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From the exaggerated accounts of the nature of   the sickness that occurred on board this vessel, and     at the request of the Surgeon Superintendent, we    

publish the following statement :-  

"This ship has had, upon the whole, a very     prosperous voyage. Fever and dsyentery made   their appearance when off the Cape de Verd   Islands, about the middle of September; that    

being the rainy, and consequently the unhealthy,   season on that coast. All animal food was im-     mediately stopped by the Surgeon Superintendent,     and a double allowance of oatmeal and extra      

sugar substituted; in consequence all the cases of     fever that occurred thereafter became milder, and     this terrible disease finally disappeared by the    

middle of the following month. No male adult died; and of twenty-four deaths which happened,         eighteen were very young and delicate children,  

the remainder sickly females. All that have landed are nearly all well and refreshed; and   although they did not call at any intermediate   port had no other symptom of scurvy than pained    

limbs; and those so affected were those debilitated   previously by the fever and dysentery."      

[ADVERTISEMENT ]-On Friday Evening, the     15th instant, the Sergeants of the 28th Regiment gave a parting supper to the Sergeants of the 4th (Kings Own) Regiment, on the eve of their em- barkation for India, Mr Pattesons 'Golden   Fleece ' York street being the house selected for the entertainment. Conviviality reigned through- out the evening during which the following Toasts wert drank with enthusastic applause -  

Queen Victoria, may her reign be long and happy, and terminate as gloriously in the annals   of her country as any of her great predecessors    

Nine times nine

His Excelloncy Colonel Snodgrass C B our gallant and highly respected Governor Three

times three

The Army and Navy, when required in the service of their country may they be entertained with   laurels honorably obtained, Three times three

The Officers Non-commissioned Officers, and   Soldiers of the Kings Own and Slashers, and the Army in General, and may the young soldiers   when required against the enemies of Old England   prove themselves as brave as the old ones did at Waterloo. Three times three

At nine o cloek the company separated for their respective quarters highly pleased with their entertainment. A good feeling towards each other has existed between these two regiments for many years, owing to their being what in mili- tary phrase, is termed " Waterloo Heroes '

SOCIETY FOR THE RELIEF OF SHIPWRECKED SEAMAN-Amongst the many excellent institu- tions which adorn our capital, we believe that none would be attended with more gratifying consequences than a society for the relief of dis- tressd or shipwrecked sailors. It is certainly lamentable to hear of the many disasters which are continually happening at sea, which generally do not effect the owners of those vessels, but it is certainly distressing to know that in the ma- jority of shipwrecks the loss falls heavier upon masters and men. Indeed it is becoming a com- mon occurrence for crews to be brought to Syd- ney without a sixpence in their pockets, or even decent clothing upon their persons, the only re- ward for a long and arduous voyage being a few   borrowed rags. A similar instance occurred only a few days ago in the case of the Harriett-the master, surgeon and most of crew, after losing everything, enduring many hardships known only to themselves, have been landed in this port we believe in the most destitute circumstances. What an excellent society would that be which   had for its object the relief of these unfortunate   sons of the ocean,-every merchant and ship owner, and all who bad humanity in their hearts,   must assist it. The hint is thrown out-some of our leading society men will perhaps make use   of it -Correspondent

The Committee of the Exchange Company had a meeting on Thursday for the purpose of determining the relative merits of the plans for the proposed building which had been sent in   four plans were laid before the Committee, the first prize of 100pds was unanimously awarded to Mr Thomas Bird, the second of £50 to Mr Rhodius, the third of £ 10 to a person not known but whose motto is ' non sibi sed eunitis '

Mr Bird's plan is a veiy elegant building, but as Mr B at the suggestion of the Committee is about making some alterations, we shall not give a description of it as it is at present; the estimated expense is £20 000. Mr Rhodius   drawings are beautifully executed-they are per fect pictures The plans were submitted to Sir Richard Bourke before his departure, with a re   quest that be would not allow the ground imme diately in front of the proposed building to be sold in allotments, and His Excellency replied

that he would have a street laid out on each side of the building and the space in front to the ex- tended line of Bridge street left for a square

GAS I IOHT CoMrwv.- \l the first Meeting of the Directors of this Compinj under the pro visions of the Deed of Settlement held on \\ ed ncsda) last the Rev R Mansfield was unani

mouslj ippointed Secretary, and Mr Poole Solicitor, to the Company I he ^ct of Council vests the appointment of allofiicersin the Directors -except the Treasurer, who must bo elected by a | General Meeting of Proprietors

One of the stalls in the north east market

building, letter A, has been fitted up as a stand for the sale of Crown lands and in future the sales will be held there instead of the south wcsl building as heretofore

ORDINATION - Yesterday, the Rev. Joseph Kidd Walpole a Deacon of the Church of Eng- land was admitted to Priest's orders by the Right Reverend Lord Bishop of Australia, who was assisted by the Rev. Messrs. Cartwright, Cowper, and Wood. Previous to the ordination an eloquent and impressive sermon, on the authority and duty of a Minister, was preached by his Lordship.

