOHN M'KIKI.AY. Postmaster,- Chilis , MB. JOHN GRAY. Queanbeyan, M«.««. Tynrnt, &UA», ÎWWI, > , !-~---;---___ '_ 9m' JOr l ort Ntch0l3m Td Cw»*' Sttwti, Neu> Zealand, who an ¡mutig wita Printed,Rèoeipts, with the written satures of " KEMP & FAM^X," «to hereby give Notice that no other will le ee/imvledgedfor debt, accruing frain ¿wary h mi. f

Y 9 NE. KRAM, " Pubhthcd nery Momm (S^^edjs^l theQuartersend the 31,/ ^¿^f^^feptember. and 3 WDecember, at »hick periods ONLY can Subscribers decline by giving Notice and paying the amount due lo the end of the Current Quarter. ÀPVWTI.KVSNTO must specify on the 'forf *'**/* «¿ifer of

fr-mnmriii-iiwiiiii,. '".,- ,-fí0 verbal communications can bo altendrt to, and all letters must be post paid, or they will no1 be taken in. - ? J - ,>..«

. -**"*"'""ll1'.Ililli lllllrtllMy-l-T«n-i-i-*-»-i-. - ' ? ? ---:-- ___Í_- _ * .


V '3SS«ÎH§kv HP11*1 STEAM SHIP l'^I£ffi§!!¡KKv .*? SEAHORSE

KJët^^^^^^Î leavfs Sydney for Port Phil PHSeKK8S8«é8Ba» lip on Friday next, 7th Ja buiry, at noon precisely. A pply to

f BOYD and CO,

[ ' Temporary Office, Un-nVs Ruildingr, I or at Tlioai's What f.

r N,jl Gxids cannot be nweivsd alter Thursday, fluid intending passengers aro rrf|uesfed to givi [tlie'f numrs in before twelre »Vlork of tliat day. HO

Í3?cr tïio CtQïCnoo S?.ivôr.

.J3,, JHPHE well know fast sailing schooner

i'ÉÊ&r ?*- S ALLÍ',

fSHxjíf Forty tons, will sail for the above on [ ««Säe» Satutday next, and will continuo as [heretofore, n rrgular trader. For freight or ipamge apply on board, or ta

jaiUS COOK, Agent,

i All freights payable in Sydney, at 40s. per ton. I Union Wharf, January 3. 109

l'or Melbourne Port Phillip.

XV. npiIE well known packet brig ,/££&, A CHRISTINA,

f4ffiüS T. Birkenshaw, Jouimander, will have T»iaaaä* quick despatch for the above port. 'Foi freight or passage, having superior accom- modations, apply to the Captain on hoard, or to

A. B. SMITH and Co.

? Smses-street, Dccembci'"28._^150


?32. fTUIE fine fast-sailing' Brig


$grc|& Captain Harewood, being under cn «?»82««»» gageaient at the above port, will posi- tively sail on the 8th January, full or not full. Apply to the Captain on board, to U. Dacre,

Jamiion-srreet, or to


December 30._' 75 7



22s np HE fine fast sailing Packet Brig /$*£& JL WILLIAM,

fjfflijfy F. Le Grand, Commander, will posi* «SlTnii tively sail for Launceston on the above-named day. For freight or passage, apply to JOHN THOM.

Thom'« Whaif, January 3. _ HI

Tor too Bajr*of Xalandiv and Auckland,



,^S>s2||g\ Al, 89 tons, Captain Robertson,

?BaMBMimi W»M positively sail on Saturday, the 8th instant. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, at the Queen's Wharf; to

J. B. METCALFE ; orto


January 4._134 I

ros ax»roiu>oi(xi DIRECT. ] "X\ np HE line fast sailing first class brig ßS&, A JULIA WILLIS.

'^ÉBSL®' ^.ír°'l>Es^ ,Commander,250tons,is

?«»??'now taking on board her dead weight, I and will b3 disABtehed positively on the 8 th "January." For freight or passage, having very

superior cabin accommodations, apply to the" commander on board, or to


Charlotte place, Der. 31. ._4_


ÄnnilE fine fast sailing teak-built

A A 1 ship


500 tons register, Jaffrey Sceale?, Commander, having very superior accommo- dation for passengers ; will clear out on Mon day.and sail on Tuesday first. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain on board, at Campbell's Wharf, orto

W. T. ARNOLD and CO.

Castlereagh-street South. December 25._7359


c. npilE fast-sailing new SHIP,


JifflfÊjt ""'l8a'' ^or tlic ftDOve Port on tne ¿£§§081» 1st February next. Her accom WKBCató? modations aro superior. For freight or passage, apply to Captain Cow, cn board,




jt-JC HPHE well-known regular Trader HyHlV A first class river-built ship ASfflP» .'B WERBT TA,

JSiffijfflPlJP Benjamin Darley, commander, now discharging at Botts' Wharf, will commence loading in a few days for the above Port. Her cargo will consist entirely of wool, the greater part of whick is already engaged. Passengers are particularly invited to inspect her poop cabin, which alfords very superior accommoda- tion. She will carry an experienced surgeon. For freight or passage apply to the commander on board, or to


Bolts' Wharf, Darling Harbour._7438



ÄrpiIE well-known regular Trader.

A first-class ship


Alexander Sim, commander; ex- pected to arrive in all January. Wool for this > »hip stored, free of rent, at tue stores of the



Bolts' Wharf, Darling Harbour._7139


..ra fTIHE fine fast sailing barque /SP* A ALFRED, ?

4ffSlWmr 716 tons, Captain Flint, appointed to «3B9B» sail from Plymouth for this port on the 4th October, will commence forthwith on arrival to LOAD EOR LONDON as in former year?, and will meet with her usual despatch, M the most part of her cargo will be in store

näHy for her.

