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  • peter-macinnis 11 Nov 2010 at 15:42
    An early version of "as poor as a bandicoot".

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Henry Joseph Palmer, a chivalrous hero of the sock and buskin, was brought for- ward, charged by constable Thompson, with creating a disturbance in George-street, between the hours of two and three on Thursday morning last, and assaulting a female, who also appeared and proved the

assault ; fined 20s.

Charles Hall, a runaway from the ser- vice of Mr. Pilcher, of Maitland, as as- certained at Hyde Park Barracks, was brought forward charged with stealing two cheeses, from the shop of Mr. Barker of Hunter-street. Mrs. Barker was standing in her shop when the prisoner seized the cheeses from the door and ran off, when she pursued him, which he perceiving, threw the cheeses away and got out of sight.

Constable Ryan deposed, that hearing the cry of "stop thief," and seeing the prisoner running, he pursued and overtook him, but the prisoner being a powerful man would have effected his escape but for the assistance of Orr, with whose assistance the prisoner was secured. The prisoner was very violent and drew a knife upon Orr, with which he inflicted a wound on his face.-Sentenced to receive fifty lashes for the larceny-twenty-five lashes for stab- bing at constable Orr, and to be forwarded to the Bench of Magistrates at Maitland, to be there dealt with for absconding. A reward of ten shillings to Ryan for his ap- prehension as a runaway, and a further re- ward of five pounds for capturing him in an act of felony.

Hannah Fox was brought forward charged by Mrs. Lowe, with stealing from

her person three half-crowns under the following circumstance. The prosecutrix stated, that having accidentally fallen in with her child's godfather, and the weather being rather of a cool temperature, she thought a little of Cooper's real ferintosh would do no harm, so she adjourned with Goddy to the nearest public-house, and one comfortable glass brought on another until somehow or the other she began to see double, and things ran round about like a whirligig, so she bid Goddy good bye, and found her way home as well as she could ; when she got home he threw her- self on the bed and soon fell asleep ; on awaking her first care was her Exchequer, in which she had deposited funds to the amount of seven shillings and sixpence in solid silver, but would you believe it your Worship said Ellen, they were gone. The prisoner lodged at the house at the time, and when she perceived the prosecutrix searching for the fugitive ducats, she ex- claimed, do you know Nelly, that when you came in I thought as how you might be going out again, so thinks I to myself I'll just take care of her money for her in case she might lose it, but when I rummaged your pockets I could not find anything but these here keys ; you was as destitute as a Bandycoot, as a body might say. The prosecutrix being positive of having had the money in her possession on being in the house, immediately charged her with the robbery. No money, however, had been found on her person, and the priso- ner was discharged, proof being defective.

Mark Trigland, holding a Ticket-of- Leave, was brought forward by constable Thompson, who suspecting him to be a run- away, had taken him into custody in Market-street, when he stated himself to be free ; on making enquiries at Hyde Park Barracks, it was ascertained that he held the indulgence of a Ticket-of-Leave; on being asked to produce it, he stated that he had lost it, and on applying to Mr. Ryan, for another, that gentleman had told him that it could not be renewed unless by the express sanction of His Excellency the Governor; a mutilated one might be ex- changed, this proceeding was found to be necessary from the circumstance of prison- ers having improperly disposed of these in- struments and applying for a renewal of it, on the plea of having lost it. The Bench ordered him a Pass, commanding him to attend the regular musters, or the indul- gence he held would be cancelled.

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