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( from our various Correspondents


EXTRAORDINARY FECUNDITY - On Wednes- day last, Mr Daniel Dickens, residing on the Richmond Road, discovered in a hollow tree, near his residence, a litter of native dogs,   fourteen in number; they were about a month     old, and what is rather astonishing, consider- ing the number, very fat. Their dam has   been a continual source of annoyance to the   settlers in the neighbourhood, for some time past, being in the habit of killing their sheep, and committing wholesale devastation amongst the poultry; it conjectured that her litter   are only half-bred. The cirumstance was     considered so singular, that many persons have made application to the finder, for per- mission to take one of them to keep as a curiososity, and the whole of the fourteen have been distributed in about an equal proportion,   in this and the adjoining town, Richmond.

A weekly paper, to be called th* II tndsor Ltpieii, is about being started ni this town A sunilni attempt to establish a paper, was made some few yenis back, but cntiiely failed Without knowing the proprietor or the principles upon which the publication is to be conducted, it would be ns well to remark, that ive hope decency ami respectability will actim c the piorlactions of the cditoi, oi he might as well packuphisappnratitsand sound aretreit We want no Omnibus 01 Satiust heic to couupt our morals

Cu uiLnLAt » BOROUCIIS -On Wedncday evening last Mi Iii7goiulti and Mr Bow- man, cmididntLS lor the above boioughs, returned fiom Campbelltown, where they had been attending the Court of Revision Hieir respective friends have been anxiously

in diluting a lcpoit of the nnmbci of pledged votcis that each haio obtained in the four

hoi jughs the Com Is of Rev ision having now decidid all the objections It is liaid ti say which patt) is tobe depended upon, both of them speaking confidently of alnrgeimijoiity, Unless, howeici, n matinal change takes place hefoic the polling day, I may confidently assert that whoever wins, lie will not leave hi J Opponent fal behind lum

On Friday evening last, the Reverend Mr. Walpole and family arrived at Windsor : he succeeds the Reverend Mr. Wallace, late of   Richmond, who has proceeded to India.

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