'Her sailing qualities are well known, and last nason the made the passage to England under three and a half months ; her accommodations Me of the first order, and passengers may rely . on her being ready for sea on the day to be ap- pointed. For freight or passage apply to


Sydney, January 3. 90

3POK &OS7S03? BZB3QO?.

To sail positively tlao iOUx KTurcu.

.EL fTIHE A 1 English built SHIP /¡got. JL WILLIAM JARDINE,

wSflJMr 693 tons reglstrr, John Cms ne, Esq, '.?BBS» CoaraanJcr, will load entirely with wool, an! the principal |wrt of the careo ii engaged.

The cabin accommodxttons arc of the most »plea did description, and admirably adapted for families

?returning to EnjrUnd.

For Height cr passage apply to the Mns'er on board orto ~ CAMPBELL and CO.

Sydney. Jimuary 1_IS

rost xioxmoxr ¡DXHSCT.

-saw. fTiHE first class fast sailing barque JßGSfri ?*. KJANE,

SÖr^SA, SOI tons rejriitcr, John Stiwcr*, coa> ¡jSafcaálSá mander, will meet willi quick dispatch "»»Sii»» haying a great portion of her cargo

«"Kfcged. For freight apply to


?671 Bank Com t, Kins-streat



-V FT*11® fine fast-sailing Al British rfytS* X built barque


%%!?@> 2Ö2 tous DUrtnen« J- M« Hopper, M> XÄ. Commander; will have quick disp-vtch. For freigb-t or passage, apply to the Captain on board, or to


Hunter-strecf, January 3, 155


TjÊ&j, rglIIE fine fast siilins: A 1 barque ^Is A a ROI'HERS,

¿WvS*o D' Walton, E3q., Commander, burthin per register 357 tons. For further particu ors apply to the commander on board , orto A. Ö. SMITH & CO..

61)88 Sussex-street.


JVAK rTpHE fine fast sailing Al brig ,f7fö|Sr A LIVERPOOL, Ord, master, f^Jjge- burthen per register, 270 tons, îSè-^^W now discharging at Thorn's What f. For further particulars apply to the Captain on board, or to A. II. SMITH & Co. C940


"3S3&. np HE first ela« new Brigantine j@&£k A TALENT,

^SSB&S 155 lons, O.M., Otid 132 tons N.M., built at ok John's, New Brunswick, and coppered with the bestheavy copper atGlasgow, where she was also abundantly supplied with stores of the first quality. She is only one yea old, and will be found on inspection n most faithfully built vessel, sails fast, and carries a large cargo. Parties requiring a «uperior craft for the Island ,or coasting trade, will find her wot thy their attention. The vessel is now lying on the east side of the Cove, near the Government Jetty, where she can bo seen at any time.

Far further particulars apply to Captain Finnie, on board ; or to the agents,

70fi0_RAMSAY, YOUNO, and CO.

Comm'ssariat Office, Sjdner, December 2?.

TENDERS will be received at this Office,

until Monday, 10th January, 1842, for the p5rfornmrceof the undermentioned works for the iioyal Engineer Department :

liverpool Cirpenlew Windsor fHiicklayers,

and < Plasterers, p.nd

Bathunt (. Painters and Glaziers' work.

Contract SchedirT¿s may be procured, and fuilher ¡nftrniition obtained, upon application a*, the !loy<U Engineer Office, SjdLey.

7<7Q_W. MILLER. Pap. Com. Gen.


THE Shareholders of the above institution

are requested to meet at the Lodge Room, on the 12th instant (the second Wednesday in the year), at noon, to receive the annual report, and for general purposes, according to the 15th

clause ol the Deed of Settlement.

The Craft-in general are invited to attend,


Honorary Secretary and Treasurer. Sydney, January .5._ 231

NOTICE is hereby given that the following

Gentlemen have intimated their intention of offering themselves as candidates for the office of Director in the Union Assurance Com pnny, at the General Meeting, to be held on Monday next, the 10th instant, at one o'clock precisely, in room of Mr. Dra'ce and Mr. Grose, who retire by rotation, and of Mr. Gore, who has resigned, viz.




By order of the Boa:d of D rectors.

03_ADU1 WILSON, Sacretary.

Australian marino Assaranoo Company. A GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors

is requested at the office on Wednesday, tte i9ih January, ib4i, nt oue o'clo k prtcifelj, to take consideration this propntty of dtcl&iii g a Dmdtnd lVr the half year ending the îlst imtant, and on geniral business.

H. BELL, Secretary;

Gcrge street, T)fccmrer2!) 24

Australian OeacrtU Assurance Company. NOTICE is hereby given, that all FIRE

POLICIES, granted by this Company, on which the premium may be unpaid for one month after the time stipulated in the policy for payment thereof, will, in future, be" can- celled, and a new insurance will be required to be effected. t *

Also, that no claim for loss, under any policy, wiil be entertained, where the premium baa not been paid up.

By order of the Board of Directors,

J. C. PHELPS, Secretary.

Sydney, January 1. 62

Ametrallan Subscrip lou library,

THE Half-Yearly General Meeting of the

Proprietors of this Institution will be held at their Rooms, Mocquarie-street, on Thursday, the 13th instant, at hulf-past three o'clock, for the Election of Members and general business.


January 5. Hon. Sec.

_251 A MEETING of the Creditor» of-fteJate

Mr. MACQUOID will be held at tber Royal Hotel, on Friday next, the 7th instant, at three o'clock, p, ni., when the attendance of all interested in the estate ia requested. 221


IN THE PRESS, and will be Published on

the first of February next, "The Insolvent Law of New South Waler, wit li Practical Dine! iocs and Forms for its use :'* by W. W, EUSTON, J'l q, one of the Judges of the Supreme Com t. 7418



CENSUS OF NEW SOUTH WALES, for tie year 18ÍI; with Tobies, showing the progress of the population during the previous twenty years ; and an appendix.