Mr Bailej, for some time clerk to the Bench it Parram-Ula has been appointed to the same

situation at Illawarra

The foundation of n Roman Catholic Chapel was laid at Appin I ist week by Bish 'p Poulding The French Bishop, Monsieur Pompallitr, who arrived in the Colony a few da) s since in tho Riatta, is about to reside at New Zealand

A very handsome marble font has been erected in St James' Church It was purchased from the widow of the late Mr Clcuitt, who was the person that first introduced the manufacture of marble into this Colony.

On Thnrsd ly Mi Polack bl ought to the hammer Mr Rydei's piopeit) , which fetched the following putts, Iho sale «a» veiy im meiously ab well as lespectahly attended, and the prices, when the piesMire ot the tunes is taken into consideration, weie high -The vii] i and gi omuls to Mi ¡sempill ati22U, the cotUsre &t to Mr E Hunt «t 1100/, 118 feet allotment Mr Anderson 52 li, 00 leet ditto Mr Nash 195«, GO fi et tinto Mr Wilkins Ubi, ono in ire and foal Mr Chustie Ail, ditto Mr Donaldson 4GÍ, ditto Mi Liiimptnn 432, ditto Mi Aspiu ill 62/, ditto Mt Aspiniill til, ditto Mr Aspiiull Bil, ditto Mi ( tampion SU, ditto Mr Cram| ton 40/, ditto Mi Donaldson -10/ , ditto Mi Hiintei 51/, one mare Mi Robeits ¿01, ditto Mi Webb ¿32, ditto Mi Martjn 29/, ditto Mi MutjnSO/, ditto Mr Goidon 55/, ditto Mr Aspinall 30/, one inaie mid foal Mi Goidon 46/, ditto Mr Stephens 43/, ditto Mr Christie 24/, ditto Mi Unwin 31/, one filly Mr Eaiie al/, one maie Mr ¡stephens 38/, ditto Colonel White 54/, one

ditto and foal Mr W<bb27/, one nine Mi j Dunn 40/, ditto Colonel White 6G/, ditto Mi Stephens 47/, ditto Mr IMaishall 11/, ditto Mi I Dawson iii, ditto Mr Heain 282, ditto Mr

Quinn 31/, ditto Mr Webb 43/, one gelding Mi Hunter 35/, one mare Mr Gordon 38/, ditto Mi Benington 30/, ditto Mi Wilkinson 43/, ditto Mi Don Mil, ditto and foil Mr Hiintei 30/, one m ne Mr Huntei 41/, ditlo and f al Mi Baxtei 60/, one nine Mr Goidon 41/, ditto and foal Mr Fietnun ¿91, ditto Mi Quinn 44/, one mate Mr Hunter 38/, ditto Mr Hill 35/, ditto and foal Mi Quinn 36/, ditto Mr Cleeve 45/, one male Mi Cleeve 30/, ditto Mr Benington 31/, one gelding Mi Par- bury Ti/, one blown tilly Mr Baxtei 28/, one Cleveland entire, Sampson, Mr Li v. .son ¿Gal, one entire, Blick Punce, Mr Manning GI/, one chestnut entue, Majoi Nunn 21/-lotal, 7 932/ SECOND DAY -One maie Mi Brenan 31/, one ditto Mr Huntei 34/, one ditto Mr Mums Sil, ont ditto and foal Mi Hcain32/, one ditto ditto Mi ¡sempill 28/, one ditto ditto Mr Morns 35/, one ditto ditto Mr Moms HI, one ditto ditto Mi Turburn 16/ 10s , one filly Mr Roberts 12/ 10s, oin ditto Mr K lins 18/10«, one coll Mr TI}ni 11/10?, one filly Captain Huntei 20/, two lillies Mi Kains 2J/, one colt M yoi Nunn 18/, one ditto Mi Nu liol

sou la/lui, one filly Mr Nicholson 1 ¿I, one colt Mr Rohprts21Z, one hlly Mr 1 lynn 12/, foin ditto Mi Roberts 49/, one gelding Mi Bunin ¿71, one mare Mr Paine 10/15s , one ditto and foal Mr Moms 35/, one colt Mi

Parker 15/, hfl« i n young heifeis mil bulls Mr John Jones 48/ 15s, one bundled ind twenty hvetowsMr WH Hovell 706/ii, fifty cows Mr ¡sempill '¿ill !0A UNO hundred and ten cows Mr R. Campbell 892/ 10s , one hun- dred fat bullocks Mr J Atkinson 087/ 10s , on0 hundred and sixtv four heifeis Mr Hovell 430/10«_Total, 11,7771 5s..

The iron steam boat is nearly completed, she was launched last week, and will make a trip for the purpose of trying her engines on Thursdny She draws very few inches of water, and it n expected that with a cargo and passengers her draught will not exceed eighteen inches

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