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MELBOURNE, August 3..

\s the result of an outbreak of fiio in a for«aid hatch tho b s Ayauchope a. small vessel well knoayii in the insimulan Uacle winch was lung m quarantine off Pol sea prior to hoi loy age to lung Is land vi i Launceston y\ i» totaUj de stroyed on 1 inlay night, togethei witli her cargo the pas-An^ei» had to be

rn?n a''11010 '« Hio vessel s boat-,

rho alarm was giy«u at half past 8 o clock by thi> donkey man who noticed smoko issuing from the lentilntors the lorwmd hatch was immediately runoved iii" Vi"15 °ecn tlnt tho fil° had » Saod liolil I hero w is a consignment of ben zino in the hold, mid no time wns lrst m fcctting Hie hose» low oik while at lie same timo the crew began to remove the casca of benzine Ina men soonvliad the greater patt of thom overboard and nl«-o removed lo the tiftei nmt of tho vc«ol somo bniels of oil from the forai aid ileeK It was seen mat the sliip s ho «s could not cope nith tho hre and the whistle wus blown for alistan«1 tue cap tam 01 dering the ship s boats to bo lonci

çd and to lay by alongside The first

boat to answei the call was one from the Hall C une a small steamer which an» nloo lying m quarantine and tho women and childicu mel ..oiiic ot tno male adult pas«on¡,us woro lmmcelialoly pul nbojid ono of the "\\ ¡uicliope s boats nnd lowed to the «hoie about n milo di"laiit The tug Ploatl which supplies the quarantine! »ration avifh water and lind been anchored iboul half a milo nway was now seen to bo making to avards the binning vessel Hie quiinn tmo launcu Nepean whoso crew hid to bo collected nulled almost siuiultinc ously and tool nshoro the remainder of the pas'cngei» Hie Ploy pi lay along side tho 'Wauchope and in a few minutes sho w is pumping stieims vf watei into the burning hold At one time it auls thought Hint tho fua yens undei control but it had too firm a bold and cvcnlu ally Captain Bennett decided lo beach the vessel and thus obviate any po->si bility of blocking the fairway through hci sinking where she aias nnclioied rho cabio was slipped nnd the Wauchope moved towards the shore under her cain steam and inn aground about 200 yards on tho Sorrento sido of the quaiantino jetty Uio Plovei ngnm carno alongside nnd continued pumping watei on fho flames and tho officers and crow of the Wauchope nero still unceasingly en deavouung to save then ship -Vt this stngo there ava9 an clement of great dan gei to the fire fiahters Stowed aivaj on the port side of tho foiward deck mid hnlf covered by somo hcaiy pnits of ma clanery nero 28 cylinders ot compressed ncoty lone gas intended for tho lum» Island lighthouses with a piessnro of 2001b to the squnro inch and yyelghing about two and a. quarter cut each Owing lo fho heat and .moko and their yieight it nas impossible m tho limo nyailable to lemovo them to n tafe place It was known that once the ey lindéis became heated thej would evplode and hre fighters nnd spectator» alike woie expect ing an explosion at any minute Foi

tuuafolv however tho cvlinders resis^e-I tho increased picssiuo until aftei tho \cesel bid been abandoned Soon aftei imdniLhl tho impo sibility of bil ing tho ?Wauchope was íenlised The cieaa wat, ordeied ashoie and the Plpvci cast off and i attuned to hei anchorage Tho for ward portion of tho vessel avas now a blazin" mass but the captain's cnbui and tho vhcelhouse were still rtnnding nnd Captain 13ennelt letiirned to the icsscl at some ne! to sayo somo of Ins pi o perly \ Ho w as unfortunate in losing his compass mid iistmments ibe- captain, had not lone, returned to tho piei when theio in-i a tipnieiidous c\nlo°iou due to tho buialuv of ono of the (.as cylinder', Tho explosion wns pieceded by a. bril

limit white flashlight which lit up Uio euirtoiindiiigs foi miles mound mid uns follouel by a huge ian colonice! ball oi flame Hld smoko tlnown into the au to i height of 10H lo 50tt and scatteunf, debus nil around the yecspl One largo picco of wicckjge wa-, lliiown nUil oaei the jetty and r mallei pieces fell on (ho jetty il-.elt Otliu eyl nders nl'o ox ploileel it iirt0nlnr irleryiils and each time the biy wau lit up by a dazzling white light the stiiioiiiiding slupmn. stiiniii.0 out boldly gunine the duk bael "lound of si y and water U about 3am the last mid largcot explosion oc eui icd "-honoring the lou mcIo of Uio Wauchope ind bcntlcrint, yueckago all around Hie vtocel yvas i ow a glowing miss tho flamea leanne, high into tho an and dense hlar-1 «mot e nomim. from the funnel the loica of the ia, plosion s hid Miidunllj dm cn tho Wiuchopa into dcejici a ntei, and nt 5 u m -he »taited to <liift yutli the tide low lids Sonento bitrniiig fiercely lortuuately tho ye»sel iris huggiug the »hole /and thus not en dniigiiin0 tho \eEfcols niclioied in hei vicinity Tho W luchope aient iigiouud i^ain on the Poit^ea glifo of tho Sonento Piei and is lying on a sand bank about 200 ynids fiom the shoie hci funnel still standing and hci masts nnd lop "eai nil elestioyed She «as still burnine, at 3 o clock ou Siturday afternoon

Jhe passengers and cieiv nero nccom mo latcd nt tho quniautine station i d on Salaiiday aftcinoon at 4 JO, the tug falcon auived and took thom back to "Melbourne amy ing there about 810 By the cotutL3j of the qiuiantino ofhenls pn-sengers nero peimittecl to Bend telo giams to their rclitives eaily on Satur day moinnig fho pnsseut,eis yvcre iciy fortunate lu ie"ard to their luggage ns only one» ot two ol them suffered «light lo* s Ihe lost of the baggngo wus safelv landed along with all the bedding and como ot tho Wauchope s fittin"s \

The fire occuned on the fouith day of the yessels quarantine, anil «ho i\as duo to lenie on Tuesday next Hei paseen,, Us if they aie lucky enough to get an othei aes«cl yvill liavo to commence afiesh then seyen dajo quarantine Hie lohirned King Island soldieio weie great ly disappointed it tins finlhoi delay in reaching their homes aftei four vento ab seiice Laeiy effort will bo made to pi o vide another vessel to cairv out the tup that the "Wauchope wa« to havo made

LATTNCLSTO'v, Auguct á

Hie "Wauchope was in commandof Cap lain Ü Bennett Sho yyos a iiooden ve° foI of 260 tone built in ISev» South "Wales and was ptiichased by Messrs llolvman and Sons Ltd about sit veai/ ago foi the cattle trade between "King Island and lasmama She had on hoard about 100 tons of general cargo for Linn cestón and nl_o o, laige quantity of gooda for King Island lhe ycäiel was only paitly insuied and the furn estimate then loS3 at between X3 000 and £i 000 The owners will endenaour to icpiaco the reosel as soon as possible but at tho pie sent timo thej aie unablo to maka an announcement as to what steamet yyili bo put in tho trade