On sale at the Herald Office ; price, two shillings and sixpence.

SYonruir COXABCS. ~* THE Classes of this Institution will, re-

commence on Monday, the 10th instant. | GEORGE ALLEN,

I Honorary Secretary.

January I. -

In conicquencc of extensive repair« in the Head Master's house, he is reluctantly compelled to defer receiving the boarders until Saturday, the 15th instant, by whick time his arrange- ments will have-been completed. 9

{?OSS ACA3»SMCT, Prince-street.

MR. GEORGE TAYLOR begs respectfully

to inform his friends aud the public, that the du'.ics uf bin establishment will be resumed on Monday, t0 h Jonuarr, li42.

For terms and other particular? apply nt the I Acadetf-y nsnbo7c_755Ü j

MRS. PHILLIPS informs the Parents of ¡

her pupils and her friends generally, that the ditties of her School will rc-commence on Monday, the 10th instant.

Nithsdale Cottage,

Elizabeth-street South, Sydney.

January 3. " " 681



aPnxKODA&B HOUSB, Parramatta. THE Christmas recess at this Establisbmem

will terminate on Monday, the 17th inst,

_ There being at present sir vacancies, persons de firous of stndfnpt younj; Indies to lh« Institution, will learn the t< i ins ¿ml other miticulars by written or personal upplicition to Mrs HUMII-Y, or Mrs Macgillivray, *ny day after the If til instant.

'Jeorpe street, P/irranutta. January St 101


]&/f RS- E- W- EV'VNS, in returning her

IV ii sincere thanks to her kind friends for the

very liberal manner in which they have patro- nised her during the last twelve months, re- spectfully intim'ites tint the classes "of her establishment will resume their usual studies, after the Christmas Vacation, on Monday next,

the 10th instant.-Terms as usual.

Elizabeth street South, January 4. 153


MR. JOHN NEILSON begs to notify to

the public, that he has resumed the practice of his profession as Surgeon and Accoucheur, in Fort-street, exactly opposite the Flag-staff, and three doors from his late rcsi dence, which he formerly occupied in the above

named street. '

Sydney, January 5. ' 215

MR. LLOYD, Surgeon and Accoucheur,

may be consulted daily, until Ten, a. m,

I and after Four, p.m., at bis residence, Yoik-street,

ncsr the Military Barracks.

Mr. L, from long and ex'ewive prrcticc in Europa, and the experience of t leven j ears in the colonies, is enabled to treat the diYcsses peculiar to the climat* of New South Wales, in « manner

highly satisfactory to his patients und Qatttiing to


Mr. L" in thu3 introducing himself to tke_ notice of the public, intimates that beean afford rtlicf, and in most mstancts effect a cure in chronic diseasts of luii^ standing, such es scrofula, syphvlis, ulcerated leg*, skin fcflections, ic. Ac, also in ul! disorders of the digestive organ;, including mr vous und bilious


Yoik street, December 81._7^«

COUNTRY RESIDENTS aro respccfully

informed that, from this date, my charges

for visits will be as follows : For the first mile, five shillings

For every additional mile/two shillings and


Several visits made to the same patient will, in

general, be charged something less

Occasional visits, those made in passing, will be ' charged altogether, or each as a town visit.


The first will be charged five shillings

Subsequent visits td the «arno patient, from one

to three shillings each.


Will be made for operations and medicines, but

all sa moderate that I trust no one will have just reason to complain of them. It is Ipi-g since I learned that large fees bring few patients, and tho'.e not till delay has rendered a cure tedious, unsatisfactory, or impossible.

Having been engaged duiing eight years in a practico nearly, if not quite, the most extensive in Scotland, it maybe supposed that I under« stand my business ; and those who knew me in Glasgow can testify that I never neglected it. .


is now in operation ; and Stabling for sick and

lame horses will be provided so soon cs I can find suitable premises.


Veterinary Surgeon,

York-street, near the Barracks.

Jan. 1, 1812._J?424 ]


THE Offices of "Mr. J. J. BYLES, Solicitor,

ore removed from O'Connell-strcet, Syd- ney, to King-street, and opposite to Mr. Stubbs' Auction Rooms. 237


WILLIAM BLYTH, i A «turning his most

grateful tha <ks for the very liberal sup. port he has experienced at the hands of a die cerning publ.c ¡since he commenced buiiness, is happy ct being enabled (o inform his numerous friends, that, about the New Year," he will remove to his new and capacious premise«, opposite the Gazelle effice, upon which he is sparing no expense in fitting up in the most I complete and convenient style. His Refresh- ments Rooms will be found retired, airy, and convenient, and his furnishings all of the first


From the extent of these premises, Mr. Blyth will be enabled'to add greatly to the com- fort of his friends, as well iu accommodation cs in the most prompt attendance.


There having lately arrived from England, under engagement to Mr. Blyth, a FÍRVT RATE COOK and a THOROUGHBRED CONFECTIONER-the former bavins been several years Cook to His late Majesty William I the Fourth ; and the ¡alter, Confectioner to the 1 Duke of Buckingham the public miy rely upon

it that every article will be prepared in the most superior manner and served in the first style.

