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August 24.

ABOUT two hundred naTvios and othor per- sona out of employment arrived liero to-day at 3 o'clock, by a goods train.

Thoy conducted themselves in tho most ordorly manner.

On thoir arrival at tho station thoy wero addressed by tho Hon. J. P. Boll, tho Minister for lands, ' who informed thom that ho was preparod to givo them tho same satisfactory reply as that they -would re- çoive, presuming they proceeded to Brisbano to wait upon His Excolloncy tho Govornor and tho

othor mombers of the Government.

Mr. Boll thon stated that orders had beon sont homo by tho last mail to stop emigration. This announcement was received with groat


In ordor to afford immediate roliof to those in want of omploymont, relief camps would bo established at various placos up the country, at which rations could bo obtained at Brisbane wholesalo prices.

Mr. Bell also stated that ho would bo happy to moot the committeo, latoly appointed by tho unemployed.

The mooting then dispersed.

All appeared quito satisfied with Mr. Boll's statement, and have oxpresscd their mtontion of not proceeding to Brisbano.


August 24.

Thoro was a riot last night, in the Masonic Hall, on tho occasion of Mr. M'Gibbon deliver- ing a lecture on tho subjoct of " Antichrist."

Several persons woro sovoroly injured.

The police interfered, and througTi thou- assis- tance those who originated tho disturbance woro oxpcllcd from tho Hall.

.Tho Northern mail was stuck up and robbed

Tho steam tug Bungaree, which struck upon the rooks at Nowcastlo a short timo ago, bos

floated off.

Boports aro current in our commercial circlos that tho Queensland Government intend to raiso

a furthor loan hero.

The B.M.S.S. Bombay took away fifty-soven thousand sovei-eigns, and four thousand llvo hundrod ounces of gold.

Tallow is quoted at £1 por ton lower. Hides romain unaltered in price.

Tho Lady Young haB sailed for Brisbauo.


August 24.

Tho loveo hold yestorday by His Excellency Sir John Monners-Sutton was moro largely at- tended than any which havo preceded it.

The brcadstuffs market remains steady. Kerosene oil is quoted at lower prices.

Thoro is a great flood on tho River Darling, but steamers will most probably ho able to

ascend next week.


August 24. Tho markot quotations romain unaltered.

A SPEOIAI, meeting of the Select Committee of tho Legislative Council, appointed to inquire into matters connootod with our railways, was hold yesterday. Tho object of calling the meet- ing'was that the ovidenco of Mr. Doy no should bo taken, as that gentleman will loavo for Sydnoy, this day.

AT a meeting of tho Young Men's Christian Association held last ovoning, Mr. J. Watt road a papor on "Napoleon Bonaparte," and in skotchiug tho career of this remarkable mon, stated his opinion that tho character of Napoleon has beon much maligned by many writors-that he was not the ambitious blood-thirsty villain which so many woro taught to believe him. The state of Franco, and the oiroumstances by which he was Burrounded, rendorod him, perhaps, moro cruel and loss regardless of lifo than ho would havo beou had he lived in mora enlightened timos. In tho discussion that followed the majority of thoso present exprosBod views different to those of tho essayist.

THE return football match betwoon the " Australians " and the " World " takes place this afternoon. Tho gamo will bo commonced at 3 o'clock. The sides are much the samo as the contest of last week, and will probably con- sist of the following players :-" Tho Aus- tralians"-Messrs. J. Bourne, B. Bourne, T. Board, Cowlishaw, Horsloy, Macnish, Munee, Trogurtha, Everest, Zillman, Burrowes, Myles Darvoll, E.Wobb, H.Wobb, Coley, Davidson, Sheehan, Fowles, Dickins, Sheridan, Kelly, Scar, Hart, Daly, Lynch, and Innes. "Tho World"-Messrs. Elliott, S. Hill, Wallen, Highfield, Macquarie, Garbutt, Bunton,   Watterston, Stewart, Campbell, Persse, Costello, Mills, Beer, Pugh, Markwell, Fletcher, Boyce,

Cotham, Briggs, W. Hill, Darragh, Gill, Stubbs,

and Aitchison.

TUB subscriptions to the Cawarra Roliof Fund, this day advertised, amount to £401 5s.

out of which £150 (not £200, as stated in our publication of Thursday last) ÍB allotted to Mrs Fountain, widow of tho Chief Engineer, and £30 to Mrs. Barrett, widow of one of tho fire- men. Tho balance will bo forwarded to Sydney for distribution among tho relatives of the officors and crow who woro lost in the Cawarra. A portion of the latter sum will bo sent to England for distribution to thoso relatives re siding'there.

