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The first Animal Report of the Committee of the Agricultural Society has been published. The Committee have been actively engaged dur- ing the year in arranging the fairs and exhibi- tions, and in corresponding on all subjects con- nected willi the improvement of Agriculture in the Colony, with other similar Societies now established in some of the distant and central districts. In this they have been eminently suc- cessful-and though the mere foundation of a building makes no great show, it is in fact the most important part of the structure.

We do not sympathise willi the Committee in their rctrret that no moro tliun 11« gentlemen have as yet become members.' Little personal or direct advantage can arise from such establish- ments for the first year or two of their existence, and these are the years in which most of the obscuie lou and .unrequited outlay must be ex- pended. The first members, therefore, must be chiefly those who are willing to sacrifice their time, exertions, and money, simply for the good of their country, without even expecting public thanks. When the building has risen above the level of Hie public eye, and men begin to look up to it, greater numbers attach themselves to the work; but when it is completed, and when ils utility and beauty challenge approval and admiration, all consider it an honor to be ad- mitted, mid contend with each other for ¿onie share in Hie reputation of those who in modest

silence laid the first stone.

The slow, but steady increase of ¡Members, proves that fashion or mere whim has no influ- ence in this case ; and each new name is an honest vote in favour of the Institution.

At the ¡Meeting the Chief Justice, Sir John Wylde, was called to the chair, and delivered a veiy interesting Address, a bare outline of which we have only been able to procure. When Sir John goes on Circuit, we have no doubt that his zeal and experience will be called into action in extending the sphere of the Society's usefulness, and confirming the young establishments in the distant districts. We hope he will be able to induce the " Albany Farmers" to give np their childish disputes, and, instead of wasting their time in writing mischievous nonsense for slan- derous journals, to prosecute the real object of their existence as farmers, namely, the growing of wool, corn, flax, and the rearing of bullocks. - South African Advertiser.

We have often had to notice the great increase in the quantity of bides and skins exported of late. As a f ou rec of income to the agriculturists, this has become one of the principal exports of the Colony. It had become worth the farmer's care lo rear cattle for their hides and tallow alone, so that in many places the choicest pieces of excellent beef were sold under one penny per pound. Extensive curing establishments in such places, if not too far from the sea, had, therefore, every prospect in ri- valling, in cheapness at least, beef cured in any other part of the world. Accordingly, we find beef supplied from such places, by contract on a largo scale, at one penny halfpenny per pound, without casks of course, which we should suppose to be considerably cheaper than Irish beef at 3^-d per pound, with casks.-South African Commercial Advertiser. ? .

Cuan FOR THE GOUT.-The Notizia del Giorono of Rome gives circumstantial details of several ex. pcriments most successfully made on persons of eve- ry age and both sexes in that capital, for the radical cure of tlie gout, rheumatism, and sciatica; diseases which have been hitherto thought incurable. The recipe consists in administering to the patient forty eight doses of warm water, each dose to weigli eight ounces, and to be taken every quarter of an hour during the paroxysm of the disorder. The result of this potion, of which the effect is diuretic, and excites perspiration, is obtained at the tenth or eleventh, and sometimes at the first dose. The physicians say, that although this quantity of drink may occasion nausea and vomiting, the dose should not, however, bo diminished ; and the remedy, which is cooling and antiphlogistic, is recommend- ed by Doctors Russi and Tomossiua,-Anglo- Ger-

man Advertiser.

THE SEA SERPENT-The Boston Galaxy has this account of his late appearance :-''The   veritable Sea Serpent, the real Simon Pure, is back again in our waters. For a few days past, there have been rumours amongst the inhabi- tants of Nahant, that this Lord of the Ocean had approached near enough to several of the fishermen while engaged in their daily avoca- tions—not to shake hands with them, readers, for that would have been beneath his dignity but to give them a friendly and condescending nod, as much as to say, here I am once more, driving my small subjects by shoals up to your hooks and nets. On Wednesday evening he was seen by several gentlemen off what is called little Nahant, where, liking the accommodations, he probably slept, and on Fast day morning, sailed leisurely round the point on which the billiard-room is situated, followed by the strain- ing gaze of the visitors at the place, who ex- amined with great curiosity the length of his wake, for being a prudent fish, and knowing that it rained, he took good care not to expose himself in the shower. For ourselves, happen- ing to be in the neighbourhood, and hearing the cry of "Sea Serpent," we made the best of our   way to the height from which he was said to be visible, and there we certainly saw the place where he might and ought in honour to have been, but where at that moment, to the best of our belief, he was not, unless indeed the aid of the microscope is essential to his discovery. In sober earnest there can be no doubt that some

very large Marine Animal is near our shores. Many during the last week had opportunities of seeing him, and describe his length and ap- pearance in the same manner as the monster was described who visited us some years since. Philadelphia Daily Chronicle.

On Thursday last we had a storm of rain and strong gale from N. and E. blowing most severely from E. and S. E. At Macao it blew strongly during the day from N. .W. to S. The Donna Carmelita, Austen, and the Netherlands ship Sophia dragged their anchors, and after riding heavily for some time, the latter drifted foul of the Donna ? Carmelita, and drove on shore between the Guia and the Franciscan forts. Chinese Courier, Sept. 1.

Thirty millions of bushels of barley are an- nually converted into malt by the breweries of Great Britain ; and upwards of eight millions of barrels of beer (of which more than four-fifths are strong) arc brewed annually.

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