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Death of Mr. Robert Cribb.   We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Robert Cribb, brother of the late Mr. Benjamin Cribb, of this town, which took place at Milton yesterday morning. The deceased gentleman   was eighty-eight years of age, fifty-four years of which have been spent in the colony,   he having landed in Brisbane from the ship Fortitude. Of late Mr. Cribb was not so active as usual, and fears were entertained that   it would not be long before he was called to '"cross the vale." On Monday night last, he   sat chatting with his son, Mr. William Cribb, till about 11 o'clock. On going to his room, he was seized with a feeling of giddiness, and he fell to the floor. He was put to Id, oftor a fit of retching, and he pasred away quiotly on Sunday miorning at 10 o'clock. lie seemed to have behen withuut pain after the firat seizurc, rand, recogmuiug that tile end moot be nor,. he severot times remaoked to hie son ' 1 think I'm ,asin awaynn." Mr. Clibb learves a large family, exteoding ecen to tihe thirid generation. He was highly reapected by oll who oknew him, and hie was an energetic, affablel old genttleman. Itia father was a merchant captain trading to 2eowlouodlh:dand the Mediterraneas, aind on many occasions, took Mr. Robert" and Mr. B. Cri.b (thou boysal with him on the journeys, and on oae ocCaion they were wrecked on the ice off Newfoundland. Froan Pegh's Al manao we extract the following with regard to the deceahsed gentleman :--" He was born at Pool, Dorset, England, January, 180t. Was educnted at a Lanceans tenarn school in his native town in the early days of the system ; seoed his time as a baker, &c., end then left for London, where for t wenty. two years he followed his calling. ur January 1849, ho arrived in Moreton Bay by the ship Fortitude, the first of three eshipments of mIiddle class immigrants sent in lthat year to this district through the patriotic and self denying efforts of the late Dr. L:mg. Shortly after his arrival the squatters made great efforts to get Moreton Bay separated fromn New South Wales as a Crown colony, wtth convicts, hopiug thus to secure low rents and cheap oahuur, and the British Goveromnet were favourable to the design. Freliug that this would be destructive of the free pthlil life to srhich they had been accenstomed, he. with athers, took an active part in tihe cfliet which followed, rosultiag in the viatoryof the popular cmae, tnd, after nearly ten ye-su' unremnitting effect, in Sopanration, with a Constitutional Government. Before and at the tinme of Separation he represented East Moroten in the New South Wales Legislature,and consequently sbrved in the first and second Parliaments of the new o dony of Queensland, string his intaence in behalf of local legislation generally, with special interest in securing the separation of Church and State, and the passing nt the Real Property Act of 1]S1, which has proved so great a boon to the colony. During saevral sessions he endeavoured to obtain an olteratian in thelawof primogeniture, to permit marriage with a deceased wife's sister, and the imalgamation of the two maini branches of the legal profession ;allof whioh havesince become law." Thedeoeasedgentleman was narried t wio, there being four children as the issue of the first marriago. These wore Mr. J. G. Cribb, for many years in the Bank of New South Wales, in Brisbane, but who has now re tired on pension; hrs. E. B. Southerden, of Sandgate; Mr. Robert Criib, for many years a member of the firm of HIeetrs. Cribb nad foote, but who died in 1868, and Mr. William Cribb, of Pine Rivor. Hunipybong. He was auntole to Mr. Ben. Cribb, of Brisbane, T. B. Cribb, Joe. F. Oribb, J. C. Cribb, and H. 8. CribbL, of Ipswich. His eldest grandson was Mr. J. G. Oribb, jun.. M.A., formerly of the Brisbane Grammar School, but who dtistin guished himself so greatly at the Sydney University some years ago, having passeod with hightr honoure than anyone else at the University.