YEsraoAY evening Miss Kato Wordo's Drawing-room Entertainment was under the patronage (not presence) of His Excellency the Governor and Lady Bowen, but the audience was exceedingly small. Like moBt othor things, Theatres suffor when the times are depressed' and certainly thore is no lack of dullness in Brisbane j ust' now. Scarcely a singlo frequenter of tho Victoria Theatre, who notices the number of vacant seats that aro to bo found oven at epeoial performances, can help regretting that so talented and deserving a lady as Miss Kato Warde, who with her husband, Mr. J. H. Tinson has been for sometime a Bojourner in Queens land, should meet with only indifforont support The class of entertainments at prosont being given by Miss Warde, though embracing fow selections from tho legitimate drama, in which as an Australian actress, Bhe stands very high is nevertheless clover and humorous enough to gratify and amuse an ordinary audionce. Miss Warde's ' talent os ' a vocalist ' has also boon frequently displayed ' in the course of the performances, and 'the instru- mental music is in itself a ' worthy attraction. Indeed, overy offort seems to havo been made with only the resources of a small company at command to put forth a good programme Yesterday evening, the smallness of the houso and its seeming want of appreciatitencss, had an obvious effect on the performances ; a dull- ness and want of vigor somowhat unpleasan* to observe, were noticeable throughout, antt references moro frequent than nocossary hod to be made to tho enemy of mankind, apparently for tho mero purpose of raising a laugh. Wo trust that, to-night, thero will bo a chango for tho better, and that a largo houso will reward the efforts of the performers, and infuse thom with a little moro spirit and energy.

MB, JAÍIES DnrSDAiE, the proprietor of tho Exchango Hotel, has' recently fitted up a very pretty concert hall, adjoining his promises. Ho has, judging from the advertisement in another column, secured the services of some good artistes, and, no doubt, the speculation will prove to bo successful.

Os Tuesday ovening next tho Nathan Com pany will mako thoir first appearance in the School of Arts. Tho mombors of this family have been so highly praised by writers in othor colonial journals, that the only advice wo con give to our readers is, "to go and judge for themselvos." Wo may add that Mr. Nathan has incurred very large expenses in procuring a propor proscenium and scenery suitod to his


Mr. G. H. Rogers, the comedian, aftor a stay in Queensland extending nearly over a year, has returned once moro to Sydney, tho scene of his many successes. Mr. Rogers' com- manding ability as an actor, and his social qualitioB in privato life, obtained for him a largo circle of friends in Brisbano, whoro ho has ro sided the greater portion of his timo. Datterly ho has boon suffering much from illnesB ; which oven our beautiful winter climate could notdrivo away, and which, also, prevented his appearing as frequontly bofore tho publie in tho course of his profession as was to bo dosirod. Wo believe that Mr. 'Bogers coütomplates visiting Molbourno'in a short timo. Ho was a pas- senger by tho Lady Bowen s., which left for Sydney yesterday morning.

TnB Choral Union have kindly consented to give a concert in aid of tho funds of tho Bris- bano Hospital at an early dato, i

WE understand that two mon returned to town a day or two ago who had been out pros- pecting for gold. Thoy state that thoy'started about five weoks ago, and prospoctod diffcjent places, and after sinking sovoral holes were at last successful in obtaining a prospect of 2% dwts. to the dish. Thoir object in coming to town is to increase tho number of thoir party, after whioh thoy intend to roturn to tho socno of then- operations. It is about forty miles from Brisbane, and they oxpect to bo ablo to havo thoroughly tostod it in the,course of a , fow

weeks. '

AN ordinary meeting of tho mombers of the Queensland Philosophical Society will bo held on Monday evening noxt, in the Municipal Council Chamber. A papor will bo road by Mr. Charles Tiffin, Colonial Arehitoct, on tho subject of " Earth Closets."

AMONG; the numerous branches of new in- dustry which oro constantly being brought under our notico is ono which is being carried on to a largo extent by Messrs. John Campbell and Son, of Bedbank. Wo allude to the pre- paration of an extract of beef, on article now in great request at various railway stations iu England, and also at soino of tho largo hotels in that country. Having rocoived a tin of tho extract from Messrs. Campboll, we are enabled to express an opinion of it, A tablo.-spoonful is sufficient to mako a small bowl of soup, and for invalids it is valuable, as a cup of'strong and nutritious beef tea can bo mado in a fow minutes. It is not a new invention in England, and wo believo that at Wido Bay a gentleman is availing himself of it for trade purposes. As o proof of the cost of it, wo may mention that for every pound of extract twenty pounds of boof are required, so that at first sight tho price charged for it may appear rather large. Mossrs. Campboll shipped by tho City of Brisbane for Sydney, on Wednesday last, nine casks, each containing three dozen tins-his object being to forward o portion of tho same to England.

