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Several erro;;;, having been made in the copies of the nddj-csses of the Legislative Council to the, and Prince Albert: we now insert them

correctly :

To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty ;

" We, the members of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, participating in the uni- versal joy diffused throughout the British Em- pire on the occasion of your Majesty's auspi- cious mnrragc with His Royal Highness Prince Albert, of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha, venture to approach Your Majesty wifh our loyal, duti- ful, and affectionate gratulations on an event so deeply affecting Your Majesty's domestic happi- ness, and so identical with the welfare of Yçur Majesty's loyal people. Remote as we are frbm the immediate scene of home sympathies on fogTit"fiPcm"ùlâte~wïtl"our^c\\^

expressing our share of the joy and satisfaction manifested throughout the empire nt seeing the heartfelt wishes of a faithful people fulfilled, by Your Majesty's choice of n Consort distinguished by a descent so illustrious, and by a character so formed to support and adorn His exalted station. The felicitous concurrence by such an alliance, of domestic bliss »vith a people's pros- perity, constitutes nu epoch in the history of our common country, which eminently evokes the warmest acclamations of national feeling. In this feeling we, the Legislative Council of this territory, most cordially unite, and ardently pray, that n relation formed under such happy auspices, may give assurance of unalloyed feli- city in assuaging the cares of Royalty, and impart enduring renown to Your Majesty's


" To Field MarshalMfis Iioyal Highness Prince

Albert, of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha,§c, &¡c. "The Legislative Council of New South Wales, emulating with Her Majesty's other Subjects in evincing joy and satisfaction on Her Majesty's auspicious Union with Your Royal Highness, hasten to express the sense which they entertain of Her "Majesty's discrimination in choosing a Consort whose illustrious Ancestry, and distin- guished personal endowments, augur the domes- tic happiness of our beloved Sovereign, mid guarantee their sanguine anticipations of pros- perity to the Reign of Her Majesty. The auspicious event which has invoked the heartfelt sympathies of British Subjects in the more immediate vicinity of the Royal Nuptials, is not, We beg to assure Your Royal Highness less sensibly appreciated in this remote part of Her Majesty's Dominions. We, the members of the Legislative Council of Australia, therefore ani- mated by like emotions, beg to, offer to the Consort of our Gracious Sovereign, our warm, and hearty congratulations, on an event which, whilst it is auspicious of His own felicity, is no less acceptable to the generous aspirations of Her Majesty's liege and loving subjects."

Co \LS -Wc cannot bufcregrct tint in speaking of the Australian Agricultural Companj's coal monopolj, parties should use harsh language which we consider altogether uncalled for, for up to the present time, the monopolj lins been achantageous to the Colonists, b\ supplying them viltb coals at i moderate inte, and now that thej are not able to do so, the monopoly is at an end 1 lie oui) reflection that can fairly be cast upon the Company, is, that w ltlt their great means, they lune not made arrangements to meet the present demand, which ought to lia\e been foreseen Hie Company lune a second shaft nearly ready, winch is intended to supply the place of the shaft at present in use, which is worked out The demand for Coals is now so gieat, that two shafts could not supply the quantity required, and ns the demand is daily increasing, there is no fear of the Company not being able to sell the Coals that they can raise Hie summer is now setting in, and the demand will be slacker for the ne\t few months, during which we have no doubt the Company will make every exertion, by allowing their men to work extra hours, to get as large a stock on hand as porsible

Ni w CHURCH -The meeting to proudc means for the erection of the new Church in the parish of St Laurence last c» cning, w as w eil attended, and at the close of tire e\cinng the sum of £571 17s Cd w as subscribed

NEW COMPANY.-We call attention to the

prospectus of the " British Australian and General Life, Tire, and Marine Assurance Com- pany," which appears in our .supplement flic formation and e\ cn the projection of so many companies relative to the Colony must, whether they ultimately succeed or not, have the effect of drawing the attention of aien of cipital to

this Colonj

TllL ClIAIRM VNSHIP OF TUP CoURT OF QlJAn TtR SESSIONS-On Monday lost, the annual election took place in the magistrates' room at the Sydney Poluc Office, windi was howc\cr open for the public , twenty-five magistrates visited the room between the hours of twche and four o'clock and ga^ e their signatures for Hie present chairman, Mr William Montague Manning, and there being no other- candidate 1 brought forward llc may Ije regard as havm,

I been unanimously elected

À CAUTION TO DRUNKEN DHAV,MEN.-Yester- day Rhodcric Kaines was fined three pounds with five shillings costs, for having, while in a state of intoxication on the first of the month, endangered the lives of^severnl persons, he being in charge of a horse and dray which he could not manage. ' ' '

