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From East Indies

The remarkable advances made by Aus- tralia in ils 100 years of History have Impressed Mr. J. K. Kroon, one of tile edi- tors of the newspaper "De Locomotlef," which is published at Samarang, Java.

Mr. Kroon will complete a fortnight's holiday In Melbourne to-morrow, when ho will leave for Canberra. Later he will stay for a fortnight in Sydney.

Mr. Kroon explained that the curious name of his newspaper, which means "the engine," had its origin in the 19th century, when the railway brought progress to Java. The name of the newspaper sym- bolises that progress.

Mr. Kroon believes that more of his counts ymen from the East Indies should visit Australia. Many persons in Java, he said, are employed by the Government, After about eight years' service they are entitled to approximately six months' leave. Tho Government provides a return fare for all Government servants to Europe. If they wish to travel elsewhere they must provide their own fares. This meant that only people of Independent means could visit Australia, or other countries lu the

Pacifie Ocean.

The Indies, he sav/s, have cheap tex- tiles, which come from Japan, but are not gqncrally bought by Europeans. Goods are imported, however, from all over the world at prices which compare with those in


Facts which also Impressed Mr. Kroon are that air travel here Is not much more expenslvo than rall travel, that air pas- sengers may take photographs, which is not permitted In his country, and that smoking is permitted in aeroplanes, which, too, Is forbidden in Java, because of the

danger of fire.