In addition to the regular daily supply of soups and made dishes, as heretofore, to meet the wishes of those gentlemen, who are not housekeepers, or who reside a distance from town, Mr. Blyth will serve up regu'ar dinners, in the best style, every day, at kalf-pait three and half-past live, with all the necessary adjuncts of a table of the first order«_

Tia, cc2re7 and" chocolate morning ""¿not"



Wine biscuits and rusks of a very superior

description, in tins, warranted equal to


French plums in glass jars

Muscatel raisins, Jordan, and soft eil almonds Walnuts by the bag or pound

Jams and jellies of every description chcoper

than any other house in town Bottled fruits of all kinds

Rnspfjerry vinegar and lemon syrup Preserved ginger in jars

Candied chocolate in tins

Preserved salmon, soups, and meats of all kinds Pickles, sauces, olives, and capers Maccaroni in ten-pound packages

Every description of confectionery, wholesale

and retail.


A quantity of superior and richly ornamented cakes will be ready on Friday nexf ; but on the 4th of January will be such á display as has not been before witnessed in the Colony.

A largo quantity of mince meats of the very best description cow ready. *

Orders to insure tbe greater attention during the holiday times should be given as early as

. convenient.

A regular supply of rout and other fancy

biscuits always new.

Routs, balls, dinners, or other parties, fur- nished with every necessary on the shortest


Tables china, glosi, and other furnishings let ou hire._7181

Publia Kctloo, Retiring from Business.

f|1IIE entire Stock of ii, LAMB & CO., J. George aud King streets, to be sold oft", consisting of Watches, Clocks, Plated ware, Jewellery, Cutlery, Papier Machie, Globes, Jewellers, Watchmakers* Tools, &c. > 20 per cent, taken off all purchases amounting to £5.



THE Public of Bathurst are informed that

they can now have any quantity of wheat manufactured into flour on the shortest notice it Killoshiel Mills, thp proprietor having erectpd m excellent Steam Engine in addition to the *ater power. Terms as follow :

Thrashing, 4d., four-pence per bushel. Grinding, Is.; one shilling per ditto. Drea&ing, 3d., threepence per ditto.

JÇlour yñ'X be given in cscliango for jvbeat.. according to quality, und prime clean '\rncaf' will be bought at a fair price.

Saltram, December 23. 7423


J AND W. BYRNES, Agents for the Par.

. rnmatta Steamers, respectfully inform those eentlcmcn wlu ere interested in the matter, that they Iwve made arrangements to re« fac any quantity of Wool, and lo forward it wiihcut delay to any »hip in Sydney Harbour, .ot nnv merchant's Wharf, at ihe o oderate charge of t*ro shillings per b>le, In lots of not lea thun thiity bJm less fiunntities will be tsken fiora Parramatta to tit« Commercial Wharf. Sjdr.ey. at the cains rate of charge. There will be no extra chaige fcr stoiage at either Parramatta or Sydnry.

The positive tulvantnnes of this arrangement, in almost every case, uted not te pointed out to the gentlemen who ere concerned thu ein. Expense will be less, l.ibour will be s&red, time gained and the business, both of delivery and rtturn tupplics, te expedited.

PirrainnUB, Drcemhgr 9. < <>>* TO CAPTAINS ATTI» SHÏPOWMHR3.

JOHN BELL, Shipwright, in returning

thanks to the mercantile community of Sydney, and captains trading to the port, for the patronage and support he ha3 for so many years received, begs to acquaint them that he has, at n considerable expense, erected a wherf, with all necessary apparatus for heaving down vessels of any tounage, at Balmain, opposite the stores of II. Duke and Co., where he has constantly on , hand ship)' timbers, planks, spars, &c, on the

most reasonable terms.

| Balmain, January 4. , 230 |

ICHARD DAWSON invites the inspection of the ndbility and gentry to a consign- ment of SPLENDID FURNITURE, manufac- tured in slate, just arrived, es. Chatham, from Messrs. S-irbng and Co.'s, consisting of

CheíBoneers * Toilet Tables

| Chess aud Loo Tables

Wasbstands Inkstands

Finger Plates

Messrs. Stirling and Co.'s patent Slate Fillcrf rs

of all sizes.

li, Lower George-street. 212

THE Subscriber, retiring from file Retail

jTrado, lias disposed of his Stock of Ironmongery t<» Vlr. Thomas Clarke Ke begs to relur-i th-mlis to his friends and. ti e puMic Keeertlly, for the pvtionugeafloriîc I kim, ind ».liions u con tinuwee of thfir fivjurs for his succreor.


>??, Gfirge-s'rcPt. Janiury1. IS

/ |Tt II B-Subscriber, "hiirhrg purchased ' the JL' Ironmongery Stock of Mr, It. C. Gordon, 8^ Gtorge-itrect, intends to continue the same businesso/i tie prernifrs, and hopts by careful atten Uoi. and moderate pikes, to obtain the patronage of tht puülictfNew South Walts, which he respd.t l'u ly soli it-.


Ö>, Georgcetrctt, January J, H

aítííxsTxs&a BOXSS.


made to order, twenty per cent, cheaper than the slop tailors of Pitt street.



1st 2nd 3rd 4th



£1 15

2 0 2 5 2 15

rutST ttATK


2 15 3 0 3 IO

(Address) II. HVYES,

70 and 72, George-street,

C971 Four doors from Ihn New Royal Hotel. CHRISr&XAS PBEácwxs ona KKW

yaa.Ha' otÊ-xa.

JUST OPENED, an assortment of splendid

Wax Dolls and Ladies' Work Boxes, Dressing Coxes, Writing Desks, &c, &c. Also, three cases of Parasols.


No. 12, King street(/

Between Pitt aud Castlereagh-streots. Sydney, 1 lth Doccniber._ C898

GENTLEMEN'S and Youth's Persian Cloth

Surtouts, Dress Coat», and Jackets

Ditto ditto brown Linen Blouses, Rustic, npd

Taglioni Coats

Russia Duck, Gambroon, brown and white Drill


White and Regatta Shirts

Boys' Cloth and Horse-hair Caps

Children's Silk Velvet ditto.


