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Jack Dyer, Richmond Ruck man, Leaps for the "Knock Out"

Brawn, brains, and great qualities of endurance are demanded 'of the ruckmen who follow the ball over every inch of the ground in the excitement of a gruelling League match. A successful ruckmon sways the balance in favour of his side, provided that he receives the support of his team motes. With a terrific leap he gains the "knock-out" and sends the ball safely into the hands of the waiting rover. Within a second or two the ball is speeding toward the goal. Jack Dyer, the champion Richmond follower, is one of the League's most successful ruckmen. In this, the

third of a series of "Magic Eye" pictures of leading footballers, he demonstrates his versatility m leaping for the "knock-out " Weighing more than 14 stone, Dyer is a master at "tear tnrough ' tactics, he is very light on his feet ond gains the "knock-out" against most rivols Ability to move quickly and anticipate the direction ond bounce of the ball are essential The game would not be so spectacular without the ruckman's flying leaps-(Next week, In this exclusive series, Jock Carney, the Carlten wineman, will demonstrate the art of picking the ball up and kicking).