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FBOM our files of Rockhampton papors to tho l?th August wo abridgo the following ¡toms of news respecting tho gold-fields in the neigh- borhood of Rockhampton :

Mining matters at tho Crocodilo oro, says tho j Bulletin, assuming a botter appearanoo with tbo " spell" of fino weather with whioh tho diggora havo of lato hoon favored. The holders of claims on tho creek aro commencing work, and with a continuance of fino wcathorhavo Banguino hopes of doing something worth the while of thoir labor. A few left tor tho Doo Rush, but it ap- pears to havo oreated vory little interest among tho miners at the Crocodilo. Somo of thoso that left for the Deo returnod, and do not givo a satisfactory aocount of thoir travels. No gold from tho Doo has as yet boon purchased by tho gold buyers at the Crocodile. A parcel of gold, .weighing 140 ounces, WOB brought in yostordoy from the Rosowood diggings, by Mr. Josoph Pattison. Of this lot thero wero fifty ounces of nuggets, ono weighing twenty-two ounces, ono fourtoen, one cloven, and ono nino ounces. The nuggots wore all got within tho space of two days. Tho water has gone down considerably.

A letter roeoivod in town from tho Raglan diggings, says tho Bulletin, states that two mon, for threo wooka' work, turnod out gold to tho valuo of £114, whioh sum waa poid to thom thoro by a storekeopor. Tho diggers, it adds,

have plonty of gold in hand, but oan find no J buyers, there being only a fow atorekoopers on the ground. Several now gullioa havo beon opened, and diggers of oxporionco have groat confidence that this field will provo as rich as any yet disoovored in this district. Some diggers who had no funds, and could not there- fore afford to wait and givo the ground o fair trial, havo loft for Rosewood. Thoro aro about

300 diggers on the ground, and porfeotly satis-

fied with thoir earnings.

Tho late rush to Herbert's Crock has turnod out badly (saya the Argus), and most desorters have roturnod to Morinish and Rosowood. Fresh discoveries of roefs continuo to be mado at Morinish, some of whioh are rioh. How- ever, it is the general impression that all yot discovered are leadors, and that tho main roof ÍB still to bo found. Tho holders of suoh ground as tho Allianco and Kennedy's aro porfoctly con- tent w ith their lot and bido thoir timo.-Tho Rosowood Boems to bo paved with nugg

LaBt wook a party of men went to work in the I bed of tho crook, and took' out 150 ozs. of puro gold. Tho lato raina had swollod the orook,

and tho man waited till tho water drainod off, ¡ and thon "went in and won." The crook runs for milos, and may be oqually auriferous for all that can bo Baid to the contrary. Parties aro now busy cutting racos, and seem satisfied of dropping on it. With tho oxooption of raco outting, vory little work savo fossicking is at- tempted. Tho people are doing nothing but nugget-hunting. We yostordoy BOW threo vory fine specimons, weighing 83, 14, and 11 ounces eaoh of virgin oro-puro as the Pactolus. The peoplo keop flying about, unsettled by the general rioh neaa of the diggings. Thoy won't sot in to work, unless for a pile. Prospects, unloss something heavy, havo no charms for them. The consoquence ÍB that we hoar of a succes-

sion of rushes to tho Doe and elsewhere Wo ] oan only attribute the apparont unattraotivo neBS of our diggings to tho impeouniosity with whioh the pooplo south aro afflicted, or to the opposite oauBO, thoir affluonco, and that tho working classos aro auffioiontly woll off to re- main satisfied with thoir position. If so, then lot tho uppor classes como ; God knows thoy aro poor enough, if wo aro to. judge by tho amount of engineering it takes to tunnel a way into thoir pookots. Wo could do very oomfort ably with a few thousand diggers, providod thoy came by monthly instalments of 500 ; but wo depreoate a rush. Thoro is plonty of ground, and good ground too. Quite enough for oaoh baton as it arrives to take up and work profit- ably. Tho Southorn minors should moot_ and appoint dologatcs to como and test the diggings, whioh would bo the surest way to avoid disap- pointment. What we fear is that o very hoavy

find, or somo monster nuggot, a likely contin- ' gonoy, will oroato a rush to an oxtont wo aro I not prepared to meot. To our knowledge, nug- gots weighing from 2 ozs. to 38 ozs., and plonty of them, tho produoe of Rosewood and Mori-

nish, aro in the possession of tho Sydnoy | banks, and should be publicly exhibited.