6973_81, Pitt street.


JUST OPENED, and on sale by the under-

signed, a case of superior RAZORS, of the celebrated manufacture of Gilbert Brothers & Co., Sheffield.

_;_ T. MAPPIN, »

CÚTfírríu7^.tí4fi3toJffltaÜi¿Bd Elasjie.SíeeJ

Truss Maker, 15, Pitt-street Sortn," Sydney. January 5._,_227

SETTLERS- and others requiring the above

for immediate use, win find, on inspectiou, a large and well assorted stock, in Hair. Flock, ¿lva-Marina, and othrr KLitireses, with Feather

lied?, Bolsters, and PIIIJWS.


(¡972_81, Pitt-street.



THE Subscriber begs to inform hts friends

and the public in general, who have so Inmi awaited the arrival of his CHINA CURIO ii tim, SILKS, PRESERVE*, 4c, thal the capture of Canton has enabled luai to îcceifc ten cores, containing beautiful specimens of Lacquered Ware, in tes-b.-urds, tta^addits, waiters, and cottle stv.ndF, in Bizes, work tabks, work.boxrs, wrkinjt desks, and t rajs', backgammon boards, &c ; exqui siicly carved torloisesiull snuff-boles, combs, &c ; pearl fish and counter!, silk-winders Ac; unique carved sets.of chessmen, needle cases, c->rd-cas<s, ; tnrved ivory cirdbaikelsoftxtraofdmary "workm\BEbii>; satin embroidered «prout, plain ttud figured camlets and silks, mosquito ¡¡»uze, o L.


Four bales of this celebrated uulliug, unequalled for beauty and durability; its exportation is strictly prohibited, as well as its use. except in the palaces »f tfcc emperor, and the sacred temples; every nut ii doubly sUuiped with the celestial seal.

? »»»Fresh Ginger, Citron, and Chow.cbow, st seven suilUais «he ¡ar ! ¡


üritúb and Foreign House, ,

C367_' '..Gcorge.stre e».

Paur-horaa Power Stoata Snfflaü,

ON SALE, at the Stores of the undersigned

a four-horee power STEAM-ENGINE, new and in good order. Boiler seven feet four mell«, ¡jy two feet ten inches, three eighth pUtett' made by John Nelson, of Glaigow ,

« u. lt ia.HOW&CQ.

December IS, .. 6571

aATtTixnawAwn, CHINA, aaa OZ.AS3


THE most extensive variety of any House in

the Colony. FILTERS, with tops and taps ¡ ?|Uít received a large assortment of BROWN WARE comprising Milk and Wash Pans, covered and uncovered Jars, &c, &c.


63, George street, opposiîethc Market Pump. _-_7l2t

^»-Í. i 0wtöÄs«nr-'v?ssrW9.'

THE undersigned have just received a fresh

supply of very superior French and German Jijlht Wines, nt fio u tnentî to tighty Tour sbiilings

".AU^'somo PORT WINF. and SHERRY, in

wood and bottle, from the firm of Sandtaian, F/crsttr .mi Co, of London. ?>


6S14 Macquarie place.

JUST LANDED, and on Sale at J. Stirling's

Wholesale, and Retail Grocery and Provi-

sion Stores

Two hundred barrels prime Lcchfine Herrings,

in fine condition, at 6s. Gd. barrel.


One hundred Cheshire Cheescr.

. Lower George.street, January G. 250

VAN »samara-a iAwra BAT.

ON SALE, by the undersigned, VanDiemen's

Land hydraulic-pressed Oaten Hay.


Thom'» Wharf, January 4._185


thirty-tour feet six inches on the kee), thirty-seven feet over all, eleven feet six inches beau, carver built, one and a half inch plank flooded gum, sloop rigged, with a new suit of sails, anchor, and chain cable; the boat about six months built, capable of carrying from eighteen to twenty tons.

The second launch of a flat constrnction, just undergone a thorough repair, capable of carrying fourteen tons, with anchor and cable. For further paiticulars enquiia of Mr. W. Rouse, Steam Carriage Inn, Newcastle, 6335

To noTO-;y-arrivo(iXcmilGrrauts, ù. otbora

., of-V-aan capital.

TO BE DISPOSED OF, the unexpired term

of an estublishrd sea side board and lodging house, situated in a iL-uruhing town, to which the steamers ply regularly, and resorted to by visitors from the metropolis. A married couple of obliging disposition would find the present an excellent opportunity of entering into business, as the home is thoroughly furuubed. And in addition to the present business of the establish- ment, which occupies the time only of the female portion of the family, a profitable trade enn be carried on by opening a store, for which there ia every convenience unionnected with tho house, and bartering with the surrounding settlers for produce. Tra profits of this lins of business are too well known to require comment; by so doing, the time of the male part of the family would be profitably employed. Persons desirous of commencing basinCM with the least possible delay, will racly nutt with such achi-nce as the present. For particulars apply to Mr. II. Sutherland, Sydney Gazette Office._6025


THE whole of that lucrative ironmongery

business, hclonging to the Estate of the Ute Janies BUnct'. Tue Uock to be taken nt a valuation, and tba pretaises at an annual rent; immediate povcfurii can b3 had. Application lo be mode to fcd>e Manniuj;, Esq.

December U, 164). _fi7f8 IjlOR SALE, in the neighbourhood of the

Snowy Uiver, Maneroo, a GENERAL STORE, now in full trade, well stocked \iith woollendrapery, hosiery, saddlery, ironmongery, and silk mercery. Among the stock is a large variety of merinos, prints, and every description of mousseline de Laiuc dresses, shawls, a variety of silk handkerchiefs, ribbons, ready made clothing, hats of various qu iii ties, and other goods generally in demand ; the whole of the extensive stock is well selected, and i«, in every respect, suitable to the gineral demand in country stores.

