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MONDAY -Margaret Nixon, or Hixon, or Flixon, with a strong esquimaux cut of her jib, and a tongue that blightly followed its occupation, in spite of all the muzzle lashings attempted to be put on by the Bench, was charged with receiving a pass from her mistress on Tuesday week to proceed to hospital, in consequence of being troubled with the mulligrubs, instead of getting a good drench, she pastured at the first sly grog shop, seated herself     by a fire quite cozey; called for a can of dog's   nose and pipe, then sipped and smoked, and smoked and sipped again; by the time a couple of   quarts of the delicious mixture had trickled down     her throat, she began to find herself at home, trowled glibly off her tongue " Paddy Carey oh!"   and danced round the room, snapping her fingers for castenets. This game went on all very well til Sunday, when she took a lounge to the Domain, and was taken into custody for her pains. The Bench, to teach her the merits of schedule A. on the Reform system, sent her to study under Mrs.

Gordon for two months.

Margaret Hyams, who gets implicated regularly every Sunday evening, was begged off for the last time by her mistiess.

James M'Donuld was charged with bouncing the constables that he was free ; also with telling his master that he wished to be returned to Govern- ment, as he got no encouragement, namely, no blunt given bim. The Bench, to teach him wis- dom, sent .him to study Bell's " Book of Fute"

for two mouths.

TUESDAY.- Outrageous Conduct of a Convict Seivaîit.-Thomas Lewis, assigned to Mr. P. H, Itapscy, was charged with insolence to his mistress, then thrusting his fist in her face, threatened to knock her eyes out ; a constable was dent for, whom he resisted ; his master, and the brother, Mr. S. H. Rapsey, then lenta hand to convey him to the watch house, during which, he kicked the latter gentle- man several times, and told bim, that when he carne back, he would sei ve bim out, thcicby lead- ing bim to suppose, that he intended to use some violence towal ds him. The Bench, for this outra- geous conduct, sent the rascal to an ¡ron gang for

nine months.

Mary M'Shea, a troublesome little customer, who set every law and authority at defiance that did not chime in with her ideas of ease and comfort, was charged with playing off her old pranks in bolting, and rcsoiting to a house of very question- able repute, wheie she was discoveied tripping it on the light fantastic toe, to the Paganini-like per- formance on the violin, of Joe Love ; when ordered to about ship she pouted her pi etty 1 ips, and threa. tened to send packing the charley who dared to inteifere with her innocent pastime ; finding this would not do, she offerred grog, then a brace of Spaniards, these being of no avail, she caught the guardian of the night in her arms, and smothered him with her cai esses ; this was still worse, for he walked her off instanter-six weeks to the Mother o' the Maids.

WEDNESDAY.-Thomas Joyce, drunk as an owl, and blinking like that bird when it offers to turn up its blinkers at the meridian splendour, was charged with serpentining the streets in a fine shower over night, singing,

" Roam boys, roam by the light of the moon boys, And why should not every man enjoy his own room." when he was unceremoniously seized by the collar, twirled round for a few seconds, and then found himself snugly housed in the lock-up.

Bench.-You must pay 5s. or go to the stocks.

Thomas._Cash is confounded scarce, so I must e'en take a share in the Joint Stock Company.

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