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PRoor or CLAIMS.

In the estate of James Florence Macarthy, a third meeting: the estate of George Scott, £235 2s. 4d., not admitted ; Corfe and Co., £11 19s. Ojd.; J. Jeffries, ¡C8 7s. lOd. ; Wm. Davis, jun., £3; J. Jeffries, £i 8s.; William Davis, £6 10s. Sd.; William Jonrdon, £39; J. C Bviellat, £62 8s. Gd.

In the estate of Samuel Peck and Co., an adjourned special meeting: A. L. De Metz,


In the estate of Morris Townsend Summer- ville, a first meeting : R. Dacre, £31 7s. 7d. ; William Richardson, £l 10s. 9d. ; G. F. Wise, £9.

lu the estate of Thomas Coss, an adjourned single meeting: A.Selkrig, £'J5Gs. ; Thomas Broughton, £7 5s. ; G. Hanson, £4 15s. ; P. W. Plomer, £215 ; the estate of R. Cramp- ton, £9-nothing allowed.


George Spottiswoode Le Breton : a second

meeting, at ten o'clock.


Joseph William Threlkeld, grazier, Barraba Plains, district of Liverpool Plains. Debts, £6R00 2s. 9d. Assets-personal property, £3<K)0: outstanding debt«, £1211 (h. Ba- lance deficiency, £1985 lOs, Oil,

John Walker, corn-facfor, York-street,   Sydney. Debts, £225 12s. Assets-per

property £148; outstanding debts, £11  

Balance deficiency, £33 13s 6d.  

John and James Walker corn-factors,      

York-street, Sydney. Debts, £2508 11s 5 Assets-landed property, £70; personal pro-

perty, £545 12s. 9d.; oustanding debts £540 3s. 9d. Balance deficiency indepen-

dent of bad debts, £1482 15s. 1d.  

William Forbes, of Sydney, and James

Aiken, jun., absent from the Colony, trading as the firm of Forbes and Co, merchants, Syd- ney. Debts, £5972. Assets-landed property £350; personal property,£610; outstanding debts, £647. Balance deficiency, £4365  

Louisa Seymore, dressmaker, Sydney. Debts,

£15 9s. Assets-personal property wearing apparel, £5. Balance deficiency £10 9s.

CHURCH AT BALMAIN.—A preliminary meet- ing of the inhabitants of Balmain, inte-

rested in the erection of a church, was held on Thursday evening in the Episcopalian

schoo-room, the Rev. F. Wilkinson in the

chair. It was resolved to proceed imme- diately with the collection of funds to erect a small church, built with hammered stone, on a piece of ground near the hotel, presented for that purpose by Mr. Wilkinson. A com- mittee was formed to collect subscriptions and make other arragements, to be reported to a meeting to be held on a subsequent occa-   sion. The Rev. Mr. Wilkinson officiates at Ashfield and Balmain alternately, but when the church is erected, the committee are in hopes that they will be able to provide for the permanent residence of a clergyman at Bal- main, as the population is rapidly increasing and with the facilities afforded by steam com-

munication with Sydney, is likely to continue

to do so.

SYDNEY BETHEL UNION.-Yesterday era in(5 a meeting of this Society was held nfc

building lately occupied as the City Thtitn ! Maiket-street, Alderman Allen in theCt« The meeting was addressed by the Her v Draper, Dr. Fullerton, Dr. Lang, the Re» 1

E. Threlkeld, Dr. Ross, Mr. Saunders, mil

Rev. T. Walter. The collodion amountalt *

£C3 15s. Cd. .

AiToiNTMENT.-His Excellency the fe * vernor has appointed Charles Mallard h i

of Sydney, a justice of the pence ii £ * for the city of Sydney, as well as fot| * adjoining county of Cumberland. [.

CARCOAR.-His Excellency the Goren:

lins appointed Mr. Charles Caldwell lol? clerk of petty sessions at Carcoar, in 4 ^ room of Mr. Stillingflcet Locker, resignti ?

PASTURAGE LICENSES.-The following per- sons have obtained licenses to depasture   stock beyond the limits of location of the   Western Port and Portland Bay District   from 1st June to 30th July, 1843:-Western   Port : William Hefferman, William Horton   Mackinlay Peters, Maclachlan Archibald   Alexander, Stewart and Thorn, James   Wethesa, Henry and John Wheeler, Port-   land Bay. Francis Atkinson, Frederick Duvernay, James George Mack, Alexander   McGillivray, Philip Davis Rose, Thomas   Wentworth Watson.  

THE CROI>S.-From all parts of the cols., we have the most gratifying intelligents« t the state of the crops, which we have« hope will be most plentiful. From the Be

ter, from Bathurst and the country bejüí from Goulburn and the southern district^ > hear of copious, but not excessive rains,»li

have put the young wheat into the imislk ^ tiful condition. In the Bathurstcounlrylk \-\ has not been so fine a season for many jet ,

THE STREETS.-We do not know »har .«jj the terms ot the contract entered ¡nlobit -| persons who cleanse, or rather nrepaillS cleansing the streets, but tiley certamljr :^ quire to be looked after more closely ti js they appear to be. Some of ti» sheet« i| kept as clean as the imperfect state oli j; diainage will allow them tobe, but tim }?, great room for improvement at the sunk A end of the town. There is no part o!i .* City Council's duty which ia of more ins J tance than the cleansing of the city, on,b I the health ot the inhabitants somuchdepn, J

ADNERTISINO.-In order to prevenid« % pointmont, we would remind advertiient: j advertisements left at the Herald Office a ¡¡ Sunday, are not inserted in Mondaj'ip ii lication. ,

LIUEL CASE.-Dun v. Baillie : The Pii i

Court dismissed the case, as Mr, Dun I 1 failed in proving that be was injured I)! J publication, and because he lind fail« I prove that the defendant was the regiilo | proprietor of the Colonial Observer. j|

TICKETS OF-LEAVE CONCELLED.-The i Í lowing prisoners of the Crown have had ik § tickets-of-leavo cancelled for the reis 1 stated against their respective namei: Du i Byrne, per Medina, unworthy to hold the : S diligence, having been tried for cattlestealni 1 the Chief Justice. Thomas Curtis,per i/n | 7anner, for being an habitual drunkard; h I raw at ta Bench. William Hynes, per Dm § allowing property to be stolen of which 11 was placed in charge ; Paterson Bench, T | ham Meredith, per Mermaid, for ittiï | money ; Windsor Quarter Sessions. Iii 1 Murphy, per George Hibbert, for drunken» | and dishonest conduct ; Parramatta Beti | Martha O'Brien, per Diana, for diik« | conduct ; Liverpool Bench. Samuel U M man, per Adnan, foi being absent tal S district ; Yass Bench. Anne Simpkïu», f1 Diana, being unable to procure a hvehho« ñ Parramatta Bench. |

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