The present will bo found a most eligible and and highly advantageous opportunity for any enterpnsiag young man. Terms, liberal. Fur- ther particulars will be given oa application to the proprietor, Mr. EDMUND BUCKLEY, Maneroo ; or to Messrs. Cooper & Holt, Water-

loo Warehouse.

Sydney, December 29. -75CÛ

E*i>lí. SAUS.

A SPLENDID Grey Mare, four years old,

petfectly sound and quiet, in single and double Harness ; also, in »addle, together with Carriage and Harness, enquire of Mr. W. U. Parker, Town Surveyor's Office, Macquarie

street._ lit



Eight Milking COWS, with Cahcs by their


Eight quiet Working Bullocks.

To be sold, a decided bargain. Apply to


202_C2, George street. I UtrSITAIVI COWS VOa UAX.B.


with Calves by their sides, imported in ?4^lë-L5t!V Clarkt, and landed in the best possible

condition^ . ALSOi

Fou? Tups oft&è«^uro Leicester breed, per

same »bin, >^

All to he seen aUMr\Arraslrong'a, Castle, reagh street. For particulnWnpP'y tf>


75 ______ _ _ Juh3Í5Ptt »treet. FOR* SALÉ~BY~PÏÙVATE~ C0N?i6iíJT.

a raised herd of horned cattle of a superior" descrip'ion, consisting of

Three hundred cows ¡

Ninety-six bullocks

One hundred and thirty-two heifers and

steers, from one to two years ago.

Total-Five hundred and twenty-eight.

The above herd of cattle are of a very supe«, rior description ; the bulls not running with the heifers until of a proper age, the above number, more or less, do not include calves of this year's increase, but should the purchaser wish to have them also, he can at n moderate rate. The purchaser ii to receive the good will of'the station, which is sitúate between Gipps Land and Omeo Pleins, eighty miles from the former and twenty.five miles from the latter. This would bo a great advantage to any'gentle- man wishing to commence a grazing establish- ment at Gipps Land, saving the trouble and expense of driving cattle a great distance.

The improvements on the station consist of wheat, paddocks, stockyards, a gdqd substantial slab house containing five rooms, ono dray, working oxen with gear, plough, barrows, and other agricultural implements, cooking Utensils, and all other necessaries for a ¡.tock station, with two or three good young stock or cart horses.

The station is of a very excellent description

and well watered.

Further particulars will be given on nfipH« catiou to the proprietor, Mr. Edmund Buckley, Maneroco; or to Messrs, Cooper end Holt,

Waterloo Warehouse.

Sydney, Decciaber 29»%^.»*-, 7499


I n xvxixoa Herd ef cattla for Balo 67 *rU j j Vato Contract.

ABOUT Two hundred Head of very superior

Cattle, now running on the Namoi River, all Calves poder six months will be given ia, M eil worth the »ttention of newly arrived Emigrants or person* of small capital, as the vendor is willing to niv^ a liberal credit, if not ES! i hy Private Conin-ct will be put «p to RUC ion in January ntxt. For further particubrs apply lo Mr Thonws Viwsei, I Wttt Ma|riand. _ 50-.9

I 3.000 Sv/co for Sato.


Ewes, FIVE HUNDRED and FORTY Full Mouthed) wet rented fice from diieasc of nu) kind, and never to hav>s b?en dh&uscl. The abovo

I ure running within fm ty milr-a of Goulburn, mid will

be delivered at Goulburn or Yass it* required.

Apnly to R. 0. Jiethtrjdge, K>q, Wellington Penrith, or to John TiDgcomke, E<[, Church Hill


I November Iff._517S

ß ß a a P.

FOR SALE," by privnte contract, the follow-

ing valuable Flocks of Sheep, with Stations, i Huts Hurdlts,ttnd ntco sary uti nul, yi/¿n in'.

Floek No I.-BÍS Jj>e-, two jems old, with %U»

nwle and l/>.) female J.amlr, four moLtlis old, Ly thtirnde, given iii; lot«l S99.

Flick No >i. Ki JK-veR, thie« (Cbi-soW, withaîî

male nnd 21Ï fe.nale Lum s four months old, by their side given in ; total, 975.

Flock No 3,-r.9/4 hwts, four yewi old, with 21i>

male nnd 209 female lamb?, (cur UiOLths old, by their side, given in; tntsl t0)7.

Flock No 4.-7S3JÍWCS. five and seven ysarsold,

with ?10 male and 214 fern ile Iamb;, four months ol I, by tHeir fide, given in ; total, l,iûf. No.5- M7 M-iitn K'w. Floik No. ti.- Stó Minden llvef,

l'Ick No 7-..'91 Wet hers, three and fmryeprs old. Flock No H-G74 Wethtw, fourteen month« old Kio- k No 1-C75 Wethers, f> urteen months old

Flock Nu. >n_500 Wellun,, thrtc und four years

old ; and 75 wrll bred Rum«.

, * Grund Totul, 7,719.

The ntove de&cribed Sheep are m fine condition, M3 warranted p, ikelly Uran ,»iid free from di cn«

und are nov depasturing on wtlt witched Strions I within twenty miks of the town>lnp of liuthuitt, wheie they oin le utn »t any lune

Application to I* 1'i-ide. if by letter p<»t paid, to the propriülm, luvul Puiùr, Rock'orevt. rieur Batiiuut, cr nt UM oflhc of Ai-piiull, liiownc, » nd Co, I h.irluite plaie, 4)dii<:r.

