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Helen's birthday is 'for real'


«\V7E WANTED something that W was kind of organic and evoc ative, yeah, that's right. I'll have to re

member that one."

So says Greg Arnold, singer/songwrit er for Melbourne's Things of Stone and Wood, speaking about the band's name. Arnold also has some difficulty describ ing the style of the band.

"We're an acoustic rock band with a little bit of folksy, bluesy stuff thrown in for laughs."

Things of Stone and Wood were formed in May 1989 but it was only recently that the band became noticed

outside their home town.

The band members have brought varying interests with them to Things of

Stone and Wood.

Multi-instrumentalist Justin Brady has played with many different bands and drummer Tony Floyd came to the

band with a jazz background. The band's current single, Happy Birthday Helen, is sitting in the top 20 and Things of Stone and Wood are heading off on a tour of the east coast. Helen is Arnold's fiance.

"She's a real person and everything — people like picking up on songs that arc obviously real," Arnold said.

"Although the song mentions things that are intrinsically Melbourne, like the Yarra, it has moved across state lines.

"It has that living in Australia quality to it, a mood that goes across the whole country."

Things of Stone and Wood play at the Asylum with Club Hoy on Wednesday night. Inquiries to 257 7311