Tho apparatus used is one of Liobig's latest improvements, and it is intondod to erect a large number of pans in addition to thoso al- ready in use.

THE following letter, addressed to the Editer of Jackson's Oxford Journal, Juno 16, is another proof in favor of oin- nowly-established Torres Straits postal route :-" This morning (June 16) letters, &c, have been delivered from Queensland, which in the'orduiary course would* only have arrived by the Overland Mail, due next week. This very quick dispatch has been effected by the energy of the Government at Brisbane, who havo chartered and subsidised a steamer, tho Souchays, to carry their mailB by the Torres Straits route, m'o Batavia, which will no doubt soon become tho favorite route to Australia. This successful attempt is of the utmost importance to morchonts and traders m London, for the steamer, starting from Bris- bane, calls at the flourishing town of Bowen, Port Denison, ÍOO miles further to the north. On her return passage she will corry the latest English news to that town, from which the tele- graph is now, I believe, in working order to Sydney and Melbourne. It, therefore, will re- sult [that the last news from Europe will bo flashed down to the great cities of Australia lone before the Peninsular and Oriental W» pany's boots arrive there with the same news by ¿nil. No doubt, you will bo of opinion»»* this instance of energy in tho Government 01 Queensland should not pass unnoticed.

IT has boen represented to us that tho erec- tion of a log culvert ovor tho small watoreourso on tho Valley, road to tho Thrco-milo Scrub would bo a great hoon to many. This rood is much frequented, and, in wot weather, tho spot is almost impassable. Tho watercourse in ques- tions 'runs into the polioo paddock.

WE havo boen requested by the Scorotary of tho Brisbane Hospital to acknowledge, with thonks, tho receipt of the following donations : £2 2s. from Somuol Davis, Esq. ; £1 from Oapti Sim, barque Olanalpino ; £1 from Capt. T. Logan, s.s. Horo j £6 12s. 6d. from Water Police Force, through John M'Donald, Esq. ¡ a largo bundlo of old huon, from Mrs. Hanson, George-street ; and three bags of vegetables from Mr. Frederick Boyes.

IN another column will bo found an artiolo taken from the Manchester Weekly Times on " Australian Institutions," whioh was the sub- ject of a paper read by tho Hon. Charles Gavan Duffy, before tho Royal Society of Arts. The journal rcforrod to makes the following oom monts upon the nature of the paper read : " Not being of those who take a Botany Bay view of our countrymon, ne hail with pleasure tho hearty vindication of Australian institutions which Mr. Gavan Duffy offered to a soleot circle of members of the Society of Arts. Tho two men, both, we regret to say, members of the British Legislature, who havo done thoir utmost to villify our brethren at the antipodes, havo themselves reoped a competence in the malignod colonies, and they are now charac- teristically endeavoring to kick down the ladder by which they reached such greatness as thoy have respectively attained. Mr. Duffy answored the charges which have been levelled against tho colonies most completely, and thero is sorno reason for hoping that, if not altogether droppod, wo at loast sholl not hear of thom so frequently horoafter. In place of ompty declamation, Mr. Duffy gave numerous facts for which ho could himself vouch, and the bearing of which was to show that Englishmen wore pretty much the samo in Australia as in Eng- land, and that certainly thoy are no worse there than hore. This may not bo flattering to our insular pride, but wo suspect that it is neverthe- less the simple truth, and wo ask for Mr. Duffy's statements all the consideration to which thoy aro justly entitled. Tho oxporimont of solf govornment is carried on in Australia under some ugly drawbacks, but wo aro assured by one who has himself taken an active part in the work of colonial Government, that tho results in a practical point of view aro eminontly satisfac- tory, and that tho future is still more promising. One thing is clear from our own .oxporioneo. Whatever corruption may exist in public lifo in the colonies, a cure ÍB most likely to bo found in tho fullest freedom both of speech and action. Corruption was nevor so rifo in England as when tho popular voico was powerless, and so wo may safely loave tho Australians to work out their own salvation in their own way.".