_Ternu. liberal,_7tCS,

itf.sXXOa--WO&O tHOXiOiS.

MR. HALLEN'S Property at Wolomolor»

u opeu for selectiou to purchasers by Private Contract. Apply tp Mr. stubbs, Mart King-street.

November 22, IBU._G110

XV O O 2..

Ta V/ool Growers and cthors.


open for the reception of WOOL intended for sale, either by private sale or public auction. Advances will be made if required, and no ¡itorc reut will be charged.


Auctiou Mart,

Qedrgc-slrcet and Charlotte.plsee. woosisoaTzwör"

THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform settlers

and merchants that he will be able to store, class, and repack wuol in Sydney, during the ensuing season, and also make inetchantable any that may be damaged by fresh water.


4109 _ Woolbrolter, 115, Pitt-street


THE undersigned are purchasers of Wool of

this season's clip,




THE undersigned are purchasers of Wool

of this season's clip,


G039 &t< rts, Lo ver George strfet.


THE Undersigned are purchasers of wool of

th $ season's clip.


Bank Court, King-street.

Sydney September 15._C912


THE undersigned is a buyer of this season's

Wool, or will procure advance» thereon. Early application to be made.

G¿6'0_T. U. RÏDER, Agent. |

TO carpontcra, Suiluero, &c.

PARTIES willing to contract for the com-

pletion of tho Parsonage Hpuse, Biisban» vt *t:i« m¿ uq leited b> a--iM m ihrir tendéis to the Rfpstry ufüceof til« Uulup of Auntrutiu, where a spiCiiie-ifion of the wuk required may be sem ou application. _ KM THE TRUSTEES of the Wollongong and

Bulli Parish Road, leading through the Fairy ile-udow, wc rmdy io enter town els lo1 it pairing m.d ranking lim iinu of ron', at |«r mile for ii dis unce U »uvtn miles, l'er.ui.s willing to tender for the tune uiay U!K.U¡.I information (if by lette! pvit paid} hy application .<> Mr James (luina ton, Su vejor tu ilia i'lUittt», Wollou^oiu;. 7c7¿

ASVAíifrAOSOUS oyrxja.

A PERSON desiring the Loan of £200.

Oders Board and Lodging to any Lady or Gentleman in lieu of Interest until the above sum is paid. Tbc party and accommodation is of the highest lespecubility. Letters addressed G G. G" to bo left at the Herald ofiicc, till

called for._ 2fG ONE ortwogentlemen may be accommodated

with Board and Lodging, at the lcsidcnce of a respectable family, in a pleasant* situation at the north end of Sydney. Tenus, single lltU Room 30s. per week ; double, from £l 3s. t X1 5s. Apply at the Herald cflice.

Zn tho »state* or tno lato »atriste ttctlly vn^u or «tamana.

"" «-.","_ wroxton.

PERSONS^JfC''0« oioiras on the lwe Mr.

Patrick Reilly.XSf Ea5t Maitland, are rrciucsted to fuitii h theii*5" """"..t0 'h* under siirned, »nd (base indebted to>fc!j£ u**1* "» P-V the same immediately. v *>*,, ». "»«->.. >

Any person haldinç pipers "W property of any description belooe,ia>; lu the late Ali' Patrick RkiUy, will deliver the same to the credi- tors without delay, and any party fallía^ to do to after this notice will bo prosecuted

N B.-Any petsjn «inn«'on to the exe- cutors of any |/*peis or property lelougimr. to the estate ueiug con^aled, will be rewarded.

THOMAS l>£fü S Eíec«tO"»

Maitland, December 2G. . 7488

Tlio Sstavo ot tho late Jamos Blanch.

NOTICE.-All parsons hnviug claims ogalnst

the above Estafa are requested to send In the amount of their cliiins forthwith; and x11 pet* sxu indebted to the Estajn aro recurs ted to settle them on or before the 21st January, 18VÎ, or they will be handsJ over to the solicitor for recovery,

NiTK'B-Mr. W. Bury is appointed to collect in all ouuttuidisg deb's.whojsrewdptwUlbetuSiclKnt for tho sure. * 7J7Ä

Xn the »atato ex'DAY nuit* SUBZÏI, XtrUi*

gists, Kuïitoï-atroe.t. " , , ¡ . ' A LL perso«» indebted to the above «state j <£\. are requested to pay their account* to Mùf>

1 Monti, At^unt«ir,<»rnärorKin^t)Ädratf^t^;1

By «der (

Syíney,D«)»lí» S", * , , r". .<#>? EM».


ALL Accounts due to the ' late firm of

GORDON and KING, anti the.unde- signed, are requested to be settled forthwith to 'save expense, and all demands to he sent to

the undersigned, at Mr. Thomas Claibe's, 82, George-street.

- R. C. GORDON. January 1. 2rt


THE undersigned being about lo'TSlire from

business, requests that all accounts due to him may o*. fettled by the close of tie jeor; in order lo rifoid trou Me or expense; arid nil punies having cluinii upon him, to forwiud t lie same without delay .


£9, George-street South. - »6635

TUB Public are requested to take notice,

-that I will not be responsible for any debt, c m tract ofother liabilities, of John Carpenter, of Jerry's Plain.', not being connected with the laid John Carpenter in any w*rof Uisiiufa, ?


Jerri's Plein*, December 28. 7it0 NOTICE is hereby given, that neither of the

undersigned has any connexion' with a pt rson subscribing himself A Campbell, at lill idull«, Huskis^oi', or Juvis Town, cr Moy .other place in the neighbourhood of Jeryi* Bay. ?>


Ac couti <-nt Sydney, ALEXANDER C-CiMPUELL. -

d7_'_StGeniwi» "min.



