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Br.iou» the CniEi' COMMISSIONER.


In the estate of Henry Hall, a second meet- ing : William Tucker and Co., £15 is. aid. ; K. Coffey, £0 5s. (id. ; R. Miller, £1.0 l2i. Dd.; F. Beddek, £G Is. ; Bnulderson and M'Dowell, £77 15s. ; G. Allen, £51 u's. 4d. ; John Dun- nage, £27 17s. ; William Faulkner, £20 ; li. Bourke, £50 His. 2d. ; Charles Abercrombie, £10 4s. (id.; W. G.. Surgis, £12 3s. 7}d. ; Ann Lisson, £37.

In the estate of James Anlezark, n first meeting: the estate of Gavin Ralston, £18 10s. Cd.; S. Pearce, £13 5s. id; Kemp and Fairfax, £10 Is. fid. ; S. Pearce, £GG 2s. 5d.

In the estate of Philip Joseph Coben, a first meeting : Macdermott and Dixon, £7(37 I4.<. Hld. ; II. Macdermott, £179; the estate of li. and T. Coveny, £38 Is. ; the estate of Thomas Dixon, £40 12s. ; James Tcgg, £7 u's. ed. ; J. Wedderburn, £143 17s. lid.

lu the estate ol'James li wen, n first meet- ing : the estate of William Bligh, £2 18s. 3d. ;

T. and M. Woolley, £10 17s. 4d. The follow-" ing claims for wages were also proved :-P. Coustin, £13 Is. 4d. ; C. Pearce, £7 10s.; A. Smith, £9 0s. Sid.; M. King, £1 18s. 2d.; G. Sherar, £6 0s. 3d.; D. Jackson, £14 15s. ; J. Moss, £12 10s. -Id. ; W. Flavel, £8 as.


James Florence M'Curthy, a third meeting,

at ten o'clock.

Morris Townshend Summerville, a first meet-

ing, at half-past ten.

S. Peek and Co., a special meeting, at eleven. Thomas Coss, an adjourned meeting, at one.

John Carney, a special meeting, for examin-

ation only, at half-past eleven.

NEW CHURCH.-A meeting of the inhabi- tants of Balmain is called for this evening, for the purpose of taking steps towards the erection of a church in that rapidly increasing suburb. The Rev. F. Wilkinson performs service in a school-room every Sunday after- noon, (he officiates at Ashfield in the morn- ing,) but many of the residents being anxious that a church should be erected, the meeting for Ibis evening has been convened.

POLICE COURT BUSINESS.-Wednesday. Before Mr. Windeyer and Alderman Brough- ton : The general list contained eight re- manded and four new cases, which were dis- posed of as follows :-William Constant, for stealing, and John Kershaw, for stealing a dog, both remanded ; Eliza Armitage, for obstructing a constable, admonished and dis- charged ; Eleanor Douglas, for absconding from her bail, admitted to new bail. The re- manded list was cleared off by John Ken worthy, in custody OH suspicion of highway robbery, being discharged; James Sheehan, for stealing a loaf of sugar, committed for trial j Ann Smith nnd Jane Crawford, for robbing Mr. Qiiin's cottage, on the Cir- cular Wharf, both discharged ; Frederick Syrett, Thomas Leary, and Citarles Crawford, for the same offene«, were each remanded till Saturday ; and Peter Saunders for obtaining money under false pretences, also remanded till Monday. I'll ore were twelve charges on the drunkards' list : three were discharged, and two paid 11s. each; three had their choice to pay 11s.

each or go to the grinding house for twelve I hours ; Thomai Hall, to pay Ils. orgo twenty four hours to the same place; Ann Miley to go twenty-four hours to the cells for not paying a like fine; and Bridget Fay to pay as much or sit in the cells for forty-eight hours. Bridget Dugan, no't having a guinea, and being an old offender, was sent seventy-two bonis to the cells.

INQUKST.-Yesterday an inquest was held at Walker's public-house, Corner of King and Kent streets, before Captain Innes, on the body of Sarah Glynn, aged nine days. After hearing the evidence of Mr. Surgeon Rutter, the jury returned a verdict of manslaughter against the midwife who attended the mother of the deceased, for whose apprehension the acting coroner issued his warrant.

Tue BusiiRAXdBRs.--Cash and'his party, about ten o'clock on Monday morning Inn, .stopped the Launceston coach on Epping Forest. They cams up in a direction from the South Esk River, by a by-road whip!) leads to one of Mr. Gibson's farms. Tèey desired the coachman to stop, and all bands to alight. Mr. Jacobs said to Mrs. Cox and anotheflady iiiside,"don't be frightened, these men won'thurtus." " No,no,"saidCavanagb, " we are not the men to hurt the women-let's see what you have got," and Jones proceeded to search all bunds, but used no violence, only askod them for their watches and money. Iones stood by and took the booty whilst the others stood near and watched. They were all weil aimed ; one was without his hat, and neither had a knapsack. J acobs gave J ones his purse with four sovereigns in it, and a valua- ble watpb and ohaiivj Jones then asked Ja- cobs for the key of his box, which waa on the top of the coach, unlocked it, and examined it, and called out " Martin, do we want any clothes?" '! Oh, never mind," said Cash, and Jones only took out of it a pair of tvoiir sers ; he took Jacobs's hat from his bead, and ttied lo put it on his bend: Jacobs said, " Give Us that hack, it. won't fit you." " No, no," said Jones, '< that won't do." Mrs, Cox gave him her pocket-booji, in which wero some notes and papers ; she said, " give me my book and papéis," some of which had dropped out with a pound note on the ground ; lie returned the book and papers, and she said " Why you arc more frightened than us, you have dropped u P'JiH'il« l'iek it up and keep it, you are'so civil; why what a miserable life you must lead." " Miserable, |)L.J-d," said Cavanagh ; he then took a pound note fioin Miss Hilton; two pounds from Mr. Darke; and seven one pound notes and a watch from IJevvett, thp cqapliinnn ; seaiched tlie icsidue of the poach, then inked how fur it was from Thornhills, nnd made oil' the illino road they caine ; the coach drove on, and soon after met a nojipe party fioin Campbell Town-so that there is every pos- sible reason to believe, one being without his hat, that they bad been closely, and were ploscly pursued. T)ie above facts haye beep sworn lo at the police-olfi«?,-//ofty»** ï'°ffW


COOK'S RIVER IIOAO.-A meeting of tho j proprietors of property on this road, takes i place at tho Police Office, at noon this day, for the appointment of trustees under the

Parish Road Act.

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