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August 14.

NEWS has reached town of the discovory of a nuggot at Bagluu Aveighing thirty pounds.

Its value is calculated at £1400.


August 14.

The Government intend introducing a now Land Bill on Wednesday next.

Earl Belmore, tho nowly-appointed Governor of Now South Wales, will loove England by the Soptember moil. His Excollonoy Sir John Young will leave on the arrival of bia successor.

Bortrond's coso was to havo been hoard beforo tho Privy Council on June 27.

Trade is dull.



August 14.

Mr. Duffy has beon roturned for Dalhousie.


August 14.

Tho 14th Regiment is undor ordors to Bail

for Tasmania.

The Legislative Assembly has passed measures for the roliof of the Northorn squattors.

STEPS aro being taken for a demonstration of opinion upon the rooont apostasy of Mr. Pritohard, one of tho city mombors. A mooting, at half-post 7 to-night, Avili bo hold at tho Town nail Exchange, for tho purpose of making further arrangements.

A BEQUISITION, got up hy several of the gon tlemon who formed Mr. Pritchard's committoe at tho recent olection, calling on tho Mayor to preside at a publio meeting, to be hold on to- morrow evening, in tho Town Hall, to consider Mr. Pritohard's conduot in voting against tho Government in tho division on Tuesday ovoniug, and with a view to demanding his immediate resignation of tho reprosontation of North Bris- bane, was in oourso of signature last evening.

WE publish to-doy, wo are not quite Büro how many lottors, commenting on tho conduct of Mr. Pritchard. Wo ovorhold very noarly as many on account of tho manifest excitement under whioh thoy woro written, or rather on account of tho strong tern» in whioh that oxoitoment finds vont. It is not surprising that tho action of this most unfortunate solóotion of tho pooplo of Brisbane should exasperate thom bitterly, but wo fear thoy aro now most oompletoly Bold, and that Mr. Pritchard and his employers laugh in thoir sleovos at tbo angor of the olootors of North Brisbane. Mr. Pritohard, we aro in- formed, declares that ho is in, and nathless all his promises to resign if called upon, in ho will stay. It is the duty of the electors to request him to resign, and thoy aro right in preparing to do so with a unanimity which cannot bo mis- taken. We must, howover, crave thoir mercy in the matter of publishing corroBpondonco which, being anonymous, has only a qualified valuo as expressing publie opinion. All the lottors sent us only say, in various phraseology, that Mr. Pritohard, ohoson by tho people mainly through a belief that he was an honest and intelligent man, and would bo an honest and intelligent if not an ablo politician, has turned out, at tho vory outset of his enroor, a renegado to his pledges, a violator of tho trust roposed in him, and being guilty of those crimes, without no ceBBity and without exouso, is not only politic- ally falso and foroswom, but the most remark- able exumplo of a downright fool that has yot figured in Queensland politics. If any

one of thoso who love to writo to the

pross on occasions like the presont can prove anything moro than this, and ohooso to sign their roal namos to thoir letters, for pub- lication, our columns aro open to thom, but if thoy hove nothing moro to say than has already boon said about Mr. Pritohard wo ontroat of thom to refrain. i

WE would remind our Valloy friends that the nomination of dolegates for the Valley English Church will take placo this ovoning, at tho Valloy school-house, at half-past 7 o'clock ; and, in the ovent of there being a contest, tho poll, by ballot, will toko placo on Monday ovoning, tho 19th instant.

IT is scarcely necessary to remind tho publio that tho ball in aid of the Brisbano Hospital takes place to-night. Wo dare say that very few of our fashionables will bo absont, and that tho gathoring will bo a brilliant and sucoossful ono in nil respects, and wDl bo the means of realising a handsome sum for the most valuable institution, in behalf of which it is to bo given.

THE Secretary of tho Brisbano Hospital begs to acknowledge, with thanks, tho rocoipt of tbo following donations for the Hospital Ball to be hold at tho School of Arts this evening:-Mr. H. Hughes, Spring Hill, three tongues ; Mr. L. Fogarty, Spring Hill, sevou dozen rolls aud one dozen loaves; Messrs. Bright Brothers, and Co., eight dozon of alo ; Mr. R. L. Drow, ship- ping master, milk, buttor, lemons, and oranges ; Messrs. Fogan and Co., Queen-street, a case of clarotj Messrs. Mackinlay Brothors, Edward street, a quantity of tea, sugar, buttor, nutmegs, preserved fish, and biscuits ; Mr. M. Walmsloy, fruitoror, a quantity of oranges, applos, and bannanas ; Mr. J. P. Jost, Queen-street, throo tongues, threo largo Gorman Bausagos, and one ham; Mr. M. Hughes, grocer, Queen-street, one large ham, ono English cheese, and a large tin of biscuits ; Mr. H. H. Payno (of the Gap), two pairs of fowls ; Mr. I. Savago, Fortitude Valloy, six tins of salmon ; Mr. Hanson, Family Hotel, Georgo-streot, fivo dozen eggs j Mr. W. F. C. Wilson, George-street, a pair of fowls. All cooked and proparod provisions will bo ro coived by the committoo at the School of Arts not later than one p.m. this day.

THESE were, in tho Asylum at Woogaroo at date of last report, 97 males and 41 females. Since then, two moro malo patients havo beon admitted, and the total number now is 140.