. my indented servants, having lately ab« scondeJ from my service, I hereby bífera reward, of £2 each lor their apprehension, and conviction of the person or persons harbouring or employ- ing them after this notice. Warrant« bave been taken out agaiust them at the Police Office,


John Tinsey, emigrant, per ship Elisabeth / arrived in 184.1 $ about 21 years of agc ; 5 Jeet 7 inches high ; puck-marked ; light complexión ; blue ring mark on finge* ; blue marks on arras ¡ farm labourer ; native of Qlcucctteuhire ; speaks


William Tinsey, cni'gront, per ship Elizabeth, ¡ arrived in l8 i Í ; ubout 2¿ years of agc ; 5 feet 8 ' inches high ; ruddy ; freckled complexion ; red , hair ; blue ring njnrk on finger; farm labourer »

native Of Gloucestershire ; speaks broad.


Charlton, December 7. . ' ? _. C7iU AS my wife, MARY SHEARGOUL,' ha»

abandoned her home without any just cmi&6 or pruv/kution, on the ¿fill of July las', I ¿a hereby caution (my person RgBr-M: h Aborning her «i coDirr.cuim any de'jta »iili htv in my name, us 1 will not be «.aooi.sth1« for t];e laine ; aud I am detrr. mined to Uko piuou.d¡u¡ii> Brüllst mell P'rcon or pt n>oas nhotiiuy lim tour her after this notice ; ami if the (Hid Mary Shim ¿cul dun, uni return within one month afur tbfe date, I will take fcuth Heps a¿aiiu>t lier as tae law nuy ndmit uf. .

UEUUGK Ü11KARGOUL. Shoilh .veJi December 14,

DzscRirrioM -.sudden name:Mary Foley; helfrlif, . (our teal eleven ii»he*} *iAv>Ch<tm¡ihíi f com

pl-ïioc, siillu.v; hair, dark, iuclit,ed to curl; ejes, light Kemsnu, a littlo high on check bone; nose n little cocked._7KV<

.»WEWTY-FIVB ¡cotrarim XBWAVD.

QTOLEN or STRAYED, from the Burroowa O Inn, on the 10th September last, a dark brown mare, heavy in foal, aged, black points, branded R on off shoulder, and CR under the saddle, neither very distinct.


A grey horse, three years, very remarknbl« from having all the four feet .turned inwards ; both very quiet.

- Three pounds wi 1 be paid upon their recovery

if Btrayed, and, twenty-five pounds upon con» victiou of thov parties, if stolen, supposed to have gone towards Port Phillip.


Burroow», near YMS, December 23._7520

£20 !%&y/AKD.

WÜEREAS about Nine o'clock Last Night,

tomo person entered my Shop, durintr > the temporary absence cf mr family, and stola theicfroin my Writing Desk, containing several, notes of hand, my bread book, and a sum ot' money, The above Reward of £20 will be paid to any person or persons who will glvo such In . formatiun as may lead to the conviction of the party or parties concerned in the said theft, and the recovery of the property sa stolen.


Baker, Cumberland-street, Sydney, Janunry 5. 203

aw-earnr vovtaxta »»wa*».

WHERUAS several head of Horned Cattle

Have been taken from off my Ran at various ti lies, »ml it appears sever»! head aie now missing; the move Reward nill Le paid ty me to mi) peison ltudiug to the coiivi.tiou of the guilty



Juara, Arçyle, Tîccemlxrilifc } ii

TWEii sir vovnxta BBWASO,

STRAYED from Kalanghaa Creek, mid sup.

posed to have gone m a direction toward« Taralga:-A bay brown Filly, three years old, about fifteen hand« one inch high, black points, long tail, unbroken, branded titi under inane off side. Whoever will deliver the above at my residence Arthuret, Yass, shall receive Five Founds reward if slrajed only, nud Twenty Pounds on conviction ot the offenders if stolen.

SAMUEL BAWTREé. Arthurct, Yass, January 6. 25«


STRAYED from the Grove Farm, about

thirty six miles from Bathurst, a chestnut Hoi se, ii ma five ye*«old, t randed »ilfnide Hlunder nadJlc indiMiacf i Leí» sido under tudul« of)4 HUT


cn furiAeaa,oil hind legwhite, light mane «md tail Wh'KvtrtttJrnstliet-'ineto Mr (»iwgc ¡Viocait», ti uikdown. BJ hunt, «ill lecu've the above ro


a wo ?po-attne nnwAsix».

LOVT, by the undersigned, a Cheqie for

£250, drawn by Joseph Walford in favour of D. Egan, on the Bank of New South Wales, "ifei&âi1"0 8th January, 1812. All persons are

,...,. **ï*niltrtnAil pgoittH* fnnniuini* fllA flflmi*.

__- ".."».... "...bring ...-?-«-.. - "

office, Lower George street, «^^'""iv above reword. DA*.??\£UA.T, __Sydney, January 5. ____..VS

JOHN O'HERON, alias Connaught Jack,

free by servitude, absconded from the hired service ot Mr, Joseph Smith, senior, of Mac donald River. Whoever will give such informa- tion as will lead to his apprehension will re- ceive the above reward, and parties are hereby cautioned against employing or harbouring


¿jüistti -JU*


BAY CLEVÊàaW'MABE; black poiaj

1 -in:

JBorIB4oni,nettroftVde. J,fstolen, iWtrd' of ten pouruli will bâ psld on. conviction of the offender*;: if afreet!,, a re»trd>©ff#jWt»n*i YitUte Baid.op JWr duitVrry t<* M^ri' Hugh«* r.ud. Isaac, SfekfiKek, iJiWter.rlWf.No other

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