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"Pall Mall Magazine."-Tho October number contains a further instalment of tho new novol by Mr. H. G. Wells, "Tile War in the Air." Mr. Albert Dor i.) ton continues his South Sea stories, dealing this time with adventures off the Great Barrier Reef. "The Glories of Oxford"., makes interesting reading, and so does "The Romance of a Literary Treasure-house," by 'Helen Zimmern. Mr. Vachell contributes an exceedingly readable article, "Our National Idea of a Man," in which ho has a great deal to say about tho publie schools of Eng- land. In addition, there aro a largo number of exciting and interesting stories, as well as capital illustrations.

"Days that Speak, ' by Evelyn Goodo (Ward, Lock, and Co., London).-This is a story of Australian child-life that will, ho read with very great interest. It is well thought out, healthy in tone, and not altogether without an occasional touch or humour. There aro, perhaps, literary blemishes here and there, but they are inconsequential, and are moro than atoned for by tho excellence of the story itself. Miss Evelyn Goode (Mrs. Crawford Vaughan) is a South Australian lady, who has contributed a number of short stories to the press, and the book that has just been issued indicates that she will go   far as a writer, on Australian child life. The illustrations aro by tho Aus- tralian artist, John Macfarlane, and the binding design, with a spray of wattle, is intended to give an appro- priate finish to the cover.

"A Child's Garden .of Verses," by Robert Louis Stevenson (Chatto and Windus, London).-A charming collec- tion of literary gems that will delight juvenile readers. The book is lavish- ly illustrated by Millicent Sowerby, and contains a number of coloured plates, as well as some clover*- sketch