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(From Our Own Correspondent.)

LONDON. Julv 2i.

Two of the chief races of the year have been decided during the week under le view - the Lclipse Stakes and the national Breeders Produce Stakes, at Sandown park Ma or Astor6 Buchan won the one, and the other was taken by Major Dermot McCalmont s Tetra tema Bom were won ea=, ly especially that for the -wo year olds Buchan is ont of the best known of the three ear olds for he is hue horse that was beaten a neck by Hie Panther for the Two Thou sand Guineas and then was considered unlucky to be beaten bv Grand Parade for tue Delby He was ne\t teen out tor the Princesa oí Wale» s Stakes at isew marett early thi= month tnd he gmud his ~econd victory as a thr e vear old I e fii«t having been in respect of the CUL eu Stakes cary in the year M e oaw li m out for the fifth t me this year on t le occasion of his Eclipse Stakes win Incidentally, one may mention nat the race waa worth Xo OOO compared with J.10,000 in pre-war times It will soon be back to that splendid * ailie

Buchans task proved oimple for the other thiee year olds oppo ed to him were not distinguished tor tn»ir nast perform anees Just for a moment bir Mee Blacks Cygnus looked hie troubling him a furlong from home but the challenge was fleeting in the extreme and the fa\ouritB went on well within himself o win by a length and a halt All the same Cygnn* must not be despi ed for he St Leger Ho can be ni.-de fitter than he is noi and after all this was only his second appearunee rn a race- course The first was when he won the Colman Produce Stake» at Newmarket early in the spring The first two to the Eclipse are hy tne 1911 Derbv i in ner Sunstar and 1 should say there aie more pos-ibi ltics in ( vgnus for the rea

son that he is still backward Buchan on the othe hand Li limited in cize and delightfully 6haped horse that he is he may nu er be better than Alec Taylor had him to wan this substantial


Lord dlanely might have started Do minion against Buchan and the race was deprived of much interebt tnrough his absence Dominion now ever is in re serve for the St I «ger for which his stable companion Grand Parade is not .entered luit horse "by the way, got a severe shaking np at Ascot when <jlan merin nearh b°at him and the Derby win 1er is only ju-t no i in good work igain Buchin is al o in reserve now for the St lege and he will no doubt be a good fa\ ou rite but it may be worth I putting on ecord ti at 1 have an excel

lent account for the last of the classic races of Sir William Ne on s Tangles who finished fniily clo » up foi the D rb-\ Die course ind aislince will tuit him better it Doncastei ii he St Leger was i on b\ Key oe Dominion was =e cold ud Buchan third 1

And no i fe v words about an impos- ing new two year old and his sparkling performance I refer to Tetratemi who came to Sandown park on Monday and pulveri'ed a pretty cmart field which included lie ier\ speedy Lidy Phcel e The latter was ruinen h\ Donoghne and with Tetratcma out ot the v.a\ she would

h-uo i on right enough but til debutant gicj had ntl her speed and more than I er stamina so that he was ible to go past her and win easily bv lour leng hs This new bidder fo champí insliip non our*, among two vear-oldo i as his name indícale i sor. of The Tetrirch from a mare named Scotch Gift He \ as br d by Mijor McCalmont i ho is fortunate enough to own both 6ire and dom Like his sire the youngsti is ve \ w eil grown and he has. great length aid 1 bert* and ion. especially note the laci when he is mount Good judges favoured him directly th°j saw him in the p iddock for in that critical inspection he stood out just as prominently as he did after wards in the race There is no doubt he really is a high class one and that Mr Persse s stable were not entertaining an angel unawares was shown b\ the srir the colt 6 name made in the market re- sulting m his star ing pri e be og 9 to 1 It will be mon interesting to watch his


Ther is another i eil known grey two vcar old bv The To rirch named Sarehe don but he came b\ a great fall in pres- tige at Newmarket lnst week when a competitor for the Ches erfield Stakeo His trouble has been although undeieat ed that he could not De kept straigh m his races and so the expediency of put ting on blinkere was tried for the first time last w eek That d d it Ho v, ent mad and worked himself into such a state that he wao m no cond lion to race when eent to the pos-1' He ohould in deed have been withdrawn from the

race in which case a tragedy would h.»»e been averted As it was ne was severely trounced bv He Goes the smart Prince Palatine colt, who must be h gh class judging by the stylish wiv he won But until ive know more about Tetratcma (who is of a more sober disposition than Sarchedon) I would unhesitatingly gue two veir-old championshm honours to S r YA llham Nelson s filly Lampetia She mny be another Prettv Polh



