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OUB latest dates from Rockhampton arc to tho 11th instant. We make tho following ex-

tracts from the Bulletin :

Wo oro informod that Lioutonant Murray, of tho Nativo Police force, has arrivod in town to hold an inquiry on tho late massacre at tho Morinish diggings. We see no .'cason why this inquiry should bo hold with olosod doors. Whcro four human beings havo boon doprivod of life it cannot servo the interests of justice that tho publio should bo shut out from boaring tho evidonco to justify this Bhoddwg of blood.

Our correspondent nt Crocodile Crook, writing on July 2, reports :-" 'I ho rush to Raglan Station, forty-fivo-milos from hero, and on tho Port Curtis Road, has caused quito a commo- tion among the European diggers located hero. The accounts from the rush are vory conflicting. Some talk of 1 oz. to tho dish being obtained ; and, again, others say that, with tho exception of the prospectors and a few othors closo to thom, payablo gold cannot bo had, and that tho prospectors' is but 1 dwt. to the dish. But a few days more, and I shall bo in possession of full particulars. The Ohinoso keep steadily to work here, both in tho deep lead, Slaughter Yard Creek, Poverty Gully, and Churoh Hill A 9-oz. nugget was obtained last week on Churoh Hill by Europeans. There are somo very good claims on Church Hill : 1 and li oz. to tho load vory

common. The last flood washed in the drive of tho Gormans on Commissioner's Flat, but thoy are hard at work again. Nool's party, abovo the Gormans aro sinking a paddook and are timbering it all the way down. Great hopes are entertained that it will pay well when the bottom is reached, and from tho prospects out of tho shaft they sunk,, mot ill founded. Thero ÍB no doubt but that the Poverty Gully run of gold goes through their claim. The Hector reefers, at the Half-way House, struck upon stone, running north and south, about fivo feet thiok, with gold plainly visible but whothor a blow up on tho cap of a roof they havo not yet ascertained. By-the byo, I paid o visit to Morinish, and was not a little disappointed. By the glowing accounts, I oxpeoted to soo some- thing of a first-rate gold-field, and what waB my surprise to seo but a fow gullies with the run of gold not moro than one claim wide. For tho beBt gold-field tho Crocodile will bear the palm. The made hills at Morinish have not had a pick put into them because a little hard cement has to bo got through. From the little experience I have of gold-fiolds I should imagino the best deposits of gold are in them. Tho large flat at the now township has scarcely boon triod although gullies that aro in working wash into it. The flat extends from the now township up to the Alliance Reef, and cannnot be less than two miles long. I paid a visit to tho Alliance Reef, and consider they moke a very good show for an engine, but I would like to BOO it toko o perpendicular course for it to becomo perma- nent, as at present it lies nearly horizontal, and is merely a Blip of the hill. In (ho prospector's

olaim the drive at tho ond of the stone had

every appearance of laying more upright but of a more rubbly nature. ShareB woro quoted pretty high, £150 being asked for one-twelfth


The Joint Stock Bank purchased 164 ounces of gold yesterday from Antony Solomons, from Morinish. In the parcel were five nuggets, one weighing thirteen ounces three pennyweights, one weighing three ounces, and the other three about two ounces each. They were bought for £84. The whole of the nuggets were found on the surface within a space of six feet square on the Rosewood rush by Solomons, who has been working with his party there. The nuggets, like most of those found at Morinish, appear bright and rounded by the action of water. The large one has several deep indents in which quartz was imbedded. The nuggets formed Solomons' share of a fortnight's work.

The adjourned meeting on the matter of supplying machinery to work the, Alliance Reef was held yesterday afternoon, at Mr. Shaw's offices, Quay-street. There were present-Mr. Livermore in the chair-Messrs Morgan, Head rick, Feez, Hunter, Brodnitz, Gardner, Robin- son, Bell, and Schmidt. Messrs. Harris and Brignell attended on behalf of the owners of the reef, and submitted two proposals the first, that the minors be furnished with machinery on payment of £500 bonus, and £1 10s. per ton for crushing until all outlay was covered, the crushing then to be performed at the rate of 15s. per ton. The second proposal was the establishment of a joint stock company. The miners value the reef at £3000, and agreed to the formation of a company on receiving for their claims paid-up shares to that amount. The meeting accepted the second offer, and un

dertook to use its efforts in disposing of shares.   A sub-committee, consisting of Messrs. Liver

more, Hunter, Feez, Brodnitz, and Gardner, was   appointed to draw up a prospectus of the new