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IN consequence of a number of those persons in the colony who profess to follow up the Jewish Ritual, having been hitherto deprived     of the advantages of public worship, a com- mittee was elected some months ago for the purpose of getting a place of worship erected, and an application was made to his Excellency, to grant a site for the erection of a synagogue, which was complied with. Upwards of £3000 has since then been subscribed towards defraying     the expense of the building. The Committee have     felt themselves so much indebted to Mr. D. Poole, solicitor, for his assistance, that they have forwarded the subjoined letter to that genttcmin, to which he his icspomled.

The following is a topv of the letter -

Siu,-I am directed bj the Committee of the Sydney Synagogue to return you their %ery grttelul thanks for the interest, /enl, mid ever tion, which YOU hate evinced in obtaining foi the Hebrew body of this Colony, nu allotment of land for the erection of a place of worship for the members of their faith The members of the Committee also request mc to stete thnt they rely further upon \ ur /cal in promoting the obiect of getting the grant prepared Tiieir delny in not writing to you earlier is to be at- tributed to their willingness to place before you, the exact sums thtv will be able to collect, as also plans and specifications, and their íclinnce upon your unwearied exertions as a philanthro- pist, and your 'cal and judgment in the prof-s sion of which you are a member, assures them that you will not fail to carn speedily into cflect the desire of the members of the Hebrew holy

in New South Wales. I have &c

D. Poole, Esq. ' GEO. MOSS,

lion. Sec. to the Building Committee.

To which Mr. Toole returned the following

reply :

DKAR. Sin,-I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of jour letter of the 20th inst., subscribed hy you as Honorary Secretary to the Building Committee, namely, those gentlemen who Imc, by the nomination of the members of the Jewish faith, been appointed, first to plan, and nfteraards to superintend, the building of the great Synagogue of New South Wales. May the work of their hands prosper '. and if my humble labours and services can advance the interests of this holy undertaking, they shall be devoted with/cal, and employed with unie nutting attention. I ha\c now to return to the Committee, and to you, Sir, as their Honorary Secretary, my most grateful thanks for the honourable mention of my name, although I nm not aware that I lmc merited the kind things said of mc; hut as I shall be ever proud to maintain the good opinion of my fellow rTigion ists, I will be stedfast in my com se to desene the contintvince of their approbation.

I have the honor to remain, &c,

Mr. Geo. Moss. D. POOLE.

The Subscription Lists for Names of Persons subscribing to the fund lor the purchase of a Stiver Silver, with a suitable inscription, to be presented to Mr. Poole by the Jewish congre gation, are now lying with Mr. Joseph Simmons, of George-street, and Mr. Josephs, of Pitt-street.

The building will be commenced as soon ns the sperilicitions and other details arc completed.

THE POST 0FFICE-Notwithstanding the ex- ertions of our Postmaster-General to get the business of his department transacted in such a manner as to promote the commercial interests of the colony ; we are sorry to leam that all his arrangements are frequently rendered abortive by the gross negligence of the commanders of vessels having mails on board for Sydney. On Tuesday last, the ship China landed four mails, two of which were from England, of the 22nd and 23rd of November, 1839; these having been carried hither and afterwards taken on from this port with the vessel. There were also mails fiom the Cape and Swan River, treated in a similar manner per the Prima Donna, the latter having been despatched on the 24th June, 1840. Under such circumstances, the Post- master-General has only one course to pursue, and that is to apply to the proper authorities and get the law put in force, and if the parties  


TIIU SUPRRMP. COURT.-The following is a copy of the Calendar which !.-ns been posted up for the second term of the Supreme Court: Monday and Tuesday, May 17 and l8, Banco days ¡Wednesday, l°tli,undefend. d causes in one court, and a supplemental list in the other; Thursday, 20th, Holy Thursday; Friday, 21st, any causes untried on the 18th and 10th may be tried on this day ; Saturday, 22nd, Banco ; Sun- day, 23rd, Sunday; Monday, 21th, Queen's

Birthday ; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, j 25tb, 2Gth, and 2/th, Assessor Cause Day»;|

Friday, 28tli, any causes remaining over on the

27th inny be tried ou this day ; Saturday, 29th, any causes remaining with the two Judges' sit- ting in banco in the other court room ; Sunday, 30th, Sunday ; Monday, 31 st, any causes re- maining over to be tried this day j Tuesday and Wednesday, June 1st and 2nd, for the trial of causes before common juries : Thursday, 3rd, trying causes before special juries ; Friday and Saturday, 4th and 5th, the trial of the special jury causes to be continued in one court room, and the Judges sitting in banco in the other room; Monday, 7th till Saturday, 12th,-if ne- cessary the whole week may be devoted to the trial of such special jury causes as arc untried on the 3rd, 8th, and llth of June; Tuesday, and Wednesday, 8th and 9th, six special jury causes may be entered for trial on each of these two days ; 13th, Sunday; Wednesday and Thursday, 16th and 17th, full court in banco for new trials only.

ERRATA.-lu the advertisement of the Her-

ald of Monday, the Gth, signed "John Tuckwell and Charles A. Robertson," read in the 32 line from the top "this is a great," in lieu of "the great;" in 67th line, "Ile f* comedown," in Hen of" lie bath, &c."; 17th line from the bot- tom, " The angles which kept, etc.," iii lieu of "left"/ 20th from the bottom, "to minister to the bodies oi the elect," ia lieu of " to the bodies,


INQUEST.-Yesterday an inquest was held at   Mr. O'Donnell's Public-house, on the body of Surah Dunn, of Clarence-street. Mr. Surgeon Lloyd of Market-street, having certified that death was caused by inflammation of the bowels induced by previous habits of intemperance, the jury returned a verdict in accordance with this testimony, although five out of the twelve were publicans!

Duru.txG.-Reports are rife about town that res fal of these arili-christiati exhibitions

have taken place in the strictest privacy within these lew days. The «ames of the parties we have been nuable to leam ; and are willing to hope that the reports are without the slightest


BERRIMA CIRCUIT COURT.-There is but one case set down for trial before the civil sittings of this court viz., Reedy v. Lynch. The crimi- nal calender is as follows:- William Westwood, -bond, first charge, stealing in a dwelling house and putting in bodily fear; second charge, rob-   bing with firearms; third charge, horse stealing.   James Callington, freed, first charge, shooting, with intent to murder; second charge, shooting, with intent to do some grievous bodily harm;   William Lowe, free, charged with an aggravated assault. James Jackson, free, charged with murder. Jamen Donally, bond, and John Keating, bond, charged with breaking an entry into and stealing in a dwelling house; and John Farrell, also bond, indicted as an accessory. Thomas Leary alias Sutton, ticket-of leave holder, charged with murder. Patrick Curran, bond, first charge, rape ; second charge, assault, with intent to murder. Richard Fees, born in the colony, and William Saywood, free, charged with cattle stealing. William Saywood, indicted for horse stealing. Thomas Lawler alias James Hannagan,       both bond, charged with horse stealing. Ro- bert Farrell, bond, shooting with intent to mur- der; Joseph Farrell and John Parker, both bond, indicted as accessories. Andrew Boyd, freed     charged with breaking and entry into and steal-

ing in a dwelling house. Thomas Lawler alias   John Hannagan, indicted for cattle stealing.

T«K BATHURST CIRCUIT COURT.-There li but one set down for trial at the civil

sittings vi tills Çsurt, viz.-Macarthur r. Haw


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