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"Dinny" Ryan. FiUroy's foi mer cham-

pion and Brownlow Medal winner, will.' go into camp with the Army Medical

Corps on Monday week, /

Griggs, who is being transferred to the ' correspondence branch of the Education' Department instead pf to Bairnsdale,.' will be available for the lest of the sea-

son. He was able to íesume training at ' Essendon yesterday. With the exception of Caesar, all injured players should bo fit by to-morrow night.

* » * * *

Surprise of Richmontgh week-end picnic

at Queenstown v, as Crane's win In the ' bowling at the wicket competition. He defeated E. Mccormick (Test bowler) and other pennant cricketer members. Waldron won Mr. T. Crisp's silver cup for the players' race; J. Weston won the committee-men's race, and J. Scott, who cleared 5ft. 2ln" won the high jump.

Dick Reynolds (Essenden captain and coach) trained so well last night that he should play on Saturday. Portion of his right leg was enclosed in an elas-

tic plaster for support. '

. . » * *

Injury to an instep will keep Jack ' Ross off the field for Collingwood. It was feared that a bone had been broken, but examination last night revealed only

severe bruising.

» V» . . »

Injured players who trained again al South Melbourne last night were Mitchell, Collard, and Leonard. Traynor, who has been out for several weeks, also trained.

R. Quinn, who has again been sought , oy Ormond Amateurs, was one of the outstanding players with Richmond/ seconds last Saturday. Maguire and'

Waldron also did well.

» « » * .

B. Mills, Wellington, Felschccr, and'

Doherty trained again at Hawthorn last. night. Mills hopes to be available on Saturday.

A knock behind the knee in the last

five minutes of the game last Saturday , will keep Smallhorn out of Fitzroy's team." Synovitls has developed, as well as muscio strain, and the leg is in plaster.

With his thigh bandaged. Marcus, Whelan trained at Collingwood last nighl. but is not yet fit, and may have to stand

down again next Saturday. '

* « * * is

Jim Cleary, with whom Brighton officials have been negotiating, said last'

night that he would not leave South Mel- .

bourne. /

* * * . .

Des. Fothcrglll played the second half of last week's match with a twisted ankle, and could not nain last night.

Richmond has refused a clearance toy Hawthorn for A. Hodges, promising

seconds player. He has been placed on ' the supplementary list, and will train to-»,

morrow night.

Two promising young players re--" appeared at Carlton last night. Garby,

who sprained his ankle seveiely five, weeks ago, trained, but found it still

worrying him. A. Chitty has returned r from Cudgewa, and will be available'in a

week or two.

* j . * * »

Son of a former champion half-back, i Jim Brown iropiesscd at Carlton last ' night, and is expected to play in the ; centre for the seconds on Saturday.

at*»* i

On Saturday Geelong will probably

miss'Hore, Nash, Tuohill, and N. Glenls- . ter, all injured. N. Tucker should be ! fit for Saturday. Tuohill, a penal warder,

has been transferred to Geelong. )

Hale and Park did not train at Carlton

last night. Each rested after some hal d » games. Mcintyre and Green will be fit. for Saturday, but Gill, with a strained ! groin, will miss a match or two.

Cahill, who. but for an ankle injury,' would have played in Footscray'« first, match at full foi wai d, trained last night, t and should be included on Satuiday.

An X-ray examination has shown that ' Joe Ryan's finger is not broken, but is

dislocated. It will not keep him -out of J Footscray's team on Saturday.

* * * * *

Mick Bridgeman, a centre man from' Leongatha, who has been sought by; Footscray for some time, trained last night, and gave a steiling display.

Hawthorn has cleared A. Hird to Essen-' don and T. Russell to Brunswick, but re-

fused a residential clearance to C. Austin'

to Carlton.

Morison, who plavcd three senior games

with Collingwood last season, has boen; cleared to Northcote. M. F. Polglaso re-

ceived a residential clearance to Fitzroy, ,