A] MEETING ofysboreholders of the,Pim- pama Sugar Company (limited) was. held yes- terday, to receive the ¡final accounts and report of the liquidators. Messrs. W. Briggs and F. Bauer, the liquidators," presented a report to the offoot that on entering upon their duties in accordance with a resolution passed at an ex- traordinary meeting of tho shareholders, held on 3rd July last, thoy liad found by tho balance Bhcet to the 31st Moy, 1867,- thot the debt due by tho company to Mr. J. C. Houssler's firm formed noarly the wholo amount of tho liabili- ties, and that thoreforo there could bo no diffi- culty in carrying out the exact words of the resolution. The mortgage having been pre- viously released by Mr. Bauer, and Mr. Heusslor having, on tho 5th July, given the liquidators a writton undertaking to discharge all tho liabilities of the oompany from May 31, 1867, and the amount of such liabilities, togethor with Mr. HoUBsler's claim, being found to bo £4368 7s. lid., they had on the 6th July rondored to him a Btatcmont to that offeot, and had dobittod him with the amount of the valuation of the crops ond the unpaid calls on shares. That proposition being ao coptod by Mr. Heusslor, the liquidators signed the conveyance of the property to him on the same day, and also signed notices to those shareholders who wero in arrears, informing thom that tho interest of tho company in such arrears had been assigned to Mr. Haussier. The report being adopted, and the account pre- sented by tho liquidators being passed, the meeting terminated.

A MEETING WOB to havo been hold laBt

evening, at the Treasury Hotel, for tho purpose of formings a foronsic debating club 5 but the

attendance WOB SO small that it was considered dosirablo to adjourn until some future day.

A PUBLIO MEETING was hold in the United Freo Methodist Chapel, Chinaman's Creek, on the 12th instant, for tho purpose of forming a Band of Hope in tho district. Tho meeting was openod by singing and prayer. It WOB moved by Mr. Chorlos Ballinger, and seconded by Mr. Stophon Barker, that Mr. William Wright do take the chair. The chairman spoke vigorously of tho evils of intemperance, in the oolonies particularly, and the duty of " training up a ohild in the way it should go." He then called on Mr. Ballinger to address the meeting. The chairman said that this would bo called' tho South Pine River Band of Hope Society, and rood a codo of rules for its Government. About twenty persons signed the roll.

WE hovo rocoivod files of Rockhampton papers containing reports of amazing finds of gold, and hut vory littlo clso of interest. None of thom, howevor, oomo up to the mark of the big nugget mentioned in our telegram to-day, and AVO thoreforo think that thoy may stand over till our next issue Wo aro obliged also to koop over a quantity of -correspondoneo on various subjects, Mr. Pritohard's frionds insist- ing on occupying all the space that it was pos-

sible to afford in this ÍBBUO.

WE forgot (sayB thoJDaWijio- Downs Gazette) who is responsible for the dictum that " society oreates rouges in order to hang them." This was true a hundred years ago, but it is equally true, at tho prosent time, that the pastoral form of society in Australia has created bushrangers in ordor to hang thom. Tho small "cockatoo settlers " of Now South Walos have obtained a

holding,~fnr beyond tho roach of religious and secular instruction ; their children grow up without the humanising influence of education of any description, and all they know ÍB to bo ablo to rido a horse as well as tho savages of the prairies of America. Is it a wonder that moro lads brought up in idlonoss and ignorance should become at first cattlo-stealers, and after- wards Bhould imitate the feats cf bushrangers -tho only species of glory of whioh they have hoard or eon understand ? Wo trust that party spirit will not yot arouse a popular feoling that will bo unoppoasod until ' free selection is the rulo throughout tho colony. What Queens- land requires is compact, closely settled agri- cultural communities, Avhero tho rising genera- tion will bo within the intluenoo of tho clergy- man and the sehoolmastor. By far tho greater portion of tho country niUBt be loft outiroly to pastoral occupation, and the best thing for the colony Avili bo to give tho outsido squatters a certainty of tonuro that will oncourago thom to moko improvomonts, and thus increase produc- tion and exports. But Avhero agricultural sottlomont is possible, by all means lot us havo a form of society where the people will bo brought togethor and havo o ohuroh and a sohool in their midst for the bonefit of their children. It is of course impossible that the moans of education oan be brought home to all when tho population of a second-roto London parish is scattered ovor a territory equal in extent to several European kingdoms. There aro pastoral leaseholders in Australia whioh havo an area of two hundred square milos, and afford omployment for only soma thirty or forty mon. Three hundred of such runs con- tain a greater quantity of land than tho wholo of England and Wales-but it is not the land that makes a country or colony, but tho people who live on it. Everything that England has gained from politieal liborty and tho arts of civilisation has boon duo to the people being concentrated at a groat number of centres, whore all tho bonofits of association and ele- mentary education of tho young aro available. It would bo well for the rising generation of Queensland, wore it possible that, by a judi- cious control of the publio lands, a farming population could bo sottled on the lands, and every bonefit that social institutions and intor oourse afford he mado available, without being accompanied hy thoso evils that invariably exist when people aro eongregatod in large


THE Roma correspondent of the Queensland Times says :-"There is littlo or no variation in the prico of articles of general use. There is a capital Bupply of vogotablos at Mr. Watt's late residence ; there are cabbages quite oqual to any in the "Parent Mes," and yestorday I woigbed two turnips I picked up in the garden at Bungewogorai, one of which weighed lOJlbs. and tho other Oi-lbs. Thore are sweet potatoes in abundance, and very good carrots. Mr. Spencer ÍB also forming a vineyard j bosidos the vines ho already possesses ho is at present plant- ing between ono and two thousand cuttings. These things may soom small matters to you good pooplo in Ipswioh, who live in a vegotablo Goshon, but it is of considerable importance to us poor wretches, who for about nino months nover saw any green thing. Fifty-six pounds of fine.frcsh butter was forwarded from Mount Boaglo for salo, it fetched 3s. 6d. por lb.