LONDON July 31

I 'rive itiefc seen a wonderful per on ti e part of a racehorse If wis not an absolute triumDh for lush D'" ace i nder his gre it veifdit oc 10 2 d d not -icttnllv v. m the Stew

aid s Cup at Goodwood but he lient

.11 but one hors«, and that bort« only I

beat him hy three-parts of a length. To his conqueror he was trying to con- cedo no les» than 44lb., and, as I hav<* written, this wonderful horse cam« within a length of accouniins for th« five-year-old. King Sol. Had, Irish Ele- gance got ofl as well as tile winner, I think he would have won. As it WJS. King Sol Got a -two-length start <-i everything in the race, and he just »«? tained it to tho end. Third was Lord Glenley's Scat well, who was receiving 3ilb. from Irish Elegance, and fourth was Golly Eyes. In spite of the task set hifn, Irish Elegance was a firm favourite at 100 to aO, and then Scat xvell and Best Bom were equal favour- ites at 5 to 1. Scatwell, as stated, raîj into third place, but Best Born proved once again that he cannot get a yard more than five furlongs. At that dis- tance he might have won, but from that point hu just faded out of the picture. Ile is an extraordinarily Ug horse. I think he must stand over 17 hands, and certa:nly thero is no bigger horse in training.

I may add in reference to Irish Ele- gance that tho chestnut son of Sir Archibald looked in great shape, ft is quite true to say that we may novor see a finer handicap periormance than this, and we may never hope to see a moro beautiful horse. Ile is indeed a picture of strength and elegance, and his speed is wonderful. King Sol car- ried i.O, and every credit is due tn him, but the honours most, certainly bêlons to the one he beat. He is owned by Mr. Cunliffc-Owen, the head iii this country of the British-American TohacCo Trust. He has recently come into pro- minence as the buyer oi some very high-priced yearlings". Evidently, there- fore, it is his intention to take 'he deepest possible interest in racing. About a month ago he spent close '-a £20,000 on yearinga at auction, and there were nob mauy of them, as the individual prices were so high. For a son of Prince Palatine, he gave 6,500 gns. They are all with Felix Leach at Newmarket., King So!, however, is trained for him by Harry Batho, in


This reunion meeting at Goodwood was very largely attended, and the Duke of Richmond had a large house party, though tho King could not 'ce present. The traffh arráng:mentó were not good. They had been handed over to the Royal Automobile Club, and their arrangements were far from be- ing satisfactory, while there were some outrageous instances of overcharging and rapacity on the part of those with

vehicles for hire. ?

As regards other details of the rac- ing on the opening day, I may perhaps mention that Captain Giles- Loder'* Golden Guinea won the Richmond Stakes, but this extremely handsome two-year-old had the greatest difficulty in winning by a short head from Mr. S. B. Joel's Soranus. The two came together three furlongs from horne, and from that point they indulged in a tremendous battle, first one and then tho other soeming to hare the advan- tage. Golden Guinea did not run his rae© out like a good horse, and I ieel quito sure he is not a high-class colt, though he certainly looks uko one.

Another two-year-old was Sir Edward Hulton's Silvern, an own brother of Fifmellla, who won both the new Derby and New Oaks in 1910. Tliis youngster will never bo as grod a«, his distinguish- ed sister. He ran gamely, but it was only by a head that he won, helped greatly hy the jockeyship of Donoghue, from His Majesty's filly. Sunny Prin- cess, who only lost in tho last stride Other winners on the opening day wero Lord Derby's Keysoe, who at last qualified to enter the winner's enclo- sure by winning the Gratwicke Stakes from Major Leonard Brassey's Britan- nia, and :<Ir. A. P. Cunliffe's Misty Mornirg, who took the Charlton Welter Handicap, Keysoe's victory was a re- versal of the One Thousand Guineas' form with Britannia. She is n great 17 hand mars by Swynford from Key- stone II. (an Oaks winner), and her trainer, the Hon. George Lambton, has never ceased to believe in her. Atlast, therefore, he has bean vindicated.

Before concluding these notes, I may, perhaps, be permitted to refei to tue race last Friday for the Liverpool Cup. It was won in extraordinarily easv fash- ion by Lord Jersey's Arion, under, the top weight, of 9.0. This is the hor3f that could not ¡jet a place for the Lin- colnshire Handicap, under 6.9, clearly because no light-weight can handle him. Yet in the interval of four months he has shown himself capable of winn-ng the Newmarket Handicap, the Jubilee Handicap, the Newbury Cup, and now the Liverpool Summer Cup. He is an astonishingly improved horse,' and quits one of the equine - celebrities of the

year. ; ?

Second to him at Liverpool was the three-year-old filly Chtiette, who won in receipt of 161b., and may be the ben of her ses, and not improbably the beac both of her sex and year. Third was King John, the winner last year of the Irish Derby, and the great failure of the race, Dionysos, was beaten out of a place. That horse, who is an own brother to Diadem, who the previous day had won the Molyneux Stakes untie; 9.7, would not struggle a yard, and s» w-as ignormniously beaten off. Dia- dem showed herself one of the greatest racehorses over five fur'oiigs of modern times. Yet both are out of the same mare, but whereas Diadem is by the 1007 Derby winner, Orby, Dionysos is by Llangibby. Hence, probably, the reason for the rast difference in their racing temperament and merit.