DiisituTtfn WIVES AND CHILDREN'S BILL-. Yesterday William1 Fawcc I appeared to answer a summons, charging him with having deserted his wife Mary Fawcct and child ; the wife also, charged him with giving her cruel treatment. Mr. Windeyer ordered the husband to find two sureties in ten pounds each, and to enter into his own recognizance iii twenty pounds, to keep the peace for twelve months. Ile said that he was empowered by an pet lately passed, Jo order the husband to provide a maintenance for his wife and child, hut he did not wish to encourage sepa- rations, mid would not make nny order under that act, uutil all other menus failed. The wife appeared very anxious to have an allowance, declaring, she would not again live with him. Mr. Windeyer ordered her to return to her home, as he did not think it wns intended, that I females should dictate to the bench how thev

were to deal with their husbands

ln\NS"iiii DVY-\estcrdaj, being the daj appointed for the public consideration of the applications for the transfer of licences, the following were granted Hie "British Hotel,' Pitt street, from lho Neilson to lohn ltcdman 1 he " Cockatoo Inn " burr) Hills, from Joseph Ward to loscph Benjamin Olliftc the "Rojal Oak" George street, fioin William lord to 1 liornas Stewart lhere were four other appli-

cations for tiansfers winch were refused

Li GisLA-m h COUNCII -At the commence- ment of the proceedings \ csterdaj, His L\ecllcne\ withdrew the bill for altering the mode of ' .-<?..."

duties, in doing winch he nindc ( . pr" £,¡¡»1,? speech, cxplnmitor J tn0 ,ftw ^ h{s ^ ¿>f tlicsubiect lhpPoït ithllup Bunk Bill was rc*u a third time anti passed Captain Pcirj w ns then called ni and examined, after which, the isut\c\or Generals cslnuntc and the csti

mates for Police and Gaols were >otcd Hie Council meets ngnm to da),

A Coi OM M !sh.AM\\3 illicit-Some time since Air lohn loncsi a ship owner belong nig to b)dnc)> was employed to ship some men for the Cm ohne, then Ijnig at Port Stephens, ntid according!) he shipped two men, and sent them on board one of his cnttcis to join their ship, liaMiigprc\louslv gneii.cach of them notes foi two months advance, pajable one da) after the) cleared Sj tlncj licajls 1 hese notes the) put in circulation in Sjdnc) , and went on board the cutter and armed sale at Port Stephens , but previous to the cutter reaching the Caiolme, the) nnnaged to get imperten ed into the cutter s boat, i ow ed on shore mid mndc oft In the mean time, before Mr Iones licnrd how the) had acted, the notes from the advance were both presented and honoured bj lum On Snturda) last he succeeded in lodging one of them, namcl) lohn Daniels, in custod) ni S)dnc), to which he lind returned m search of cniplo)

nient On Monda) last he was brought up be- fore Mr. Windeyer, on a charge of having ¡stolen the boat belonging to the cutter, and | was remanded for a week, m order to allow the master of the cutter to be brought forward to

give evidence.

The Great Fast of the Hebrews commences on the 28th Instant.

On Monday lost there were no less than fifty three Drunkards on the free list at the Police

Court ; the great majority of them were seamen

and old hands.

IMMIGRATION. - Messrs. Ware, Finch and Forbes, of Hunter's River, have severally, for some time past had numbers of labourers from Cambridgeshire, and in consequence of the; reports sent home by these men, we understand that there is a great desire among people in that county, to come to this colony ; and were an authorised person to go there, ns many farming men ns might be wanted could be procured.

LUNAR HALOES.-On Monday during the greater .part of the evening, the moon was sur- rounded hy nn halo of very large incumference, which at times was so vivid as to render the prismatic colors distinguishable.

ASHFIELD CHURCH.-The Bishop of Australia ..... foundation of a church in that quarter. The absence of a Protestant plnce of worship has been long felt, the only accommodation of the kind having been hitherto supplied by private benevolence. To-morrow the Bishop will pre- side at the annual meeting of the Parramatta district committee. The anniversary sermon will be preached before the committee in St. John's church, by the Rev. Robert Allwood B. A. of St James' church Sydney, service commences at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon.

TEE-TOTALIS.M.-Since the meeting of the Total Abstinence Society last Wednesday, the ranks of total abstainers have received an aug- mentation of between fifty and sixty adherents to the cause in Sydney alone, and as many more have promised to put themselves in training for signing the pledge at nu early day.

SCHOOL OK ARTS.-Mr. Thcrry will deliver a lecture on Oratory, this evening. The subject under discussion, will be a comparison between the different styles of eloquence of Chatham,

Pitt and Sheridan.

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